What does a 64-bit octa-core BlackBerry even mean?

By Adam Zeis on 13 Feb 2014 10:08 am EST

Octa-what? I'll admit that at times all of these deep specs escape me. But hey, that's what we have Bla1ze for. There are all these rumors of a new 64-bit octa-core BlackBerry floating around, but what does it actually mean?

Most people will probably recognize the "64-bit" part. This obviously refers to the number of "bits" (or data" that can be processed and transmitted. We typically see this in computers as 32-bit or 64-bit, it refers to the data transfer of the CPU — or how much a processor can access. So 64-bit is double that of 32-bit — makes sense, right? While 32-bit maxes out at 4GB of memory, 64-bits goes almost infinitely beyond to the point that we don't need to throw a max number on it.

So cores. Single-core, dual-core, OCTA-CORE — what is it??

Sngle-core is just one core — a single unit on a chip that does all the work, takes all the credit and also dishes out a lot of heat. A dual-core splits all of this 50/50 — each part does half the work and takes half the credit, but actually cuts down the heat and power consumption. So octa-core? You guessed it. Split things eight ways, cut down the heat a bunch and reduce the power consumption. Awesome processing power, not a lot of heat and very efficient.

All of this considered, you're ultimately getting a 64-bit, octa-core device that has more power than your home computer (maybe not for everyone, but you get the idea). So a BlackBerry of this caliber would be supercharged enough to run pretty much anything you could throw at it and it would be an awesome beast. Overall, apps will run faster and you'll be able to do more with them as a whole.

So having all that out in the open with a simple explanation — would you want (or need) an octa-core BlackBerry? Or is that a few cores too many? Hit up the comments and let us know what you think!

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What does a 64-bit octa-core BlackBerry even mean?



Sorry you'll have to settle for either 64 cores or 128 cores because 100 cores fails the base-2 existential test. Have you not noticed the binary mathematics pattern with the core announcements?

1 core
2 cores
4 cores
8 cores

2^n cores, where n=[0..generation-x - 1] and generation-x is simply the microprocessor bit-count generation according to the iAPx86 family.

No offense to Adam, but Mobile Nations really needs to get someone on staff that truly understands hardware. Many of the writers don't know enough to tell the difference between memory types/purposes let alone processors, and the guys who seem to be set forth as the "tech experts", Jerry, Bla1ze, and maybe Peter, really don't seem to know much more than the other writers, which is to say not a lot (point me to articles proving otherwise if you can).

I'd love to see some in depth hardware related post every once in a while. Maybe a short series on general mobile hardware overview. A cross site post about processors, post about memory, post about screens, post about batteries, etc. I'm sure I'm not the only one who cringes at all the false comparisons & inaccuracies that are perpetuated though both post and forums.

With the power of a computer at your hip "coming soon", we can start to get an idea of how close we are to "Mobile Computing".

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BlackBerry has an opportunity to regain its industry pioneer status if they successfully deliver on the mobile computing promises. No half-way, half-hearted attempts will be acceptable.

No problem buy 3 or 4 charger bundles, should make it through the day! Problem is it should be not bigger than the Z10 and support Intel wireless display / miracast. Then connect Bluetooth keyboard and Bluetooth mouse and have personal computer.

I sometime browse with my Z10 connected via HDMI multimedia docking station and Bluetooth keyboard and mouse on my TV an like it. It's just not enough to replace my personal computer until now. My venue 8 pro tablet replaced my net book (some glitches with miracast, but it works), and who knows maybe my smartphone replaces my personal computer someday?

Would love kinda personal computer size of my Z10, simply mirror it on my TV, better than my small 22 inch monitor anyway.

Z10_STL100-2_10.2.1.1925/1926 Vodafone DE

I agree with the group that says go for it Blackberry, it's time for Blackberry to make a statement in the spec's war, other than to say "we are not in it". It's time to make the most powerful phone on the planet, with the best mobile OS on the planet, to stop any more talk of Blackberry producing "yesterdays phones". Let go for as much a splash as possible, get people talking about the most powerful phone in the world...make is so Blackberry...... you won't regret it.

This will be in the Z60, Q60 and the O60. Looking forward to the 3 lines of Executive phones.

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The new processing quantum X11 is also going to be a beast. I'm sure that if will be out sometime next year. It is hard to explain how fast it is, but think biplane vs space shuttle.

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The point is to have a business device that does the work.The work is to send mails, to download fast, to have a fast reliable browser and all modern tools.If the phone has octa core or sixteen core or dual core is total irrelevant on a business user where blackberry refers too. All these matter for fashion phones that need a top knotch characteristic to compete other makers like HTC, apple etc ....Useless info for me

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Gimme gimme now please! Hope I can afford it though; can you imagine the cost? If its cost effective then #gamesetmatch

Lets make a full dock (power, ethernet, usb, hdmi) for this guy and I can replace some of my desktop computers with it.

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I was using a Z10 and only got one day from a charge. Get a case with auxiliary power. Problem solved. .... or a Z30. With my Z30 I go 3 days without charging (unless I use the GPS, then its 2 days).

The only reason for me to want 64-bit octocore whatever, is if it will actually bring more productivity. So if full office suites become available that are as powerfull as on my desktop, that will help me. With perhaps a portable docking thingy with qwerty and larger screen, that vision of mobile computing appeals to me. No more laptop!

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I have never had it explained like that. If that's the case, with all the pros -- less heat, increased performance, reduced power consumption -- what would be the cons other than increase in cost?

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Hopefully newer Blackberry 10 devices have matching great specs (if that makes sense) since the processor is only 1 of many lacking qualities to Blackberry in general.
If Blackberry had: better performing processor (quad-core or higher), better Camera (on back more than front), 16-32GB on-board memory, SD Card slot, more 'Headless apps' (including INSTAGRAM & Facebook) ...basically higher end hardware & better software capabilities (i think almost ALL apps be 'Headless"). If this were to actually come to past fast enough before Blackberry falls behind again, I would then think about giving up my iPhone 5S.

Single core - old
Dual core - nice
Quad core - sick
Octa core - *brain explosion*!!

Even so, I want it! I'll even pay for it now - in advance!

I like my Porsche Design P'9982 with 2 cores and 64 GB RAM.
More power would be nice but not necessary.

Apps with the possibility to use a CPU with 8 cores really good will not be accessible in the near future.

It's a nice marketing argument to sell more devices for a higher price.

It's the same thing as at the computer market - sell better with good sounding specifications.

Snoopy from Germany

I would think it depends on the application. If used for business purposes, the quicker response means more work completed in less time (more time for games) . Less power consumption means longer battery life. Put it in a BB, it's all good!

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BlackBerry should stop making phones. They should focus on Mobile Devices. 'Smartphone ' is a term we use to describe the current devices in our hands. I didn't buy the Z10 just to make phone calls. Heck, i just recently discovered using a mini HDMI cable to connect to my flat screen TV. Thanks to the Crackle app, I was watching TV shows on my 42 flat screen. Never crossed my mind, when I got my phone, didn't even care that I could at the time. Moblie Devices are the future. A jack of all trades and a Master of them all. Bring it.

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Realistically thinking, this isn't going to be the case. And on the other hand I will only would want this phone if it could last as longer or more as a Z30 !!

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Want want want want and would flaunt also just got my boy into a Z10 he had iPhone, and Android. He loves his Z10 mission accomplished

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Answer is simple, more processing power for the same price. Sounds like a good deal to me.

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Bring it!

I was not born with a hunger to be free, it was only when I discovered that my freedom had been taken from me that I began to hunger for it. 4life Z10STL100-1/

I want a 16 core BlackBerry z60 with a terabyte of storage lol. However I can settle for 8 core for now ha ha. Or by then it may be Z90? :)

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Thee wave of the future will be "smart devices" and if we can a get a mobile phone/computing debicer then hellz yes I want one!!!!

Posted Via CB10/SQN100-3 on official

Well, I'll tell ya : I'd be willing to give it a try...


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Octa-core, would be great. For full touch, slider, split(Q-esq), and PlayBook. I'll take a slider and PlayBook Octa-core please.

Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers

I hope it means that this will be dockable and be used for both mobile hardcore computing on the go and when docked it will be a super fast home or office computer.

Would I want one? Yes.

Do I need one? No.

Does BB10 require one? No. Runs fantastic on my devices.

Could better apps be made with one? Yes. Especially gaming.

Does Chen want to focus on gaming? No.

Would it silence the competition who always rag on BB's lower specs? FOR SURE; and that alone is worth doing it. Voices of reason aside, someone needs to shut Samsung and Apple up and say "SEE? BB devices ARE relevant, even though we don't need an octa-core processor to compensate for all our bloatware"

This is Mr. Chen moving forward and not only catching up on the specs, side of things, but coming out with the best in Q 2014. This may very well be a way to get back some of the North American markets.

Simply Awesome.

Now is the time! Let's go BIG or go Home! But don't forget 25 MegaPixel Camera, also important!

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For sure but I think octacore won't be enough until then. BlackBerry must come back with a big bang flagship device and top secure Alcatraz device. Then people start throwing their money after BlackBerry and when they own the device they see how good BB10 is

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Before going Octa-Core, how about getting Sprint, AT&T and T-Mo to start carrying the Z30. At lease BB should get the phones certified for use on their networks and sell them direct if need-be.

Having that kind of phone would finally put BlackBerry where it should be, right up there with the top contenders. Whether you need that kind of horse power or not to run the OS and apps doesn't really matter. People want to know that they have the power under the hood just in case you need it and that they have a really powerful phone. It's what sells and what people will go after regardless of whether or not it's needed. All the top selling phones have way more power than needed. Let's just hope the batter is removable as well if they should ever come out with such a great phone.

My Q10 and bold 9900, including my playbook, are enough for me. Same for the tablet PC, headless laptop and desktop PC. :D (I haz too much gadgets) including 5 webcams, two camcorders.

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Whilst I don't need it desperately, however, I believe an octa-core can sway some people over to BlackBerry, or if not, at least put it on a more level playing field when compared to the samsungs, sonys and LGs

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That shouldn't even be a question. Everyone would want this!

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Come on now Adam... "would you want (or need) an octa-core BlackBerry? Or is that a few cores too many?" There is no such thing as too many cores. Of course we NEED it! :-)

If BlackBerry wants to get into the spec race or have something amazing up their sleeves, I say bring it on....

The more powerful the hardware the better. They need to shut those up that are even now still saying that BlackBerry is behind because of the hardware in the devices. Even though bench mark tests for what actually matters shows BlackBerry holding it's own and in some categories putting the competition to shame.

They need to go big or go back to Jim and Mike-errrr- I mean go home.

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I think this would be a awesome phone. I'm definitely in. I also hope that BlackBerry comes with something like this before the other makers. Then the race would be one

Rockin Z30 on

I got the BlackBerry Z30 in 2013 and I love it! If the next BlackBerry (Z50?) comes out with octa-core chip set and perhaps a 5.2" screen, I'm definitely gonna get it!!

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I am on board so long as there is a massive upgrade to the BlackBerry battery that will come with the unit.

Z10 all they way!

Yes please. You know what would be even cooler than having more power than is necessary? Actually using that power to it's potential.

Now that would be one awesome phone.

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I could be wrong...it has been a while....but I thought that with multicore processors the "other" core does not kick in until the first core is maxed out unless the OS and app are coded to do so? I seriously do not see any apps doing this.

The point with multiple cores is to handle multitasking....when one core maxes out, another one kicks in.

I believe you are somewhat correct. You are correct as far as Windows, Apple, Android (Linux) systems go. It is up to the programmer to designate core usage etc. So those three as run inefficiently. However, the QNX, according to what I have read, automatically divies up the load to any and all cores available and really no need for a programmer to worry over which core he needs to use. The QNX kernel works much more efficiently when multicore processors are used. At least this is to my understanding. I was a design (hardware engineer) for many years designing PLC's utilizing bit slice technology (ganged microprocessors) as well as the newer intel processors so I learned quite a bit about hardwear technology in my years of designing. But, being retired now for 12 years has seen technology pass my knowledge to incredible hights even though I try to keep up to the latest-it really is a full time job to understand the latest and greatest fact from fiction and reality vs marketing. Hopefully this tidbit adds to a productive discussion.

We need it to possibly being over Android users. It's good incentive that they can use their Android apps on a different device but even better incentive if the device is a beast. My Z30 is incredible but 8 processors? You just can't say no.

If BlackBerry have the fast device with the efficient os BB10. They may call it "The fastest phone in the world". BlackBerry have to think about this slogan in their advertising campaign.

Posted via CB10 by Z30

Just once I would like BlackBerry to come out with a phone that isn't considered year old tech or outdated upon release. While the current lineup works great, it's tech was a year old or more upon coming out. A phone with amazing specs, processing, memory, camera, battery that is actually ahead of the others would be awesome. It would make people take a serious look at BlackBerry again.

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If this is the next Playbook, I am so in! This will replace my laptop, old Playbook, and If I can install photo editing software, I may have no use for my tower. If the price is right Blackberry will be back with a vengence!

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As a BlackBerry Q10 user. It is a pretty powerful and smooth phone/os. The octa core would mostly help with the marketing and the people that only look at specks on paper and not how they perform.

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BB dont need all these things. BB can run smoothly on a single core processor and 256MB of RAM. BB can always survive even if it's running on older techs. Why bother about octa core and 64bit? BB can always beat Android or iPhone in web browsing, gaming and even LTE speed! I am against this 64bit thingy. BB should always stay behind Android and iPhone in term of specs due to its most powerful OS.

For a person like me, who runs almost everything through my Berry, I love to see and have a 64-bit Octo-cored Berry... Blackberry also couldn't afford or shouldn't be left behind in this fast paced always-evolving race towards a much more power mobile devices...

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I want BlackBerry phones to have the most of everything just so my husband will shut up lol. I am perfectly happy with my 9900.

Lol snoopy u might want to learn the difference between ram and SD storage.

Your porsche phone only had 2 gb of ram like every other bb10 device currently on the market.

I'm loving the replacing the desktop comments also.

Do you really think a hybrid 8 core arm chip is going to give you same desktop experience as a modern intel or AMD system with an SSD in it.

If so I have some beach front property in the Alaska you may be interested in...

Ahhh spec porn. It looks pretty sweet. Throw on a bigger screen and it could herald the end of my desktop computer. Not the gaming one tho.
Bring it on. :).

We wont need it now. But if BB wants to move towards desktop conversion then it will need the power!

Plus it doesnt hurtin the arms race that is happening on Android.

To be honest, I think 8 is a little excessive. However, in a world where more is more, you need that to compete with the rest out there. I'd say go for it, but do pack a battery to match though, cuz people will start throwing lots of apps and games at it.

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It's doesn't matter I won't be able to buy it.. AT&T still doesn't have the z30 nor Q5 blackberry need to start selling unlock z30 and Q5 there going to have to write them off anyway. Sell them to people that want to buy them. (ME) Not wait for carriers well in the US that don't even want to sell them.


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hey guys this is actually true in electrical principal the more your resistance in a cable the better to control the current to prevent heat and the less power is consume . if the resistance is low the current goes up and that puts your cable under strain which will result in consuming more power . because current is directly proportional to volts and inversely proportional to resistance at a constant temperature ! meaning the more heat the more power . so I can see how the octa-core does the job pretty well

Little bit too much cores that I don't think I can make fill use of it but I want that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yes I would want one. If it can speed things up and reduce heat I'm all in. It would save battery also. Sounds like a plan.

Posted via CB10 On my 30

It wouldn't get me outta my Q10. I dont want a super power hunger 8 core 64bit processor. I love my battery life.

Don't tell me im gonna be stuck on the q10 for 5+ years! I hope the q30 is only quadcore at most.

Most people want but maybe BlackBerry not want our money thrown at, we have to live with outdated hardware i start to think we not see a nice fulltouch flagship blackberry devices any time soon.
I'm worried with the new CEO, think he drives BlackBerry against a wall

Z10_STL100-2_10.2.1.1925/1926 Vodafone DE

I wouldn't say that at the moment I NEED an octa-core BlackBerry. It would be cool to have though.

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BlackBerry, put extreme specs in your phone with a decent price and big advertising. Then other people might pay some Attention. I have another good idea on BlackBerry World put iOS and Android apps in there. That will be amazing.

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I will get it when it comes out. Side note, I was in a Bell store yesterday and they told me that the Z30 was the last phone BlackBerry was putting out. I told them about one coming out next week, one at the end of this year and one planned for 2015. The manager said "if that true BlackBerry hasn't informed us" to which I snapped back "maybe not but I am sure as $!@? they didn't officially inform you that the Z30 was their last phone so maybe they should keep their mouth shut!" it's no wonder they can't sell any phones.

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Sure isn't on the z10 as hat as this phone gets! Biggest downside to the phone. Seems like something that shouldn't made it past testing. Or whatev.

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What I really want is a bb10 device with a physical keyboard and a big screen. I'd buy that regardless of cores

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It's always been a race for power. Bring it on! Now slap that into a BlackBerry Tablet and you will have a beautiful combination.

Posted via CB10

Never understood increasing the specs "just because". If you're not rendering HD video, or activities like that, it's OVERKILL.

Basically just for tech geek bragging rights.

That said...I'd still buy it if the price was right.

Posted via CB10 on BB10 from Q10

Khehl's original link to the excellent multi-core article didn't work for some reason, so I've found the article and re-posted the link. Hoping this works. Thanks, khehl!


From my own observations:
The core and power management software in the 4+4 core ARM CPU in the SGS4 really does work well. I tested CPU usage on a Skype voice call over WiFi, and only a single core was running, usually at only 384MHz out of 1.9GHz, but sometimes higher briefly. The other 3 cores were off-line, using no power at all (as shown by Android Tuner Free). So you have speed when the software load requires it, and long battery life at light processing loads. I'll take it!

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It's really becoming a phallic thing. "Mine's bigger and better than yours". I've got 8, what you only have 4 ? and your buddy only 2 ? More of a marketing thing at this point in my opinion. Though the time will come when the o/s and software will effectively exploit the potential of mult-core processors and multi-threaded programming. Good to be ready and stay ahead of the curve.

While that would be cool. What do you think having a tv tuner in the phone will do for its battery life.

I see that sucking down way more power than the regular antennas on the phone.

Don't know. I'm not familiar with the power specs. BlackBerry phones are quickly approaching the TriCorders I remember watching on Star Trek. I'm a gadget freak. More bells and whistles the better.

I'll start saving now because i have a feeling its going to be a cheap phone, not even if its on a 2 year term. So I'm estimating at least 199.99 to 249.99 on a two year term, but honestly it will be worth it.

BlackBerry is my brand of choice for phones.

Sounds great but PLEASE give us more than 16GB of internal memory. The SD card works great for media but my internal memory is almost full with all the apps I have on my Z10.

I would buy one as soon as possible and quickly watching everyone switching back to blackberry and blackberry winning best phone of the year!!!!!!! Who wanted buy it is the question!?!?

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I'm happy to hear that about BlackBerry, another thing they should do is to improve the camera quality and cut edges to their phones, something like "give people what they are demanding!"

Sent from my great STL100-1 white Z10 via CB10.

I will buy it today and one for my girlfriend my cat and my dog.... It's an absolute gimme here product now who knows if it will be relevant in a year??????...

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Last year when I left o2 I went to see a guy in cambridge who's company was bought by blackberry, I posted on here he had been building October core phones chips before rim now blackberry bought his company out. I thought this was lost but 7 months later he was eight.

Blackberry need a step to take them into future specs and future proof devices, they need to make this jump plain and simple quad has been done, quad+1 has been done, this is all that would keep me blackberry an actually finally "new device"

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To future proof this thread from trolls I will say now that the blackberry community doesn't want or need such hardware and that we are just fine with two cores. Thanks anyways!!

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Whether you "need" it or not is, (I'm not trying to be facetious), irrelevant. If the information in the article is accurate, then I'm sure it will make everything you do with your phone so much faster and more efficient, and if it increases battery life by reducing power consumption, (reducing power consumption is what was stated in the article but it doesn't state that battery life will be increased as a result, and some user comments disagree with the lower power consumption), then that's an added bonus. With all the claimed benefits an octa-core provides, I'm going to guess than once you use a phone equipped with one, it will spoil you enough that you will never want to go "backwards" to a processor with less capabilities. At least I wouldn't. It would be like me aligning a car with the latest, greatest and fastest technology in alignment equipment, and then having a power surge that burns the unit up, (my employer refuses to replace my UPS unit), so that I then have to go back to aligning cars with 15 year old technology. Too slow and frustrating!

No it is indeed needed. As blackjack vision was mobile computing as far as I remember, and to run a full desktop setup from a phone, octacore CPU would be great. Plus some more RAM wouldn't hurt

Posted with my Z30

The thing is how can a bb 10 user with an existing phone have it? I mean, we cant just buy a new 1 with that 64 core thing...

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Until everything is smooth, it's not needed. I am not of those guys who need to prove performance of their phone (btw I think it's smoother than some quad Samsung).
I would put more emphasis on lifetime of the phone, we are just chasing after hi tech stuff we don't need and leave hill of waste behind.

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A different look at the core debate:
I see (correctly or incorrectly) the core like the head chef in a kitchen. If you have more than head there are going to be arguments. If you have 8 chefs then all hell will break loose. This might be the wrong way to look at cores, but it is amusing visualizing a mini civil war taking place on your phone!!!

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We don't even have a quad core yet and people are saying eight? 64 bit is likely but eight cores is Android territory. And if the current sale price of the dual core Q10 is any indication, I'll have to choose between buying a car or this new BlackBerry. I honestly believe that 4 cores is enough, I mean it's still a phone! There's no use to having a phone that's more powerful than your laptop, the only time that you'll see any benefit is when playing extremely high-quality games, and if you really care that much about graphics fidelity, you aren't gaming on a smartphone. Battery life will also most likely take a hit over current BlackBerries, especially since it's a jump from dual core to octa core. Specs are not killing BlackBerry, it's the stupid decisions that they continue to make every day. Want a good example? How about not bringing the Q5 to the US. Until the Z10 price plummeted a couple of months ago, you needed $600 to buy into the BB10 system outright, or $200 with a contract. I can surely attest that as a young guy that is a problem for me, the Q5 was perfect value for someone like me. I mean look at Nokia, they are spreading WP not by selling top end devices like the 1020, but by selling accessible devices like the 625 and the 520. Another boggling decision? Why no FM radio in the Z10? They put one in the Q10 which was introduced at the exact same time, but they left it out of their best selling model. BlackBerry needs to sort out other things, not worry about trying to beat Samsung at their own game. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited for what's next, I just don't think that eight cores should be a priority at this point. I want to be able to afford one. 64-bit, quad core I think would be the optimal sweet spot for their next device.

One last note... until Intel finds a way to bring their processor architecture (x86, x64) to mobile, phones will still lag behind PCs, no matter how many cores they can manage to stuff into one phone. Because as Apple proves to us over and over again every single year... numbers are not everything.

How about you make better software for your BlackBerry users instead! Fire your current developers and get people that know how to program and fix their own bugs.

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Like with the 5S, unless they plan to add a lot more ram, the 64 bit won't be really taken advantage of. Same goes for the apps. Not sure how BB10 is set up but can only imagine this would cause a lot of time and effort by developers to redo their apps to work on both current chips and the 64 bit chip as well.

"While 32-bit maxes out at 4GB of memory, 64-bits goes almost infinitely beyond to the point that we don't need to throw a max number on it."

No BlackBerry smartphone will offer 4GB RAM despite the reality of low-cost memory modules and increasing usage of smartphones and tablets as complete replacements for notebook computers and desktop computers for an increasing portion of the population. There is no reason all BlackBerry 10 smartphones were not released with 4 GB RAM and 32 GB system memory which when coupled with 8GB/16GB/32GB/64B microSD media cards would certainly provide a compelling justification to issue a smartphone rather than a notebook or desktop computer to users in many organisations. This is especially true in situations the users have an HDMI-capable high-resolution monitor, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and a secure WiFi network in addition to secure application and internal network resources via BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.

Just because octa-core or 64 bit does not mean it remotely has more power than a home computer. Core count doesn't determine power, IPC generally is the defining, and more importantly what task is the PC trying to do.

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Q Device with this CPU, please!

And oh, a generous amount of Flash, like say, 32GB. Since you can't install BB apps to MicroSD.