What does Kim Kardashian use her BlackBerry for? Keeping track of herself, of course

Kim Kardashian
By Bla1ze on 26 Jan 2012 04:41 pm EST

This might be one of the funniest Celebrity BlackBerry sightings ever. Here, you can see Kim Kardashian is clearly using a BlackBerry Bold 99xx series device but only when you really look at the image does it become amusing.

Yes, apparently Kim Kardashian has trouble keeping up with Kim Kardashian so she's gone ahead and created a Google alert for herself. At least she's got push email to make sure she gets the news as it happens.

Source: Egotastic; Thanks Brother Neil!



"google alert: kim kardashian"


FIRST! <--this always helps the ol' ego, too.


FAIL <--- this does not. :(


Lol! Good times on the crackberry blog I say lol.


LOOOOOOL but i love kim kardashian she's so beautiful!


Except she has "man hands" eeeewww :/


hmmmm,, i wouldn't call that a "man hand". if you're that picky, you'll die a virgin.


Sure its funny, but c'mon. Why wouldn't you wanna know about the latest stories being published about YOU. Especially if you're a celebrity.

These days, "news" and rumors spread so fast, that it would be crazy NOT to be on top of them.

Plus, she's using her Berry like it should be used...for instant up-to-date alerts :)


I wish it displayed her BB PIN instead. LOL


its just too bad that she got rid of her blackberry for an iPhone ... how blow to social status of blackberry


She just tweeted using Uber Social for Blackberry an hr ago.. So eventhough she got an iPhone for XMas.. She is apparently still a faithful BB user!! :)

and to the other poster.. I absolutely love her butt. who cares about her hands!!! :D


her sister Courtney has the 9900 too. you can see them both using one on the show

doxa sub750T

i have seen her show due to my wife since last year. what i remember is that she is a crackberry addict with TMO. the show always 6 months or about behind real time. so not sure what she is using these days. but i can hardly believe that she would switch to iPhone. Scott on the other hand, is an iPhone fanboy.


Love the "EGOTASTIC" on the bottom right of the picture


The even mention BBM on they stupid E! show. You can even see some Blackberry commercials during the show. I wonder if they have a marketing deal with BB.


Kimmi kardy is amazingly awesome I think. So awesome in fact that she made it into one of my sketches at the second city in toronto. And the sketch has a prop. And the prop has three pieces too it. 1st piece is a miniature version of kim kardashian's wedding scene. Filled with fabulous confetti, food, miniature elephants, celebrities like madonna, paris hilton (of course) and her 20 pets including her bf, elton john riding one of the elephants...all complete with their blackberries. Meticulous detail all around. The 2nd piece is the divorce lawyers office complete with paperwork. Life sized prenuptial agreement so the little girls whom look up to her know what's in store for them when they grow up. Or get rich. In the miniature office you have kimmy and kris of course sitting at the table of doom with the lawyer on the other side and pictures of his ex wives on the walls and terrible carpeting. Blackberries on the table with google alerts active so cutie kimmy can keep track of how much money she's making from the wedding and post fallout media coverage. The 3rd and final piece is the court room where heated arguments take place over houses, cars and bank accounts complete with a female judge cause kimmy can afford to buy one. And this entire playset is called "The Art Of Marriage by Kim Kardashian" and costs 39.95 per set. Kim and kris included but celebrities and lawyer, judge, bailiff, sold separately. Thank you. Lol.

El Platanero

Yeah I don't think they switched. I'm looking forward to seeing a playbook in some people's hands.


Looking for a new baller to marry and divorce for the $$$ lol


Kim is KOOL......leave her alone!!!


I don't get why she's a celebrity.


I can't see anything but the subject line, but what I do see is that this is a personal email to her from someone else, not from google. Is it possible her agents have the alerts and sent to her? Looking in the subject line, it has RE, so its a reply from someone, not the original google alert.


Her using one, is a good reason not to.


Isn't the only reason she's famous is because she got peed on in some porn vid? Seriously, if posting celebs with bb's is that important then at least elevate your taste.


She could use her butt as a docking station!


oh god does anybody actually care about these... people-like creatures?


I just noticed the same picture on tmz.com. If I recall correctly, about a month or so ago, Kim tweeted about how she's loving her new 9900 and specifically commented how much T-Mobile rocked. I think people say they also have an iPhone but that's so they can feel like they're in the "in" crowd. Let's hope BlackBerry once again becomes the "in" device.


kim is NOT kool.i agree with grunt and anthogag.why do people get excited by them?beats me.under all that makeup,they are nothing.not naturally good looking either.kim as marriage material?yea right forget that.she goes through men like a stick of chewing gum.with a lot of money,she can do whatever she wants.but this is no role model.why should anyone care what phone she uses?now come on.total waste of brain cells.you can agree or disagree.but the truth is that the kardashian clan has people brainwashed.


Who carea?? Can't we focus on something meaningful, like Themes or Software updates? Personally I don't give a rats tail about some skank and her purse candy. She has a BB, I have a BB, whoopdie damn doo-does this make me "hip"n "cool" or "with it"? I sure hope not...


Who cares?? Can't we focus on something meaningful, like Themes or hardware or Software updates? Personally I don't give a rats tail about some skank and her purse candy. She has a BB, I have a BB, whoopdie damn doo-does this make me "hip"n "cool" or "with it"? I sure hope not...


wow how big of an ego can someone have.. google alerts for themselves.. this lady needs to get a slap of reality.. shes only famous for being rich and famous. other than that shes just like every other egotistic person out there.


AGAIN PEOPLE - THIS IS AN EMAIL THAT CAME TO HER FROM SOMEONE ELSE, NOT GOOGLE. IT'S POSSIBLE SHE DOES NOT HAVE AN ALERT SET UP FOR HERSELF. The RE in the subject line indicates it's a reply to a message, not an original. Also, it has 2 attachments, and google alerts don't have attachments. This is an email to her from someone she knows personally and that sender attached two things as well.