What do you want to see in BlackBerry 10.2?

By Bla1ze on 12 Jun 2013 01:45 pm EDT

That's enough of the iOS talk for now. We have better things to discuss and as we mentioned earlier, BlackBerry needs to keep moving. That said though, we know that's exactly what they're doing as it's no secret that BlackBerry 10.2 is already being worked on with several changes already having been confirmed and even more information appearing pretty much on a daily basis.

It's true, many folks are still waiting for BlackBerry 10.1 to arrive but that's no reason for BlackBerry to slow down. Slowing down and resting on their laurels, some would say, put them in the position they're pulling themselves out of currently. The real question however is what can BlackBerry do to make BlackBerry 10.2 better? What can be added or improved in BlackBerry 10.2 to push it even further?

Custom sound profiles, this was the best part of earlier Blackberries.mkozak, CrackBerry Member

There's plenty of talk in the CrackBerry Forums about what folks would like to see added, fixed and improved upon. Everything from improved Android compatibility, improved camera, expanded profiles, enhanced customization of the home screen, right down to the return of the auto off and on feature. There's A LOT of new stuff that could be added into BlackBerry 10.2 and plenty from BlackBerry OS that could return as well.

The lock screen should have more features, like the weather, a pop up of text messages and for BBM!clmazda, CrackBerry Member

A few of my personal wants revolve around the lock screen and apparently I'm not the only one. I would love to see a more interactive lock screen with actionable items. When I get a BBM, I want to be able to tap the BBM icon and have it jump right into BBM. Same with email and text messages. I also want pop-up notifications. Yes, that red LED light is cool and yes, I can peek into stuff and see if I really want to answer it but I want to know if whatever alert I get is even worth picking up my device for.

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What do YOU want to see in BlackBerry 10.2?

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What do you want to see in BlackBerry 10.2?



How about that it includes an OTA relase date of 06-12-13 for ALL carriers!!!
.. frustrating many of us still dont even have 10.1!! It's just Ridiculous! When Apple releases 7.0, EVERYONE WORLDWIDE gets it!!!! WHYY!!!????

True but if BlackBerry were to just sell the hardware it wouldn't cost as much as it does for an amazing products
I would but a factory phone and use a carrier of my choosing so it would be possible but it is not cost effective at this point in time for them to do this. If it were we all would have Q and Z's out the ass! Lol

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Agree with that maybe that way we get updates as soon as they are ready. As oppose to waiting for carriers

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Had to discuss about it with French VP last week. This is tied to carrier because of carriers apps and services (to say the few) that have to be validated under any new environment. If releases had to go global, this means that - potentially - we'll all have to wait for the last to be ready. Now, you can choose your carrier, based on they aptitude to deliver OTAs faster than others ... or grab some extra low-cost SIMs (I have 4 in stock for a total value of ~ €30, but some were used when I was travelling ... just don't forget to plug them sometimes, as they may expire w/o any activity after a while).

Yes, THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE! Apple gets it, BlackBerry is still trying to please carriers. We must have all BB10 devices upgraded shortly after a new release is out. Why are most folks in the U.S. still waiting for 10.1 when it's been out for a month? This must change.

Developers also want all users on the latest and greatest OS so they minimize the testing process. BlackBerry must help them achieve this.

I will tell you why, but you're not going to like it...

APPLE can do this because they have the upper hand. If the carriers refused, APPLE would just pull their product from that carrier and the carrier would be the one losing out big time on this. Demand for BlackBerry 10 isn't at that level yet. Carriers won't play ball with BlackBerry because BlackBerry needs the carriers right now, only once the demand for BB10 is great enough will the tides turn and the carriers will need BlackBerry10: that is when you can expect OTA OS updates from BBRY.

I have to disagree here. Apple built an innovative product and along with a superb marketing campaign, they built a sizable cult following. They made otherwise complicated tech, available to the masses and this drove demand right through the roof. I myself am not an iPhone fan (too restrictive) but iPhone is one of the most successful tech products ever. Kudos to the late Steve Jobs and everyone at APPL for the success.

But this still does not change the fact they have got lot of money with over priced products (with huge margins). They have really milked the cows well :)

I'm tired of hearing about Apple. Been hearing things about Apple for the last 2 days and it's getting boring. Go talk about this in one of the forums and stay on topic. Thx

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I agree with you but Steve Jobs is no longer there. So don't see that much of a bright future for Apple as before. Not that I am complaining

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Still, I would like to see BlackBerry push out their own updates. There is no reason for companies like Verizon to hold back the updates when those updates are preventing errors from being fixed (such as rebooting).

I agree. Ever since I've updated my phone to my phone has been going a lot faster plus it's a lot smoother than the last update. It sucks that Verizon hasn't even updated the phones from to yet.

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That doesn't make much sense at all, when the iphone came out in 2007, it was an att exclusive, and the first generation actually had tiny sales. It was not until the 3G and especially the 3GS model 2 years later that it became mainstream success. And yet apple had signed the contracts to allow them complete control and not a single carrier app even before it was launched. This has nothing to do with fanboys, this is steve jobs gambling. And it wasn't a gamble actually, he knew people would go insane, att must have known it too. BlackBerry is in no such positio. Speaking of overpriced, the z10 is pretty overpriced when compared to superphones such as the sony xperia z or galaxy s4, both of which have a lot more modern hardware inside. And the build quality is nowhere near the htc one, which also costs the same.

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There are a LOT of people that really want an improved upgrade process. Carriers aren't big on pushing out update very often for devices, many are still holding back on a 10.1 update. I don't think those carriers are going to devote a lot of resources to testing and pushing out 10.2 anytime soon.

As I understand it BB10 is modular. I'd really like to see BBRY control much of the OS updates and let the carriers control the portions of the OS that deal with the radio files.

I agree with this... it doesn't do BlackBerry any help to push great updates if the carriers don't push it out immediately.

So many issues get addressed in updates and fragments the users within the same product.

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Why care about your service provider.. just load the upgrade yourself through Link when it's officially released

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Just don't understand why blackberry can't release of update OS by themselves.
I am tired of download leak version OS or other carrier's OS.

The problem with pushing out updates every few months is that it gives the carriers the option of saying "No point pushing 10.1 as 10.2 is coming in a few months, let wait to test and push 10.2".

I know this is not what users want, but it saves money for the carriers

He's saying he's still waiting for 10.1! Pushing updates direct to the device is the answer, rather that through carriers. Customers hate to wait for anything. They should never have to wait if the software is available. Separate OS and UI related features from carrier specific features, and push them direct to users - let carriers test and push releases specific to them.

Lol can't stop laughing
Yes, I as well 10.1 first. No actually I would like US carriers like AT&T to by pass 10.1 already and just release 10.2 Will, see how long that takes. However, first thing first AT&T when is 10.1 going to be out. Join the rest of the world month reason why it is not already out

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Because not everyone trusts them, nor do the leaks work well for 100% of the people that try them.

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Use sachibar, works better and it's like installing from a carrier release. Now stop crying as 10.2 will be having improvement and enhancement than 10.1 which means you wouldn't be needing to install 10.1

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Leaks are great for us, but that is a narrow view of the issues. There are people out there that don't want to bother with the process and or don't trust them. I know 5 people with Z10's and only 1 has installed the leak (because I did it for them).

A work around it not a solution.

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I agree. But unfortunately, carriers are the ones slowing down the process at this point. Complaining about this issue to BlackBerry might be well intended, but will have little to no effect. Tweet to your carriers, email them, snail mail them. ANYTHING is better than nothing.

Been done, VZW BB10 customers appear to be on ignore....sadly. They are suppose to be 'providers', welllllll, 'provide'! For new BB users that don't understand, makes the BB product look bad, not the provider. So wrong.

I did exactly that. I didn't trust and didn't even want to bother with leaks. I'm excited with the update release. It's faster, smoother and I seem to have no problems at all (i didnt have any issues with the last update but this one is way better). I'm so excited.

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10.1 had BlackBerry Link "personal cloud" functionality, the most disruptive change in mobile OS in recent years... whether or not you have an extra button here or there in the UI pales by comparison.

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We who know and value having our own personal cloud value it greatly, but the average consumer has no clue or care whether their content is stored on a server or their home computer...

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I installed a leak of 10.1, but i'm waiting for the official 10.2 because there simply isn't enough "wrong" with BB10 to bother with a leak. Just because Joe average doesn't get the advantages of personal cloud capabilities doesn't mean he won't ever understand nor appreciate it when he does. I'm sure there are a significant number of iOS users kissing Jony Ives hairy butt because some pet peeve has been resolves in iOS7, but the consensus seems to be indifference.

That said, headless app support will allow for a new class of seamless app experiences, including apps exposing their APIs to act as "services" to other apps... while iOS dev are peeing their pants at the possibility of getting Apples API "crumbs" thrown before them, Bb10 developers are thinking about things like a weather app vendor exposing their APIs to a travel planner app so the user can see the short term weather forecast in their trip / tour plan and schedule things accordingly... but it will be a while before apps that leverage this will be available, so that's why I'm not pining for 10.2 for my own use.


BB has much power resting in its hands, needs to capitalize, energize it and most certainly, get it out there, marketing, marketing, marketing and drop the jaws of the naysayers ;-)

Do you understand that AT&T customers will most likely not see 10.2 until 10.1 comes out? AT&T is all about catching up. It's the only one of the major carriers in the world that's always last in updates.

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10.2 Wish list :

Headless apps
Support for Bluetooth game pads
Updated lock screen (3 options : keyboard, dial-pad, and a pattern style lock)
Ability to add custom notification profiles with expanded customization
Multiple alarms (confirmed)
Updated Android Runtime (confirmed)
Non-BES Balance
Dark Theme for all devices
... more to come

EDIT : Okay now here are some changes that won't happen but I would like to see:

-From the unlocked home screen, you hold the camera button and a panel appears above the camera icon enabling you to select prior to launch if you want the video camera, the picture camera, or the time shift camera.

-Enable local storage of time shift camera (make cache available for like 5 to 10 shots) I don't like taking time shift pictures and being forced to edit them right then and there and not having the ability to go back later.

-Enable Time shift feature to save sequence as .gif (please and thank you with a cherry on top)

-Enable double finger swipe down from the top to put device on standby

-Re-classify app world : Apps, Games, Tools/Utilities (think headless apps or widgets), Media

-Allow "hot corners" shortcuts

- Allow re-sizable active frames. give the option to devs to have frames half their current size (small icon + 3 lines of txt), regular active frame size (like we have now) and long frames (either landscape or portrait, takes the room of two active frames, allows more information to be displayed.

- French Toast notification (with ability to turn on and off and mapped to various HUB communications)
- Cinamon french toast (with same options)

I think that`s all for now. sorry for hogging the blog wall everyone. Cheers

Wow, I routinely get 16 hours since the10.1 update. Take it off the charger at 7:00 am and plug it back in at 11 pm usually with the yellow 10% led blinking.

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

Non BES balance would be SOOO sweet!!!!! Been asking for that since day one :(

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Could that not be a hosted service that a carrier or third party provides for an additional monthly fee?

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

I like the non-BES balance idea. Never thought about it but Z10 is connected to work via ActiveSync but everytime I want to save a picture some sent to my work account it gets saved to my work side of the balance. That's annoying because I might want to save the pic onto my microSD card and can't.

So ya, having the option to not shutdown blackberry balance would be great. I don't use my Z10 on the work side mode now so why have it on all the time?

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

I would like to switch between the white and dark theme, depending to the application. That you can change it individually in the settings of the app.

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AMEN!! Why are phone makers so reluctant to make it easy to see the % batter life left?? I keep an app open as an active frame most of the time so that I can monitor it.

Good job. Everyone forgot about the cinnamon French toast leak. That is a cool feature and helps answer Blazes issues I think.

To be honest I don't see why we can't just give a full one finger swipe down to lock the device.

Swiping down part way would activate the menus and fully swiping from the top off the screen at the bottom could put the phone on standby.

Either way I really want a way to lock phone without the button. We get a way to unlock the phone without it and every other BlackBerry including the PlayBook can so I don't see why not.

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+1 i realy like the dark theme on the Q10 and dont understant why isnt availabile on the Z10 plus it will really improve battery life on the Z

I love your idea about what to do with the lock screen!

Somethings I would love to see:

1. More information on the lock screen, like mentioned in the article, the weather and a glimpse into the notifications on the lock screen when they first appear.

2. And easier way to call someone while their text message, BBM chat is open, possibly similar to the swipe gesture that was introduced in the S3.

3. The contacts app needs a serious update! Here are a few things for it:

- I would love it if the changes made in the app actually stay permanent!

- being able to override some social media syncing such as removing a duplicated birthday or picture and not have it re-appear, giving the user input more power, possibly have the app remember the change and if there is new information in the removed aspect, ask the user if they wish to have it updated.

- the ability to add a contact from Facebook or update their profile picture and such like from the legacy devices.

- I accidently deleted a contact, so I made a new one to add the person back, however, it took forever to keep trying and getting to sync that contact with their BBM and other social networks, it just kept asking to invite without any picture updates, it was very frustrating. This definitely needs to be fixed!

- the option to put several contacts in a group or category, so when sending out an out a mass email to the group, say coworkers, you can just select the group and send away instead of selecting each one individually.

- notification settings for certain contacts to be more reliable (changed the messages notification tone and it's still the same as everyone else's - for text messaging). Also since the ability is present, just a choice of simple generic led colours without an app would be great as well.

4. Music app: a search bar at the top, and the option to view your music in grid or list view (just like in BBM)

And that seems to be all that I can think of, and this turned out a longer than I thought it would. Sorry guys, and maybe let me know if you guys have some similar issues or feel the same way or better yet, have a solution (not including using another app like contact X as a replacement)

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First I need my 10.1, but I would like to see a better voice control app. It could be a hybrid of the native voice control and SayIt.

Support for multiple (more than 2, please) social media channel sign ins.

Also please do whatever is necessary to bring it to att in a timely manner. Still waiting for 10.1.

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Want to see a browser that works and doesn't become unresponsive. More portable android apps to name a few

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Big ones for me:

1. Better and louder classic ring tones - as with legacy devices

2. Ability to delete emails on handset and / or server - major one. I work differently on mobile than on computer.

3. Better synching of old emails (AOL, GMail). There is no option in 10.1 (that I've found) to extend beyond 30 days.

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If I share a pic thru BBM I would like to have the option of sharing it to more than one person at a time

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BBM groups aren't just group chats, but -- yes -- you can share to groups. There's often a place in the group for sharing and commenting on each other's pics

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Yes it would be awesome if we could add that feature for ourselves! Don't care if it's a copy cat, I feel you bro.

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I would like to see:
* more TAT concepts and TAT polish integrated into the OS
* Headless Apps
* larger emoticons in BBM (like stickers), especially when only sending an emoticon
* fix dialing issue on Q10
* Web browser need to be fixed (When watching network sites/shows, it doesn't continue your program after commercial plays. It just freezes.)
* Flashlight button on the home screen

For VZW to be first to get the update -_-
I hate the current OS I'm on 0_o

Posted via CB10 from my BlackBerry Z10 smartphone on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network.

Thanks. I never noticed that before but now that you pointed it out I can't stop seeing it :(

Posted via CB10

I hear you but that helps with the visibility of the text on light or white backgrounds.

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I want to see my next 3 events on my lock screen and or hub pull down. Not just today or tomorrow events!!

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I would to be able to delete or clear the "recent" list in music or video player or photo player without deleting from the original folder or the sd card.

Sorry, but I like each app having it's own settings. No need to combine all of them in one place. If I'm in the app, I don't want to look elsewhere for the settings.

The ability to swipe in between apps like on the PB or now iOS7. True widgets (which the headless apps may allow), the LED to work when in Phone Calls Only mode, better battery life, Interactive Frames with different dimensions/sizes, more quick edit changes (screen brightness, airplane mode) and to not have settings an phone open as their own app.

The ability to tether without a plan or 3rd party app. This is killing me not having tethering, where are you at developers?

I know tethering and hotspots are in 10.1. Not sure if you need a plan for tethering though

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I don't think I like the swiping between apps. I rather have it stay the same but have the app icons previously opened below the widgets so that even though there are 8 widgets present you can close one and reopen one of the apps on the screen and have the one you closed either show up below or exit out of it completely. I actually like the 8 widgets but with the icons showing up below or as a pull up option you'll have more than 8 apps open at one time.

Posted via CB10

I like your idea about the recently closed icons at the bottom. But why not have both? You can still limit the total number of open apps to 8.

Amen on the swipe between apps like on the PB. I really love the navigation on the PB, and they changed it for BB10. I also miss the ability to swipe up on a minimized app to close it.

An option to go offline from facebook.
With my version now, if i log out, it would delete my account on the phone.

When you take a screenshot, it should immediately have the option to share it since that's what I'm going to do with it 95% of the time anyway.

I would rather see that as an option in the settings and not something that pops up every time. It could get annoying

Numeric unlock code option would be cool! Being confronted with the full keyboard whenever I want to unlock my phone is a bit overwhelming!

Posted via CB10

TAT goodness a lot of it and more options all around the board whether it's music app, keyboard etc.. bring something new and exciting that we can't help but be amazed and not just in the form of one app or feature push it to the limit.

Posted via CB10 for Z10

Agreed!!! TAT came out with idea to wave hand over phone to wake it back in 2010!!!!! But BlackBerry let Samsung bring the idea to market first. Not good. Need more TAT innovation implemented asap!

Posted via CB10

Better options for camera settings. Not just picture quality settings...yes, I'm talking about that damn shutter sound.

Posted via CB10 on a sexy Z10

Shutter sound, ability to use both front facing camera and back side camera at the same time, more filters and editing option for our camera editing app and for our story maker!! Video recording to be able to record both front and rear camera at the same time! And finally PANORAMA pictures! Just like the panorama 360 app in BlackBerry World but we need it native as in Build in!!

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Better synchronization with Outlook. Two way sync. Sync with Outlook tasks with the same options as Outlook like date and time due, priority, etc. Syncing with Outlook in less than five times. You get the idea.

BBM channels, improvements to the speakerphone . Easier accessible Android apps. Speed dialing from the home screen. Dark them for both BB10 devices

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give a complete make over to the text message box... it looks so old
Add Emoji
fix the media player, I don't want to listen to ring tone, and notifications sounds while playing my music,.
profiles. so we can be able to customize it how we want it like the old OS. WITH THE DIFFERENT COLOR LED
Better Android support
More camera Features and improvements

I want to see an option for a full time number row on the keyboard. Why only on. Passwords?
This single feature would turn the z10 in to the most efficient mobile device for text input hands down.

Also, I would really like to see proper support for audiobooks.
Support for bookmarks and audible drm support.

The ability to open mp3 streams in the music player and also to be able to add album art on the device.

A bookmarks page as home page on the browser.

Wifi calling for T-Mobile.

Built in podcasts app that can be set to download episodes over wifi at night while in bedside mode.

A flashlight button on the bar with the phone and search.

Ability to use the play button to answer calls.

An integraded ebook app cpmpatible with epub and DRM epub from Google and Sony.

Better search in the music app.

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I asked BlackBerry before about adding a Flashlight as a default app for the OS. Their reply is that no smartphone vendor would do that because it would diminish the device's battery time. Now Apple will be doing it with iOS 7, perhaps they can change their mind.

I would LOVE an iBook like application for BB10. Sadly all the 3rd party eBook readers aren't that great.

I would like to see the phone NOT power off if press the power button WHEN PHONE IS LOCKED.

If the phone is locked it is locked. I am also convinced that this is causing many accidental 'resets' as it has caused for me numerous times while in my pocket. I either power it off when pushing it into my pocket or something in my pocket presses the power button while I walking etc and the phone resets. Very very annoying.

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BlackBerry maps apps on par with Google maps. Kidnap the Google Maps developer if necessary.

Reminders and memo function similar to the Torch.

It's not playing dirty. USE and integrate what works! Integrate the Accuweather widget ... incorporate a flashlight ... Allow Waze to super cede the BlackBerry maps option. In other words, Make the phone customizable and code the ability in an update to allow the user to make it "personalized". (And to think we wonder why that other OS is popular)

Cripes, they got 2 bil in the bank. Just bloody pay Googs for the maps app and be done with it. This 'DIY' version they got here is bunk. Pure and simple.

I think you're being a bit too criticle. To me, and many others, the BB10 Maps app is pretty darn good. It gets the job done. It's super easy to find destinations or enter addresses. Heck, you can even just pick a spot on the map and click "Go" to start navigating to it.

I'm among those for whom the native app is getting it done - in the absence of a better app. But it's certainly not on par with Google maps. And this is a wish list...

Brightness control from the main pull down menu instead of going through settings first.

Hidden and password protected folders like on older BlackBerry's


Posted via CB10

Nice option there, brightness. Can I add to that? Also to turn NFC ON or OFF when using that swipe down method.

Posted via CB10

Please... please.. BlackBerry Balance without need to connect to BES, (maybe to cloud instead) i dont know how to make it happen, but basically more than 50% bb10 user cant not enjoying this fantastic features. The coolest features i think.. yeah very stable os and reduces the size usage, so we will have more room at RAM and storage..

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I'd like to see in-built custom LED colour selection, Non-BES Balance and a pattern/numeric lock.

-BB by choice-
(Curve 8520, Bold 9700, Curve 9360, Bold 9900, PlayBook 64GB, Z10)

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Speaking of fully integrated landscape mode I would love to see the auto-scrolling when texting in landscape mode fixed.

List view in music player
Ability to move cursor to next line in BBM
Actionable lock screen
Ability to change LED color for contacts, BBM, SMS, Email, etc

Non BES Balance.
Personalised notifications.
Few bugs in pictures folder, contacts selection should be sorted out.

Posted via CB10

If they really gonna add headless app, I will want more details in permission's settings. That is very important to me or I will prefer not to use headless apps at all.

Oh, and I would like to have a fix on payment options. So far I still can't connect my paypal to payment setting. I was told to wipe my device and try connecting it again but I prefer not to do any wipe at all.
I'd like to have improvement on blackberry's own apps too. Like facebook or twitter. Until now I still can't tag people/fanpage inside status update (it's different with current tagging feature which add it as "with someone" after the status update, not inside the status update). I'm not sure the right term, maybe linking to people/fanpage inside status update when writing it.
I still can't see direct message's history on twitter app. Or linking/ tagging people on direct message.
I'll be very happy if that"s included on the next OS update.

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I've been saying this since Feb 05. Allow me to add more than 16 icons per folder and allow me to create folders in folders.

it doesn't make no sense to be about 10.2 already... Make the best of what we have now!! We need 10.1 first!

In contacts/address , the ability to link the BlackBerry map location to that contact.

Visa Vera when on BlackBerry maps/ favorites to link to a contact.

Seamless of course :)

Thanks in advance BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10 / Z10

I would like to see pattern unlock screen. It would go hand in hand with blackberry swipe jesters don't you think??

Posted via CB10

- Screen rotation, more landscape screens; calendar, FB app, BBM app, BB World, Home Page, etc, along with: portrait gestures, settings drop menu, swipes, peek, etc rotating with the screen
- More Home Screen customization
- Ability to move file manager folders/files directly to Home Screen
- Ability to override Hub notification tone with custom individual contact text, messages, BBM, etc, it's there to setup for individual contacts, but won't override
- Ability to 'select all' in addition to one by one
- Speed up Voice Control response times
- Native control your pc/laptop mouse function
- YouTube inbox in the Hub
- More than 2 notification profile change options through the settings drop menu, right now can only alternate between 2 by tapping the bell icon
- Fine tune Music search in BB App World
- On swipe right menus, e.g.: Contacts, option of where this (these type) menus reset back to after swiping back left (for Contacts, option to reset back to: All, Favorites, BBM Video, etc)
- Home Screen phone icon select: option of choosing where this frame opens up to [Calls, Contacts, Dial Pad]
- Push for more banking apps, more local news/weather station apps, scottrade app, Intellicast app, Wunderground NEXRAD app, twister watch/warning/alert app
- Active lock screen
- Automatic sleep mode on plug in
- Get on carriers case for not releasing OS updates faster, as they're released, espcially VZW - a BIGGIE! Much, much too slow!
- Blow our minds, drop the jaws of your competition ;-)

1. Fully functional blackberry protect, like on BBOS
2. Better integration of password keeper, included in device backup and restore
3. Bedside mode that automatically launches between set times, again like on BBOS

Posted via CB10

Better notifications (in and out of holster would be a nice start) or the option to automatically enter bedside mode when charging.
And a numeric keypad option on the touchscreen keyboards would be nice too.

All input fields should be on the bottom like the browser address bar, so it would be a more consistent feeling. It's a pain that sometimes like in adress search I need two fingers to handle.

Posted via CB10

Better understanding of what is a probable phone number in text

Better smoothness between call log and sms

A 3d interface like iOS 7.0 using the marvellous sweedish tat.se company (owned by bbry !!!)

BBM music in Luxembourg, I'm fed up having to use iTunes

More power

More speed

More new unforgettable surprises

An easier way to go to bedside mode

More apps

A working BBM channel editor

More useless but beautiful things

Posted via CB10

1. Ability to place active frames where you want them if still in use in 10.2. Every time you go back there now, you have to hunt for the app you need because they shift around each time a frame is added or closed.

2. Ability to manually edit text dictated by Voice Control with keyboard before sending. Now you can only edit by repeating what you've said which usually if it is transcribed wrong the first time, it transcribes it exactly the same way the second time. Most often end up just saying "cancel" because it is rarely without error.

3. Set which screen you want as default in Phone app. I like to go directly to keypad when I hit the phone icon. I don't think something as fundamental as the Phone feature should have to run as an Active Frame to make this happen.

I want to see the Cinnamon Toast and French Toast that I ha d heard about, And the option go use a pattern unlock.


Capability to dock to a desktop monitor and keyboard.

Ability to use BlackBerry Link remote file access without Internet connection. Should work when BB10 device and BlackBerry Link on the same network.

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Would love the ability to have more than 16 apps in a folder. Also, the Android 4.2 support that is coming will be a huge relief. I agree with @Blaze, I really would like some actionable home screen items. More customization options would be welcome, but that's a little thing. Another welcome improvement would be if they could squeeze a bit more battery life bout of the Z10, it's not bad currently. But it could definitely better. In the big picture, these are little things though, I'm really happy with my Z10 currently and 10.2 will be icing on the cake

Swipe the screen to read your next unread message/txt/etc. Annoying to go back to the hub to read your next message...

More phone locking capabilities. A native pattern lock or number lock on the screen would be great.
Unlocking the phone quickly, and one handed with the keyboard isn't easy and can be rather fumbly.

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1. "press and hold" on the dial pad to quickly add/call a contact. :)

2. Automatic display the keyboard when opening the contacts app

3. Be able to take action from the lock screen on notifications.

4. Ignore phone calls with text message.

These four would greatly enhance my on the go, no time for Instagram bullshit, time is money days!!!!!! :)

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Yea there needs to be a better upgrade process for sure, whatever it takes to do that must be done.

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Better hub experience:

...With an option to auto snap back after a timeout out of a specific message and to show all messages. My wife and many others don't have very good spatial awareness, and I think this would help.

...a little more polish in the UI and icons. less 80s feel

Better/faster voice to text .

Further enhancements to BlackBerry Maps.

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I want the ability to completely disable/block BBM invitations for those of us who don't use BBM!! These constant random invitations from what appears to be the Middle East are almost enough to make me want to switch phones (like we don't get enough spam already?).

There are a bunch of things I'd like to see in 10.2 including a built-in data usage monitor, battery level percentage next to the battery icon, panorama mode in the camera, calendar app fix to address the Facebook event sync issue and the option to use a 4 to 6 digit code to unlock our device. Oh, and I'd also like to see the a "do-not-disturb" mode with the ability to select which of our contacts are allowed to call or text us when that mode is enabled. In addition to that, make voice control more usable by adding more functionality to it because it's okay right now but it's lacking some major functionality. Like when we ask it to search something, it should be able to display the search results within the voice-control window and not have to open a separate browser window to perform the search much like what Siri and Google Now are able to do. It would also be nice to see BlackBerry Wallet updated with functionality similar to Passbook on iOS.

Being able to change notifications setting (normal to vibrate to silent) using the volume keys while the phone is locked.

BBM group notifications. Or even a feature that could silent any further notifications after one group message has been received.

Thanks blackberry!

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the return of the silence option when using the physical volume rocker. I want all my sounds off instead having to go into settings and turning it off.

A few must haves fixes that would make my Z10 perfect.

1. Google apps activesync calendar invitations fix.
2. view more than just pg 1 of a .tif email attachment 3. set as ringtone from within music player.
4. in car voice control for messaging, including reading my message and allowing me to reply

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5. oh ya and there is something wrong with cropping my photos. once you start it is impossible to get back to a straight box or the right size. almost like it is too sensitive
6. change the 2 finger gesture to hide the keyboard back to the playbook one were you swipe diagonally from the bottom corner
7. non-BES balance like the playbook would be nice

I would love to see a better contact management, now everytime I log into Skype, Facebook it mixes up my Contact list and I have to link them togehter again and again, it's really annoying. I would love to have my contacts staying in place. Also I would love to see, the ability in Belgium to have acces to BlackBerry World Music and Video. Now with the new update of OS I was surprised to see in MyWorld the Music and Video categorie, but when I click on it it says "You don't have any rented video available" , full of hopes I open the side bar to see if finally BlackBerry World music and video was available but there is still nothing other than the apps...
At the moment I can only think of those few things plus everything that already was said here.

What would make my Z10 my perfect device is to be able to print to a printer without the aid of a computer.

Android and Apple can print directly to Brother, Samsung, HP printers and more.

I want my Z10 to do so as well.

few suggestions:
Filters for the address book
length of the ringtones( adjustable)
Ringtone volume
In the calendar search for app for the following week
Phone call blocker(to avoid spam callers)

-Non-BES Blackberry Balance
-Improved lock screen passwords
-pocket dial prevention (including emergency calls from the password protected lock screen which are all too common, in fact, when I set up my phone to prevent my toddler from making calls, guess what only option was readily available to him the next time he got his hands on it. Needless to say, password protecting my phone is not currently an option to me).
-Tweak the volume adjustment on screen pop up so that it won't block what I am trying to watch whenever I adjust the volume.

Make the text message app separate from the hub like BBM where it can still be in the hub but also be able to close it out!

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Kind of Q10 Specific but for goodness sake I would be extremely happy with just 3 (Legacy) things being implemented in 10.2

1. Highly customizable profiles
2. TRUE Speed dial (Q10)
3. "Hide" file option on media (pictures,video)
Don't ask ;)

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i would love to see more battery improvements. I know they are constantly working on that but my device could always do with some more juice. I also want to see smime support over activesync. Every other smartphone platform supports this and would allow the bb10 devices to be utilized in SMB's and other enterprises that do not want to admin a BES server. Lastly, i would like to see android jelly bean 4.2.2 support in the emulator or at least ICS support so that i can port apps more easily. These 3 things would allow me to make a bb10 device my daily driver rather than just a paperweight sitting on my desk, waiting to support my work email encryption.....

edit: more ideas:
pinable active frames, increase number of active frames i can use. increase number of applications i can have in each folder (screw this ~10app limit), include an advanced email settings options in the email client where i can pick and choose what i want rather than the blanket settings bb currently gives (yes this is a good idea for the typical users but as a power user i want more granular control available). ill add more as i think of them if i remember to.

as a user of Q10,I would appreciate option to have full-screen mode ready for more apps while using hdmi output.Not only for build-in media player. For example, NHL Gamecenter ;)

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- Jellybean app support on Android Runtime.
- A completely rebuilt Facebook app. The current one makes me rage out
- Improve app performance so more high end apps can come to the platform

Also allow me to decide if I want to text or BBM high quality pics.

We also need selectable snooze times on the toast pop up calendar notifications like Windows Phone.

Lastly to be able to save screen shots to SD card and be able to share them immediately after taking it.

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I'd like to see easier file sharing between BlackBerry 10 devices through WiFi (something like Apples airdrop) that would be also working with BlackBerry Hub.

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It would be killer feature to be able to have two numbers for the same phone. One for work, one for personal and the user could mute one or the other.

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