What Do You Want For BlackBerry Applications?

What Applications Are Missing?
By Bla1ze on 30 Mar 2009 08:02 am EDT

We all know that the BlackBerry App World is coming at some point in time, be it April 1st or shortly there after. There has also been some talk of application developers holding off their applications from release just so that they may be loaded into the App World to debut upon launch.

While I was looking at the forums last night I came across a thread where CrackBerry forums member brucem76 posted a question asking which software was most needed, but still absent from the BlackBerry platform. Personally for me, it's a native blogging application for Wordpress such as the one that is available on the iPhone. Sure there are work arounds for it but none really offer what a native application could.

So I ask you CrackBerry Nation, what BlackBerry applications are missing? What applications would you all like to see developed for BlackBerry that just doesn't exist yet? Be sure to drop your app desires in the comments... maybe you can attract the attention of some developers out there who can make it happen.

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What Do You Want For BlackBerry Applications?



I like the idea of aviation weather but would like to expand it to any aviation flight apps. Most PDA/smartphones now have some kind of flight tracking app. With the larger screens and built in GPS presented by the Bold and Storm this should be feasible for us. Plus the full keyboard would make entering the flight plan and changes on the fly (again no pun intended) a snap.

I sent a message to Urban Spoon asking them to either develop a BlackBerry app or publish their data in XML so I could write one. I heard back a couple days ago, apparently a BlackBerry app is in the works.

A BlackBerry version of Pocket Quicken. I use this app all the time on my Palm Pilot and would love to see it for the BB.

A BB version of Handy Shopper, the best free program I have ever used on the Palm. It is used for far more than grocery shopping.

A BB version of Datebk 6 from Pimlico Software, a calendar application that rolls in Contacts, etc into one program. Simply indispensable. even better if I could add icons and color themes to it. I happen to know that CESD is working on some version of this for the BB, so I can't wait to see what he comes up with.

A native version of the Weight Watchers software that would sync with the web site and allow me to enter information onto a client side app right on the BB. Entering it through the web site is a bit frustrating.

I absolutely look forward to a BB version of Handy Shopper. I used it a lot on my Palm device and it's the only program for which I consider switching back.

I have contacted Christopher Antos several times over the years and have admitted that I would gladly have PAID to use it. It's the most sophisticated shopping program out there and it kills me that the Palm OS is shot, Windows Mobile sucks so I'm *stuck* with a lovely BlackBerry Bold but no shopping app that works as well as HandyShopper. I've been spoiled. I want my multiple stores, MULTIPLE prices across stores and all the other wonderful things HandyShopper addicted me to. Now, I'm not willing to pay for apps that do half the job. And I saved so much with HandyShopper at my side because I always knew when I was getting the best price and where to go to get them!

one like the palm desktop and a simple and fast way to answer
a txt message like a treo with pre defind presets avalible
right away also a app that you can ignore with phone calls with txts quickly

I had the same need but I found a work around. Just go into AutoText and craft a few messages you'd like to send as your SMS reply. Assign a unique two or three character set for each message. When the call comes in, hit Ignore, then go to call log and hit your BB button to initiate SMS to the caller. Type your 2 or 3 character string and hit space. Your message will replace those characters and you can hit send. Quick and painless.

I would like an application that monitors and shows and also keeps track of data usage, therefore shows you what you've used for the day and your total for the month. I have an unlimited data plan but even this is limited to 500mb per month.

A calc that you can add feet and inches along with calulating areas. Converting from metric to imperial would be nice too.

You may want to consider gCalcPro from gWhiz. It can be used for simple math and more complex equation graphing. It's great as a tip calculator since you can continue to build the sum with a + 15 then divide the total by the number at the table /6

gCalcPro includes metric/english conversions as well.

I would say having the ability to record your calls like you can with most other phones. I would like to be able to save funny voicemails from my friends. Along with that, I agree with whoever mentioned preset text message options. Love this on my Razr!

These probably should be built into the OS but we all know RIM dropped the ball on some stuff:
-flick scrolling
-Autolock (where the screen does not light up to say it is locked)
-Golf GPS service (bbgpsgolf is okay but needs more courses)
-app where a golf tee spins and then randomly stops (to determine who tees off first. for golfers obviously)

Blackberry needs to have a financial application, other than Ascendo, that has a conduit that will allow direct synchronization with MS Money and Quicken. Currently, the only apps offered require that you import/export a CSV file into Money or Quicken. This is a hassle. Direct sync in what is needed to manage finances.

A base calendar from RIM that supports categories for entries that 3rd party developers (or dare I even say it RIM themselves) could use to add color coding to tasks and appointments.

I mean really - how stinking hard can it be to add a couple more fields to the calendar database for developers to access even if RIM didn't do their own thing with it?

Need I say More, Screen activation upon BB Messenger being recieved, they have it for txt and email nothing for BB messenger.

It would be nice if RIM can provide APIs that provide existing flashy/cool UI components out of the box, instead of the need to write things from scratch

I'd like to see some sports apps, ones that have up to the date stats etc for one game. Kind of like when you watch a gamecast on Yahoo.

* A browser that tries to follow W3C mobile recommendations and competes well in Acid3 tests against other platforms' browsers. How 'bout something like WinMo's Iris or SkyFire (even better)? FYI for the ambitious: SkyFire is looking for a contract BlackBerry developer to work in the Mountain View, CA area to develop SkyFire on the BB OS

* Better social apps that are uniform across the different mobile platforms. The Facebook app for the iPhone is lightyears better than the leaked v1.5 for the BlackBerry. From the functionality to the GUI, it's just better. The WinMo version being leaked from future HTC device ROMs is better looking as well. Multi-platform developers should make their apps as similar as possible across the different platforms.

As an architect I'd like to see a nice simple dwg file viewer for use on job sites, in meetings, etc.

I'm in the same boat but if i'm out office & someone asks me to view a drawing or detail i ask them to e-mail it to me as a pdf, easiest way around it (at moment). Not sure how complicated a .dwg viewer would be, probably lookng for a .dwf viewer similar to existing autodesk design review programme.

my best app for me is actually PeeKaWho Email SMS Alerts - with SPAM Blocker - VOTED 2008 BEST UTILITY by CrackBerry its so wonderful to c who and what they say, who(picture of course), and even reply with out opening the actual inbox. That all i need for heavy text'r

A symantic "Ghost" or Acronis "True image" type backup program with which users could back up an image of their device that could be fully restored.

I'm a hot air balloon pilot...and we rely heavily on current weather details. while we can easily get REGIONAL weather reports and the like, it would be nice to get live weather report and forecast information that is specific for pilots. I'm referring to METAR data - the up-to-date airport-centric weather reports.

It'd also be advantageous if the application could also notify of local TFR and other NOTAM information for a region and vicinities.

If I could have ONE wish for ONE application, it would have to be Pocket Quicken for BlackBerry.

I have used Quicken for years, and got very used to taking it along with me while I was still using a Palm.

I have actually been in touch with LandWare (developers of Pocket Quicken (for Palm)), and they tell me they don't have any plans for a BlackBerry version.

So maybe there is some magic fairy out there who will make my wish come true.......

I would love to have an app that I can take a picture of a barcode with my storm, then have it compile a shopping list based on what I have used.

I would also like this function fro keeping track of my modern wines, some of my bottles don't have barcodes on them. A decent wine cellar data base would be great.

More home automation is at the top of my list too. please roll out more hardware that can be interfaced with bluetooth.

The real threaded SMS app would have to take the place of the BB sms APP a lot better than the ones currently available do... that and not drain the phone in the process

I agree. I guess this is why some of the already free video streaming wont work on the blackberry...Like hulu...that would be awesome if we could use that site on our blackberries while trying to kill some time.

I mean, seriously? You have all these free streaming radio services for Blackberries, but nothing for the Storm. I personally would like to use my Sirius subscriptions included streaming radio... Even better if it displays the artist/title info like it does in the webplayer.

I emailed XM about this subject. They are apparently working on it and will have something in the future but had no time table. I suggest you email them to let them know.

As for an app something like Pocket Controller By Soti. It allows for you to use your Blackberry through your PC. I had it on my XV6800.

I do agree with you, however I was looking for the program they had for XM radio and it wasn't that good. It only played music stations I believe. If I am paying my subscription to Sirius I would like to be able to listen to all my stations via BB Storm. That includes all news/sports etc.

I would love to see a time-tracking app for lawyers and/or anyone else who needs to account for their time by client or project. Something with multiple timers, where you can click to start and stop each timer depending on what you're working on, and then at the end of the day or week you can generate a report indicate how much time you spent on each client/project.

I would like to see an app that gives you the ability to password protect your sms/mms folders & your pictures.

I have one BB - use if for personal and work. I have two computers (PC at work and a Mac at home). I do not want to mix my contacts & calendars between the two nor does my wife want to sync our home contacts that would include my 400+ work contacts.

I want an application that has distinct calendars and contacts so i can choose to sync one contact/calendar with my pc and one with my Mac.

Please - to quote George Constanza - -"my worlds cannot collide!!"

I'd like to see a ringtone manager that manages not just email, sms/mms, and phone, but one that will manage every program that has a tone! It will also have a pretty nice user interface and make assigning ringtones to people and groups simple.

Mainly it won't be as expensive as Ringo!!!!! (At least if they have the same features as Ringo, I'd pay 20 if they incorporated management for the other tones and it worked seamlessly..... and if I could transfer my license for free :-)

Flash player
Google Reader app (see iPhone)
A decent stock ticker (see Bloomberg for iPhone)
Citibank app
Blogspot app
Facebook chat

The 8830 "World" Edition clock should automatically sync. to the local time zone the phone is in. After all it is a phone for travellers.

Being a business owner and fervent Blackberry user, I would love nothing else but a true SIP protocol developed for wifi enabled devices. All other brands have this and not Blackberry. Come on guys, give us real programs that we can work with.


I would like to see someone develop an inexpensive PDF reader. I have tried both Beamreader and Repligo, I like Repligo for the most part but the delay between pages rendering the screen just kills it for me spending $20 bucks for it.

I am a BIS user that works for a company that has an exchange server but doesn't have BES. I want/need a true ActiveSync product so that I can sync my contacts, calendar, and all my mail (sent mail included) wirelessly with my company's exchange server. All other products that offer this type of sync feature that I have seen require a monthly/yearly subscription to their server. If an iPhone can do it, why oh why can't I?

There IS a Livejournal client that i'm told will work for Blackberry but I have a feeling it's ugly and lacks some of the things I'd want. So I'd LOVE to see a LiveJournal app made for use with Blackberries, not just one that may work with your Blackberry. Besides, there are LJ apps for iPhone and Windows Mobile.

I would LOVE to see a simple app that would lock the screen orientation on the storm to either PORTRAIT or LANDSCAPE... If it's at all possible, I think it would be helpful to a lot of people, especially those annoyed with the auto-flip that happens on current Storm OS's...


Also, would be nice if we had the option to manually flip the screen by the press of a side button so that when (which is not often for me) you want to change to portrait/landscape you still can.

Yeah, this is pretty annoying. Mine switches constantly when I move the phone even the tiniest bit...very frustrating!

A better application for threaded messaging. The 1 or 2 that are currently out don't cut in my view.

A application that will automatically set the clock to the proper time when crossing time zones.

These are a couple of things that phones with much less horsepower and ability can do, but yet RIM/BB's struggle with. These are the two things that are going to eventually drive me from away from my Blackberry.

So, if anyone can come up with some apps that properly fill the gaps, it'll help keep me from drifting towards a different phone manufacturer.

"These are a couple of things that phones with much less horsepower and ability can do, but yet RIM/BB's struggle with."

How about a FREE alarm application that allows you to set multiple alarms! I don't want to have to buy an application that my old old phone was capable of! (no offence my lovely nokia dino-phone...)

I COMPLETELY agree. It is ridiculous that a phone in 2009 does not come with the ability to set multiple alarms unless you do one through the alarm and then rest through the calendar (which is annoying). Even though this should be a basic feature on the phone, if they can't do that, at least have a FREE application.

You should also be able to customize each alarm. For example, I would like my daily 6:30am "Wake Up" alarm to have a sound, but I do not want my daily 1pm "Medication" reminder to sound in the middle of the day, instead I want it to vibrate. I know I can manually change it to the way I want to after the alarm sounds, but I shouldnt have to.

These are pretty basic features that should be expected in todays technology.

I would love to see more apps for effects for the camera.

I have seen some pics from an iphone app that gives some amazing vignette to the pics. Its beautiful!

Really anything that has to do with camera stuff, surely there are other photo enthusiasts out there?



Before we go nuts worrying about developing new programs, how about improving Facebook and Twitter clients so they are simple, intuitive and thorough...

I use my iPod Touch 2K for wifi & video things anyway, so I'm not crazy over Pandora for my BlackBerry Curve or 'Sling'ing movies - I already have that on the iPod. And the screen of the iPod exceeds that of the Curve so I'm excited about SlingMobile for it too when it arrives...

But the BlackBerry Curve goes everywhere with me all day long and I cannot access many of the functions in Facebook or Twitter that I do on the home computer...certainly not easily...

Larry J

Is there any way on the front page to have breaking news or baseball/football scores stream across, i dont know if there is anything now but i havent seen anything yet, but that would be cool, Thanks Frank D.

I want to upload to video web sites like qik.com and seesmic directly from my 9530 Storm. The Nokia and now even iPhone have really trumped RIM in this area. There are work-arounds for some, but they are tedious and often intermittent. The communication & networking possibilities are myriad.

Even better? Live streaming from BB to web.

I agree with Call Recorder, this is something I think should be addressed in a firmware update if at all possible, because it should be a basic function on the phone as it is... My Treo had it :( lol.

My last device before my Curve was my beloved Sony w580i, and the one thing I truly miss is it's spectacular music capabilities.
Mostly, I would do just about anything for a good working Music ID app like Sony's TrackID or iPhone's Shazam.
Please, lord, SOMEONE make a Track ID program for my Blackberry!!!

I'd love to find an app that you can set follow-up flag's to email's (similar to Microsoft Outlook) which will add an event in your calendar to follow-up the the flagged email. If there's one out there I haven't found it yet!

Something to monitor and catalog, resume downloads
and well if RIM would allow un limited Downloads on Blackberry. I have been told many times by rogers that
RIM hardcodes a download limit to 2.9 meg, I want unlimited

DOWNLOADING! - we have a data plan for a reason!
we paid for it, give us unlimited downloads!

I'd love to see a car performance app. One that measures 0-60, 1/4 mile etc. It could use the GPS for models other than the Storm.

But my most wanted app is something that will allow you to stop getting work emails after hours/weekends.

I would love to open up App World and be able to buy movies already formatted for my bb. I am just lazy I guess.

This would be a great option I second this :) less stressful if it was already in right format and we could just click on link and download away, but I know this would be a very large file and probably would take forever if its even possible.

Or maybe the idea of being able to purchase a movie from a website like netflix and watch it directly on our phone that would be GLORIOUS.

I want what the g1 has. The app where you scan a bar code and it brings in reSults of nearby stores and prices

REVAMPED FACEBOOK APP, the one now is hideous and lacks the most basic things(FB Chat would be great, being able to comment on pictures through app is NEEDED,...How about you give me everything you can do on facebook in the app. There, that about sums it up :)
Song ID
TRUE THREADED MESSAGES APP: Shows my name when I write and theirs when they write similar to BB Messenger
Flash Player
Oh and better games but im hoping that already come with App World and we dont have to beg

I would like to see a program designed that would allow you to list your bills and that you can set reminders to pop up on your phone to remind you of the current bill that is due. So that you can mark it paid etc. Also be able to export the information to excel or word. Something similar to the Due Date manager. But my experience with the due date manager for blackberry has been a horrible one. It doesn't actually work like the one for the windows mobile phone.

I'd love an app like Hulu on the web. I'd amuse myself with old teevee shows, even streamed at half- or quarter-screen size.

And while we're at it, how about Flash compatability?

And let's start with an OFFICIAL update of of the OS.

I'd love to see an accurate or faily close to live stock ticker with graphs. Viigo's version is just not cutting it and E-Trade is a pain and really only works if you pay they're rediculous prices to trade.

Please someone make a nice stock ticker that anyone can use! where we can set up a portfolio, track the live market (even it it has a delay) and view basic graphs. and if possible have a decent UI!!

I think Facebook for Blackberry is awesome....What else do people think it should do...I get birthdays, can upload pics...and I get notified of everything and can send messages to anyone...It doesn't do everything cause its a mobile version. Like when im at the beach I get all my messages and comments and I know what everyone else is doing..If I have to do more in depth things for facebook I just wait till I get home...I think its perfect for an away from your computer app...Ive never wanted to do something on facebook that I couldn't do from my phone....of course some people are crazy into their facebook. But remember its a mobile version...whats the longest your away from your computer...a day or two.

An app that tracks long distance calls (using GPS if needed) so that you don't exceed them. A bit like the SMS app that appeared on crackberry.com last week.

A better app that automatically changes the profile depending on what's in you calendar.

i would like an app that rotated my wallpapers on a set interval. i have a blackberry 8900. the only app i've seen with this capability has been for the storm.

I would like to see someone provide GPS for BlackBerry (specifically the Storm) that runs from software downloaded to our microSD card. I do not want to pay $10 a month for something I am not able to use because I've lost my cell signal.

Let me choose my State or States from a menu and that will be the map data that gets downloaded to my card. Also when maps have to pulled down via the cell signal they are too slow especially in a reroute situation. I want detailed maps and I want them local to my device.

Let me choose to subscribe to traffic and weather.

Thanks for listening,

The media player on my curve will not play many of the files I get over email or it cuts off before it finishes playing. Can't someone fix this, play simple wma files?

I also crave the Word Mole game for my curve that the Storm has.

I have been looking for a poker clock app for a while now. i host a lot of games and set them up at friends places as i am traveling. I would love to not have to bring my laptop with me everywhere I go. Oh to be able to have a poker clock that simply has a blinds timer and the current blind level would be a dream app for me.

List of Apps I think we need for the Storm.

E-Bay app

TD bank App

Medical Apps

In my opinion Blackberry is the superior Smart phone. Being a Storm owner I love it. But the Apple people have a bangin set of apps. I think the developers should just start coming up with similar apps.

SHould not be hard to do, and would really help business owners with their tax requirements for mileage.

An app that uses the GPS feature to track distances and then match them with appointments in calendar to create a mileage log real time.

See if you can do that...

I've found myself having to delete apps just so I can add new ones because of the memory and space limitations. The ability to run apps off the storage disk (and store them there, of course) would be a great feature and really eliminate most of the memory problems that I currently run up against.

Most definitely an app for WordPress like they have for the iPhone which seems way easier to use.

Call locking app but im sure that must already be available.

& lots of free stuff!!!

everyone loves free stuff!!

Orbitz, Expedia, or something to that nature would be a great app to have for our BlackBerries! For those of us that travel frequently, it just makes it that much more convenient to be able to do all of that from our phones! Please consider it.

I'm new to BBs, but it really would be nice to have an app like Mot Phone tools so you can have full control of what's inside the BB. Something like being able to manipulate the messages in the inbox from a PC will definitely be THE killer application!

I would love to see a better app that makes ID PICTURES for contacts BIGGER this def should have been included with the storm right out the box.

Threaded sms
Sirius Radio
Area Code lookup for incoming calls on storm (berryacode without legal shutdowns)
Storm Optimized slingbox
Decent looking (without lags) Full callerID Pic

i'd like to see a realtime desktop interface that will manage and run my bb apps and files for the ease of editing and working. some things like the contacts list are difficult and slow-going to mess with. i still havent been able to export using outlook or any other venue. to do this. my bbStorm is great, but i'm a lil freustrated with its usability with the pc.

What I mean by that is I'd love to see apps that can work together.... examples: Location Profiler can not work with AutoStandby - Why??? Additionally, BBWeather is not able to use my GPS - Why???

Sure some apps are free, but when you are willing to pay for an app and it does not do everything it should be able to do.

RIM has their head in their ass it seems... Blackberries have very limited room to store apps on device memory to begin with. Add in the ever present memory leak and your device memory slow goes down just by making phone calls, etc. RIM FIRST should figure out how to store apps in added SD cards and be able to run them from there. Just wait until you have all these people paying money and downloading apps who have no idea their Blackberry has an inferior storage ability for any 3rd party apps and then has their phone erasing all their texts and calls logs when it chokes from them downloading a few apps. They should also work on things like.. Oh.. GOOD OS updates for things like the Storm, etc. RIM doesn't seem to be able to prioritize things properly.

My ONLY gripe about the BB is that there is no option to have the display time AUTOMATICALLY update to the system time when you get off of a plane.

It would be nice if there was an app that would look at the time zone that you are via network time, then automatically update your phones display time.

Yes, I know why RIM does this... But there should at least be the option which we don't have now.

Since the thing I love most about my blackberry is that I no longer need to carry a phone, camera, MP3 player etc... but the one thing lacking on the Storm which forces me to carry an extra item is the lack of a good quality calculator installed. I am an Engineer who needs to use a scientific calculator often (a lot of converting HEX to Decimal and back) and the one on the storm is unable to meet my needs and is not that user friendly. I am also an accounting student, so the lack of a good quality calculator on my storm forces me to bring one to class with me.

On a separate note, I would love to see a good tip calculator added also. I know I could use the basic calculator or even do the basic math in my head but when you out with 10 of your buddies and have been drinking; it’s just easier to have the good tip calculator.

Just my two cents.

Hello Guys,
I would like to to have a software that can communicate with my car's electronic system to lock and unlock my doors
Just in case I lose or lock my keys inside. Another nice software to have is one that can start up your car for you with the press of a button.
Let me know what you think. Thanks.

Ali Abdur-Rahman
RE/MAX Unlimited
Commercial Division
5181 Natorp Blvd Suite 148
Mason, Ohio 45040

Personally i would love to see developers capitalize on some new revenue and an expanded market. I would like to see ports of iPhone applications onto the blackberry app world.

Just to name a few:

The Original Labyrinth (storm version is not upto snuf at all)
With out a doubt a better facebook app
Serious App

ps. Where the hell is my TIVO app!!

First of all, let me point out a major flaw in the bb, which is harddrive space. Especially with the applications below, you will run into memory issues, with images, databases, and etc. They need both a larger harddrive in the system and a way to load applications on to external memory cards.

(1) I'm a health care professional and working in the hospital it would be nice to have diagnosis and prognosis programs on the blackberry similar to the ones they have on the iphone such as A.D.A.M. or MICROMEDEX for the windows mobile. There is an extreme lack in medical software and it seems like the only one that is comprehensive enough to be consider is epocrates which is great for looking up drug dosage forms for example.

(2) Another issue I ran across, is to find a easier to use day planner - similar to the one that comes stock in Window's Mobile phone. Also, allowing the To-Do list be viewable on the main today screen would be a great help.

(3) YELP! Have you seen the one they have on the iphone? I live in new york city and I am constantly looking for new places to eat. You can search by boroughs, neighborhoods, and food type. When is the blackberry going to get something similar?

(4) Lastly, I need shazaam! If even possible, since I'm a DJ hobbyist, I come across a lot of obscure breakbeats, and it would be wonderful if I could find something that could aide me while I'm in the middle of nowhere with a dope beat playing.

I would really like an app, that is quick dialer for the storm like old qwerty keyboards, when you can hold down a letter and dial, ideal would be able to access with sidebutton then a screen comes up with 20-40 buttons(make it customizable), just letters and number then we just have to hit the letter to dial the contact we have stored under it.

have tried a couple things like Face Call, and Quicktext, but not exactly what i am looking for. as i call 20-30 people on a regular bases for work at alot of work to look up contact everytime when i only have 9 spots

I had a Palm Treo that allowed you to use all the letters on the qwety keyboard to assign to anyone in you contact lists. that was a lot better that a 9 digit speed dial.
Ohh how I would love to see that on the Storm.

1) Bluetooth Games and Apps
2) Backup data to memory card
3) Remote kill for BIS
4) Desktop Conduit like Palm- I hate that I have to upgrade my Outlook just to sync my calendar

I would really like to see Shazam (a song identifier software) on the BlackBerry OS. This is the only thing I envy about the iPhone. Thanks!

How about some apps that only use the capacitive press. Like Opera does. Not that I don't love pushing the big "button", but if the technology is there might as well make use of it.

I have a few off the top that I would just love to see done. I call this my app wish list. I even named them already. Heck if I knew how I would do it myself.
Can a guy just wish.

1. BerryAzzam - I would love to have an app that allows me to find out the title and artist of a a song thats playing and even allow for the option to purchase that song. (I know it exists for the iphone and certain other phones. I want it for my BB Storm)-Shazzam-

2. Call Berriginator - I had this program on my old Treo that would show me the location a call originates from, It showed City and State. BERRYACODE is one for Blackberry's but doesnt work on the storm (an upgrade of that would be grate or something similar)

3. Decode95xx A-Z - A media app that allows you to play any and I mean any media format that exists. I have videos and audio files that will not play on my Blackberry Storm.

I got everything I want on my Storm now. Except, streaming video (no Flash)!!! With everything else being so on the ball, this is the one thing that is missing! Would like to access Hulu also!

The one thing I hate about having my BB hooked up to my Gmail account is that I get EVERYTHING that's forwarded from all my other accounts...a lot of that is SPAM. But I have to let it sit on my Berry until I can get to a computer and mark it as spam in a vein effort to keep it from happening again. I would LOVE a mark as spam option added to the Messages folder menu for Gmail users (and I'm sure it'd work with most other email providers aswell!)

I would loooove a geocaching app. Something that works with geocaching.com would be amazing. I love the GPS on my storm, but I have to manually transfer the GPS coords. from the website to my google maps. It would be great to have an app that did that kind of stuff (among other things) for you.

I would also love an All Recipes app like the iPhone...sometimes I just can't plan ahead and would love to have an app where I can look one up while at the grocery store- Allrecipes.com is my favourite recipe website!

I only really want a couple of things, I want to be able to play mpg files, without having to convert them for the Bold.

I REALLY want navigation software with maps stored on the memory card, what exists at the moment is a pointless waste of time, the only time I have actually needed it I was lost where there was no signal !!!!

And I want either SPB traveller or World mate pro for the blackberry - not that world mate live piece of rubbish.

There's a handful of good free apps out there, but everything I'm reading from everyone else I'm sure will cost $20 or $30 a piece. And the work-arounds for some others that do exist cost that much if not more.

It seems like RIM got together with 3rd party app developers and said, "hey, we'll put these apps on our devices and you can develop all these others and charge an arm and a leg for them."

Don't get me wrong, if an app is really good I'll pay a little bit for it. One of the best things on my Bold is QuickLaunch at a cost of $4.99. But seriously, everything else costing so much more money. How about I paid $450 for my damn phone, throw me a bone here...

I hve a few ideas that I would like to see for blackberry
1. I'd like 2 see a new aim that will let u view peoples away messages w/o having to message them. This is way behind the times by not having this feature. Sidekicks have it so why cn't we.
2.I want an app that allows u 2 pit a signature at the bottom of the text like everyother phone has. I hate having 2 use the autotext 4 mi signature and I think it is dumb that for mi sms text I cn't hve a normal signature app 2 put it at the bottom of every text I send
3. I want an app 4 weather that wrks better. Had an app 4 this n it wrks not so great. I want a newer better one

Hopefully crackberry members can help me w/ these problems n mke apps 2 mke it better.thanks

I would like to see an application that announces the name of the caller while the phone is ringing. It seems like that is the one must needed application that is missing from the Blackberry.

As it has been said before. I would love to have an app that will allow me to sync my Microsoft Money between my phone and computer. I used Ultrasoft Money on my Treo and this is the only thing keeping my Blackberry from making me completely forget about my Treo. Someone mentioned Splash Money and I am going to give it a try. If anyone has had experience with this please let me know how well it works.

1) better productivity apps to include money management, photographic apps like photoshop, etc.
2) a live television app
3) some kind of sports app that will allow me to catch the football games while I am away from a tv like a beer run
4) better synchronization for my Itunes, Ipod, or PC music
5) updated operating apps for upgrading

Integrated Threaded SMS. The history that currently shows up is inadequate. This is one area where I think the iPhone shines. That's how I want my SMS conversations to act.

Music player - with full screen cover flow
GPS App - turn-by-turn with maps stored in SD card
Bank app
YouTube - Native app to view videos in good quality.
Surf Report app
An efficient web browser.

Music player - with full screen cover flow
GPS App - turn-by-turn with maps stored in SD card
Bank app
YouTube - Native app to view videos in good quality.
Surf Report app
An efficient web browser.

1. It would be nice to have an application which allows the use an on screen option to lock with or without password and which will not affect the auto-lock with password. so that if I am just going down the hall and put my BB in my jacket pocket or I am getting out of a cab and want to lock the keys on my Storm as I am putting it into my coat pocket to just pay the driver, I do not want or neeed to have to necessarily enter a password.

2. The card game Spades for the Storm.

Can't you just hit the mute button at the top of the phone for that stuff? that's what i use for when I need to put the bb in my pocket etc...

This may exist, I have not found it yet, I would like to be able to register with a site that let's those who want to be found, be found because they are logged into a tracking site. Then we could see each other like dots on the screen or a map...
Maybe even get up a game of hide and seek... sounds crazy...but I never claimed to be anything but crazy.

As a photographer i think i would be cool to have an exposure calculator on the blackberry, it can be a real pain to carry a bunch of extra stuff while taking pictures.

in fact more NON business oriented apps would be awesome,

ie: games/ apps to kill time, more apps for college students ( Their is a ton of students at my college who have a blackberry or an iphone, but more students like the iphone due to the massive amount of apps that kill time in between classes or during class)

Adobe Flash support is needed BADLY!!!!
If Skyfire can add this to WM and Other devices why can't they or RIM add Flash support to the Storm...
I would not expect it on anything less.

At least I got YouTube working now, that helps but I wish I could watch HuLu!!!!!!!

It is my understanding that Adobe is doing a FLASH development first for Windows based smartphones. More of us need to tell them of the need.

I want an app that will give a longer "Security Timeout" than the current 1 hour max.

At work or at home, I will leave my BB out and security isn't a huge issue as the BB is with me. If I haven't checked my BB within a 60 minute period, I must enter my password. Not a huge deal, but an annoyance. If I leave my desk, I holster it, and do want it to lock (which it does). So, bottom line: Out of holster - No lock (or a much longer time period than 1 hour). In holster - Lock it immediately. Thank you for your consideration!

An app like ListPro for Windows Mobile that lets you create or import your own fields and databases including images.

simply put one word Flash!

if blackberry's could use flash there would not be a phone available that could beat a blackberry!!!

I'm sure Blackberry users would even pay for the app, i know I would.

Being in the Medical field I would like more Medical applications be available for the Blackberry Storm. There are many applications on my Palm OS device that are just not available in Java. Examples: PKDose (a drug pharmacokinetic dosing program), Shots 2009 (graphic display of Adult and Pediatric immunizations), MedCalc, TheraDoc (a decision algorithm). A nice basic Periodic Table would be good. Just my 2 cents.

I'm a pharmacist and the developer of OnTimeRx for the BlackBerry. We have thousands of users on Palm and PPC, and it does have tremendous potential for BB users, too. There are lots of strictly medical apps being developed, and I know this is not exactly what you're asking for, but OTRx is geared toward the patient - the one who must take medications on schedule. If members of the medical community would simply try OTRx for their own meds (when it's released), they could then recommended it to their patients who have compliance issues. It's a Win-Win.

I would like to see a 1 to 2 sec clip that repeats as a callers ID when receiving and incoming call or SMS or MMS that would be pretty sweet.

I would like to see a 1 to 2 sec clip that repeats as a callers ID when receiving and incoming call or SMS or MMS that would be pretty sweet.

1. An app that will let me disable the accelometer
2. Lots of free apps. (2.99 is too much)

3. media applications (Podcast download OTA)

I hate having to open my calendar on my Storm to see what day it is? Can't they make the icon show the day. I know that when you lock it, the day and time are up. I don't have my phone locked all the time though. Plus it unlocks when I take it out of the holster.

I want an app that gives you calories and fat of foods and you can keep track of all your daily food intake like the one for the iphone. I also want an app that lets you stream any video on the net. Maybe a web browser like Skyfire.

A flashlight app (for the storm) that uses the flash from the camera. It's so much brighter than anything the "white out/ max brightness" programs can accomplish.

another one would be adding to the chat programs so you can play games on them. MSN has a couple games you can play with people you chat with. Imagine if you could play games of BBmessenger? i think it would be fun

Can't you use the video camera app's light? Even though I am one of those who wrote a (free) flashlight app, if I want maximum brightness I'd launch the video camera on my Curve and hit space once or twice to turn on the LED light.

and would love a TTY app for the blackberry. Portable TTYs are expensive and still bulky, and using a relay service can be terrible. I'd love to be able to just pull up a tty on my black berry and call whenever! Currently, there are programs that allow deaf to call hearing via online relay, or for hearing to call a deaf phone number from online (but the service is unreliable), but no way for deaf to call deaf or for hearing to call deaf. It would be great!

I would like to see "Loopt" for the Verizon Wireless "Storm". All other carriers have it except for Verizon. Can this be changed?

The one thing I really miss from my Treo is the ability to assign any key to launch any app. I've seen tons of "quick launchers" for the BB, but none that tie to customizable keyboard shortcuts.

It would be nice to see blackberry have the type of applications that the iphone has. Don't get me wrong, i personally hate the iphone, but i do have to admit that there is an application for just about anything. If there would be the same apps for blackberries as there are for the iphone, that would be perfect.

I would absolutely love to see full-scale Romance language support with downloadable custom dictionaries and a sleek WordReference mobile app *wub*

Basically miniature versions of professional apps such as Movie Maker, Garage Band, an image manipulator, and possibly an onboard developement kit.

It would be great if there was an app where a BB could locate another BB if they were in close proximity infared/wifi. Sort of like the MS Zune. File sharing, PIN sharing would be made easier. Just click locate BB and search for local BBs. Then your BB would be the ultimate pickup tool too!

I must stress that i am a new user of bb and think this website is great and my help and support. i live in the uk and i feel the iphone is more popular here but bb popularity is growing.

I would like to see a better picture organiser. I mean as you open a picture, you have to exit the screen to view the next picture. I would like an application that simply you press next to see the next photo.

some applications specifically for the uk market eg. railtimes or other crap.

i get really jealous of what my mates can do on their iphone and refuse to get one as i have faith in my BB.

"I would like to see a better picture organiser. I mean as you open a picture, you have to exit the screen to view the next picture. I would like an application that simply you press next to see the next photo."

You mean like pressing "N" for Next and "P" for Previous? You're welcome.

One thing that I miss that I used a ton on my other VZW phones was a music recognition program. That would be great to get one for the blackberry.

I want a list in which I put to-dos and their location. I would like the application to notify me when I'm a predetermined distance away,set by me during the initial to-do entry.

I havent read all of these yet, but what about some of the "Free Video" apps that are out there for sports games. You can watch any of the NCAA games free with an ATT phone and even some of the Football games were streaming free for those with an I phone...why not the blackberry?

Can we get a program (finally) that synchronizes with a Mac without issue or payment? I know there's missing sync and pocketmac but neither of them are perfect and it's time RIM manned up and made their phones accessible to the Mac lovers who want to fully experience the Blackberry too!

Can we get a program (finally) that synchronizes with a Mac without issue or payment? I know there's missing sync and pocketmac but neither of them are perfect and it's time RIM manned up and made their phones accessible to the Mac lovers who want to fully experience the Blackberry too!

I would like to see a Calorie Counter/Tracker like they have for the iPhone.

I would also like there to be an option or an application where every outgoing e-mail sent from either your BB device or a computer doesnt get sent back to you. I know you can apparently set up a filter from your mail options, but it doesnt work for me. I really want them to just have an application or an option in the email setting to fix this, because its a little annoying :o)

Games are always fun too...Tetris (Tiltris didnt work for me..), Scrabble (the one on EA is the worst game I have ever seen..its so hard to move the tiles, and the iPhones scrabble is unbelievably amazing...) Collapse, etc. I have the Storm so I think games like Scrabble and Collapse should be made easy for the touch screen!

things I would like is:
-A Google Reader
-A Youtube App (take advantage of the Bold's great screen)
-A Blogger app
-A Powerpoint app that views animations (slideshow to go don't do that)
-A Wikipedia app
-An app that can scan product barcodes and compare prices with other local stores (like the one on the G1)
-an eBook app (with integrated store)
-A calculator like Calctor Mobile for WinMo
-A Mille Bornes game
-An internet sharing program that works EXACTLY like the one that comes with WinMo
-A program (complete with attachment, of course) that will let me control my bedroom lights with my Berry
-An Amazon App

I would really like to have a reminders applicaton that stores all reminders until dismissed like in outlook....too many times I've hit escape on my bb only to dismiss a calendar or task reminder and it happens so fast you don't even know what you dismissed.

1. Shizam (an app that identifies what song is playing)
2. Something for us dieters. On iPhone there is an app called loose it and you can enter in your weight and keep track of how many calories you intake in a day, etc.

Hey guys, just new to this website and finding it really helpful. As for the applications needed for blackberry especially for australian users, Commonwealth Netbank application. iPhones have the applications for majority of the banks. Netbank on the blackberry's would be awesome.

With the coming of the new season i'd love to see a dedicated F1 app for my blackberry... I know apps like Vigo can handle suck information but iy slows my phone down way to much. I think maybe a push app with realtime info would be nice, nothing fancy, just simple text is enough!

id actually like an app or some kind of update, if possible, that gives you the option of pressing down the screen or not. for the storm of course. at least just for texting maybe. i could text or write emails way faster if it was just pure touch.

the ability to download different browsers on my storm. hopefully skyfire in the NEAR future!

true threaded SMS!!!! flick scrolling!!!!

does anyone know if any of these things would not be at all possible to develope for the storm?

The two biggies on my wish list are Google Earth and Pandora. Along with those musts, I'd like to see more of what's currently available on iTunes (eventually, of course).

A NATIVE app that prevents in call cheek dialing! I would like to see more functionality in BB Maps such as in Poynt or where, etc.. too many things lacking to list. a voice dialing feature that consitently works and doesn't lock up phone. An easier way to turn off flash on the camera.

A lot of apps, including BlackBerry's built-in AIM and Yahoo clients, don't work on a wifi-equipped BB if you don't have a data plan. This is true even if you are connected via wifi and can browse the web etc. I'd love to see many of the existing apps work over wifi without spending the extra cash on a data plan.

A Photo program that you can add little graphics, text, enhance your photos, etc...

A Barcode program that you can type in the barcode scan number and pull up places near by that sell that item possibly cheaper.

A way to have animated wallpapers!

Maybe I'm dreaming but its of an app that will teach me to say things in another language. After all my blackberry has to be with me EVERYWHERE!!!

Air Mouse
Check Please
A Graphing Calculator
A VNC app
Text Free
and last but not least......
Cube Runner

If these apps (and maybe a few more) come out for the storm, i will be a happy man.

A good Calculator. A good calculator looks NOTHING like an HP Calculator. It should be graphical and lead you to the answer you want. Modular in format with modules for:

1) Financial calculations: NPV, ROI, TVM, Interest, payments, etc.
2) Conversions: convert units of measure, etc.
3) Statistics: Mean, Standard Deviation, etc.
4) Geometric Solutions: solve for different geometric shapes, including; triangles, cones, spheres, etc.
5) Currency Conversions: Convert a currency to some other currency, with on-line update of the conversions.
6) Use your imagination...

I want to be able to use the Camera to take a picture of a document, etc. and have software convert it to text and/or read the Bar Code.

An application that lets you send a Customer Complaint directly to Verizon so that you can let them know how much you hate their policies and practices.

...like those available for iPhone and like I used to have on a Palm: Gauge checker, needle conversion chart, stash db, things like that.

I would like to see a BARCODE app. Scan barcode and it tells you info of the product and where you can get it for the cheapest from the GPS.

Also i would like to see SPOOF TEXT.

I would really like to see something like Shazam (iPhone) for the Blackberry Storm. I used to have Song ID on my Verizon phone, but they dropped the ball with the Storm.

Id like an app that would make the messages threaded, or an app from bank of america so I dont have to use the browser to check my account.

We need a true GUITAR TUNER APP with large stroboscopic display, ancillary chromatic (needle-type) display, metronome and "pitch pipe" style tone generator. Full- and half-step transposition for all three features and the ability to use all features at once would make this app worth paying for.
Oh I forgot I paid for TetherBerry. Don't regret it but I don't use it as much as I thought I would.

Logmein would be a great help....it already exsits for iphone users. It would be great for blackberry business users as well.

Barcode scanner, and music recognition. I want to be able to scan a barcode, and it bring back the results of nearby stores and prices.

I also want to be able to hear a song and have my phone tag it and possibly save the info for a later time so i can buy the song later. I know this can be done through the phone's music apps, but i want to be able to hear a song on the radio, and put my phone to the speaker and the phones comes back with song results.

Complete drug wars game. Also known as dope wars.

a program that shows programs running in the background, and the ability to shut them off through the app.

a program like limewire to dl movies and music with my phone. Possibly from other BB users? P2P through a BB!!

More games that use the accelerometer... Tilt features Like the marble game and flight path. Very fun. Maybe a race car game.

Number of Storm speed dials = 9. Laughable.

I'll get straight to it.

Here's how the idea would work.

(Assuming you have your Storm set up so that when you tap the call button your dial screen appears)

1) Hit call Button
2) Flip to landscape view
3) Viola! Full qwerty keyboard. Enlarged Letters.

I get that people like to use apps like facecall or dial face or whatever. I really miss assigning contacts a-z.
please make an app that does this.

I don't want to have to scan people's faces.

I've been requesting this feature since i got my storm in january.

I would like to see an app similar to "ringdroid" for the T-Mobile G1, So that we can make custom ringtones right from mp3's are our storms :)

Flash App
And Fring!!! We need a SIP client for VOIP it works great on IPHONE.
Now that Skype is coming there should be no reason why we can't get a sip client.

A decent financial calculator.
A backup app with 3rd party app support.
An eBay client.
Google Mobile Apps.
Skype over 3G.
Functional Operamini.
A Mac DM.

Yeah and more fart apps, why not.