What Feature Or Program Do You Use The Least On Your BlackBerry?

By Bla1ze on 18 Aug 2009 11:58 am EDT
What Feature Or Program Do You Use The Least On Your BlackBerry?

A rather interesting thread has popped up in the forums that poses a simple question: What Feature Or Program Do You Use The Least On Your BlackBerry? We all know our BlackBerry Smartphones are capable of a lot of things right out of the box and with carriers pushing apps to our BlackBerry devices often times we see a lot of things show up that we may never use in the run of a day, week, month or heck for that matter, ever. So, taking a thought from that thread what do you use the least on your BlackBerry? Is it password keeper? Is it voice notes recorder? Let us know in the comments and in the forums thread as well.

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What Feature Or Program Do You Use The Least On Your BlackBerry?


I have a doc which is a list of the Rules to [Calling] Shotgun. (I can email it if you want a copy) and a spreadsheet of my CD Codes for my video games and windows applications.

I rarely use Ponyt, Docs To Go, Games [Word Mole, BBreaker]...most of the apps I don't use are basic ones like the Help feature, Search etc..

I'd have to say I use voice-dialing the least. It never selects the right contact. I never touch Slacker radio for that matter either despite VZW initially thinking I wanted it

Browser (yes I actually prefer RIM's)
visual voicemail
Pod Trapper
Camera (Still & Video)
Games (Bubble Army, Air Traffic)
Google Maps
BeeJive (occasional)

I use Docs to Go, mostly for viewing but occasionally composing. Those who say Docs to Go sucks most likely are just unfamiliar with how to use the program.

Me too. I have 5 different work related sign on screens and each has a different user ID and password. Each password also has to contain a combination of letters and numbers, with one requiring at least one capital letter and one special character as well. Top that off with the fact that they ALL have to be changed every 90 days, and they all change on different cycles...and some can be recycled after 3 months but others cannot. It's hard to keep track of them all.

Then there's the fact that I have to sign into different computers all the time....so using Password Keeper is a lifesaver, IMO. I will ALWAYS have my berry with me, so I won't ever be without all my passwords.

I never used:
Voice Dialing

I just deleted those. I wish I hadnt deleted blackberry maps though, i cant reinstall it because I keep getting a compatability issue message.

And jfchadeyron, start using bbm man, thats the best part about our phones.

BB Messenger
Music ID
Music Apps
SHOP Tones, Multimedia, etc. (I've never used those to buy anything!)
Streaming Music
Voice Dialing

Once in a while I will use Docs to Go, but it's few & far between

password keeper or "turn power off". I even have a folder for all of the apps that I hardly or never use to manage icon clutter.

why don't you remove them???? seems silly to "hide" them when you never use them. pack rat syndrome?

There are a couple, actually. Blackberry messenger and MySpace. I'm 50 and limit the "Social Networking" to Facebook. Sprint TV is difficult to get and the Sprint stores are (music and applications) don't get used either. Everything else is fine though. Just wish my Curve had WiFi.

I never use the Show All option or the "OFF" & "MUTE" buttons.

Password Keeper is great for keeping all the online passwords you use.

I don't use anything by Verizon or anything with a "Voice" prefix.

BB Messenger, Docs to Go, BB Maps, Voice Dialing, Tasks, Help, Search, Yeah, what is the purpose of password keeper. Now for the bigger question, what can I get rid of and still have a functional Blackberry, obviously BB Maps has some othr system tie-ins, so that's a no no...?

I've already unistalled the big ones:
password keeper
voice dialing
voice notes
all games
vzw tones
vcast music
VZ Navigator
BB Maps

I actually use Docs2Go for work so I need to keep that (it is my personal phone, I just have access to my work email on it).

I don't use BBM that much because I don't really know too many other people with BBs surprisingly. I'd probably use it more if I did.

Internet browser
Video camera
Music & video player

it's my work phone and everything else gets used almost daily. Bought the iPhone to "toy" with.

It would have to be Blackberry Messenger, got my Tour and deleted it, next to go will probably be Docs to go.

The browser. It is so horribly painful to use, that I avoid surfing the web on my Blackberry at all costs. And Opera on the BB isn't much better.

This is my first BB and my first phone is the web, but I love it. I never have any problems surfing and finding what I need. Sorry to hear you do.

Password Keeper
Voice Dialing
Voice Recorder
Brick Breaker

I also don't use doc's to go as much as I thought I would either. Eh. I'm just read for the ODIN!!!


How does nobody use tasks? This is one of my most used applications, I think my life would be an unorganized mess without it

Just to list the things I do use:

1. Phone (yes, some of us still use it primarily as a phone)
2. Email and text messaging
3. Calendar
4. Alarm clock
5. Web browser
6. ATT Cellular Video
7. ATT Navigator
8. Pandora
9. iheartradio
10. Regions mobile banking

That's about it. Everything else could go and, though I might use it occasionally, it would probably take several days to notice it was gone.

1) VZ Navigator - honestly never works
2) BB Maps - pretty annoying
3) Voice dailing - can't be bothered
4) Password keeper - never used it
5) VZW Tones - I've had my Storm since December and it just 'appeared' on my phone about a week ago. I don't use it.

Help, Voice Activated Dialing, Voice Recorder, Password Keeper, and Docs to Go the least.

With classes starting up, Docs to Go may prove to be handy though.

BlackBerry Maps-What a horrid application. It takes FOREVER to render. I've since removed it in favor of Google Maps.

Myspace-I have absolutely no need for this application as I've deleted my account. Thanks to this post, I'll remember to remove it.

Camera-I seldom use the camera, though I do appreciate having the option of snapping a picture or recording a video on the go. You never know what could happen.

Dont want to or need the "Crappy" ATT preloaded software and yellow pages. To top it off you can not remove it and its taking up space on my 9000

All uninstalled:
-Password Keeper
-Voice Notes Recorder
-BB Maps
-Tasks (just a hybrid between memo pad and calendar)
-All the lame IM clients
-VZW Tones/Rhapsody crap
-Docs to Go (no PDF? God that's the only one anyone cares about!)
-VZ Nav
-Compose, Phone Button, or Voice Dialing Buttons (Although I use all those features just via other ways)

I'm sure I'm forgetting more..

Forget the junk links to garbage that at&t installs. Lets just consider the core functionality. Of that I use the browser the least. As someone else said. Painful.

Probably Yahoo! Search is used the least, followed by the Voice Notes app (which I still do use). Anything I don't use (Password Keeping, Brick Breaker...) have long been removed from my BB.

I've never used PTT and Voice Dialing. Apps that I've installed but seldom use are Slacker and Opera Mini.

Apps I can't seem to live without: BB Messenger, SocialScope, and Mobipocket. And, of course, e-mail!

I do not use the voice recorder at all.
and the memo pad is also not used on my bold, just not cool to type.
password keeper and voice dialer are also not used!

Any msngr services
Any social networking apps
Sprint tv
Sprint music store (really??)
Sprint navigation
Sprint Nascar app, how dumb!
Doc's to go
Password keeper
Pocket express
Help & search

Wish they all could be removed, I just hide the crappy ones.

The off button, Compose and Tasks. I still use the calendar 500 times a day, but never tasks.

Everything else is used AT LEAST once on a daily basis.

- Password Keeper
- Voice Notes Recorder
- BB Maps (VZ Navigator works great for me)
- Tasks
- Google Talk, AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger (I use Windows Live because it was what I used before I got my Blackberry.) Why are these all pre-installed instead of just going and grabbing the ones you want?

- Slacker
- VZW Tones / Rhapsody
- My Space
- Word To Go, Slideshow To Go, Sheet To Go (Have never created a document with any of these. I assume the Storm uses them to view these types of documents if I receive them in e-mail.)

- Flickr
- Search
- Voice Dialing
- Password Keeper
- Brick Breaker

Least used apps.

- BB alarm (Have smart alarm and LOVE IT)
- BB Maps (googlemaps walks all over BB Maps)
- Docs to Go (forgot what this app does LOL)
- Search
- Voice Notes Recorder
- Opera Mini (finding I like the deafult BB Browser better)
- Slacker

And the most used feature used on my phone in terms of minutes....BB Crappy horrible media/MP3 player. I live in LA with traffic everywhere so you can imagine I use my BB as a mp3 player hooked up to my car radio LOL

I'm not using about 99% of what everyone else is on my 9000.. what apps can be safely deleted and not mess up the phone?

memo ?
tasks ?
voice dialing ?

I never use Im'ing features no matter who it is run by. Nor do I use VZ navigator. Since the latter costs extra it should be an optional add on

I debranded my Bold so I have no more carrier jargon on it. I currently have installed 29 "3rd party apps", but only deleted 4 preinstalled apps including tasks, help, and 2 games. The only IM/Social apps installed are WLM, BBM.

The least used of the apps currently installed:

Slideshow To Go

Everything else I use on a daily basis.

I have never used Voice Dialing. I tried using Tasks a couple of times. I found it horrible and just enter things into my calendar instead. I have thought about uninstalling Help, since it is the worst Help system I've ever seen and I no longer really have any questions about the operation of built-in apps/functions.

I actually do not use the password keeper at all on my BB Storm mostly because I hate keeping passwords as I have too many different ones to remember.

crackbook (facebook) ughh
myspace worse than above...
voice notes/dialing
docs to go
only bbm, email or nuthin
prolly a lot more..but my bb is on kitchen table and the floor is drying... :)

i use docs to go every day...you guys must be mad!

i never use bb maps, tasks, voice dialing, help, password keeper

I use doc to go i keep my resume on it that way I can just email it right on the spot.

Some programs that I don't use I have not figure out how to delete them.
I never use bb maps, tasks, voice dialing, help, password keeper there probable a few more that I cant think of.

Not sure about least used app, but the first icon I hid was the phone log on my 8330. Its a dumb icon.

i too have a folder i move unused apps/icons into..
among the unused are:
saved messages,
the 4 individual icons to my email accounts.
sprint nav
pocket express
sprint music store
yahoo messenger
google talk
sprint software store
power off icon
lock icon
password keeper
sprint tv (Since they dont do comedy central anymore)
blackberry messenger

most used i'd say:
Time magazine app
the recently released CBS app (Great app for me)
beyond411 (i love this app)
memo pad

Voice Dialing
Voice Notes

and ...


Why would I use keylock if Standby can do the same thing, while saving battery life?

1. My Space
2. Voice Notes Recorder
3. Voice Dialing
4. Pocket Express
5. Sprint Music Store/Software Store

I absolutely love the password keeper. It helps me to keep up with work and personal passwords etc

All the crap that Verizon has pushed to the phone. Slacker is excluded from that list as it was installed long before they thought it needed to be pushed. Everything else that they push has been removed. Now if only I can delete those service books from my account that would be even better. I have no need or desire to participate in Facebook, myspace, flickr, vztones, or any of the other verizon garbage.




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Password Keeper
Keyboard Lock
Power Off

I actually use the voice notes recorder quite a bit... its cool to use when sending voice snipetts via bbIM

Doc to GO powerpoint and excel
Video Recorder
Voice Recorder
Voice Dialing
BB Maps
Setup Wizard
Rogers Mall
Blackberry Help
Do More

How can some ppl not use bbm? It is awesome for bb to bb communication. My g/f has a bb, and it's great. send pics and video for no extra charge, it's awesome. If you aren't using bbm, you either have no friends, or don't know what you're missing.

The keys are a little close together and the track ball is a little small.

Wifi would be a nice addition.

I still really like the device though.

I was using the 8320 with TMO.

Now with VZW

Wow, I didn't even know you could create a new folder and name it useless to put all the stuff you don't really want right now! I deleted many of the games and Verizon stuff. And password keeper as I keep my passwords elsewhere.
Thanks for letting me know what more I could do for my new Tour to unclutter it.

Wow, I didn't even know you could create a new folder and name it useless to put all the stuff you don't really want right now! I deleted many of the games and Verizon stuff. And password keeper as I keep my passwords elsewhere.
Thanks for letting me know what more I could do for my new Tour to unclutter it.

I don't use the following
- Any Carrier loaded crap
- Help
- Sudoku (I never learned to play)
- BB Maps (use Google Maps or Telenav)

I'm really surprised at the Voice Dialing comments, mine seems to work at least 95% of the time.

1) Text messaging - easiest way to get me to ignore you is
to send me a text message. Except for 2 people who only
send me texts as a last resort, I delete all incoming text
messages without bothering to read them

2) Brickbreaker - Play it once and it is instantly boring.

3) Media Player - everything it does, it does badly

4) PIN messaging - not BBM but PIN messaging, slightly less
annoying than text messages, but only slightly.

5) The default Memo Pad. BBNotepad is more intuitive, can
save memos to the memory card as a text file.

AIM, password keeper, voice dialing, tasks, compose, flickr, myspace, docs to go, search, help, setup, lock

Until late last year, I'd never used BB messenger. Now, I use it all the time. It's very functional to keep in touch with all my friends who have BBs. Plus, all my colleagues at work have BBs, so that helps as well. LOVE the "invite to conference" feature where I can chat with multiple people all at the same time.

I know that everyone here on crackberry seems to go all crazy about BBM, but since I don't have many friends that use a blackberry, I sadly have no one to chat with (i know, tear drop, sniffle). So I have never used BBM, and I've been through a Pearl, Curve 8310, and am now on the Bold!

would you be my friend? (applying puppy dog eyes now)

On/Off, Profile Changer, Pass Word Keeper, Help. I have deleted all the apps I don't use that I am allowed to delete. The rest are hidden! As for the people who don't use BBM I feel bad for you! That, besides my browser is my most used application!

As a Blackberry Newbie, I jumped in at the deep end with the Blackberry Tour 9630. I have yet to use password keeper or any of the Social Networking Apps. Still learning though.

The feature that I use least is the "Turn Power Off". I've never used this, not even once. If I am powering the phone off, I just hold the red phone key down, or if I am rebooting I use QuickPull!