What do you want to see in the BlackBerry Super Bowl commercial?

Super Bowl
By Simon Sage on 3 Feb 2013 12:59 pm EST

BlackBerry has been teasing the ad with image like this... but what is it?  

* Update from Kevin: Just got an early look at the BlackBerry Super Bowl commercial airing later today. Me likey!!!! Not your typical product demo type of commercial. It's totally fitting for Super Bowl. *  

I know y'all are probably getting into football mode - buying the beers, ordering the pizza, cracking open the chips - but let's put on our marketer hats for a sec. We're awaiting BlackBerry's big Super Bowl commercial. This is a huge deal because after spending over a year wooing developers and more or less staying off the general public's radar (even right through CES), this ad represents the first agressive push into mainstream consciousness. Expectations from those of us that have been following are pretty high. The ads that run during Super Bowl are well-known to be imaginative, powerful, and cost a healthy sum to run on air.  

So! What would you like to see from BlackBerry's Super Bowl ad? We've already seen what one highly-polished firm would do; would something along those lines work, or would you run something different? Which quarter will it run in? How important is this ad to the retail launch internationally? Does the delayed U.S. availability make this ad any less important?

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What do you want to see in the BlackBerry Super Bowl commercial?


Seeing that Verizon has the Z10 exclusively in white, I hope BBRY got them to release it sooner than March.

Also, if you go to the Verizon website, they are showing the Z10 as coming soon. Odd to be showing it as coming soon if it's going to be a month before release.

a couple of celebs, a great pumping soundtrack showing a couple features but really just something fresh and out of the box.

They need to show something that people don't know a blackberry can do. I wouldn't bother showing something like bbm or email because everybody already associates those things to blackberry and they know that blackberry excels in those things. Maybe showing something like some great popular apps and games or maybe a feature that old bbs didn't have before that really wows viewers. I don't know If I would show something like the hub or peak, some viewers might have a bit of a question mark when seeing that. Things like hub and peak might take longer to explain than 30 seconds.

It needs to wow people and be like..that? That's a blackberry? That's..that's actually awesome. And also I'm not sure if it means so much anymore because of the delayed release.

I think is going to be an awesome commercial, then it's going to say "Available on the 5th of February."

i dont care about the commercial. i want the phone in the us. commercials get the point across but real life people having the device in hand allows people to try it. give it to us here in the states!

a superbowl ad that only american viewers can watch but cannot buy the phone, and canada where we can buy the phone but not see the commercial. Face palm.

It was a very stupid corporate decision. You spend 3-4 million for a commercial in the USA. But no product available.

I'm guessing the different things "exploding" into the color is show a big transition from the old to the new BB10. They just really need to show that this is not the BlackBerry of old.

I'm thinking the same. The ad will show something that symbolizes the transformation from the old to the new BlackBerry. This is a rebranding exercise that will showcase the future exciting possibilities with BlackBerry rather than showcasing the Z10 and Q10 specifically. The commenter on the other post said s/he was selecting which ad to show in SuperBowl for BBRY just a few days ago. That shows that BBRY likely pulled out the ad that would showcase the new phones as a last minute change after they were surprised by the US carriers' screwing up of the release date.

Show me a story in live Action that the Z10 is the best smartphone for SPEED. With 2 seconds of the famous Olympic Sprinter telling people "he was born to do this".

I want the white Z10, this week in Ontario. Canada.

It'd be cool if they say "Z10 now available" instead of it in March. It'd be like surprise US, we didn't forget you! I'm from UK anyway :P

Yeah, I wish it was available in the USA tomorrow. Unfortunately, U.S. Carrier testing is 10 times longer than anywhere else. And availability is up to the carriers, anyway.
Hoping the commercial is awesome!


It really sticks out in peoples mind. Some ads are forgetable, even Super Bowl ads. Go Blackberry Go!!

They should have got a full min ad or 2 30 second spots. Can't wait to hear it, but I've heard Samsung has a 2:30 ad spot.

Be great that if at the end it said "pre-order now at Verizon.com/BlackBerryZ10" at least... And for the other carriers too of course!

It'll be an idea spot. In 30 seconds you can't sell the hardware, but you can tell the audience that you have something new to sell, and that this will improve your life.

It doesn't really matter what is in the commercial by delaying it until mid to late March they're cutting they're own throat. The people that might have bought it for the specs will hold out for the galaxy S4 which has more memory and a faster processor. Ant they will have lost alot of bb users who are sick of the wait. I have 2 Friends who were waiting to upgrade but when they heard not til march they were done. Both bought Samsung products. The Super Bowlbowl Ad was a waste of money. It will be forgotten by late March.

I am hoping they announce immediate availability at x,y,z carriers. It would be a waste for the carriers to by-pass this form of advertisement and exposure. ITS THE FREAKING SUPERBOWL!

I "believe" they are best to show USES of the BB10 product, rather than features. Situations when BB10 would save time, save life, save the day kinda thing, or at least show things that iPhone is not good at doing, but the BB10 does way better.
Mobile computing ... Heins keeps saying, but we still don't know what's on his mind.
As for the picture shown above, I think it indicates that BB10 is coming like a storm or tornado that's blowing everything around it.
My 2Cents!

I'm a Brit on holiday in the Caribbean and I watch NFL every Sunday, but it looks like I will miss Superbowl due to a family event at the same time. We get CBS direct here, so I may miss parts of the game I'm sure the Z10 commercial will be available on You Tube soon afterwards.
I'll be getting my Z10 as soon as I return home to the UK next week.

I want to see Blackberry show off the Z10 and Q10, but show a surprise new phone showing off the BB10! That will get people to wake up with excitement! BB10 Z50 concept! -:)

I am still scratching my head about this kind of money being spent on a primarily US event, with BB10 not being available to us in the US for a couple of months. The momentum will be for the most part lost by then....

They had to commit to the ad months ago and likely assumed the US carriers would have approved the phone by now.

I am sure you are right, Jolsonpb. It is a real shame that the timing is working out like this. I would suspect that behind closed doors Blackberry is NOT happy about this kind of money being spent with no product for a couple of months....

I would love to at least hear the Transformers transform sound from the old to the new with some up close in and out zoom of the Z10 as it assembles. (I know permission would be needed though). Then something fast-paced of short clips back to back showing off feature after feature giving reason to switch. James Earl Jones narration with a bang at the end that makes their mouth drop. BlackBerry 10...Leading you into the future.

I about 90% agree with you. It will perhaps let people know that Blackberry is still in business, however not good at all as far as not being able to get the product for a couple of months.

There is a whole country called Canada, that will be getting these phones in 2 days.
This commercial will be shown in Canada as well.
Not such of a waste...
People need to remember the U.S isn't the only country in the world that watches the SuperBowl, also how come movie's play trailers when the movie will be released it 6 months?

My commercial would be a few monkeys in a zoo with other phones and getting angry trying to type. Ricky sees a mom with a child and she is testing know the new Z10. He says look at the evolved human what is she using? Jimmy says that's the new keyboard for the BB 10 experience, but it is only for humans. Ricky says he could use it too. Jimmy says hey guys, Ricky thinks he is a highly evolved human. They all laugh hysterically and say hey Ricky, thumbs up and laugh to the point they fall off the perch. The boy says hey mom, monkeys are funny!!! The BlackBerry Z10, Evolution equals greatness!!

Elephants have good memories, something to do with Remember app? Or slow and lumbering was old blackberry then it explodes and new z10 is fast. There's an old car too, maybe it transforms into Corvette Z10

I hope they SHOW THE PRODUCT instead of trying to be funny or 'cute' with their advertisement. One thing the most successful product commercials always do it show me what I'm supposed to be interested in. Do I have to name the tech-company that keeps getting this right? It is a good example to learn from.

Show quick scenes where the Z10 saves the day:
1) family searching through movies to watch on their big screen TV, sourced from their Z10, then someone picks up the blackberry and hands it off screen for...
2) someone who is stuck in traffic, is late for a meeting and gets a Z10 so they can conference in then they hand it off screen for...
3) some music producer as he records Alicia Keys, mixing and mastering then hands it off screen to
4) someone like "The Rock" from WWE as he uses the BB Hub to make a new twitter word trend... he apparently likes doing that.
5) then end with an example of something totally fictitious or funny like the Z10 turning into a private jet and flying you to your own personal island like from that EVO youtube video. Then say that is coming in version 100 or something.

Ya'll get the idea.

Proud owner of a Blackberry Torch and Blackberry Playbook.

What if...... this "delay" because of US carriers is BOGUS and during the SuperBowl it is announced that the Z10 WILL be released in this country next week. Talk about positive Buzz! Imagine what that would do to the BBRY stock price! That would stick it to the greedy market managers and those who short the stock for their own profit.
Just wondering!!!!!

I wonder if the US is gonna get the Z10 with different specs from the rest of the world. It would make sense if they had the leaked Aristo specs coming to the US knowing that U.S.A is a very important market to penetrate again.

I also wonder about the next quarterly results for Blackberry. Obviously USA is not in the picture, sales calls might be grim. I can see headlines stating, “US carriers screws Blackberry". Not only consumers but businesses are being deprived,therefore for those who need Blackberry upgrades now might reconsider for other platforms. Let's hope thats not the case.

Anyways, I hope the commercial surprises all of us, and maybe the phone is avaliable for pre-order the next. day.

I'll be picking my White Z10 this tuesday, its my first ever smart phone and I'm gonna flash it around to get some attention.


A lot of people keep hoping for a big surprise and an announcement that the phones are available this week or tomorrow but that WON'T happen. BlackBerry would be sued by investors for giving misleading statements which obviously hurt the stock price and value of the company so you can forget it.

Check the update people. Get prepared that this isn't going to be a commercial showing off all the features, it isn't going to announce anything huge. Its a Superbowl commercial, designed to get attention. There will be other ads to show off features so lets all just enjoy if for what it is.

They could show a player fumbling the ball, just about to drop it but with time capture in picture show it as being caught! I know it has nothing to do with the preview pictures but it could have been fun. Okay so I'm female and don't really know football :)

For most people, they are watching the superbowl, and will see the ad because of it
For me, I'm watching for the ad, and seeing the superbowl because of it