What features would you most like to see BlackBerry "borrow" from the competition?

Features to Borrow?
By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Aug 2012 11:50 am EDT

Apparently us Mobile Nations people are a demanding bunch. Following up their pre-release look of the Windows Phone 8 SDK, the Windows Phone Central audience chimed in with a massive response of the features still missing on Windows Phone 8. iMore followed up, asking their community what features still need to come to the iPhone. We already wrote an article on how that one turned out - it seems BlackBerry 10 will launch with the features iPhone users want most. Now it's time for CrackBerry readers to express their demands!  

At this point, we know a lot about BlackBerry 10. We have witnessed the "flow" experience of BlackBerry 10. We know RIM wants to claim the title of best keyboard, be it on a touchscreen or using physical buttons. We know they're catering to those power communicators, who value a phone you can effectively use one-handed. We know BlackBerry 10 is built upon the QNX-based OS that powers the PlayBook today, which means it's a multitasking machine. And between the demos, previews and a few leaks, we've seen many other bells and whistles.

That said, there is still a lot we do not know about BlackBerry 10. At BlackBerry World in May, RIM's CEO Thorsten Heins told us he wanted to keep some secrets, and you get the company is doing their best to keep as much of BlackBerry 10 under wraps as possible so we're pleasantly surprised when the time to unveil it is here.

Question of the Week: Since we don't really have the 100% complete picture of all of BlackBerry 10's features, I can't really do a post here asking what features are missing. Instead, I'd like to see a discussion based on features that are out there, on other mobile platforms, that you'd ultimately like to see offered within the BlackBerry experience one way or another. Ignore patents and all that stuff on this one. What features would you most like to see BlackBerry "borrow" from the competition? I'll kick it off in the comments below with two of my favorites from iOS and Android, and we can go from there. You know RIM will be reading this one, so lay it all out!

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What features would you most like to see BlackBerry "borrow" from the competition?



Per the photo at the top of this post, two little features from the competition that I like are:

Apple: On the iPad, I like having the split keyboard option. I'm a two thumb typer, so being able to split the keyboard allows me to type on a tablet with two thumbs very effectively.

Android: On the HTC Sense skin on the HTC One X, I like that I can unlock the phone into specific apps. So basically I can drag the circl up to the email icon to jump right into my inbox, or drag the little circle up to the camera to jump right into the camera app. I'm all about SPEED, and this little touch is nice - it saves a step.


1) All Media (Apps, Books, Music, Videos) should be integrated into a single store front and accessible with a single BBID (No separate accounts)

2) Improved App World:
- Better interface and design
- Better search results
- Ability to view more than 25 apps in the top lists (add a "more" button on the bottom)

3) Manage Browser bookmarks: Be able to list them in different order and into different folders.

4) Cloud-based integration for Contacts, Media, Browser favourites, etc.

5) Ability to further reduce the brightness (more than what is currently allowed on the playbook)

What about the standby time-out? I would think it would be relatively easy to add additional options like 10 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour, NEVER.

RIM NEEDS a BBM desktop client for PC (and MAC) and should be able to handle VIDEO CHAT!! That would be KILLER!!! PC Still rules the world!!!

We do also need apps like SKYPE & TANGO for cross platform video chat communication.

AND instead of focusing on what to borrow - PLEASE PLEASE make sure RIM keeps all or most current features from BBOS7 we all need and love on BB10.

Bold 9900 & PlayBook 64GB Wifi

Not sure if its borrowing or not but I would love a CLOSE ALL feature. I'm someone who needs to close my apps after use instead of leaving them in the background. Doing this sometimes means closing 5 or more windows (ie the media app) Quite annoying to menu, close, menu, close, menu, close, menu,.... You get the idea. A simple "close all windows" would be awesome

At least BlackBerry has a close/exit button. On Android only some Apps actually have a close/exit option. Don't even get me started on the browser which doesn't even have a close/exit button...sooo annoying!

They stole the split keyboard from Microsoft. I saw it in a video 2(?) Years ago when they first started showing off parts of windows 8. The tablet was no where near complete, it was hooked up to a lot of hardware outside the machine.

About the HTC unlock.. I do believe I once saw a demo video by The Astonishing Tribe doing something similar Just the other way round.. Drag the Email icon to the Lock icon..

So very much possible to see that I think considering that TAT is part of RIM..

I'm 6'3" have big hands the playbook keyboard is perfect size for me. But a 10 inch playbook maybe need this feature. Kevin u did say option but just wanted to stress it must be an option not 1 or the other and a quick switch button in keyboard so u don't have to go to options to change.

Even better would be to use a "pinch to zoom" style gesture where you could use two fingers to split the keyboard and two to pinch it back together. That way there are no unneeded buttons taking up screen real estate and the change would be very quick. You could accomplish the movement without ever having to change hand position by just using your thumbs...

It needs to be intuitive. Easy to learn and use. No complicated setup, app loading, software updates, etc. Most of the members of this forum are "super-users" and are undaunted at the prospect of restoring a bricked device or some other phone disaster. The majority of the phone-using population is not as able. Not only does RIM need to maintain market share, it would be nice to grab some of the iPhone and Android market (self-serving for those of us who want to see BB survive). Many of those current users among my friends and contacts are of the plug-and-play mindset and not willing to troubleshoot their device every few weeks. So I hope BB10 and the hardware get out of the gate with good reviews that show that it is user-friendly.


I'd like to see the ability for people to EASILY port phone data ( contact lists, sms messages, saved websites, etc) from their iphone/android to BB10 as transferring data to a new BB10. That's always a pain at best.

Ive said this before, if BB10 is going to make a splash it needs to be able to grab the tech savey and the tech oblivious- the one thing that makes Iphone so huge is that its pretty much idiot proof, people can pick it up and use it... BB10 needs the option to be dumbed down and easy to be used, as well as opened up and be fully nerdtastic

Replying to the first comment to get exposure!!! LOL!

The Blackberry ID needs to become the key to everything, similar to how Apple has iCloud and you can log into your account through a web browser and view your mail, your calender and add contacts.

Also, it would be good if the whole "PIN" system could be done away with and it's just a BBID that's needed. So if you were to switch back to BlackBerry, you just fire up your BBID to the device and BAM! Everything is loaded.

...today specs are not all that important, unless you are in a race to kill the battery faster...but it's more important to efficiently mesh the software to the hardware...if this is executed well...then you don't need mind blowing hardware to run fast and efficient...and that is advantageous to battery life...because battery tech hasn't (as it develops slower) caught up to the hardware speeds...besides the faster the CPU for example, you now start to develop electronics silent killer...heat... QNX doesn't need the likes of quad cores etc to run fast...look to the PlayBook for a perfect example...just a dual 1Ghz and it hauls a$$...I suspect the same for the phone or the dual core 1.5 that's in the Playbook 4G LTE model (or a derivative of it)

BlackBerry Torch 9860
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 2.xx.xxxx

-none of the BB7 devices have the specs to run QNX. A big issue in the market place.
-no front camera. even worse.
-There is more to specs than core/cpu. RAM, front camera.
-Current playbooks might not be able to run BB11. First PB spec was top-notch but that was 14mo ago, LTE playbook is ok, that is about it.

-no they don't, however they aren't expected to, and sooner or later the mold would have to be broken
-I'm on the fence on a front camera...because if you don't video chat...there isn't really a point to it..but yes it will be there
-the core specs are your RAM/CPU...everything depends on them, and how well the OS works with them...the other parts are accessories..and again the more you dial these up, (until batteries catch up) this will cripple the battery..and I think the market that RIM is going after (its core users and the like) battery life is very important. So efficiency between the core parts should be paramount
-Even though 14mnths old, the current setup of the PlayBook still works very very well. I suspect they thought of what was needed then and in the future and designed the harware to match...otherwise we might be seeing the PB struggle a little already...

BlackBerry Torch 9860
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 2.xx.xxxx

The ability to make playlists from your device.
If the PlayBook OS2.1 Beta Native Music Player is going to be anything like a BB10 smartphone Native Music Player, I will throw a fit with my 4000+ music that is already on my Bold 9000.

But on a serious note.
I can't think of anything I would want from another platform. The existing BBOS with the exception of applications has suited my needs very very well.

but please with encryption.

this would be THE feature for me.

device to device encryption, so that it is not so important, which cloud you are using. 256AES app or integration into bb10 and win/mac/linux application.

Best would be some opensource, haven't looked long into it, but someting like that would be THE thing for me to use cloud for more than really not important stuff.

It is very Simple. The success of BB10 and QNX depend on having Netflix and Skype. In addition I like to see BBM video Chat. End of the story

Netflix is dying on it's lack of content. I just cancelled my subscription for that very reason. I'd rather have a HULU Plus app instead. Skype is the only legit app that's missing.

...I to cancelled my Netflix..not so much on what was available...but the lousy quality of what was available...the new Video Store on the PlayBook has great video quality, even if it costs more...but it's new(ish) and content will get better..

BlackBerry Torch 9860
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 2.xx.xxxx

How can I get my shows to download in 720p? Do the movies download on 1080p?

Please, give me a few titles so I can try.

...I am not sure what they are, I haven't checked what the TV said it was receiving...but the last movie I downloaded was the Shining and it was quite a large file...less than a full DVD, but keep in mind that there is no menus, extra footage...I forget what the file sizes were on NetFlix, but they weren't as large...pick any title, and rent it or buy it...

BlackBerry Torch 9860
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 2.xx.xxxx

I checked out the PlayBook Video Store but I didn't like the pricing. If they asked for $8.99 a month or something then I would of liked it better.

+1 - I've always maintained the position that RIM should form a partnership with Blockbuster/Dish Network. Blockbuster has exclusivity on new releases right when they come out and is owned by Dish Network. Dish Network also bought Sling Media a few years back so you can stream contents from your Slingbox to your mobile device (how sweet would this be on a PlayBook while you are out of town on business/vacation or at the airport waiting for a flight?).

Funny. I told RIM that they should have bought Netflix and SiriusXM last year when both took a drubbing on their stock. Content is king and Netflix just needs the creative content workers from SiriusXM to improve their content. They have already started taking steps into Netflix original content (Lilyhammer).

So, you create a music and video store with the power of Netflix and SiriusXM. You already have SiriusXM using QNX to power their car headunits. Bingo bango, BB10 connects easily to you car to stream your music or video.

But support from time warner and xfinity in usa ipad and iphone xfinity features are kick a##, we need them on Blackberry. Streaming tv is a big plus IMHO.

+1. The addition of Skype in BB10 is a must, and an app for Hulu would be very cool. I'd get way more use out of a Hulu app than a Netflix app.
Otherwise, I hope we get an updated flash player. I still run into a lot of situations where I try to play videos but I get the message that "You need to upgrade your version of Flash" to play on my Torch 9810 (OS 7.1). It's really annoying, esp when my brothers sent me links to a cool online vids from their Samsung Android and iPhones recently but when I tried to check them out they wouldn't play. "You CAN'T play it??" --OUCH!!

i would like netflix aswell, but thats not a problem on RIM's end, but rather nextflix will not even develope (or let RIM develope) the app. same with hulu.com.

If anyone is willing to disregard the soon to be best OS and device on the market for Skype and Netflix, I don't know what to tell you. I work with a couple hundred people. Not one of them have either Skype or Netflix on their Droids or iPhones. Of the people I hang out with, I'm the only one with a BB and none of them have Skype or Netflix. It's only a vocal minority who complain about those two apps.

I hear ya, I actually was the only I knew with NetFlix..(see what all the fuss was about)...and the quality was OK on a small screen, but when I popped up a movie on my 52" Panasonic (and this is a top notch $4000 HDTV) it looked like $&*t...that was the last month I wasted my money on it...As long as the higher quality native Video Store keepds growing...the Netflix issue is solved...and from I have heard, the BB10 Video Chat is supposedly getting Skype compatibility...then that issue is irrelevant...

BlackBerry Torch 9860
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 2.xx.xxxx

+1. If Skype is not available on BB10 I won't lose any sleep over it, but since it appears to be coming then I'd use it. The BB Video chat is going to be awesome. It's still months away but I'm still excited and waiting patiently.

I'd like to see BlackBerry Video integrate all the popular video chat programs into one I.e. Yahoo Messenger, MSN Live Messenger, Skype, OoVoO etc...

a real/good task manager would be nice - something more than just a task list.. a real task manager!

a good file manager would also be helpful.

Android has both (albeit third party add-ons). i'd love to see those included in BB10.

the only thing i would borrow from the iphone is some of the slick transitions (from one app to another). that's really the only thing the iphone has going for it. ha! (although maybe Flow makes that too unnecessary.

Yes. The task manager should link to the Calendar and it should be possible to draw critical lines through tasks (this must be finished before this...before this meeting.

Also, a Bugzilla client. Bugbox for iPhone exists, a really good Bugzilla client that integrated with the task manager would be a reason for developers to use BB 10 for work.

I agree -- a good task manager would be very nice. I like the one that was on the Palm PDA: schedule tasks, alerts when task due date is imminent, record of when tasks were completed, appears on calendar.

I agree with Baller. The features of the OS are already pretty darn good I think. It's the supporting cast of applications that needs help. Many of the reasons that I stay with BB are because the OS has so many things baked right in that I don't need "an app for that". On the flip side, there are things that I would love to have an app for, but don't belong in the OS itself...

I want that split keyboard. But the one that microsoft showed off, not the one that apple tried to duplicate. (For the playbook)

As per all my Forum posts. We need a cloud service ala iCloud for Blackberry. Seamless integration for music, photos, emails etc across both Blackberry handsets and Playbook.


Bold 9900
Playbook 32GB

+1 - I want to be able to manage one contact list, one set of calendars, one task list, etc.. all from my BB or my PlayBook. I love Wunderlist because it lets me do that with tasks, and I can even log into the website from my PC and update as well.


One thing that attracts me to the Windows phone is I can have the music on my work computer, phone, PC, XBOX, whatever. You can also do similar stuff with iTunes, and perhaps Amazon cloud drive.

Just make it all work RIM. I don't want to have to manage 3 different sets of playlists.

I like the way email works on Blackberry, that may be what keeps me hanging on. Keep email and messaging front and center. And keep the little LED.

Have a competent web browser, please.

I want a video camera that can be set lower but not mms quality, like the older curves with the 2mp cameras, I wanna be able to take a 1:40 video that's decent quality and be able to email or bbm it to friends I send a lot of video and I know a lot of you would to if the opporitunity was available, right now on my 9860 and 9900 I can get 6seconds and that's 5mb ..... Terrible. Come on BB10 make my wish come true please

If it doesn't support Flash, I won't be buying one. Yes, I know the world is switching to other things, but it's doing it very slowly.


yes! it is so stupid to not have flash support on a mobile device. I see it all the day with my 9900 and the opposit with my PB.

Of course an easy option to enable and disable Flash, best incl. an Addblocker/flash script blocker or a easy flash vid only option?

The advertisements I see on my PB are really worse stuff but I like to see some streams on it when I'm on the way (via train ;) )

With Anroid 4.1 there is also no support for Flash, I believe I read that Adobe will not support it anymore/app won't be availabel soon/or isn't available anymore.

sooooo stupid.

I am not a fan of flash but I'm not a fan of less options /disadvantages neither ;)

I want to regain the ability that when I see something I would like to do with my phone/tablet next to the usual iTunes and Google Play store logos - there is the App World link as well. If BB10 wants to be world class - that's where it needs to be IMHO.

Wife has iphone she always asking if I have "blank" and I go on their look see and ios, and android, never a bbw icon. Depressing, biggest reason I've thought of leaving the BB train, but so much stopping me from leaving. Love that I can crank out anything on keyboard quicker than anyone else with thouch keyboard, swipe and all I still win. Amazing that when u don't rob ur brain of sence of touch how quick u can type.

i actually quite like the social integration on windows phone 7. Namely the ability to browse albums from facebook on the native pictures app. Most facebook users already have tons of photos on their facebook, and this will save space on the phone by streaming the photo down only when view, and save storage space on the device itself.

I would like BB10 to have some sort of way to quickly toggle settings like wifi, bluetooth, nfc, wi-fi hotspot, and network like on current BBOS devices. Its convenient. But if they can include more settings like Android (rotate lock, location services, etc), that would be even better.

That's all i can think of for now.

Quickly toggling WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. already exists on the Playbook OS. The same goes for rotation lock.

from webOS I want 2 things, the ability to group tabs, and the ability to tap the phones or tablets that run the same OS together and transfer data and open web pages with for quick transfers and on the go use.

from apple I want the gesture controls in iOS, like put your hand on the screen and close your hand to exit an app, and stuff like that.

Android - I want the latest specs, like quad-core processors, LTE, NFC, 32 GB memory (plus expandable), and more than 1 GB of RAM!!!

the only thing that intrests me in windows phone is the live tiles, but I dont really like them too much for them to be on BlackBerry 10 like that.

I like the gestures on the Playbook.. although closing an app on the playbook is a 2 gesture thing.. so consolidating it to 1 gesture would be cool. and from the looks of it.. BB10 will have their version of tiles or live instances of open apps.. Which I think is better than windows phone.. since It seems that you can choose which apps appear in the live instances..

Icloud integration of music, dvd, email

Bullit proof desktop email / calendar sync / integration

I want an integrated solution for contacts/maps/direction/search
Currently we have contacts and it connects with blackberry traffic
blackberry traffic connects with bing search and
we have blackberry maps

it will be cool to have integrated solution ....

Please. +10000

Maps/Navigation/Crowd Sourced Traffic Data/Local Information/Address or Contact Search. etc

The only thing is I think this is necessary instead of a cool solution.

What missing for me is a worthwhile selection of apps. I love the security of the Blackberry and operating system as a whole, but the app store just doesn't compare to Android or Apple. It feels as though no one is making apps for Blackberry anymore.

I'd like a device that appeal's to more than the talkers and texters. I'd like to not have conversations with graphic artists and digital photographers about how superior Apple products are. I'd like to think a BB10 will provide high-end solutions for a wider range of professions and end up in more hands as a result. It seems like too tall a mountain to climb, however. I don't know anyone waiting for the next BlackBerry to come out and I'll be surprised if I see many people with a BB10 come launch time. I'm sure I'll see a few iPhone 5's by then, though.

a comprehensive and cohesive siri would be cool

great hardware specs

and a phone with a qwert keyboard immediately at launch, not sure i want to type 50 or so emails a day on the predictive keyboard, however cool and nifty it may be.

That's it for me too, with wifi video calling of some kind and (obviously) a front facing camera to enable it. Skype's fine, but honestly I'd rather it be via BBM.

I'd like to be able to great "group distribution lists" which I cannot do on my PlayBook. I'd also like menus in the native PIMs that make sense. Who would have thought that the drop-down menu "create" in the native messages app, actually means "add to contacts" in your contacts app.... Frustrating.

Also, I'd like the option to choose the program that I want to open a document, image, or song with, instead of it only opening the native version by default. This is especially frustrating with PDFs, where I have a fully functional PDF viewer/editor on my PlayBook, but if I use the native, or most 3rd party file browsers, I'm stuck with Adobe's crippled "native" viewer....

Slide to app for unlock is about all I can think of, and until we have the computers of the Enterprise can we stop with this silly touch fad? Touch is terrible period! I've had touch since the Treo 300, Treo 600, Treo 650, VX6800 all terrible! I miss my Curve 8900, no touch!

I hope BB10 keyboard option has no touch, my Torch 9800 and 9810 is just plain awful with that damn touch screen. I have turned off my radio so many times just pulling phone out of holster and not even realizing it.

Last time I checked we had everything and the competition tries to play catch up.

"Last time I checked we had everything and the competition tries to play catch up".

A fad? Come on man. Where have you been? Why do you think RIM is in the position it's in now? My 9800 is my first full touch device, and although it's two years old, is still a good device. I have StormSlider Lite assigned to my convenience key and I've never had an issue accidently opening an app when grabbing my phone from either my holster (when I used one) or my pocket.

I too wish this touch fad would end. Maybe then, people would actually get some work done. The loss of productivity due to touch screens is astounding.

I work with some people who are extreme professionals (think businessmen types) and they're all quite productive on their Apples or Droid phones. They get work done. You're living in a bubble. RIM's in trouble because of this viewpoint.

With the new OS being pretty much the same as the PlayBook, the only thing I think is lacking on the BlackBerry is apps. I love my PlayBook, but there are so many missing apps. I'm hoping this will be different once all of the BBs have the same OS. I'm just hoping one of the new models has a larger screen like the Samsung Galaxy S3. That will get me back to a BlackBerry phone from Android for sure.

We've already seen so many leaks of features that are most probably coming with BB10. There's alot to learn from the competition.

Apple: it wouldn't hurt to have beautiful animations throughout BB10 much like iOS. I love the eye candy (iCandy?) iOS has to offer and would love to see this on the beautiful BB10 screen. After the Facebook integration in iOS6, it does make me want to have social networks deeply integrated into my phone OS and from the leaked photos we've seen so far, BlackBerry 10 does have those capabilities.

Android: I love how android offers multiple home-screens to users, these could translate into "work spaces" for BB10 and would be welcomed by all! Android also offers really useful lock screens and I can't wait to see how Cinnamon Toast stands up against it. Also, Android does leave room for "General Hackability", I don't think BlackBerry will be happy to see it come to BB10 but a few customizations that don't affect security would be welcomed.

BlackBerry 7: Ofcourse theres a lot to learn from out competition, but we also need to get all the right things we did in the past. I absolutely love the app switcher in BB7 and most importantly how easy it is to launch the app switcher. I haven't seen any leaks of how app switching will be within BB10 since there is no "in and out paradigm".

App switching in BB10 will be a simple swipe up or left/right, just as it is on the PB. (or so I would expect)

I love the application control of my 9900, but I'm sooooooooo into swiping now. I pick up my itoy and swipe out of habit.

I would like the ability to edit my contact list reliably on some PC / Windows based GUI, then sync the data to my device. A "conduit" in old "Palm Pilot" parlance. I am still a bit baffled why BlackBerry Desktop doesn't have integrated data editing... even if was via a BRIDGE like function, where you are actually editing the data directly on the device rather than editing a synced version on the computer.

So, I guess I"m asking for "BlackBerry Bridge for Windows".

LOL at 'Blackberry keeping BB10 under wraps'.

Maybe nothing's leaked because no one is interested.

More on the fly customization of colors / fonts of texting, BBM, email, etc chat windows. And PLEASE give us the built in option of a dark theme. And I mean everything dark.

I know the Androids probably came out with this because of saving battery but I just love the looks of it, and its great for when your in dim lighting.

I would most like to see Blackberry borrow the marketing wizards from Volkswagen and Apple... because if you can get someone to buy a Volkswagen and think they have done a good thing... you are a genius. Apple on the other hand has milked a good idea into a an icon.

Do nothing like itunes please blackberry stay far from itunes. Make a playlist in media player tell phone to sync it with desktop software easy as sh*#. But add ability to do it over the wifi. Last I checked u can add music over wifi but not playlists. if I'm wrong let me know and we already ahead of itunes. I'm not the only person that thinks itunes is terrible on pc am I.

Yeah, that's what I do now. I use BB Desktop soft ware with my playlist from iTunes. I just think they should make a full featured desktop client.

I hate iTunes. It is one of the reasons I can hardly wait to ditch my iPhone... which crashes often. Please do NOT use a program like ITunes. Instead let me take my files, drop them onto the phone or on a memory card and have them recognized. A simple backup should save the configuration of the phone without having to go through the agony of dealing with a program like iTunes.


I could not agree with you more. This is what I hate about iOS. This is what I adore about the playbook OS.
Just wish the playbook could recogonize my folder structure in all apps and not lump everything together.

If RIM would do the following, they'd instantly have a better media manager than Apple.

Cache the databases of files / media on mobile devices on the PC... I should be able to see what all my compatible devices hold on my computer, and rearrange / remove files through the PC UI, and then Sync to my mobile device to reflect those changes. Also, how about BULLETPROOF duplicate file identification (use integrated "Shazam" tech if you have to) and ROBUST "lost file finding" unlike iTunes which makes such tasks PAINFULLY manual and tedious.

iTunes is TERRIBLE, almost HOSTILE, about media "management". That is, finding duplicate files, comparing files, removing dupes, fixing "broken" files (where the file has been moved but the database hasn't been updated) etc.

So, as "media management" goes, iTunes is dreadful.... but it COULD be better, but Apple isn't interested in doing that.

RIM's media manager could make iTunes obsolete. I wonder how many iPod users would switch to a RIM device with a far superior media management client.

Come to think of it, why not a WiFi only BB10 "PlayBerry" (as in a handheld device optimized for media playback, without the cellular radio, only WiFi / Bluetooth, at the $200 pricepoint?).

1. Ability to use a VPN when I'm traveling in China and not using BIS. (Using a local SIM card.)
2. Would like the ability to add input for a foreign language without having to scour the internet for a completely different OS from a foreign country.

Primarily for reason #1, I abandoned my BlackBerry for a Galaxy Nexus two weeks ago. The only reason I stayed with BB for as long as I did was the keyboard. If BB 10 doesn't make it as easy to set up a VPN as Android does, I doubt I'll ever go back.

(Still liking my PlayBook as long as I don't think about how much I paid for it. ;-)

1 - playlist making a-la Ipod. i'll be honnest. i don't understand why in the H**L in 2012 we dont have this on EVERY DEVICE


3 - locations based notifications

4 - integrated cloud service for music / podcast / picture etc.

I'd like to be able to (power user) use my phone without and hour glassing-spinning clock whatever it's called now days, so hardware needs the most work.
I honestly don't know what I'd like borrowed from other os, I like BlackBerry being different, geared towards business and communications.
I would like to see a much richer media system, two speakers that sound as good if not better than the Samsung Galaxy Slll.
Basically keep the 9900/9930 layout with added convenience key, two Bose speakers, an extra led ( one for emails/texts and the other for calls. I also would like to see more height to the screen, keep the track pad and menu/call/end call buttons. Maintain the security and PLEASE bring back battery life.

I'm fine with the app that are available but I would like them to be blacked out, on that note all screens should be black (I am tired of white screens).

I just remembered how about the equivalent of an iphone camera or better.

just apps... with some upgraded hardware specs .. think about it .. if the playbook had the same amount of apps it would be kicking Android and Apple's butt... way better UI experience and portability..

down for a task manager

but for reliability and speed nothing beats good old usb keep DM ad cloud services

I've never seen this on any other platform, so if anyone wants to design it, I think it could really make money. A keyboard that you swipe to toggle between full qwerty (2 hands) and "quick type" (1 hand) kinda old school Nokia (don't even need to look at the phone to be typing) kinda keyboard.

Well, here's some of my wishlist:

1. At least 16GB of built-in memory, with the option to expand memory using micro SD cards to 64GB. If this does happens, I'm selling my iPod touch (64GB) because it ran out of space anyway. This will means that I only need to carry one device instead of two.

2. Cloud service to synchronise (and backup) the multiple BB devices.

3. Integrated apps ecosystem

4. 8MP camera with auto-focus (Almost a year after getting my Bold 9900, I still hated the fact that I can't take any decent close-up pictures)

5. At least 3MP front-facing camera. This will be awesome for BBM video-chat (if it happens), as well as Skype (if it comes to BB).

6. HD AMOLED display

7. At least a dual-core processor

8. Swapable batteries

That's all folks!
And yes, I know I'm quite demanding lol


7. At least a dual-core processor

Just a comment as I'm not big on requests like this. If the QNX operating system is more efficient, you may not need the dual core, which decreases cost and increases battery.

I'll take long battery life, so long as I don't have a noticeable difference in the experience.

To see a product hit the market is a big plus. Instead of hear about them and then pushed back and pushed back. If they push release back agin how many more people will lose faith in rim ever delivering

1st I would like to say what I want most is a BB10 phone......what I would like on that phone....

Microsoft split keyboard WITH arrow keys for PB
Ability to unlock directly to an app (android)
All my accounts integrated into my BBID..no more separate accounts for music store & video store ect. (itunes without the bloat)
Remote Screen-sharing (as was demoed for BB10)
That PlayBook conference app shown by RIM at world Congress 2012 BUT with out the need for the camera in the ceiling (TAT)
Skype....I don't need it but it is seen as being a big deterrent to buying BB by many people (everyone else)
Better cameras that can work in low light (Apple)....If phones are going to have video chat is is a MUST

I'd like to see popular apps like instagram, draw something, etc come to the platform. I can't think of anything I'd want BB10 have similar to other platforms. What I do want is for RIM to do something unique that will attract others to the platform--be different and set themselves apart from the competition.

They already have instagram like features built into BB10. B1ase found that hidden in the BB10 Dev Apha Device

The features are not what people like imo. It is the social aspect of it. The same problem with our games on playbook at moment.

Just pay me 15% royalties. You ready for the next one...? Make all the keys (not just the convenience ones programmable, and not just to seepd dial, but to any app or macro I want. Like 'n' goes (preset) to bbm. I want to decide where 'n' goes. Without having to press a shortcut key to allow that option. Essentially do what ShortcutMe does in one step. And pay me for this one also. Damn I'm good.

oh man!!!

I didn't even think of that. I have soooo many shortcuts linked to keys on my 9900, like several call forwarding #'s, and cancelling call forwards, speed dials.

How is that going to work on a touch keyboard?

I'm thinking, something like, swipe from the lower left corner, keyboard comes up, you press and hold a letter and voila, it dials or actions a preset program or app.

Almost forgot. Improved printing. I don't care if it's easier-print or whatever, but I want to be able to print documents from my PlayBook and phone

Better hardware specs. The newest androids coming out with 1.5- 1.7 multicore.
Apps like Google and Apple
Remote feature like google
Cloud like Apple. I have several videos from the video store and it would be nice to have without taking my pb all the time.
Nice transitions like webOS or wp
I'd also like to see the mini keyboard for pb able to be attached with some sort of hinge.

UNIFIED media content management system, ala itunes or google play, with powerful apps to manage all of this without the aid of a PC. "People who do" often travel, and you don't just want them carrying a BB10 phone, you want them to NOT carry an iOS device as well. I see lots of BB's in the airport and a lot of iOS devices on the planes!! UNIFIED content from movies to apps to books to you-name-it that you consume on an electronic device has to at least match the competition. Then RIM can differentiate with superior apps from the TAT people that handle it on the device.

Best-of-breed hardware specs (yes, Android/Samsung seems to set the pace here) and performance (iphone). Rightly or wrongly, hardware specs catch media attention because it's easy to compare numbers and tell people where an item stands in the hierarchy of lustworthiness. BB10 needs to be at the top when released to capture the buzz. But hardware specs need to be matched with an OS that makes it look good. iOS is so satisfying to use because of the buttery smooth transitions on everything.

Why would anyone want Netflix on a screen as small as the 99xx? It would be very painful to watch a movie on that screen. Even watching a movie on a 4" screen is no fun.

For those of us who use password protect, how about showing the Time and Date in the locked screen?

Sometimes I just want to check the time by swiping the screen from Sleep.

If Im already in locked mode, I have to enter password. Why do I need to password protect Time and Date?

Yup. And the kind of "cancel" button too... Like... I justa want to see the date/time/bat and go right back to sleep.

i would like to see tap to focus in the camera app just like on the iphone, and a camera equal or better than the 4s.

i like taking quality photos but my 9900 isnt doing the trick... still love my 9900 tho

I think it's the lack of auto focus. My 9700 takes better quality pics with an af 3mp cam, then my playbook, or my 9900.

Next one... A "play next" function in the music app. To be scrolling through your music, you don't want to interupt the current song, and you don't want to wait there till the song is finished so you can skip to this song, so just just click play next (like window media player had 10 years ago)... WHAT!!! I don't care who you are, that's a money maker.

ya, winamp had that too... f'ing loved that feature. i hate stopping songs in the middle of them, but that's usually when i think of another song i want to hear.

1) Ability to request websites/view websites as a desktop mode (similar to Chrome on Google Android)

2) Ability to sync/share/export browser bookmarks, history and settings in the background (similar to Chrome; should do it on Firefox/IE to the browser)

3) Sync iTunes music or make backups wirelessly over 4G

4) Better Blackberry App Store - faster, view more, clean, etc (similar to Android's Google Play store)

5) Apps!! Apps!!! Apps!! (Skype, etc)

6) Better GPS / maps / navigation app.

Ok, I think its been said before but I'll reiterate.
- Unified file manager that can handle folders. I want to be able to find that PDF I've downloaded and forward it easily. I'd like to be able to move my file to/from my device to my network and be able to see the network's files as well.

- Also, double tap to contextual zoom should be platform wide. Not just the browser. It's terrible in acrobat. Also, a better e-reader that can navigate the unified file browser. Adobe's offering is almost a joke. I bought my playbook primarily as a reader and it blows in that department. (was astounded with the OS tho) Now that Im on this rant, the keyboard and predictive text isn't system wide, which I think it should be.

This is not a spec game. This is software war and RIM has a fighting chance with qnx/bb10. There are some rough edges and this is a place where we can air them to get fix before release.

- Another thing is can we do something about the awful interface of App world? It's hideous and makes the apps look cheap.

- Some sort of way to expand the storage.

- a way to reboot mail without rebooting the device

Some kind of cross platform video chat capability (Damn you Skype!) Better solution to purchasing music and videos.. I wish it could all just be 1 store and 3 different ones. A Task Killer, I don't know if this is native to android. But the phone's I've seen with this I definitely thought it was cool.. It drives me insane having a task manager on BBOS but not being able to kill the apps from inside the App Switcher..

This one is just a wish from older BBs.. bring back the left convenience key, as well as Real Standby Mode by long pressing the lock key. Also androids version of the lock key is cool.. It gives you several options after pressing it, shut down restart, airplane mode, etc...

A nifty lock screen (Pattern Lock, Slide Lock) I know RIM is working on this.. so far I have seen 2 which I thought both were cool. Like Kevin said the HTCs ability to quickly open an app from the lock screen is really cool. Even IOS ability to quickly open the camera from the lock screen is cool too. I want that on BB10. I use the Camera Convenience key for something else.. so put something on the screen..

HARDWARE!!! Just because its cool to know you have the top of the line hardware, and can brag and say we are not behind by any means.. Not anymore! so while I am pretty sure the first gen of BB10 devices will NOT be quadcore, the next GEN needs to be!!

I hope the BB10 phones borrow the elegance of the appearance of the iPhones and the Galaxy S III. The Playbook and Dev Alpha have great utility, but need more sex appeal.

I think the galaxy Siii is too pretty. I like blackberries cause they're bold... (excuse the pun) it feels like I need to be a model to be seen with the Siii. Blackberries are powerful. They work hard, their main concern is not looks. It's good looking because it's a beast.

Skype...not for me but for all the crybabies that think it is so damn important so they can finally shutup

Something iCloudish would be great

A native location based reminder a la iPhone. This is such an easy thing to accomplish, I don't see why it hasn't been on OS7 for years now. The only thing close for BB is "When I'm Close" which coincidentally got a much needed UI update today.

How about a reeboot time under 2 minutes, simple installs for apps that dont require reboots, a lot less of that little spinning clock, stop truncating my email, and go easy on my battery when I'm in a weak signal area.

1. Better playlist management. I have to use winamp on my PC to create/edit playlists.

2. WebOS style tech support. You can actually chat with a rep via their support app on the TouchPad. I was very impressed by that.

3. Face unlock.

4. Some of the Galaxy S III features/gestures
Direct Call - Put phone to ear and it automatically calls the contact you have on the screen)
Shake Update - Shake phone to refresh widgets
Turn over to mute/pause - Put phone facedown to make phone silent.

"WebOS style tech support. You can actually chat with a rep via their support app on the TouchPad." That's very very cool, we should have that kind of live support at AppWorld. I believe it would solve a lot of problem right on the spot for RIM, with much more efficiency. As a huge secondary effect we would have a lot of good marketing done people to people style. We all always love to have that kind of care and we also tell others when get it.

Okay, I'm going to use this as an excuse to ask a developer to develop this app (don't know whether this is on other devides or not so apologies) - I don't care whether it's for 10 or 7: a feature which allows you to lock the device and leaves the video player active and playing whilst the device is locked. Please somebody do this!!!

Here is something simple, but that I have yet been unable to find (well find a good one anyway):
A Really Good Dictionary/Thesaurus similar to the one available on any MAC OS X machine, if not better. I use the one on my MAC all the time and I find it indispensable, it's simple and very effective. And PLEASE don't anyone say "just google it", it's not the same and I don't want use up my data plan just to look up words. I don't know if Apple ported their Mac version over to the iPad, or iPhone, but it's just a simple widget so I can't imagine that they wouldn't.

I agree with the comments all have been making! Here's my opinion, we have put a man on the moon and now we are on Mars! Soo, saying that, I want to be able to video chat with my grandchildren and they are on different platforms. That's fine. They love what they have and I love BlackBerry!! Call it Skype or possibly something NEW. Just make it happen. Make it happen.

This is for BB10 to compete:-
1) Some cloud storage quota with BB legendary security. C'mon this is RIM's turf after all,
2) I would love RIM to take a leaf from Apple and Samsung's exquisite device finishes/feel/design? Since BB7 will cover the low end market can we not have any more dumbed down devices? (internals and externals)?
3) Okay iOS is supposed to be a glorified app launcher but damn its smooth. Can we have some of that? Even if it means stuffing a huge GPU? The PB stutters sometimes,
4) So BB7 has liquid graphics? Let's carry that forward then to BB10. What do we call our BB10 browser? RIM has invested so much into it that a name would be a nod to the amount of work that has gone into it. They can even name the basic BB10 engine whilst they are at it as we have been told it will be running many things form now on.

The only thing I want from the competition - their App Ecosystem.

That's the thing that is killing Blackberry products for me, i.e., looking for a specific app that I want to use only to discover that it's not available on a Blackberry device.

I like using Gmail, and I would like better integration. In particular:

The ability to sync to multiple calendars...not just my primary one.

A good implementation of labels and access of labelled emails not in my inbox.

I want BB10 to be quick and to have smooth transitions effects. The boot time should be a lot more faster (if possible).

Built-in support for external harddrives, etc, so when travelling you can carry a harddrive full of movies with you without worrying about running out of room on the BB.

BB10 has to be nothing more than BBOS7.1 with a new ui, better performance and more apps. I like all the tiny feautures bbos has like bedside mode keyboard shortcuts, profiles etc. Although with the latest bbos they messed up bedside mode a little bit, beacause when the clock app runs in the background it will automatic exit bedside mode, so when I want to set up a song it goes out of bedside mode.

- For goodness sake, grab the 3300mAh battery from the Motorola Razr MAXX.
- unlock screen to: phone, browser, messaging, calendar - (customizable perhaps?)
- like someone said: better video compression to be able to send video via BBM
- FM Radio
- option for dark screen (white text) to save on battery life

Okay. Best in class search engine for the app world, 32gb onboard memory,expandable with sd card, 13 megapixel front facing camera, 8 megapixel rear facing camera, 2 gigs of ram, NOT a TI OMAP chipset, Kindle, Nook, etc.,(far more important than Netflix or Skype). If I want to switch out sim cards between BB's it should recognize me and load my settings accounts billing,etc. Keep your core strengths and then make everything else perfect.
Not much to ask...

Yes, the ability to easily swap a SIM card between different BB devices and have all my email and messaging services automatically move over to that device would be great. Also, a unified BBM ID would be great as well. What are people going to do when you have BBM on your 4G LTE PlayBook and on your new BB10 phone (or existing phone for that matter), are they going to have to send multiple BBM's to make sure you get the message?

The KEY is the BBID... all the devices need to be connected to one ID to make things simpler. If RIM doesn't do this, they will be shooting themselves in the foot. Just thinking about it....

BB10 Device has unique pin but connects to BBID
Playbook has unique pin but connects to BBID

BBID is the key to fixing this stuff.

1) All Media (Apps, Books, Music, Videos) should be integrated into a single store front and accessible with a single BBID (No separate accounts)

2) Improved App World:
- Better interface and design
- Better search results
- Ability to view more than 25 apps in the top lists (add a "more" button on the bottom)

3) Manage Browser bookmarks: Be able to list them in different order and into different folders.

4) Cloud-based integration for Contacts, Media, Browser favourites, etc.

5) Ability to further reduce the brightness (more than what is currently allowed on the playbook)

• The option to record video in lower quality for emailing/BBM purposes
• Don’t take away removable battery
• Front facing camera for BBM Video Chat
• Better rear camera with auto-focus
• 720p display
• Touch Screen: Arrow keys on keyboard because sometimes your finger is not quite accurate
• Please launch on time!

Reboot/Boot times of less than 1:30. Even the Playbook is three minutes now, does not bode well for BB10. Phones range from 2 mins to sometimes 13 mins.

More USB support on the PlayBook:
-USB drives
-Share internet connection on a computer (sometimes one can only connect thru Ethernet)

If my Blackberry Bold 9900 had the camera of the iPhone 4S and a battery that lasted 5 times as long I would be in heaven. I love my Blackberry!

+1000 I couldn't agree more with this comment. There are other things I would tweak but the camera and battery would do it for me as well.

So let's get a few basics in here:

- CardDAV
- CalDAV
- IMAP folders
- iCloud-like true active sync BlackBerry email service (personal domain friendly)
- Ability to auto-save SMS and BBM conversations to designated email folder (iteratively)

- Skype
- SkyDrive

not sure if you were talking specifically about phones, but there is a skydrive app for PB

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB - Lumia 800

I love the magnifying window used on iClone devices to change words and spelling.

If RIM could improve on the same idea, making edits would be far less painless!

+1 I hate editing text on the Playbook. It is laggy, and highly inaccurate. The little magnifying glass would be awesome.

* Unlock screen to app
* Mobile Data Usage View
* More camera/video features
* Speech to text inbuilt
* Ability to print from the phone/tablet (like AirPrint)
* Something like AirPlay
* Better file app than in Playbook
* Faster boot time
* An additional separate QR code app (I don't want to open AppWorld every time or buy again Code Muncher)

3 things:
front facing cameras that allow for face unlock
at least an 8MP rear camera
deep cloud integration (skydrive, icloud, dropbox, or a future service offered by RIM) for contacts, calendar, memos, pictures, music, videos etc

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB - Lumia 800

For RIM to not have problems with people complaining about the slow service and and whenthere is an outage to be able to still "use" the phone for data and email, to have an option on the phone to either go through the NOC server and have email and data browsing compressed or use pop3 and browse openly and be a data "eater"............

I think most people (I'm talking about people that are productive) are angry on BB for the following reasons only.

1. Boot up time is crazy long
2. The phone freezes (this is the most important reason, yes even my 9900)
3. Screen is small and hard to read

Of course having apps are a great plus and to have the youngsters and the others come over toy our platform you need to have apps.

I think its fair to add not having the phone lock up/allow multitasking when installing or removing apps in line with not having the phone freeze at all.

Really about the only thing that the competition does is rely on apps to provide content and features. As long as BB10 does this too, and it can do it great from what we've seen, then that combined with basic Blackberry functionality that the competition still struggles to replicate will be more than enough. I'll say that having BBM synced between tablet and phone BB10 offerings would be nice like iMessage does, but other than that I can think of nothing.

BBM integrated into SMS like iMessage.
Infact, videochat, viber, and BBM should all be integrated into the contacts so if I want to txt someone my BB knows that I can BBM them instead. If I want to call them it tells me that I can call, viber (VOIP) or videochat with them.

All I want is native notes on and todo list on playbook like the smartphones. Please give us all the basic native apps that is available on 9900 in bb10.

Mirror my pc with playbook and make sure xls files can be downloaded from online bank statements and use as spread sheets.

I would like to see Single Sign On for Facebook and Twitter integrated within the BlackBerry OS and APIs available for developers to use it.

Ability for RIM to get native apps from developers and from large companies! (I think RIM may have gotten into a mess with apps, but I still blame large companies for ignoring them... especially when they say "for ALL platforms: iOS, Android, WMP".... arggh)

"Built-in support for external harddrives, etc, so when travelling you can carry a harddrive full of movies with you without worrying about running out of room on the BB."

I second this. If I could access all my documents via a thumb drive, my Playbook would be perfect....plus Skype.

32GB isn't close to enough if you have games, music and movies on your BB. On the Playbook, most of the large games are ~500MB. You can easily have 8-10GB of games and apps, plus a 20+GB music collection + a few documents and you're already out of room before adding movies.

I don't want a high end BB10. So I'm waiting for a m id tier or low tier to comeo out.

But waht do I want?

Top notch web browser
Nice e-mail client (don't care for facebook)

I do occasional web browsing on my phone today and the browsers on Android all suck.

I need a good running app like RunKeeper where everythign is on the cloud and the runkeeper web site provides a nice, easy to navigate history

And give me a nice e-mail client that is easy to use. Seems like I'll be getting that.

Quite frankly, games for me were a novelty. I can live without any games at this point. Age 36 btw.

Back to hardware. I don't need a powerful phone. I'd pay for a mid tier phone but that's it. I don't need quad core I'd think. Dual is fine. Just give me alot of RAM. Expandable RAM would be awesome but I know that is not happening on any phone any time soon.

I picked up a Galaxy S III to try a couple weeks ago - and after coming from a BlackBerry with 500 MB per month...the phone ate through 2 GB in about 1.5 weeks. LTE is awesome, but that is just ridiculous; as well the battery is next to awful.

I want a BlackBerry with a battery that gets you through the day, LTE speeds that doesn't literally require 6GB of data/month to not get data overage via the RIM NOC/data compression - and then with all the goodies that we know BB10 is going to ship with.

If anything, the Galaxy S III has opened my mind to considering the full touch BB10 device as I know the keyboard is going to be excellent. Swiftkey 3 on Android has helped a lot for sure.

1. Be able to watch a video from the memory on those long business flights without having to resorting to ripping and burning on my laptop.
2. Be able to take a video and send it. Tired of this too large crap.
3. Be able to get apps just as well as any other platform out there. Tired of explaining that "they don't have an app for that on BB."
I know the standard answer to most of these demands are "Well, none of those things are important to business people who work for a living." That's not the point... BB should be blasting equal to and beyond everyone out there. They were the leaders and should still be the leaders. Not the followers.

They should borrow the "visitor" mode from MIUI, where certain apps are locked out by default once you turn it on (stuff like SMS/Email/Contacts/etc)

I would like an option on the "Alarm" for "Weekends only".

I don't need an alarm to wake up for work. I only need it to wake up for golf ; )

1.) a MUCH better calendar than the current (BB7) version. Something like the BB6 version offered (better than BB7-still not understandable why they "downgraded" the calendar in BB7) or, even better, something like the calendar Samsung are using on the S3 or Note (it's phantastic!! I'm tempted to buy me one of these, just for this calendar.)

2.) BBM HAS TO GET opened up for other platforms. I currently have ~35 friends connected through Whatsapp for regular communication. There is ONLY ONE guy in my circleof friends that uses a BB - so what is the point of having a good and secure messenger at hand, that does not work for everybody......I know a decision was made to not open it up for others....I think this is a big mistake, opening it up would give the BB platform a big boost and much more awareness in my opinion.

So what about a "downgraded" version for iOS and Android, that just allows for message delivery & reception, but tempts its users to take a closer look at the full scope version on BB10?

I just want 3 things.

1) A sexy looking vertical slider phone with highend materials like the 99xx.
2) An updated OS that flows and is fast
3) FLASH Support or otherwise be able to view videos on sites other than just youtube.

That's it.. That's all I want.. Just keep everything else from before such as security and awesome keyboard and RIM will sell a lot of phones.

Basically I'd love the apps that everyone else craves, whether its Skype, Sky (UK), Netflix etc..to be available on the platform whether they are of interest to me or not as other platforms. I'd love more free apps too. I don't mind paying for some of the apps in App World and some of the games I've bought are fantastic but when other people (i.e android & Iphone) get these for free, add free or not, it does sometimes cheese me off slightly.

I also just want it to work the way it was designed as the playbook is great but RIM let themselves down time and time again.

I'm currently holding on to my 9780 waiting for the day for BB10 to arrive so that I can upgrade with the hope that RIM finally does deliver and that's it really. I want my Blackberry devices to perform the way they were intended and if they do that, I'll be one extremely happy chappy.

Be Bold People!

I have three small requests:

1) Ability to turn down microphone volume recording for videos. The mic on my 9810 is TOO sensitive. When I take it to concerts I get awesome video but TERRIBLE sound as it's all garbled and static. It's fine when the volume of the environment is tame but super bad when it's loud.

2) One click/swipe to exit an app and return to desktop. BB OS7 multi-click is a total PITA! I hope BB OS 10 improves on this.

3) Have the media player have an A-B Loop functionality. "A" is your startpoint you set and "B" is your endpoint, where it will loop infinitely over both points. This is super handy for learning songs on the guitar.

BBM integrated into SMS like iMessage.
Infact, videochat, viber, and BBM should all be integrated into the contacts so if I want to txt someone my BB knows that I can BBM them instead. If I want to call them it tells me that I can call, viber (VOIP) or videochat with them

Let Samsung one of the top manufactures build the full Touch screen BB10 hardware and RIM make the keyboard BB10. With aps like Slingbox, Instagram, Skype and more.

How about system updates that doesn't require the user to reinstall the entire OS. Also updating a BB is a crap shoot at best. You don't know that the heck will happen. You just keep your fingers crossed.

Also like other's have said the phone's hardware design is very important and needs to be high quality like the iPhone. No more cheap plastics, ect.

Borrow? I want RIM/Blackberry to STEAL and OWN the Execution, and Meeting or Exceeding expectations!

Unless "The Cloud" somehow manages to be as secure as I would like for it to, I'll pass. Great for those that are okay with the cloud security as it is.

Lastly, I'm all for integration, but I would like the ability to turn off integration for social networking and other apps if I choose. I prefer my security/privacy above all else, so if I have tap thrice versus twice to stay secure/private, oh well.

Also a proud owner of a Blackberry Playbook and Torch

I'm an audio freak seeking the holy grail of one device that can do it all.
I want my BB10 device to be a kick-ass audio device, capable of running CSR's "APTX" bluetooth codec, which basically provides wired-quality sound via Bluetooth (so you get fantastic audio quality without being attached to wires!).
I would also like my device to run ANY music streaming service app available (Rhapsody, MOG, Rdio, Spotify, Last.FM, Pandora, Slacker, etc and for my device to be so versatile that it can play any music format (including FLAC and WMA - protected or not).
Am I asking for too much?

My main problem with my current Blackberry Bold 9900 and Playbook is the WAY-too-long reboot times...

Other than that, all we need are a few of the more mainstream apps.

1. Learn from other consumer oriented competitors how to properly market BB10; how to do premarketing, how to use viral marketing etc. Tell the world about BB10 features in detail in advance, educate and inform the consumers about BB10. People should not have to look for BB10 information, they should be fed to the consumers en-mass
2. Triple your marketing efforts and avoid repeating same marketing errors in the past.
3. Phones are converging and becoming more alike, only those who knows how to market will survive in the long term.
4. Completely revamp RIM's existing website to be more consumer friendly and be a source of product education and technical support to the average consumer immediately.
5. Consumers should feel that professional support for technical issues as well as user guidance are available at their finger tip 24/7, that are free and professional.
6. It is all about marketing and BB10 comes second.

i realy want haptic touchscreen on bb10, it would be great thing for blackberry, a touch that u can feel, apple and google are going to do it anyway, but it's nice to see it first on a blackberry
The second feature is an emotion detector, Iv seen in it in the blackberry empathy concept video on youtube,
Well these features are almost impossible for Rim cuz they didnt event make a front camera, but these features if it were available on a blackberry 10, it will be the best thing ever happened to Rim! And believe me I would say bye bye apple and google...... It's a dream right ! Hope Rim will make come true !

Ahh, thought of something I'd consider killing for. I know it sounds silly, and couldnt borrow because nobody does it. An IR(infared) emitter. The app potential here is untapped and missing in all the other platforms.

And why doesnt th e playbook im typing on, auto correct not work in this comment box? That should be sorted.

ios - airplay, integration of phone and tablet, integration of store accounts, industrial design (not to copy it, but to put design on very high priority,.. use John Anastasiadis for lead industrial designer.)

bb7 - native/rim developed apps that are awesome but need TAT influence to modernize the ui: traffic, maps, bbm music, bbm, news/newsfeeds...

number one feature i want in my bb10 when it's released is to not lose any good feature of the current bb7. it's an easy and simple os, but has lots of options, menus, settings and controls. With the playbook, it seems that a lot of this is missing.

i love my blackberry. i cant wait for bb10. I have so much pride in what this company has created and contributed to the world - especially in waterloo.

no matter what happens with rim, their legacy has already been written. Tech bloggers and media will write what will get a reaction and traffic to their sites. History books have already recorded the true contributions this company has made.

Here is my wish list

- 15mp camera with auto focus and zoom
- recharge the battery via solar power or the spin of an embedded wheel
- talk to type
- 3D hologram
- razor fast internet
- the ability to silence my phone by saying a phrase or a word
- laser on board
-. Remote capabilities
- gps
That's it for now.

I've mentioned this before but:

With all the keyboard improvements, I'd like to see improvements on the PHYSICAL keyboard as well. How can we implement the predictive element into the physical keyboard? Can we PLEASE switch the "$" with "." !!! A dedicated "." is far more important than a "$". Can we please have a way to turn off double-space for "." also!

I would like to have the 'feature' of having the newest RIM phone model out before any competitor, instead of years behind.

I am tired of excuses, excuses, excuses, then nothing.