What Do You Want For BlackBerry Applications?

What Applications Are Missing?
By Bla1ze on 30 Mar 2009 08:02 am EDT

We all know that the BlackBerry App World is coming at some point in time, be it April 1st or shortly there after. There has also been some talk of application developers holding off their applications from release just so that they may be loaded into the App World to debut upon launch.

While I was looking at the forums last night I came across a thread where CrackBerry forums member brucem76 posted a question asking which software was most needed, but still absent from the BlackBerry platform. Personally for me, it's a native blogging application for Wordpress such as the one that is available on the iPhone. Sure there are work arounds for it but none really offer what a native application could.

So I ask you CrackBerry Nation, what BlackBerry applications are missing? What applications would you all like to see developed for BlackBerry that just doesn't exist yet? Be sure to drop your app desires in the comments... maybe you can attract the attention of some developers out there who can make it happen.

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What Do You Want For BlackBerry Applications?



I want to see more multiplayer games, preferably Blackberry to Blackberry games, maybe PIN TO PIN, or games with Blackberry Messenger. I don't know if those count as apps though nor do I know what it would take to do something like that if possible.

1. An app like shazam that can recognize songs on the radio
2. For the storm, an app that allows you to flick scroll
3, a flash player to watch online videos without downloading vids to your memory card or a hulu app

I would love a calendar that is just as I see it on my home system, the ability to scroll and highlight with diffrent colors just like my home version and that gives a pop up for tasks, events, and reminders.

I would like an advanced contact management software that allows me to edit my contact labels as such:

Bank of America
Credit Card Center: 12345678
My Loan Officer: 87654321
Customer Service: 111222333
Main Street Branch: 666555444

As of now, I cannot edit the pre-defined labels such as Home, Home 2, etc.

I never understood how come Lazarus and others at RIM still use a watch... Shouldn't the Blackberry be the perfect watch replacement?

Almost every modern watch these days can tell the ambient temperature, the altitude, the direction compass, time elapsed, time countdown, etc.

Isn't it obvious?

And why is it that the GPS does not work unless you have a cell network around you. Can't it talk to the satellites directly?

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1) Application that would allow video playing in background, instead of still shots only

2) Application that would use the "flash" on the camera as the flashlight, instead of screen and led light on front

I'd love to see a secondary contact list that is well integrated with the Blackberry so that names would be searchable and you could be prompted to save new contacts to the BES list or to a personal, secondary contact list.

Currently, we have users who are required to be connected to a shared BES contact list for automatic update of business contacts but because the list is shared it is also required to be read-only. As a result, employees cannot back-up personal contacts added to the main contact list.

The only workaround is to have users save their personal contacts on the SIM phone book but this is limited to 250 contacts, holds only one phone number per entry and it isn't searchable by the Blackberry.

Please, someone build me a better contact list!

Id love a dynorometor application so i can test my cars horsepower and tourqe output. one that could then create a chart mapped out simular to a real dyno. the charts could be saved and then transfered to a computer.

Also a decent driving game maybe a need for speed port. or a midnight club. both would use the accelarometor to turn the car. and have a "bumbper view" and a behind car veiw. with car customization. and multi player mode over the bis connection. And over bluetooth for gaming against a friend in the same room.

and developers need to start pushing out multi touch applications. the storm is capable of supporting them so lets see them!

As a neglected BIS user (the silent majority I bet), I might actually kill for an app that will allow me to OTA sync my Outlook email (read sent deleted, etc) with my BlackBerry without the need for an enterprise server or using a 3rd party server. It would not bother me if a program resided on my PC and I needed to leave Outlook open and the PC on all day. BBerrysync.com comes close but really does not do the job for sent deleted read etc.

One of my favorite websites is hulu.com. You can not go to hulu.com because you need flashplayer to watch the videos. It is my understanding blackberry OS is javascript based and this is why flashplayer will not work. Someone somewhere could bridge the gap between the two, this could be one of thr greatest applications for the blackberry. You could spent hours on the web. This would open up more websites that you could go to on your blackberry. Also blackberry needs a better browser, or let us have the capability to download and decide for ourselves what our default browser would be.


i know how stupid this sounds, but amazon music or itunes would be great. Apple and Amazon would make a fortune on vzw customers who dont want to pay an extra dollar for the same song they can just download at home. Also slingplayer for the storm would be fantastic.

While I am hoping that there is a quality app like an MLB or NFL app available for download, I am sort of keeping my expectations pretty low. The big deal with the Apple App Store was that the iPhone was locked down so that third party apps could not be natively installed on the phone. Blackberry, like Windows Mobile, is and has been open to allow third party apps to be installed on the device. So essentially if there is an App that you want, chances are it is already available. I am just hoping that this app store may inspire more developers to be creative. But the realist in me just doesn't seem to think this will be as big as the Apple App Store.

What I'd like are more entertainment based apps. I know the business rep the blackberry has but to me this is an awesome consumer phone, and I'd like to see more apps with that in mind. Specifically, I want movies and music. I'm not interested in a converter. I want already converted movies. I'd like to see music download options and games, cool games!

1) Song ID (ala VCast SongID where you place your phone up to a speaker)
2) App to set my Verizon FIOS DVR from my phone ala DirecTV
3) MyBlockbuster App

They need a to do an app for the e-mails where after so much time and no matter if the other party saves the message it deltes it's self where it leaves no trace on the other persons computer or phone .I think they have some thing simular for the sms messages.

I would love to see something along the lines of a better memory management program for the 95xx series. Lord knows the phone needs it!

so your walking down the street and you see this gorgeous girl talking on her blackberry, but your either too shy or don't have time to talk to her...you load up your handy little pin sniffer app and voila, im her right away!!!

product review app, maybe consumer reports or something? i love googling product reviews when im in a store and i see something i hadn't read about before

I want an app that prompts me to save a number whenever I end a call if the caller id number has not already been saved in my phone book.

My palm treo 650 could do it, and it was a great feature to have, so why can't we make a blackberry do the same?

Although, Weight Watchers DOES have a mobile version - I'd love to be able to drop the app on my blackberry desktop so that I don't have to go to my favorites to log in my points

how do i download the free ap the one that makes my phone show crackberry as if im checking it on my computer

I'd like my 8310 to read sms and email messages I get so I can just listen and be safe as oppsed to reading while driving. I already have Vlingo to reply via voice so why shouldn't it read the message to me as well?

Also a gps based fishing spot locator. I just moved and don't know where any good spots are and that would help tremendously.

I'd like my 8310 to read sms and email messages I get so I can just listen and be safe as oppsed to reading while driving. I already have Vlingo to reply via voice so why shouldn't it read the message to me as well?

Also a gps based fishing spot locator. I just moved and don't know where any good spots are and that would help tremendously.

I would love either a Stargate theme, or a Stargate dialing app, using the Dial device for the gate to dial phone numbers like the app the iphone has.

definitely, i would prefer to have that lovely small thing called FRING on BB.I wonder whether such kind of free voip calls on BB would really be possible some time in the future?

A simple app that would eliminate duplicate calendar entries, or a true sync app. No matter what I do, I end up with duplicate calendar entries when syncing to Outlook. I've read all the forums, adjusted all the settings and the little !@#$%^&* keep popping up. I NEVER had this problem with Palm Desktop. Maybe I just don't understand the meaning of "sync." I thought it meant to make both calendars match, not transfer everything from one to the other, including duplicates.

Oh yeah, and Call Record