What features would you most like to see for BlackBerry 10 devices?

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By Adam Zeis on 28 Apr 2012 01:45 pm EDT

We're heading to Orlando for BlackBerry World 2012 in just a few days and we have high hopes that we'll see some great BlackBerry 10 goodies. We already know that developers who attend BlackBerry 10 Jam will walk away with a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device to play with, but we're not sure what else we'll find out. If we're lucky we may see BlackBerry 10 in action and find out some more details.

While we don't really know too much about BlackBerry 10 phones, we all have our own notions of what we'd like to see for them. We want to know what you, the CrackBerry Nation, would like to see in BlackBerry 10 devices (personally I want a sweet form factor, awesome battery life and a great browsing experience).  So jump into the forums (don't just leave a comment here) and let us know a few things you'd like to see -- be it hardware, software, accessories or whatever -- in BlackBerry 10!

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What features would you most like to see for BlackBerry 10 devices?


-Hardware at least powerful as competition or better. I don't want a lagging phone ever.
-Awesome native camera app that does cool thing like Scalado rewind, remove or 3D picture(go see their website).
-BBM as a IM integrator: instead of making it cross platform, chat over all IM messaging app and cross platform messaging app into BBM.
Group chat into BBM with friend from Facebook, Whatsapp, Kik, MSN in the same time. My phone will be working like a server connecting my other platform's friends together.
-BBM as a social integrator: I think BBM connected app like Facebook or Twitter work the wrong way. I don't'want to post something on Facebook and see it on BBM. I want to open BBM an see all my friend social feed from all the different social network in there. Post something on BBM and share it on the social network that I want.
-Video chat from BBM
-Video sharing into BBM (between to person or publish on the social network of my choice)

As you see I don't like to switch from one app to another. But I want BlackBerry to keep the better multitasking.

It's gotta have better camera hardware. No doubt about it. The 9900's camera was a total step backwards and a major flop. They need to fix that. The camera in the iPhone 4S is miles ahead of anything RIM has put in their phones and the camera app is so much more functional. Hell, it even takes HDR shots!

I say: Integrate the playbook's video chat with bbm, let other platforms have access to at least the video/audio-chat features of an enhanced bbm, and then it's bye bye skype!

Yep, a Keyboard. That will be the main feature I'm looking for. Mini PlayBook with a keyboard like the 99xx.
Boldly sent from my 9930

A real OS start there and then we can talk...until you get an operating system don't even create a phone. It will continue to fail and RIM will be sold to the highest bidder by 2013. True Story!

PS/Side note.... stop making clone phones, put 10 BB devices together and ask a consumer to tell them apart more so than any other phone company...most of the phones look the same.

black berry does not need to = every phone looks the same. For it to be a BB. Stay true to you but dramatically change the look its 2012 not 1999.

2nd side note ...Stop putting out so many

If you sold as many as apple then make every phone the same lol...but since you are on the trading block every two weeks. STOP IT or its RIP RIM... :)

Gorilla glass, LTE, conductive charging (palm pre), BBM overhaul, swype, true world phone (AWS for tmobile included), flash in browser, HDMI out.

Content via a strategic alliance with someone, maybe Amazon.

Kick a$$ hardware for consumers via a strategic alliance with say Samsung or HTC.

I want the functionality of the bbos. Send to,share,app integration!!! This is most important!! Don't give me a beautiful os that's a pita to use ¤cough¤ Iphone...¤cough¤windows phone...

Make it the easiest device to navigate and get things done!! The BlackBerry "flow" that Thorsten talked about.

That plastic coating over the phones innards to make it water proof... After seeing that, it should be an industry standard...

Just search the forum..there are plenty of posts that can be taken into account for future BB10 features. And i bet, even with this survey it is just another blind hope set up by Crackberry. It is a good exercise though, at least RIM will take heed of what the current BlackBerry users want. BUT again, I doubt whether they'll implement it.

Cloud services - when I take a pic on my BB, it automatically pops on up on my computer and my Playbook when connected to wifi. Same for documents, video, voice notes, etc.

For me it doesn't have to be automatic.

I want to sync PIM on all my devices and a 'cloud' way to share the things I make on one device with other devices...I don't care if RIM uses Dropbox or Amazon etc.

Despite RIM reading this or not, whether they implement end-user request by reading these type of post it is still great to see the similarities from user to user. Everything I want is in the TK Victory concept (www.digitalhomeboy.ca). That's just from the hardware side for the most part! I'm counting on RIM to build a kick-ass OS10!

What I would like:

Slider PLEASE - Torch X!
3D graphics - for bragging rights
Amazing battery life
1 password and store for music/video/apps
August release date!

yes :

video calling like iphone and samsung have.
change colors of BBM of my choice.
accept any apps into blackberry 10 without need of compatible.
wants larger screen like 4.7 or 4.8
8MP or more camera.


physical keyboard why? doesn't want same old design of keyboard.

BBM leveraged to integrate video chat; smooth intuitive UI that's easy to navigate; flash support + HTML5; integrated messaging app to include tabs for different messages and multi-message selection; smoother faster browsing; EXCELLENT BATTERY; excellent onscreen keyboard; excellent autofocus camera; hdmi port...

BBM leveraged to integrate video chat; smooth intuitive UI that's easy to navigate; flash support + HTML5; integrated messaging app to include tabs for different messages and multi-message selection; smoother faster browsing; EXCELLENT BATTERY; excellent onscreen keyboard; excellent autofocus camera; hdmi port...

These improvements are based on things that I do not see in Playbook OS 2

App World: A complete overhaul of App World to make it easier to discover apps. We should have top list for all categories, so we see what is popular based on each category. Improve the search capabilities with predictive text and better results. In My World, Add an update log for upgrades and better way to manage your uninstalled apps. These are just some of the features that App world needs, also App world is slow make it faster.

Browser: overall the browser is slow, but it is still missing some features like the ability to organize bookmarks, or the fact that it has to reload a page when you are changing tabs, which usually is the reason why the browser crashes. Make the url/search bar on the browser predictive so that it suggests websites based on your history.

General: Global search on OS that searches all your apps, emails, contacts, etc.

BBID: BBID should be unified with all services that Blackberry offers, including Music store, video store, podcasts, or any other service that is offered through a partnership or not.

I want everything playbook 2.0 has to offer, normal blackberry essentials, speed, efficiency, apps, iphone/android luxarys, mobile computing experience

At least a 3.5"-4" touchscreen with a Bold full qwerty keyboard, a dual core 1.5 Ghz processor, 4G LTE , 1020 X 780 resolution 2 GB Memory, 32 GB built in media storage. At least 1400 battery, 8 MP cam w/5 MP front cam. At least 100K of GOOD apps! And designed like my Bold 9930. And be under $199.00 on upgrade price.

Ok 3 form factors all touch London the Torch X and the Bold form factor

For the London I want all the above specs but with a 4.3 to 4.65 inch screen I want to see what bb10 can offer and on the Torch X 4.0 or 4.3 inch with a bold styled keyboard if possible and the TK Victory out of the 3 form factors I can see the London and the TK Victory being doable

Zodiac BBX (BB10)

Push the envelope with the hardware

Give us the TATalizing coolness we're seeing at conferences

Make it natively strong...e.g. proper PDF reader, great file manager, featured music player, etc.

The playbook and phone should be completely bidirectional in the way they work together. E.g. why can't I use the phone as a screen and the playbook as a keyboard, or vice versa

BB Maps needs to be completely redesigned/overhauled to allow developers to create rich location based services.

Keep everything the same but improve os, simplify menus, enhance ui, create a battery that can recharge with solar energy. Bring back the second convenience key. Add video chat and the most sophisticated speakers (Bose) ever put in a smartphone. Keep it a business device, if I want a toy I would get an iphone. Do not change the basics but (completely) improve the over all user experience. People grew tired of Blackberry for a reason and frankly I can't blame them. I do not ever want to see another freaking hour glass on my next phone ever.

Liked i said before on the very first time you post this article. I wish for mini Playbook phones...

Since everyone is mentioning pretty much everything else I'll mention what I really want...THEMES!!! Say what you want but themes is one of the reasons I fell in love with BlackBerry. Themes on BlackBerry 10!!

In order of priority and to replace my Android phone I need:
- long lasting battery
- maps, navigation, offline navigation
- cross platform messaging and videoconferencing
- all the apps currently available for the playbook

i think i want the BB10 phone to have:
*Quad Band with 3G, 4G LTE
*4.5" TFT-AMOLED Display with Pixel Density more than 300dpi.. Corning Gorilla2 Glass
*Wifi a/b/g/n + Wifi Direct.
*Bluetooth3.0 + A2DP
*GPS + Pre-Loaded BB Maps for the entir world + BB Traffic & BBM Integration
*Video playback @ 4:3 & 16:9 Aspect Ratio options and codecs to play most of the commonly used formats.
*8 mega-pixels with atleast 5 sub-pixel depth capabilty+ Auto Focus + Geo Tagging + Bi-Xenon Flash + Smile & Face Detection + Lossless Digital Zoom upto 4X + Lens Shutter
*Video Recording with 1080P HD recording..
*Dedicated Mic for Active Noise Cancellation during Voice & Video Calls + Video Recording..
*Secondary Video Camera for Video Calls & Chats @ 2 MP..
*BB Cloud Services for all Device Data integrated with BB Protect..
*40Keys keyboard as an Optional accessory..
*Battery of atleast 3000mAH for 20 hrs of 3G Calling..
*Atleast 1.5 GB RAM..
*Inbuilt memory of 16 GB with expandable memory upto 48 GB Micro SD Card..
*Quad Core 1.5 GHz at the basic..
*Radio with RDS
*Compass + Gyro + Accelerometer..
Dedicated Camera, Social/IM Buttons
*SMS to have folders options..
*Messages to have folders creation option and filtering options or to have outlook kinda sync where everything is imported from mails to folders..
*BBOS10 or BB Ion 1.0 (as I think is nicer) with True Multi Tasking, Messages with Unified Inbox, BBM Integrated with all BB Apps like Traffic, Maps, Travel, Wallet, Protect, Cloud, FB, Twitter etc. ( the last two I think already done).. Also should have Contacts Pull option throu Bluetooth or Ad-Hoc, Internet Tethering, Data Usage Monitor, Office Tools with edit functionality, HD Gaming Capability with dedicated GPU, BB Cloud with Application, PIM, Media BackUp Capability..

I think that sums up the BB10 Device Super Phone should have..


Just as the physical keyboard on the 9900/30 is the best in class, ensure the virtual keyboard is superior to anything out there. Especially seeing as there won't be a physical keyboard BB until 2013. (Blasphemy!)

Also, please keep the awesome notification system. As with the keyboard, the ability to customize how I'm alerted is paramount in my love of BB.

To be fair, I want my cake and eat it too, but specs are less important, so long as I'm able to enjoy efficiency and versatility that is Blackberry. And for the sake of all that is holy, please, please, please, have great battery life!

I don't think I'm asking too much, am I?

LTE capability is paramount. Many people who don't currently look at BlackBerry devices would do so if the phones were able to support LTE, seeing as so few other manufacturers' devices do at this point.

Crackberry, can we please create a idea vote-up vote-down website?

So many ideas but all over the place and no one central location for people to list them or vote for them. And many people are repetitive. And theres lots of good ideas.

Kind of like a "digg" but where people can submit ideas, and people like us can vote them up or down or add comments

Then, this will be a good master list for the good people at RIM =)

Cheers =)

- Unique form-factor (developer BB10 looks cool, except the centered BB logo on back)
- 4" screen with at least 350dpi
- 1GHz quad-core CUSTOM processor (not some Qualcomm that every other phone has; make it your own with GPU acceleration, post-image processing etc.).
- 1GB RAM, maybe 2GB
- 12MP camera, dual LED flash (one on either side of lense) and one Xenon flash under the lense
- 5MP FF camera with integrated BBM video chat (also with LED adjacent to FF camera)
- Clean, fluid, well-functioning, secure, stable, fun, intuitive OS/UI

- ALSO, all the 'gimmes' of Apple/Android that BB doesn't have (apps, browser, etc.)

+1 for non-English hand-writing input like Chinese/Korean/Japanese handwriting input. At least one of my friends skipped Bold 9900 because of this missing feature (he bought a competitor model).

+1 also for wireless printing, direct point-to-point to the printer (not via internet to router then to printer).

+1 for removable battery, as well as 1+ day battery life.

+1 for *landscape* horizontal keyboard with up/down/left/right arrows (portrait keyboard devices with 4"+ LCD screens would become top-heavy & flip out of your hand).

I am a slow typer when it comes to taking notes. Also, I need to do drawings as part of the notes. Therefore, I need a stylus capable OS.

I want to use my BB10 phone as an all-in-one device.
That means:
1. Instead of carrying a dedicated camera I want a built-in camera at least equal to or better than the camera in any competitor's phone. (still shots AND video) with flash and auto-focus.
2. I want BB Traffic to have a kick-ass GPS component with turn-by-turn and quality 3D graphics so I don't have to carry a separate GPS unit.
3. I want a quality media player so I don't need to bring an iPod for music and video.
4. Charging points like on the bottom of the Bold so that I don't have to jam a plug in and out of my phone every day. Just a matter of time before connectors like that wear out and are a weak point on phones that use them for charging.
5. Clear, beautiful screen for watching videos and for those that want to use it as an ereader.
5. Last but most important, (something other manufactures seem to have forgotten) it needs to function flawlessly as a phone. This means an excellent antenna, clear speaker and quality mic. Good volume. And a battery that lasts so long I NEVER have to worry about charging mid-day.

Dual Speakers like on the playbook
Dual microphones
Sync To PIN so i can share documents from my playbook to my phone without any issues
DLNA support for media so i can access my media on my pc over wireless and play it on my phone without adding it to my sd card
A decent camera that doesn't make every photo look grainy
Android app player
A screen with a decent resolution not that the 9860/50 had a bad resolution its just it seems to be a selling point at the moment
NFC (not just on some phones, on all phones)
The media player app from the playbook but with enhancements, such as equalizer options and such.
More options in native apps, we are blackberry users not apple users, i want to be able to use the device the way i want and im are not afraid of a big options menu.
Contact Sync with the playbook over wifi (we need to remove the pc from the experience, it should just all sync up over wifi without any issues, like the apple cloud does)
And a much much faster boot time, im sick of hearing people rip on blackberries because of its boot time, it doesn't make a difference for modern phones that never get turned off but still it needs to be addressed.

I have a physical keyboard for my PB: it's a BB9810.

So what I would like to see as a feature on the new BBs is the same remote control as we have now. I would like to be able to use my old BB as a remote control for the new one, and have HDMI output on the BB10. In effect, Playbook capability.

So now I'm in the office, I have a lot of messaging to do, I plug the phone into my monitor for a nice big picture, and start typing on my old phone which I keep in the office in a charging dock.

It may be only a minority want something like this but as the capability is already there, why not use it?

When Apple went to OS X, our old Macs became expensive landfill overnight. By preserving a use for old style BBs, RIM could not only make us feel better about the transition but also get more users to upgrade. With remote control mode, I would be an early adopter. Without...well, I might wait a couple of years. Or if OS 7 looks like losing long term support, even consider a Galaxy Note.

1 - Active Sync / Exchange support including sub folder access.

2 - True multitasking like the Playbook.

3 - Web browser with Flash support.

4 - Auto focus camera

5 - Battery life, 24 hours. Think the days of multiple day battery life are over. If RIM can squeeze a handful more hours out of their high end devices then this will be sufficent.

6 - Full touch screen and physical keyboard models. Maybe limit the variations to save confustion amoungst the market. Apple doing okay with one plain model, maybe cut down on the variations and concertrate on nailing the OS and ensuring the quality of the device.

7 - Design, this is the one of the most important things. When some gets out an iPhone everyone knows what it is. With Android and Windows Phone it is not until you have a decent look that you know what phone and OS it is. RIM need to ensure that the BB 10 devices are different and eye catching to what is seen with other OS's. When you pull the phone out of your pocket you want people to know what it is and know it is good.

8 - Developers, RIM hitting the nail on the head at the moment with developers. They need to get these guys on board and ensure that all the popular apps are avliable on day one for this to succeed. Realistically to the broader market only a few hundred of the most popular apps will be enough for them to consider. App world doesn't need 500,000 apps it just needs to pick and filter the good ones that are popular on other OS's.

9 - High res screens, should be further up the list but I forgot. Part of people having a double take at the phone the screen needs to be vibrant and crystal clear, jump ahead of the restriced OS's like WP7.5

10 - Continue with intergration across apps, facebook into contacts (similar to people hub), music, BBM etc. Take what WP7 started with the people hub etc. It may sound a little full on but it makes accessing people, facebook, emails etc so fast and easy. Have the ability switch this on or off though.

11 - Continue to have LED for notifications (can't believe the other OS's don't have this) and the ability to fine tune profiles with email sync time frames and bedside mode for example. This makes the phone much more user friendly instead of having 'normal' or 'silent' settings.

- skype app
- BBM Video (front camera)
- integrated email like BB Playbook
- 24 hour battery live, seriously, mine last 10 hours..as is, not sufficient, absolutely not.
- keep slider keyboard (Torch!!!)
- make it lighter
- bigger screen
- bring back the lock phone button using the side function key (top is NOT practical)

Man everybody has some good ideas. I will chime in with some of the simple things that may get overlooked.

1. BB Music as one of the bridged apps if not native on the playbook (this goes along with having one BB ID for several devices.)
2. Seamless touchscreen. Weather it be the all touch or the Bold's new firm factor the touchscreen needs to be smooth. Enough of this freezing up.
3. Multitasking beast. Must have ALL native apps integrated with eachother. I love how I can just touch a pic and I can either send to another contact or I can open on playbook.
4. Fully functional docs to go. Give me a reason to keep my money going to RIM rather than have to shop for a laptop I don't want just to be able to work on docs. This one if need be can be for the playbook.
5. Improve the keyboard. It's already untouchable by the competition so let's keep it that way. If the Bold's screen ends up wider why not include more keys in the keyboard.
6. Change up the LED notification. I love how it is now but for more flash it could be made as a light around the edge of the screen or with the phones with keyboards it could be the keyboard itself....now that I think about it maybe keep the original the same way but add something to the top.of the phone so when it's in the holster we can see the notification.

Anyways this is adding to the already shared specs that the rest of you mentioned. Hope you're reading RIM.

Apps like Netflix, Skype, Filpboard, Zite, Infinite Blade, etc.......that is "real apps" .....!!
If the BB 10 phone does not have apps like these it will be DOA !

1. Boot up time should be quick. Right now the PB and BB7 devices take too long to boot up.
2. Applications should start quickly when opened
3. Broader application support. Blackberry should work with Skype, Netflix and other popular app companies to bring their apps to BB10. They absolutely can bring them on board - I personally believe these companies are waiting for BB10 OS, and didn't want to waste time and resources on BB7 OS and devices, as BB10 is around the corner.
4. I shouldn't need a key/button for password lock and another for screen lock. One should function as both - as in Android, iPhone and WIndows phones.
5. Video chat capability
6. Good hardware
7. Better PIM application. The PIM app in the Playbook is OK - not all that. I prefer the one on my Bold.
8. Long battery life - the battery like of the PB is OK at best. It consumes a lot of battery even when on standby.
9. Android apps support (hopefully not thru the Android Player)
10. Flash support

All these things are great, but to me it sounds like they are all suggestions that will only bring BB10 level with the competition. To really make BB10 a success they need to jump everything. Sure we all want Skype, and Hulu, blah blah blah. But make something new, something no one else has. Come on RIM, you are paying people to think forward, not to copy what everyone has. Make BB10 truly BOLD, truly not a TOY. Take all these ideas as a base level, and then blow us away. I love my PB, but I wouldn't call it incredible. I love my 9930, but wouldn't call it incredible either. I have about 25 of my company phones eligible for an upgrade in Sept, I want to upgrade them to the most amazing phone in the universe. That is what RIM should be shooting for, and that is what RIM should be capable of. You invented the smart phone market leaving everyone else in the dust, it is time to do it again.


HDMI out ! I get so bummed when I see other phones with that . One sure way to out feature the competition .

1. Faster start-up/restart
2. Ability to use more than one Bluetooth device at a time
3. Reliable wireless back-up to Windows/Mac OS
4. Recognition or auto-launch at start-up of most used apps (user configurable)
5. Ability to swipe through most used apps
6. Augmented Reality integration with camera across many apps
7. Auto QR Code recognition in camera without needing to launch separate app
8. Reading or deleting an e-mail on desktop updates e-mail list on BlackBerry (might be very difficult to achieve this)
9. Ability to block calls from user selected phone numbers, without needing a separate app
10. User selectable/configurable sharing buttons upon image review, perhaps as a swipe in

Tight cross app integration between the native apps like we see in the current line of BBOS's we have now.... only better!

Tighter cross app integration between linked devices: e.g. between phone and tablet.

Full Bluetooth functionality already!

Fully customizable audio equalizer in the music/video apps.

THEMES! 'Nuff said...

Fully customizable options like BB devices have now... just better!

Making syncing with iTunes a breeze, almost an iOS like experience. No need for dragging files or having to choose every time what music needs to be synced with DM or third party software like Double Twist.

we need an os10 device with amazing battery life and the best blackberry physical keyboard ever! :)

BB10 devices should have:

Faster processor like 1.5 GHZ
Better camera 8mp and front facing camera
Larger app selection with popular apps like instagram, netflix,
1080p res.
Video chat, Skype
Smoother virtual keyboard
More fluid app transition
Better battery life of phone
Better battery quality
Larger memory space
Better phone resolution
BlackBerry icloud experience
New placing of phone lock button and new phone lock system