What Goes Around Comes Around - .Mac Email Outage!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Jun 2008 09:18 am EDT
.Mac Outage

I just couldn't help but post this. Our friends over at the TheiPhoneblog (aka TiPb) like to remind their readers on a fairly regular basis that RIM has experienced some service outages. It seems what goes around comes around - last night .Mac email went down!

100% of members were unable to access mail using an IMAP client. Normal service has been restored. 5.30.2008 :: 22:00 - 01:00 PST Due to scheduled maintenance from 10:00PM to 1:00AM PST, Some .Mac members could not access .Mac Mail. Normal service has been restored. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The cause is yet unknown. Speculation points to .Mac rebranding in progress causing the glitch while others suggest it could just be a plain ole service frak up (see our latest podcast for frak talk). I guess the good news here is that most people who actually NEED their email in a timely manner were not affected, as those people are all using BlackBerry smartphones. :)

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What Goes Around Comes Around - .Mac Email Outage!!


Or.... you use .mac e-mail AND a blackberry (like me). Wouldn't that be a double-wammy if both services went down.

I'm sorry, but I fail to see the correlation between this and when BB RIM service goes out. .Mac email accounts have nothing to do with their products functioning 100% of the time under service, or better stated, .Mac email service access does not drive iPhone backend functionality. As much as you guys would like to live in that fantacy world, saying .Mac email system failure is effecting Mac users similar to how RIM going down is effecting BB users, you'd be dead wrong. This outage is closer to what happened to Comcast email subscribers last week when hackers changed their DNS/MX records around. It just affected one's ability to use the .Mac domain accounts. Nothing more, nothing less.

I'm certainly no Mac fanboy by any length here, but let's not live in a fantacy world. Let's keep the correlations on the same plane of existance, shall we.

Exactly what JRSCCivic98 said. .Mac is nothing more than an optional mail service, much akin to GMail; it is not something that makes Apple's world go round, like a RIM NOC is.

RIM outage = Every single RIM user in that area is hurt. They won't receive any of their mail, be it Yahoo, GMail, AOL, Comcast, BES, xxx.blackberry.net, etc.

.Mac outage = Only those that choose to subscribe to it are hurt. Any other mail service they use will continue working just fine.

Geeeez You guys. Maybe I should re categorize this to CrackBerry Humor. :)

I put up the disclaimer in the first sentence by saying "I just couldn't help but post this". Comes down to as a BB fan site we take our punches, so when we get to give them to our sibling sites/rival phone manufacturer companies we gotta take them. If I didn't post it I wouldn't be doing my job in the blogosphere very well.

BUT... I don't disagree with you guys at all... it is a whole different game than the RIM's Noc going down. Everybody reading these comments will know that!

Keep Crack'n


I agree with Kevin in the sense that the Apple fan boys will take any chance to throw a jab at Blackberry, and when Blackberry email service went down they came in swinging!!, SO yeah, I think its real cool to see that Apple is not as superior technology wise as the fanboys would have you think. Just like ANY other high tech deivce they to are subject to glitches to. Funny stuff :)


I agree with Kevin in the humor and pseudo-irony of it as well. .Mac has little to do with the iPhone though, so it is just different is all I was saying.

I just want to repeat... I still see humor in it and with the pokes at RIM/BlackBerry, it is funny to poke back, so long as you can see the difference between the two things.

oh.. I am so torn... I'd have to side with Apple though on this one, they wouldnt put all of their eggs in one basket... if they had an email service like RIM does, they would have diversified nocs... Its just not Apples nature.

and yeah, .mac is a very small amount of users, my wife has an iphone and had no trouble with her mail...

D'oh! We have tasted our own medicine and it is both bitter and humorous. Point to Crackberry.com, but you'll hear from us again!

(And given the ever-increasing frequency of complete NOC-outs, it'll be soon!)