What happened in Vegas: BlackBerry at CES 2012 video

By Bla1ze on 12 Jan 2012 08:32 pm EST

CES 2012 is quickly coming to a close and while we still have plenty more coverage to pull off of our computers, RIM took the time to go ahead and highlight some of what they feel were the biggest announcements for them during the event. There certainly was quite a few of them as highlighted in the video above and throughout our CES 2012 coverage.

Not trying to take anything away from what was announced but personally, I was hoping for a new dev build of PlayBook OS to be released, which would have given us all at home a hands-on experience with a newer PlayBook OS 2.0 build before it's release in February but that didn't happen.

It would have been a bold move by RIM to of have done so. With that in mind, there is still time to rethink that RIM.. go ahead, #BeBold and give us a new PlayBook OS 2.0 beta build to play with before CES fully wraps up. Last minute surprises really are the best ones!

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What happened in Vegas: BlackBerry at CES 2012 video


There are an abundance of OS 2.0 hands on walk throughs and demo videos all over the place, including on this site. This is a 1 minute highlight and to the general public, this is what is important. The fact that the PlayBook can do both Gaming and Productivity is what needs to be shown. with the release of 2.0 The PlayBook is better than any tablet on the market. Period

You got apps?! No you got games....that's what PB has...but lacks essential apps....No wonder RIM's heading the wrong direction

He/she was only posting a truthful comment. You need to get out of 50 Innovation Drive more Mr. Blaize.

Funniest commment I read all day, considering I'm likely the only Mobile Nations writer who carries an iPhone, BlackBerry and Android device at all times and uses all those platforms consistently. ;)



Just because I write for CB does'nt mean I'm blind to the current issues RIM faces. It was a joke, not a flame.

Good effort trying to troll me though. Since you live so close.. maybe we shoud go out to lunch sometime -- then you wouldn't have to pretend like you know me. :) .

I was hoping to see a consumer beta of 2.0 to be released on BlackBerry Beta Zone. Afterall, it is a consumer show. However, last minute surprises really are the best ones! :)

its consumer electronics show, not actually a `consumer show` in the sense that general average consumers arent able to go in and look at stuff.

as for the OS2 beta everyone wants, i disagree, its clear they are still working on it even now (see the update icon in some of the cb vids) and clearly theyd rather release it pretty much prefect.

RIM doesnt `do` consumer beta OS`s (well, they did one in the beta zone for os6 lol) so i think wanting it is as close as ya gonna get. plus side? its only a month

yea me too....hope the Dev Beta gets an updated build

To be honest I was also expecting that one would be popping up some time durring CES

Cut the Rope is great... My 4 year old can't put down my 'Professional Grade Tablet'... :-)

This is just the start, now that big name developers are getting on board the apps will come. Like an Android App? Email the Developers, Tweet the Developers, be proactive!

I like the video. About the only "disappointment" I have from CES is no word about the official keyboard/case thing from RIM that was shown on Crackberry sometime ago. I've seen a few tweets from people asking RIM about this and there's never been a response. Hopefully this doesn't mean it's been cancelled.

Yea whatever happened to that thing? I understand software takes a while to write & then debug....but hardware, once it's built doesn't take this long to enter production :(

hmmm... no new bb 10 device to be shown off eh.... its a bit off a let down. I was hoping that they's at least announce 1 or 2 phones that will come out this year.

They have said that they will have demos at their upcomming Dev con & then again at Mobile Congress....not sure if those are closed door demos though....


More BB10 details will come at the company's European developers' convention in mid-February, and yet more at Mobile World Congress in late February. - Marty Mallick, a senior director of business development at RIM


If this is a preview of the type of Marketing and commercials RIM is going after in 2012 .... I say they are on the right track. Is clean, professional, shows off multiple key benefits of the PB and is informative. Lets keep this up for the rest of the year :)

create something very similar once 2.0 releases bug free, and blast it out as often as $100 million per quarter will allow

I think the video was great and I think some of the minor nuances that give me hope that RIM is starting to tell the world what is going on with BlackBerry. Tell that!

Any word on DRM encrypted video to the playbook. I tried to upload my digital copys to my playbook with no success do to the DRM encryption. Can we now see uploading videos as a possible resolution for the upcoming 2.0. Great job at CES to RIM I am really very intrested in what 2.0 has to bring to the table and can't wait till the upload.

in the video when she says lifestyle the was what looked to be a magazine app! anyone have any information on that app?

What happened? For us nothing, we saw only promises again. PB OS 2, QNX presentation, everything only in show. When will we get it for the daily use???

Great video! Would be nice to see that as a commercial on TV for the next couple of weeks, then perhaps some new ones.

Loving 7.1 and I can't wait to get my grubby mitts on OS 2!

I like the video, but if they really want to impress us all, they should be really bold and release final os2 ahead of schedule. There is too much negative publicity about things being 'late'. They should learn to lie to us once in a while and beat the release date instead of a lot of let-downs. For us still on OS1, that would be sweet, and I think possibly attract some positive attention.

I'm not saying to release it 'early' (before major kinks are worked out), but 'ahead of schedule'.

Premium Docs to go is standard on the PlayBook. Word, Power Point and Excel, all fully functional not just read only

i really dont get why they dont wanna use the droid word when the guy ask her in the commercial...(what about apps?) i dont know what make them think the droid word defining as more apps would harm rim! instead would really get them more costumer, knowing they can have blackberry security and best email, and a bigger app selection whit android on blackberry. i dont know what its the mystery of hide that from new costumer.. only old costumers like us would know playbook support android, so how would that help if they been hidin like a big taboo the android player at CES 2012. i guess they have have done all this to make more money a get costumers as posible, but i really dont see it happen hidin such a popular thing like android

all those apps are native to PlayBook and are not android runtime used.

all Android apps when released will be show native on the playBook as well but will open with the android player. This was smarter than have an android player app to click into, then have to choose your apps from there.

they really need to bring something so we can use this font camera!! because without skype this suck. i been having my playbook 6 months and i still have not video chat with this crapy video chat app, they need to eather bring skype or gave us more options to ad people on the video chat or video call. there is a lots of us having parents on other countriesl we really need to use the front camera on our playbook

skype is on its way and video chat has been upgraded and works extremely well for me? not sure what type of issues you are having with it? also with the contacts you can now actually add the contacts Blackberry ID(video chat address) so you can video chat from your contacts app as well.

Going forward this is pretty big because it will work the same in BB10 devices... video chat from PlayBook to bb10 device etc.

I found myself asking why didn't RIM highlight those new 2.0 features that make the device so much different/better than the iOS and Android devices. Were those games really that important to the market? Maybe so.

In any case, I look forward to the release of 2.0. However, from what I can glean from the latest out of CES, the 2.0 has made some serious detours off the path of what we all were expecting; and that's not a bad thing mind you. Some of these new features are unique, unexpected, and quite beneficial to RIMs original business market. I hope this reflects a return back to developing a true business tool versus a entertainment toy.

On another note, I am very happy to say that I have earned enough money from RIMM stock in the past two weeks to not give a crap what I paid for my Playbook. Keep going up RIMM!!!

With all due respect to the cheerleading squad, I think your attempts to cover the holes in the boat with wire mesh aren't going to keep it afloat. IMHO, RIM needs more radical changes than it's showing right now. Wait 'til February? For what? A new OS for merchandise that has seriously undersold, and failed to meet expectations? I love my Blackberry. But, I also loved my pager and my Palm Pilot.

what radical changes do you suggest?

I think having a tablet in the market that does more than any other tablet out there is a pretty radical change? They went above and beyond what was expected with email, contacts and calendar. Not to mention the upgraded features to BlackBerry Bridge.

They are adding premium apps on a daily basis. They postponed BB10 yes, but that is so that when its released, it is top of the line and ahead of the game.

I really don't see an issue with anything that is only a short month away from release.

@mattyc47, you are asking me what its my video chat problem??... simple, nobody have a playbook, and if people i know does not have a playbook i can not video chat whit them!! did you forgot bb will have video chat on phones by the mayans end of the world, just then i could video chat whit a bb contact!