What does a 64-bit octa-core BlackBerry even mean?

By Adam Zeis on 13 Feb 2014 10:08 am EST

Octa-what? I'll admit that at times all of these deep specs escape me. But hey, that's what we have Bla1ze for. There are all these rumors of a new 64-bit octa-core BlackBerry floating around, but what does it actually mean?

Most people will probably recognize the "64-bit" part. This obviously refers to the number of "bits" (or data" that can be processed and transmitted. We typically see this in computers as 32-bit or 64-bit, it refers to the data transfer of the CPU — or how much a processor can access. So 64-bit is double that of 32-bit — makes sense, right? While 32-bit maxes out at 4GB of memory, 64-bits goes almost infinitely beyond to the point that we don't need to throw a max number on it.

So cores. Single-core, dual-core, OCTA-CORE — what is it??

Sngle-core is just one core — a single unit on a chip that does all the work, takes all the credit and also dishes out a lot of heat. A dual-core splits all of this 50/50 — each part does half the work and takes half the credit, but actually cuts down the heat and power consumption. So octa-core? You guessed it. Split things eight ways, cut down the heat a bunch and reduce the power consumption. Awesome processing power, not a lot of heat and very efficient.

All of this considered, you're ultimately getting a 64-bit, octa-core device that has more power than your home computer (maybe not for everyone, but you get the idea). So a BlackBerry of this caliber would be supercharged enough to run pretty much anything you could throw at it and it would be an awesome beast. Overall, apps will run faster and you'll be able to do more with them as a whole.

So having all that out in the open with a simple explanation — would you want (or need) an octa-core BlackBerry? Or is that a few cores too many? Hit up the comments and let us know what you think!

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What does a 64-bit octa-core BlackBerry even mean?



Hell YEAH!!! And who cares if we need them or not. It's about time we put in crazy power and unnecessary cores like other manufactures do so we can also say our phones are bad ass regardless of unnecessary components too.

Nobody cares that they don't use them to their full potential they just want to be able to say their phone has this and that and of course this is what drives sales.

 We have apks cuz we need 'em not cuz we want 'em 

Agree 100%. It's not a matter of needing it for a fluid and efficient experience but rather it's a matter of needing it for the specs race and taking some of the glory from Samsung.

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I'm sorry, but this article is highly incomplete, and further spreads a lot of misconception about multi-cored processors. Hopefully this helps the cause...

1) "So 64-bit is double that of 32-bit — makes sense, right?"
-> Actually 33-bit is double that of 32-bit...64-bit is 2^64 (2x2x2x2...64 times - so 33-bit is 32-bit x2.

2) "A dual-core splits all of this 50/50 — each part does half the work and takes half the credit, but actually cuts down the heat and power consumption. So octa-core? You guessed it. Split things eight ways, cut down the heat a bunch and reduce the power consumption."
-> Let me explain this with an example: If I asked you to count to 100 one at a time, you'd start at 1 and go to 100. If I somehow managed to clone you so there were two of you, and asked you the same question, would you get to 100 faster?
This is an example of a common problem with multi-threaded processors. Just because there are more processors doesn't mean you can do things faster necessarily - it depends heavily on the type of task and how the operating system is able to divide tasks up.
So if you have a a task that is very sequential, like counting to 100, having more cores won't help and can actually slow you down since those cores might be optimised for one type of instruction set, or share resources, like the cache, with other cores.
It does help however, if your task can be run in parallel, like counting to 100 8 times, each core runs one task and together the work gets done quicker.
However this can lead to other issues, like what happens if each of the cores run at slightly different performance levels and one of the cores finishes it's task first - but what if the program was never meant to be split up, and was only supposed to be run sequentially? Crazy, unpredictable things can start happening and the system can crash.
So developing for multiple cores (multithreaded programming) is very tricky and takes a lot of time and special thinking - not worth it for most programs, certainly not the average app.
This is where an intelligent OS really helps, and I think one of the major strengths of QNX - it's architecture makes it inherently very multi-threaded capable.

Anyway, I don't mean to hate, but I think there is a lot of education to be done on this subject. I didn't touch on the advantages of multi-cored processors, and there are many, but it's not all rosy. The main take-away should be an understanding that an octa-core is not twice as fast as a quad-core, nor four times faster than a double-core. There is just so much more at play that determines true performance.

If you're interested in learning more, just check out the wikipedia article on Multi-Cored Processors as a start. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multi-core_processor

Couldn't agree more. What's not told is that a Cpu is now divided into 8 sections and process rates of each core are not the same if it was a single core built to the same specs. A single core has all the resources available to it while multi cored CPUs are sharing between all of its available resources. So while the whole CPU may have 4MB of cache a quad-core has to share that 4MB over all four cores while a single core is able to use all 4MB. While in some ways a multi core may be faster and other ways slower. There are pros and cons to everything but there is a lot of information not said.

It's about time someone laid it out sensibly for the masses. I keep telling all my android buddies that their quad cored smartphone isn't any better than my dual core z10, in fact it's slower sometimes.
This comment is very matter of fact.. just wish I could copy and paste it!!!
Great job.

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Pretty much. Nice summary. Just a typo there: "finishes it's task first" should be "finishes its task first".

English is stupid. :-P

Though this would also explain why benchmarks are better on multiple cores...there are multiple tasks running concurrently and the benchmarking software is designed to work with this.

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip though...

I always like listening to people with more knowledge and experience and learning something new. Thanks for adding to the conversation.

Yup. Good point! We Blackberrians (haha! I just made that up!) may not need any of that as the OS is pretty efficient on a dual core but it would be nice to say to someone who is bragging about their Galaxy phone to say "Hey! I'm rockin a n Octa core BLACKBERRY.....son!!! IN YO FACE!!!"

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Yep. Dual or quad would be more then fie. For me. But I'd get the Android guys to buy it so they can claim superiority until they realise they over investing

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I hope its head and shoulders better spec wise than the iphone 6 and S5 to see what excuses they will come up to hate on the new Blackberry device. HA! HA! HA!

This is where the fuzzy lines come in...
People call the 5S an octa-core but some are dedicated to GPU...
I don't consider that an octa-core personally...
Nit picking

Honestly, if it makes the phone too expensive, it's really overkill. Our current BB10 phones are dual core 1.5GHz and they run pretty smooth. Yes I notice slight lag here and there when I'm trying to run a resource hog app while others are also running, but I think increasing the power to a 2.x GHz quad-core CPU would do the trick. More than that will allow for things that you will probably never do on your phone. Like even on my PC, the most CPU intensive things I do are things like video encoding, complex processes in Photoshop, and things like that. Basically, stuff you'll never do with your phone...

I wouldn't disagree that BB10 currently runs smooth. However, if BlackBerry doesn't jump on it once again they will be behind.

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Oh, I wasn't really talking about it in that sense. I know if the others might do it or will do it, BB needs to as well. I was actually talking more in general for all phones. I just don't see phones in general ever really "needing" this amount of power in the current state of technology. Maybe in the future with like a Jarvis-like artificial intelligence on our phones, then yes, we'll probably need 10 times that processing power, lol. But anyway, for right now it just seems like overkill. But yes, I know Samsung likes to play the hardware wars and will most likely release something close to this or better than this in the coming year, so BB definitely needs to try to be innovate in every sense including hardware. I just hope they focus more on improving their OS. I really like it now, but it has plenty of room to grow and improve.

Hmm, what was that comment Bill Gates once said about the most specs any computer would need?

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"Maybe in the future with like a Jarvis-like artificial intelligence on our phones, then yes, we'll probably need 10 times that processing power" Nope, not at all what I'm saying...

640kB RAM.

Did it for me in the late 80's. Not quite enough. Some recent computers' BIOS / UEFI menus still list "Base RAM 640kB"

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Isn't Samsung putting an octa-core into the galaxy s5?! I think I read this somewhere.
Anyways, this processor makes sense if the operating system is optimized for a octa-core and can utilize it's processing power, otherwise it's wasted.
But my biggest concern is that the phone will use much more power and burn the battery way too fast. If they can turn off 4-6 cores in standby the power consumption should be pretty decent.

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"But yes, I know Samsung likes to play the hardware wars and will most likely release something close to this or better than this in the coming year, so BB definitely needs to try to be innovate in every sense including hardware."

Yes, I addressed this. I understand the "need" to just for the sake of competition, I'm talking about in general, as stated by this: " I just don't see phones in general ever really "needing" this amount of power in the current state of technology."

I agree with what you are saying. However, if (and I believe it is) BlackBerry's vision is true mobile computing, where you can take your phone can connect to any screen muse and keyboard... then it becomes your computer.

There are already is an instances where Widows is running layered on top of QNX... so imagine that you could fire up a windows runtime like the Android and run Photoshop on your phone to any screen using any mouse and computer. It would be even better if they can get people to develop app specific for BB10, obviously.

Yah, that would be pretty awesome. :-) Now let's see if that would actually be a feature of this new phone if/when it comes out...

It's like sex with an octopus -- 8 hands... who doesn't want it? :)

Z10STL100-3/, CB10

What if their ugly hands?! Wait a minute you're having sex with hands? I'd rather a full woman ... a better analogy with having sex with 8 women ... where would you start ;)

Their ugly hands? Whose ugly hands?? And what about their ugly hands? ;-)

Ok, now the Grammar Nazi is officially on break...

Punctuation, the difference between knowing they're shit and knowing their shit...

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Except that doesn't make sense for the lost part because that is a grammatical error, not a punctuation one.

But yeah, I get what you're saying. I struggle to read some of the comments and posts here...

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip though...

Not if they charge it for an arm and a leg.

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They could have 28 cores on the new model but if they don't advertise it, what's the point?

Seems like a pretty lofty goal just to appease the enthusiasts.

If BlackBerry history tells us anything, then we know they would never release this until these specs are either 1) no better than any other flagship, or (more likely) 2) these specs are at least half a generation behind other flagship phones.

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The more cores the better but needs a bigger battery because the more cores the more battery life is used.

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Good link. Thanks. I too would have thought that more cores meant worse battery, and battery is really the only thing I have to complain about on my Z10.

Depends, some cores can be shut off temporarily. It all boils down to the power consumption management.

Intel has shown it with the Haswell generation for the laptop how far that can go. 20days of standby mode, I think they were claiming.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Not necessarily. If it's the same as the other octacore processors on phones they have four high-performance cores and four low-power and lower-performance cores. The high-performance cores obviously only get used when they are needed, while most of the time the low-power cores will be enough. Also, newer processors can have a more energy efficient architecture and smaller/better manufacturing processes.
And if the phone gets the work done faster it can idle for longer.

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They aren't true Octa-Core though. They are Dual-Quad Core.

Correct me if I am wrong, but there are some 'true' Octa-Cores around, I just can't remember by whom... Lenovo?

Posted via my Z30.

That's one aspect a lot of people seem to forget, even if the high performance cores take up more power, they don't have to run as long since they get work done faster... It'll be interesting to see if this phone actually comes out this year. And more interesting, what OS would it be running? 10.3? ;-) I hope they hire back some of the people who worked on legacy BB devices to bring back some of their things like the universal search algorithm they used in those old devices are so much better than the one in BB10... Search algorithms in general were better in legacy devices, like searching for a name in your contacts. It's a little aggravating on BB10...

Yea BIG.little improved battery life but a fast dual core with good power gating could achieve similar results with MUCH better performance in single threaded apps (most of them). It's just much harder to do. See Intel vs AMD.

It's a brute force use ore silicon solution, not terribly elegant to tack on a few more cores. Plus it's sooo much more work for the developer. And sure it's more efficient than old dual cores because old dual cores are missing a bunch of architectural improvements and are perhaps on an older or less refined process. All these things play a significant role in power usage.

It will be a long time before four cores will be properly utilized in everyday things on phones. Even heavy apps on desktop ate just getting around to it.

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The more the merrier. This way we can keep getting updates for years without having to worry about our investment in the phone.

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Not even, just wait until 2015 when we have 10-core processors being showed of by Samsung -_-

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We don't care about Samsung, nor iphone. We want the BB10 OS on a BB10 device and Octacore would be nice. In 2080 Samsung will probably be able to telephony, but who cares!

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HAHA, Exactly. Who cares if your piece of crap phone has a Ferrari for an engine, you still cant polish a turd.

I had a Galaxy and switched back to Blackberry... Samsung is a great phone for teenagers and picture drawing people... it isn't meant for professionals or governments

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Let's not get stuck in the android spec race. There's no need for an octacore BlackBerry.

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it's a good way to save battery so why not?
the 64bit part is a bit iffy because it is shown that it is more sluggish then the 32bit in some cases but 64bit still has a lot of room to grow and will be good for devs to use in the future of apps down the road.

A 64bit cpu will be slower running code written for 32bit and compiled as 64bit but it will be just as fast running 32bit code compiled as 32bit. It's just a matter of getting the software to be explicitly rewritten for 64bit which likely won't occur in large part until 32bit devices are EOL since it would mean they would have to write two sets of code and maintain those two sets of independent logic. Doesn't sound terribly feasible at the moment.

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I'm fine with switching my battery over to my spare when needed. I suppose as long as the phone isn't super expensive then why not.

Are you sure?
What about a significantly improved BB10 with much more API's to offer new features and take advantage of the power of such a chip, new connection methods, and the Applications designed to behave in a hybrid mode: Desktop or SmartPhone and know which is which based on connectivity via MicroHDMI/MirrorCast?

What if Docs2Go became a major competitor to MS Office Suite (2010/2013) when in Desktop Mode, while still keeping file format capabilities?
What if the BB10 Browser continued to improve in performance and efficiency and rendered into a full desktop mode alowing even more features such as bookmark sync'ing, import and export to an html single file?
What if BBM Maps again gets significantly improved using WiFi connection in both Desktop/Smartphone modes to find location - works best when in a corporate building where GPS connection is vague at best.
What if BBM had a Desktop counterpart for Windows/Mac OSX and worked into a better desktop layout on BB10?

What if BB10 could actually be a competitor with more refined apps to Windows OS or more like Linux?

Now then ... THEN there would be a need. Think beyond today my friend, think beyond today.

64 bit is something I would really like to see but maybe just quad core. Sometimes software spends more time figuring out what core to use and trying to share the thread load than its worth. QNX might be good at this though I'm not sure. Theres a lot to processors though and its not all about cores or clock speed. Many other components factor into stability, efficiency and performance.

I wonder if the OS could 'benchmark' apps and keep track of which processes in the app to route to the high- or low-performance cores respectively... that is if it doesn't have to figure it out on the spot every time, it might not introduce any inefficiencies. Who knows if that's feasible or what is being done, but I can imagine ways where it wouldn't necessarily have to be a bottleneck.

Seems idiotic. Run anything you throw at it? You kind of need actual productivity software to do that. You do not need a 64-bit octa-core CPU for email and browsing.

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but remember that the Android apps also run on these devices and aren't coded very well...which is why they have very long launch times. A 64 bit octa-core will drastically reduce this time; and the performance.will be massively boosted.

The thing is they won't. At least not any faster than they would have run on a dual core built off the same architecture. They're very dependent on single threaded speed.

However since it is really the only option on the market it is the best option. If only someone offered good, efficient dual cores. Or do they and I missed it?

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...but I would like to be able to dock my BB10 device and use it as a desktop.

Now, if only they'd implement Windows-quality "undo" where, if you are typing in a text box and you accidentally delete half of it, an UNDO on Windows will restore it most of the time, but not on mobile devices.

CTRL-Z ftw

Why not introduce a CTRL button on the Berries? If you talk true mobile computing, this is missing.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

true...but the benchmark software apps can, and I want to be able to say that my BlackBerry is more powerful than their Androids - so they look at getting a more powerful phone.

Wow! My only issue is getting the perfect phone then giving it up 2 or 3 years later.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

I don't think I would need it, but it would be great for BBRY to build and be the first so others manufacturers will have to eventually catch up.

Yes they will, this might be top-notch hardware right now, but Octa-Core possessors and 64-Bit processors we released last year (Samsung GS4 and iPhone 5S) but not combined.

The specs race never ends.... or companies wouldn't have a reason to release new phones....

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Would be really nice to get that kind of processing power in a BlackBerry, since the QNX software could make quick use of it. But optimization is everything and it would be a shame to throw these specs in a BlackBerry just to have to slow down like an android. Not to mention the battery life would take a hit from the processor.

I would love to be able to rock a Octa-Core 64-Bit BlackBerry, but it needs to be implemented right to truly take advantage of the hardware and beat the competition

Twitter/4sq/Insta/PSN/CB/Steam: @Loppizzle Dr. Michael Lopez, B.Sc, M.D.

I've noticed when benchmarking with android benchmark apps that only one core shows up on the hardware spec list. My guess is that the android player only locks to one core and leaves the other one presently for bb10. Hopefully an octa core device gives the android player a big core count boost and a much better overall performance increase. Probably the only time I'll ever desire more cores beyond two in a phone platform.

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To my understanding, BlackBerry 10 thanks to its QNX core is one of the few OS' that would actually make the most of this type of processor. I say BlackBerry should enter the spec race (even though they don't need to) and just smash everyone. That's another way of winning customers.

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QNX is built for data processing and Multitasking, but if BlackBerry really wants to enter the spec race they really need to be ready to update their hardware every year to compete with Android

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and for iOS7 you are seeing the repercussions of just having 1 core ;)

especially any iphone less then an iPhone 5

If you put a 64 in you could make many improvements to the phone to basically be more like your whole workplace in your hand. The advantages are almost limitless but the price that would come with that is the question.

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My thoughts. So doge.

Seriously though, the dream is a workstation in my pocket.

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Agreed: that's why I have a 6 gig data plan: so I never have to worry about "performance" (or getting gouged). You want to go with confidence into the world, and just knowing you're invincible helps a bit.

Rumours like this are exactly what makes people get disappointed when it doesn't come true, even if the real outcome is a solid device that does everything anyone could ask for and more.

...but it's not bringing out devices like this that is part of the negative market perception against BlackBerry. Yes, even Nokia is putting out these super speced Windows Phones, and it's not helping the sales of Windows Phone all that much, but you don't hear people saying that Nokia's hardware is 'pathetic' do you? Making the critics stop and say "you know, that's a pretty good device", you know, undeniably, wouldn't hurt BlackBerry's prospects.

Produce them as a limited edition, small unit volume (say, 10,000) sell them at whatever it takes for the device to be profitable and be ready to produce more if demand significantly exceeds supply. I'm still not sure why the kind of basic business acumen needed to run a lemonade stand doesn't hold up any more... again, we have $1200 porsche phones that have no significant value over the Z10 other than prestige (and a inconsistent model number... who is product-managing this thing? BB or Porsche?) so why not a $1200 or even $1500 device (heck let it be a Porsche model, what the hell) that REALLY kicks it? SMH.

Getting ahead of this game simply in terms of the technology is a good idea for BlackBerry, and if you can put a device out into the market, even as a closed "elite beta" or whatnot, it shows they're looking forward, like Apple does, which is good, and not just trying to continually play catch up, which is not.

I can do everything with my z10 and can open many apps at one time without going slow..

Oh yeah

With more cores I could watch a 2 hour movie in only 30 minutes more time for more movies

Wenn du mir sagst, was dort draußen richtig ist, werde ich nicht mehr versuchen dich zu küssen... (Sayumi Whisp) www.sayumi.de

How couldd i say no to thaat!? The thing would be so powerful it woould blow my mind

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Does this mean that battery life would be better since your device runs cooler and more efficiently?

Posted via CB10 via my Z10

If the screen is 5+ inches and it has a 3500mah battery. Yes, I NEED it. I do business on my phone, but I expect it to be a toy, also. People live complex lives and deserve the best of both worlds.

it's really needed to get octacore to run os 10? when the dual is working so fast and clear?? mmmh and after all are they planning to updates my z10 in the years(almost 2016) (this is important as i spend 600$ to get it....!)

64 bit is a natural progression, and in order to move beyond 3.5GB of RAM, is necessary. The number of cores needed to do that is open for debate. If they can have that many cores, it will indeed help processing if the OS and software are optimized to take advantage of it. How that effects battery life will depend on what those cores are doing when they are not in use.

They made a bugatti. Just because they could. It was never meant to sold. And it cost more to make than what they sold it for.

If BlackBerry can make it. Then they should go for it. People want big powerful toys to play with. ( lol just had a funny thought).

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The reason blackberry is where they are is because they had people in management saying "we don't need that! The phone runs fine with this!!" and would always low ball. I don't think octacore is enough. They should be aiming for more if they want to get ahead of the game.

All they need is 1 really good phone to get themselves back into it. And it needs to be better than other specs, not the same as their old models!

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unfortunately these beast phones don't really help the bottom line in Nokia and HTC and LG are any indication... but like the concept cars at auto shows, you have to prove to the industry that your kung fu is strong.

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Would be interesting to see what that would be like. Though I wouldn't have any need for the power, I'd rather keep my already awesome speed and battery life! :)

BlackBerry Z30 STA-100-2 running :D

I fail to understand negative comments. Way I see it, blackberry has to compete. To those who think this eats battery power, please draw reference to examples like the Q10; the use of amoled and dark theme to reduce battery consumption. More to the point, at 100% cpu usage obviously it uses more juice, but think about it this way, when you look into your app running list, how many on average are there? An efficient OS will divy up the process's to the multiple cores, not only reducing heat production but also battery consumption as it is designed to be more efficient!

To all those who had a problem with the blackberry storm, that was your mistake, seriously... 9000>9700>9900>Q10, haven't had one bad experience.

If this phone is released I'll gladly get it, as I'd rather get blackberry and sideload my apps than give into google or apple.

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I can't wait!!! This is what we need to take the market by storm! And add a better camera

Flickety split

Give me the octacore and the passive "dummy" tablet rumored awhile ago, and maybe have some wacom tech in the tablet and I'll get rid of my computer and carry everything with me and not be tied down ever again.

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I'm very interested in BlackBerry's vision of mobile computing - connecting my BB to any monitor/keyboard/mouse and getting some serious work done. I'd guess making that a reality will take more power than we currently have in our BBs, so whatever they can do to turn that vision into reality sooner I'm all for.

I don't need it, I'm more than happy with my Z30, but if this beast comes out with the same screen as the Z30 I'll definitely buy it

I would happily take an octa-core processor and 64 bit. And while they are at it, make it so I don't need my desktop anymore. Just plug it into my monitor and then it is a pc.

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

To truly take advantage of multiple cores, applications need to be programmed to take advantage of it. The OS can divide processes over multiple processors to increase responsiveness, but the more cores you have, the more diminished the return. I.E. The perceivable difference between quad core vs octa core is pretty small compared to dual vs quad cord.

But apart from really cpu intensive tasks like video transcoding and video games(that are developed with multi core in mind) - the user may not see much of a difference.

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the more the merrier IF blackberry finally optimizes their mobile computing Thorsten kept talking about for ages.

If i can plug my blackberry to any screen and be able to do just as much as i can do with a computer (and we are not far off) then those specs will be put at use and would be very well welcomed :-)

That's what I am saying. If it's going to replace my laptop, it's going to need those cores.

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Euhmm why would you ( the TS ) even ask this? If course I want it! Love the Z30 but a BlackBerry even better than that is a must have for me. Hopefully it will arrive Q3 because that's around the time I would be able pick a new phone from my carrier! Which property won't bring the device because they are voda... but then I just go to a independent website. All of this together: Yes I'll buy it! :D

Posted via CB10 for my beloved Z30 running

I say to BlackBerry - do it!

That's why you bought QNX - so you can leapfrog the competition. I believe that QNX is ready for 32 cores, so do it. You have something that the competitors don't. You should use it while it's unique. Then MARKET IT!!

I'm not big on playing "catch up" in the specs race, but ut you can get to 8 cores significantly faster then your competitors, why not? You will have leaped past them, no longer playing catch up.

Havong said all that... this is important to the concept as a mobile computer - More than just a smartphone.

Added performance is great, but multiple cores sharing the same bus may not always provode additional performance. At some point you are just shifting the bottleneck. Multiple cores isn't the same as multiple processors. Also, I would see battery savings when idle, but not when you are fully using all 8 cores.

I want BlackBerry to become the Mercedes-Benz of mobile. Running twice as many cores can be a way to do that. Like those crazy 12-cylinder engines you hear about in sports cars.

Even if it costs a little more.

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I am disappointed at all the sheeple here. It's like I'm reading the Android forum or some pc spec race. In reality you don't need more than 2core. You want battery???? Get a flip phone or a beater. You want bigger screen???? Get a tablet. You want more feature???? Get a laptop. There is NO need for 8cores and 64bit (weasel words) on a PHONE which is used to TALK on. World is indeed full of idiots, but consumers rule the market. Give em 8 core... you'll have a $1000 facebook machine, congrats

Sent from my Q10

Uhm no one said you must buy the phone right? So why the hate? Some people love specs no matter if they work or not.. so if BlackBerry would just do what they want and make a phone that calls and maybe have the option to text I think you won't have to be a rocket scientist to understand that they will go bankrupt in a matter of days. So what's wrong with building what the public wants? ...

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... You know what, I typed up a long rebuttal to this asinine statement... But in the end, I think i'll just let u stew in your narrow-visioned world. Cheers! :)

Can I have it run a windows 8.1 virtual machine; and dock it to a laptop module with a keyboard, trackpoint, and touchscreen?

If you ask me, a phone that can dock to my desk to make a desktop computer, my car to make an infotainment module, my TV to make a Home Media Server, and a laptop module to work elsewhere, would be a dream come true.

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I would definitely want that, I decided that my next phone should be a fancy high-speced one, BlackBerry or not.

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This is what should have been inside the Porsche Design P'9982,
Horse Power = Computing Power....
Makes Sense?

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I would love it. It would allow us to get a more future proof device especially within the enterprise where mobile turnover can be like it is with desktop (I've had the same work BB/desktop for the last 3 years). There isn't many in the workplace who gets a new mobile/desktop every year unless one is "clumsy" in some cases. This works with BlackBerry's less reliance on hardware as they can at least get the "spec race" nonsense off their back in the medium term and look to put more resources on the software side of things to better use what they've got as we move into the internet of things.

The question is not "do we 'prosumers' want 64bit octacores" but rather "does BB10 need octacores to run smoothly without having the OS/Apps spending more resources to administrate the cores..."

I've already experienced Ferrari-like PC configuration that finally spent more time to decide what core does what for that process than the time the very same process needed to be done...

Higher specs is not always equal higher performance...

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We have seen the laptop take over the desktop and the tablet is currently taking over the laptop.

Maybe the smart phones are about taking over the tablet. Could BlackBerry be testing out the battery in the Z30 for more advanced hardware to move towards that goal

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Want it? Yes. Need it? I didn't think so until I came across the bit about how having multiple cores. May extend the battery life. If that's the case, then yes, I need it!

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It would depend on price point. If it will be a $700 phone but a four core will be $450, I'd rather have the four core phone. But if it is a $100 difference I'd argue for the eight core.

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I could use a 64bit dual core Z10. But you finally sold me on octa core Adam. Gimme heat-less BB10 devices.

For this Z10 can fry eggs at times...

You have 100% buy-in from me. Due for upgrade in December, so I would get it in a hard beat.

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YES! Make it happen! I want it! And more importantly, Android never asks for permission to put out devices with ridiculous specs. BlackBerry shouldn't be asking either, just do it!

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I am all for owning a car with 900BHP, and 700 pounds of took that I never have to take out of first gear....

... Same goes for my phone!

Can't wait.

8 cores is neat, but you need to be doing 8 independent tasks at the same time to get any benefit, otherwise you just have cores sitting around being idle. And 64-bit is great for things that have to manipulate a lot of 64-bit data types, but otherwise only offers > 4GiB of virtual RAM per process (all these ARM cpus already allow for more than 32 bits of physical RAM).

Also, I haven't seen any mention of what the manufacturer or model number is of this crazy chip, if it's shopping in the fall, wouldn't it already be announced by the Silicon vendor?

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I don't see how adding more cores to my Z30 would change my life any. I text, bbm, email, use apps and surf the Web. The device does an amazing job on each right now.

I'd be curious to know what improvements the cores would add and what functionality we would gain as a result.

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The consumer perception benefits alone would make this very worthwhile. BlackBerry has the best OS in my opinion, but it needs a headline like, "BlackBerry's Superphone sets a new standard for performance," if it wants to get some attention.

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This whole thread is full of nonsense and miss-information. The author of this article really needs to check his facts. It makes no sense trying to oversimplify to the point where you end up misleading and providing wrong information.

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It's more of what the chip makers are doing .Try buying a new 2015 car with a 2010 motor in it , does happen. Now if you want older chips I'm sure they have boxes of unsold ones gathering dusk somewhere. A couple of months ago my boss bought a 'new' in box 20 year old office phone because one of ours died. His other option is replacing the whole system $$ . Unless there is reason people will always buy the latest model with the latest hardware. It costs money and customers not too.

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Forgot 8 cores; put 16 in it and don't be concerned about whether it makes sense in terms of functionality. 16 cores would get the attention we need, and make android spec fiends envious, and give BB10 a real look.

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There is a fallacy there - more cores only work on tasks that can be parallelized.
Single threaded tasks often don't benefit of multiple cores because these often come with a lower clock speed.

It is a relative thing - a well parallelized task will speed up significantly - a task without parallelization will not benefit at all.

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Of course I would want that. That kind of hardware being supported by a brand new, growing, very strong os like BB10 is any BlackBerry users dream.

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Just bring it on and charge us what needs to be charged. Make that profit. I'm just gonna say this. Keep it premium. The followers don't buy iPhone cause it's awesome nor do the android users. Most and when I say most I mean it. People buy high end products because it's expensive. This is so they can show off to their friends and family and say yup that's right I paid this much. We say I'd never spend that much but the truth is we will buy it. Celebrities buy it because they say damn its that much! I gotta have it. Then the media blasts it out and the followers/sheeps will just tag along. That will get more ppl back on the blackberry bandwagon. Those ppl will then realize how awesome bb10 is and then be like why didn't I come back or try this sooner. For ppl like most blackberry users we want it because it's does what it's suppose to do by helping us be more productive on the go and because it's secure. So if you go premium and keep it that way I'm sure we will still buy it because now it won't just do what we wanted it to do. It will be top of the line and be fast with all the bells and whistles but will also do what everyone else boast they can or have.

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Fudge your processor, we need more inbuilt memory!!! Or atleast allow apps to install on SD cards!

Seriously after the OS and the stock apps, I'm left with about 4/5Gb, a couple of big games later and bam no room!

This is my only bloody major gripe,
I don't see why now in a day where we can buy a 64Gb SSD drive for £30, I cant have more than 16Gb in my blackberry!

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Anyone want to take a stab at explaining QNX BMP (Bound Multiprocessing) ,it's advantages, and why it's going to affect the Android ecosystem.

I understand that once you move beyond 4 cores SMP (Symetric Multi Processing) begins to lose some of their efficacy and developers themselves are forced to learn how to developed multithreaded apps.

Android developers may be forced to learn the C programming language (a longtime embedded favorite) for low-level native development on future many-core devices.


I think having octa core is kinda crazy. BlackBerry 10.2.1 is pretty fast with a dual core processor. The next generation BlackBerry's should be quad core and 3 gig. What do you think it should be?

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Octacore with 8 Gig RAM and most important: Gorilla Glass 4

Bring it on Blackberry, we need this. Money no problem we have enough

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Dam I was trying not to get the latest bb device wen they come out but now might go back to my old ways. Smh


People who don't know what they are talking about should not post articles on Crackberry. No offense.

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Might be a bit overkill for a phone, but it would certainly work well for the mobile computing side of things that Thornton kept talking about. You could potentially ditch your desktop or laptop and just plug your phone into a monitor, keyboard, and mouse at your desk and still run processor heavy tasks like you were using a PC.

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This means only, that it will be mine some day!! Take your time Berry, make it fine, then make it mine!

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I'd absolutely love to have such a powerful device in my hand that can work and process numerous things at once because I love multi tasking and Great Battery Life which is a major drop in other Devices Out There

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We need this! Octacore BlackBerry with 8GB RAM, yay! Not dual core same same 5 year before!!!

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Why even bother posting an article like this if you choose to ignore the most prevalent feature of all octa-core chips so far which is that they have four faster cores and four lower speed/power cores with the latter mostly being there to save battery life on stuff that does not require the faster cores.

Also, tasks are not going to be split 8 ways either, most of the time on most of the chips it will be one set of four or the other, but not both as it is only the newly announced one from Mediatek that will actually use all 8 cores at once.

One final point, just because the chip is 64-bit and has 8 cores will not imply that it is faster than a desktop computer's cpu as the ARM chips still have quite a way to go to catch the fastest stuff from intel or AMD.

All of this in a z10 thick with vertical slider.

I went Berry once and i'll go Berry for ever!

If they supply it with a professional docking station and a Windows runtime I am on front. Kicking my Dell laptop out of the Window.

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As long as they have the OS fully utilizing each core, then I'm all for it. Some of these quad core devices that came out, we're running the same OS designed with dual core so, there was only but so much difference in performance. This, unfortunately, would mean more fragmentation but, I believe QNX would give them the ability to have the OS recognize how many cores are at its disposal and function accordingly for optimized performance. It'll be interesting to see what they so with it.

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This would be a future proof phone. That would give blackberry way more time to focus on the os and ecosystem with hardware like that.

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If they go this route I would love to see more powerful native apps to make this a viable desktop replacement when in a pinch.

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I want that in my life. A high end BlackBerry device I would pay the price for without hesitation.

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Well, here is when the developer comes in. My Z10 work fine with Google Earth or StarTracker...
but those apps are not related to my daily work.
With that hardware I can use my phone as a my work station. Share video to a TV, connect a wireless keyboard...
to write a letter, play angry birds?
Blackberry cannot do this alone, they need partners (Autocad, Premier, Photoshop, etc.).

Yeah, I think Octacore is so last week. I simply refuse to buy anything that hasn't got 100 core processor. Or maybe something with the word Quantum in the title. How else could we tell our wives we will be home in ten minutes.

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