What features would you most like to see BlackBerry "borrow" from the competition?

Features to Borrow?
By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Aug 2012 11:50 am EDT

Apparently us Mobile Nations people are a demanding bunch. Following up their pre-release look of the Windows Phone 8 SDK, the Windows Phone Central audience chimed in with a massive response of the features still missing on Windows Phone 8. iMore followed up, asking their community what features still need to come to the iPhone. We already wrote an article on how that one turned out - it seems BlackBerry 10 will launch with the features iPhone users want most. Now it's time for CrackBerry readers to express their demands!  

At this point, we know a lot about BlackBerry 10. We have witnessed the "flow" experience of BlackBerry 10. We know RIM wants to claim the title of best keyboard, be it on a touchscreen or using physical buttons. We know they're catering to those power communicators, who value a phone you can effectively use one-handed. We know BlackBerry 10 is built upon the QNX-based OS that powers the PlayBook today, which means it's a multitasking machine. And between the demos, previews and a few leaks, we've seen many other bells and whistles.

That said, there is still a lot we do not know about BlackBerry 10. At BlackBerry World in May, RIM's CEO Thorsten Heins told us he wanted to keep some secrets, and you get the company is doing their best to keep as much of BlackBerry 10 under wraps as possible so we're pleasantly surprised when the time to unveil it is here.

Question of the Week: Since we don't really have the 100% complete picture of all of BlackBerry 10's features, I can't really do a post here asking what features are missing. Instead, I'd like to see a discussion based on features that are out there, on other mobile platforms, that you'd ultimately like to see offered within the BlackBerry experience one way or another. Ignore patents and all that stuff on this one. What features would you most like to see BlackBerry "borrow" from the competition? I'll kick it off in the comments below with two of my favorites from iOS and Android, and we can go from there. You know RIM will be reading this one, so lay it all out!

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What features would you most like to see BlackBerry "borrow" from the competition?



I used to have a blackberry, and I miss it so.

The features that my I-phone has that I can't live without:

1. Visual Voicemail: this feature is so convenient and saves from having to call your voicemail and listen to the annoying repetitive computer voice.

2. Personal Hotspot: High Speed on the go, with one push of a button

3. Updated software

4. Built in Memory

5. Come on Blackberry, get with the times already!


You have visual voicemail, built in memory with expandable memory ability for personal hotshot. All of these are carrier dependent. I have these features on my Bold 9930 on Verizon.

I actually love my PlayBook, just give me QNX in a Bold package with all the features my current 9930 has. I'll be happy for the next for few years...

Here are a few things:
Definitely. Need to keep the password keeper. I love that and use it all the time
Fix the browser. Need to be able to organize the bookmarks, rename and sort and do away with the webpage as icon
Also on the browser ability to do a double tap or swipe to get to the top or bottom of a webpage .
Better auto correct and spell check.
Need a homescreen message when locked
Cloud support with 50 gig of data. Integration with options like skydrive etc. Include ability to sync with icloud.
Improved media and music sync
Improve the bis and bes for sync of data.
Facetime like feature
Improved notifications
Every aspect of 7.1 but improved UI
In browser, ability to change default search like you can in 7.1. I use search engine ixquick and startpage as well as duckduckgo. I don't want Google, bing or yahoo to know what I'm doing. BB is all about security and privacy. Give me more options to keep my search and info private.

As well as every other suggestion in this thread.

For BB10
I would like to RIM to borrow:
1) From RIM - Build on top of the wonderful features in OS7
2) From Apple- More seamless integration of various multi media files
3) From Apple - an exciting design like the IPAD 2 when it first came out.
4) From Android - The ability to customize the user experience
Just an observation after reading all the comments.
Most people that post a comment DID NOT read the question.

To be honest, as a current BlackBerry user, in BlackBerry 10, I'd love to see notifications appear the way they do on Android, video chat, widgets like on Android and an Android-style lock screen just to name a few. Also I'd like to see the RIM give users an option to choose the search engine that they want to use on their BlackBerry device because frankly, not everybody appears to be the biggest fan of Bing search and Bing Maps on BlackBerry devices although, I personally don't mind seeing Bing search and maps on BlackBerry devices because my personal preference for a search engine is Bing anyways.

I would like to have...

From iOS:
- very easy and integrated cloud storage and app usage system (tie in)

From Android:
- SONY: Their audio quality is so awesome.
- Samsung: Robustness of their devices (they aren't made of Kevlar, but they're very robust)
- Amazon: Global store with local prices. With guaranteed services. Tie in to local telcos!

From Windows Phones:
- "Flow experience that's far superior"
- Nokia: Scalado technologies, and hardware wise, the view900? I mean, I would love a super awesome camera.

Web OS
- Sneak peak card stacks

From nobody else:
- Instead of SWIPE to UNLOCK, at "LOCKED SCREEN", draw gestures to simply access the features, like draw a "f" for facebook", "m" for messages, etc... or hardwire any gestures so that it's user-spesific, learns how the user wants to "gesture" for apps.

- Instead of tying in to one ecosystem, be as open as possible to the point that you'll be able to breach into any ecosystem. Why follow others into creating an ecosystem? Just LEVERAGE their ecosystem, VOILA!

Clearly no developers have replied yet... how about the ability to edit, compile, deploy and test code? then i can just take my dev environment everywhere... use a bt keyboard, mouse, hoook up to my monitor and start coding! that would be sweet!

From competition:
- Front facing camera would be nice.

Updates from BB 7.1:
- Map display on BB Traffic
- increasing the transfer size limit for BBM, sometimes i want to send a video to a friend.
- increase battery life even more!

I never want to see the hourglass again.
I commonly see it on my 9900. I have memory intensive software that I need for work.

Also, on a more social note, I'm jealous that you can pay for your coffee in Toronto with your phone only on an Android or iPhone at Starbucks. They need to show bb some love.

Honestly, a near perfect iTunes like store, great selection of apps and a way to sync songs from iTunes. I want BB10, but may get the iPhone 5 due to all the money I've dumped into iTunes. Plus, the lack of game apps on BB10 scares me.

Improved BB Traffic with maps & turn by turn navigation

A good file browser. Modern Phones are micro computers, it's time they were treated as such

Greatly improved pdf reader

To be honestly, plx don't make any bb fans disappoint by product delay, just like Apple would announce their product in a routine time in every year.

And google services (maps, YouTube, google music) were already great stuff in mobile field, would BB 10 merge those service?(the map and YouTube app in 9900 is not good enough)


This is interesting since BB10 is the most late OS in the world that will play a lot of catch up in touchscreen UI while currently have demoed to only have features "flow", "predictive keyboard" and a license of "scalado" so I guess BB10 could "borrow" all the multitouch UI features from Android which "steals" those UIs from iOS. Amateur hour is over so Wake Up and Be Bold by borrowing everything touchscreen from the competition. Come on RIM, impress me with innovation that would leap frog the competition. Not easy I guess.

I got to play with my friend's galaxy S3 and it has crazy motion controls and it just feels like a polished phone in so many ways. they just add so much to the phone when all of these things are offered in terms of creativity, convenience, productivity and efficiency. a quad core that runs the system is definitely an asset as well.
-shake calling
-swipe screenshot
-tilt to zoom in pictures/thumb panning
-the map is turns as you turn the phone
-in text, put the phone next to ear, it calls
-left, right swipe in contact to call/message
-animated files in displaying videos/ minimize video to do other things (multitask)
-s voice

Only one thing - on touchscreen device and playbook, swype input method. Loved my keyboard till I tried that out

First of all, High Resolution. I'm tired of the crappy resolution on my BlackBerry. Then, multi-core processors and front facing cameras. I know those are all hardware but still. And for software, they need a cloud service, swype keyboard, the ability to take panoramic pictures, the ability to record phone calls, the ability to mute the camera shutter sound (I don't see why this is not an option on current BBs), support for Flash Player, a YouTube app, a faster browser, and more camera settings like filters and stuff. And also, I know this is not necessary, but I would REALLY like for them to borrow Nokia's idea implemented on the Nokia N9 in which the time IS ALWAYS ON even when the screen is off and there's no need for you to touch your phone or turn the screen on to see the time and notifications. That is an awesome idea, and one that I would love to see on a BlackBerry.

One thing I would like to see in BB10 is a high res of the camera/video
images (10-15MP). Get rid off of this small busy icon in the middle of the screen when the phone is freezed or application are running, it's annoying...
And something always stuck out of my mind if bb couldn't launch a two sims card device after the release of bb10 just to compensate having to hold 2 phones and also someone may need to try different carriers on a single phone.... Love BB

bb neeeds to improve in many many ways.......
faster bootup and restart ( i feel retarded when it takes tym to starts )
no need of restarted after deleting , updating or installing new apps ( this is really irritating )
more more more appps and games and tweaks .
faster browsing
full loaded battery (3000mAh or watever )
wifi sharing .
faster loading apps
more video format support
bluetooth/wifi gaming
super super hd display
plenty of app memory.
bbm video calling
smooth inerface ( bb hangs a lot ..a lot )
voice typing ..
inbuilt screen shot feature
more font options in emailing.
face unlock,
better navigation
wifi/3g data usage app
more social integration
better calender
better memo app (should look and feel good )
better contact management
n much much more needed !!!!!!!!1 plz bb10 dnt break our hope . Make it a combination of best features of ios , andriod , windows fone and added bbm , bb protect , loads of app, better maps , loaded baterry and a superb hardware would win !!!!!1

I would like a heat-shield to protect it when entering Mars' atmosphere at 20,000 km/h. It would also be nice to have a supersonic parachute to slow it just a teeny little bit and then have reverse thrusters to guide it down and eventually land with a 20 foot crane function. That'd be sweet.

BlackBerry Cloud services (BlackCloud? CloudBerry?) would be my 2nd choice. Integrating data across PIM apps like calendar, contacts, BBM, etc. Perhaps even allocating cloud space to non-media 3rd party apps.

I quite like the S-Pen for the galaxy note and upcoming 10.1. For a phone I think its pointless but the 10" Playbook I think it will be a dream marriage with regards to productivity. As well as some apps specifically tailored for its usage, but its use should also be integrated throughout the device.

If there is one thing tht needs to be copied from the competition, it's battery life. BlackBerry use to dominate this category. Please refer to the Motorola Droid Razr Maxxx with its 3,300 mAh STOCK battery..... AND it manages to still be one of the thinnest devices on the market today. RIM, you've been challenged.

The ability to develop headless applications that run in the background could add a lot of functionality, but we know its not coming, not initially at least

I want to plug in a camera card reader, that can read SD cards. Like the iPad you can plug in a camera card reader and view or download pictures from your DSLR and/or point and shoot camera. Give me this one thing and I would be happy.

I’m confused why there is so much hate for Apple’s IOS and Google’s Android. People complain about how great the blackberry is and for a while it WAS the device but we all know that technology changes, and changes quickly.

The simple fact that there’s a discussion with 250+ comments for what people want in BB10 is a direct result of Apple and Google offering features that heretofore weren’t widely available (but people wanted), and probably never considered by the then industry leader, RIMM.

What RIMM needs:

To stop hemorrhaging users in the area of bring your device to work (BYOD), I started leaving my blackberry home since I can access email of my iphone;
Ensure that the physical keyboard rocks (though as much as hardcore users love this, I don’t think they’ll be able to make a serious dent in touchtone only phones by convincing users to come back);
Convince developers to port the hundreds of thousands of apps from Apple/Google to RIMM and pray that the non-hardcore blackberry users see the BB10 device as another me too device and snap it up.
Limit the number of 2 devices: touchcreen and physical keyboard in black & white.
Sell the new phones for $50/each and offer a rebate on data plans (3 month) – nothing is more convincing to people (esp in a tough economy) to switch when they can save oodles of money.

I doubt RIMM can offer anything unique enough to pull people away from IOS/Android; Nokia is trying but the first foray wasn’t as successful, WebOS is dead... I hope RIMM can succeed where others have failed.

Alot of the suggestions I have are based on things that BlackBerry already has. I want all the goodies that blackberry already has with no more lag time and more memory to use it. I heard one person mention the idea for BBM music that if you buy a song that it should be one that could be shared with other bbmers even if it's not one of your 50 songs chosen. Also on BBM music I would like for them to add the option of some sort of premium customer who if they choose can pay double monthly to get double the songs and contacts. Other than that the os10 platform seems heading out with everything else I want. I don't use Skype yet and netflix would only be useful on my playbook so I'm not too worried about either app. I would rather blackberry do something where we pay a monthly fee for their movies and watch as many as we want. That would be awesome. I'd give 20 a month for that.

Sorry but you don't need netflix on BB, but on PB its great to have when the kids are bored ,they can watch a movie.
Of all the apps that Apple and Google have how many do we use?
WORKING OS is the number one priority, everything else will come in to place.
To greyw0lf01 , have you seen all the American wall street people talking about Apple, that Apple is the new Adam and Eve of the world and they can't do anything wrong.

I agree netflix is terrible and I jumped ship a while ago. The overaching idea however is still valid; people want their smart devices to do multiple things (work & play). Is there an issue having netflix, hulu or anything else on the phone? More than kids get bored and riding the NYC subway on a daily basis, plenty of adults break out their phones to catch up on netflix show/movies, youtube videos or in my case watching podcast as I try and learn another language.

People don’t work ALL the time and maybe if hardcore blackberry users realized that not every user wants the same experience we’d realize that everything that we want can be had in one device, have your cake and eat it.

The question of how many apps do people use is irrelevant. How many items do you purchase when you go to the pharmacy of supermarket? People want choice and the same hold true for smart phone users. So maybe you only use 10 apps but at least you know within your small universe of apps, that you’re not limited to one company’s offering. If Apple has 700k apps and Google has 600k apps then why shouldn’t RIMM offer the same, because Blackberry users know more than everyone else?

I don’t care much what wall street has to say. How many times have analyst been spectacularly wrong, especially when it comes to technology. When the Nokia Lumia came out, tech bloggers and wall street analyst said that the thing would sell boatloads.... a few months later, sales are down/prices slashed. Speaking of analyst, someone came out today to say that BB10 will be an improvement over its predecessors but will flop and that Samsung will by the company after BB10 launch when the stock tanks.

I can filter my Emails by each Account I have added. I can also select which Calendars to see by selected Accounts

I would have thought I should be able to select my Contacts list by Account, too.

I cannot.

Using the Favorite selection function is not workable. At any given time, I want to only deal with my several hundred Work Contacts. Other times, I want to only see my numerous personal Contacts. Much too many to select.

Using a the Contact Search Filter is not workable for me. My work directory does not just include addresses with internal employees with one domain. Our work contacts include subsidiaries/divisions, outside vendors, and clients who do not share our email domain.

Needless to say my Personal Accounts (plural) are each unique and different with no ready-able (word?) common identifier to use a Search Filter.

My iOS and Android devices are able split Contacts by accounts without having to do workaround. Seems basic that BB should have that too.

Also, if I create a new Contact in PB, which Account is the name saved in? I should be able to select that too.

here is an idea that i think would make a huge difference

when the new user starts up the phone ask a series of questions that will dial the phone to them

how tech savey are you
do you want the phone to be easy or more not complicated but more able to fit the users ablity to run hightech electronics

what is going to be the most important features on the phone, do you want to use the phone more for buisness, communication, entertainment, ect

make it able to grow with the user, as the user gets to better understand the tech involved open up options to them, give auto quick tips on how to make using the phone easier- this could be turned off for those who do not need it-

let the device form to the user dont make the user form to the device.... but do it in a way that allows them time to grow comfortable with the phone- or just let them tear into it

make bloatware easy to remove, dont allow carries to put needless apps that run and use data as they are charging for data by the arm and the leg

allow the user to control the flow of data in and out of the phone, see what is eating data - allow for true app closure, if an app is data heavy be able to shut off its flow per app, only have it on when you want it on, with app killers they just start running again after a bit, be able to cycle the ram so the phone doesnt get laggy and bogged down needing to be restarted all the time

I loce the Netflix bashing but I've been using the service for 3 years and have minor complaints. I also noticed that some things that are on Netflix aren't n Hulu and vice versa. Hulu hardly hols the full lifetime of a show, they only hold one season @ a time while netflix holds full series. Stop bashing Netflix. Hulu is hardly that much better. But, we could use them both on the PB and BB10.

I want to be able to make NFC payments like Google Wallet allows.

I also like the circle thing where I get to pick from a few different apps from the lock screen.

I realy wan fm radio !! on all bb10 phones !! not just on one device like you did with the curve and no radio on bb bold

a cooler unlock screen.... just a password screen is dull...


BB 9780 white os 6

BB Playbook 32gb os

I don't know if that's even possible but the idea of being able to be invisible on BBM sounds pretty good to me. And simply just look at the features you get on the Samsung galaxy 3, I'm sure RIM or the people at RIM can come up with something.....

I'd like to see them add USB Hosting added to the PlayBook. Have the ability to connect external hard drives or my digital camera or even a media card reader would be awesome! In addition I wish they would make a dock with built in HDMI, full sized USB ports, and full sized SD card slot. I know it's possible but they still haven't done it yet.

I would like the ability to name photos on my Playbook and be able to create folders and sub folders for better organization.

Native ability to add Folders and Subfolders would also be good for all documents, spreadsheets and powerpoints.