What do you think were the BEST and WORST points this year for RIM?

By Adam Zeis on 15 Dec 2011 03:02 pm EST

This past year was a bit of a rollercoaster for RIM. On the good side we started out 2011 on a high note as we first got a glimpse of the BlackBerry PlayBook and all it had to offer at CES. We moved through the year to the PlayBook release, then the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 announcement at BlackBerry World. There were rumors of more devices early on, but we didn't see any pop up officially until late in the year. RIM has its fair share of bad notes too with PlayBook software delays, their biggest outage in history and falling stock prices. Every tech company has high points and low points, so for now we just look forward to 2012 when we'll see the PlayBook 2.0 update and hopefully more than a few BBX superphones.

What we want to know is what you think the best and worst points of 2011 were for RIM. What was it that impacted you the most on both the high side and low side? Pick one answer in each of the polls above, then hit the comments to sound off with your year-end thoughts for 2011.

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What do you think were the BEST and WORST points this year for RIM?


To the left question you should add another option that says "None of the above" and to the right one that says "All of the above".

Agreed. There were NO good moments in BerryLand this year. And I'm afraid next year isn't going to be any better, either.

Darn had to sign in to get first but was too late!!!

Best moment was when i got my playbook!!! stil hasnt let me down!!
Worst was the outage!!!

I want Bell to get more CDMA phones!!!!!

Perhaps "Flagship device randomly bricks, causing the user to lose ALL their data. No known permanent fix" should be added. Forgive me if there is a known fix out now, my 9900 still hasn't come back since i sent it away on warranty so I haven't really kept up.

I'm jumping on with this one. Nobody buys a phone to have to worry if its going to brick on you. When you first start it up it feels like the phone its supposed to be and then everything slows down then........brick.

I'm still waiting to see what's being done by RIM. We made a big deal when Att didn't come out with the 99xx. How come we can't make a big deal with RIM about this issue or did os7 devices get made only to screw the loyal Blackberry fans?

I think the Playbook is a great product that has been mismanaged. Even with that, I think the PB launch was RIM's best moment so far.

That service outage hit RIM where it really hurt: their reputation for enterprise-level reliability. I found the PB slippage irritating as hell, but it was trivial compared to the loss of faith in RIM that many suffered over that outage.

I think the PlayBook as a whole should be in the 'Worst Thing" section and not just the OS delays.
I own a PlayBook and am content with it but that's simply because of the great potential it has.

RIM needs to do something exciting like...release OS2 on Christmas eve. :) that would help restore my faith.

I don't even think the choices offered are the worst. For me:
* Repeatedly making official promises that are not kept
* Failing to advertise effectively and leverage product strengths (BB isn't even mentioned as an option anymore).

I am a rabid BB fan, but if OS2 is not absolutely astounding (and does not utilize the amazing form factor of the PB), and if BB 10 fails to come out quickly and at least run neck and neck with the competition, we won't be here in a year. It makes me sad to think it, but there it is. I don't even type on my 9850 in front of others anymore because I am embarrassed to be seen fumbling around and unable to get a short message off.

The left category doesn't seem to nearly outweigh the right to me :(

I picked PlayBook release for best. It had all kinds of problems, but it also is a glimpse into the future and it really is a very good tablet. If they just had it completely ready on time and marketed it better, it could be a factor in the tablet space instead of 1% market share.

For worst, I am in the minority and voted for the BBX name loss. The others were bad, but they were somewhat understandable. Delays happen. Server crashes happen. Not bothering to look up whether your new idea for a name is trademarked BEFORE announcing it to the world, and then having a terrible backup name? That's unprofessional. As my fiance pointed out to me recently, I can usually defend RIM even in the worst news, but I had nothing for that one.

Worst: Bold 9900 closely followed by Playbook. RIM abandons the businessman at it's peril.

Best? You are having a laugh!

I disagree. The playbook may have been a little late, but it was worth waiting for. The new bold is a beautiful device. I think the 9810 is the worst new device.

What was the BEST moment for RIM in 2011?

BlackBerry PlayBook release????????????? LMAO!!!!!


For Worst, I would have added something as the following:

"RIM's CEO's failing to deliver anything remotely on time"

"RIM's shareholders for refusing to hold a Vote of Non-confidence in RIM's CEO's"

"RIM's CEO appearance at DevCon" <-- that was painful

"DevCon" <-- that was also painful

For Best, I would only have listed the following:

"2011 and is almost over; let's hope we never talk about this year again.

I really thought RIM learned it's lesson the hard way, not to release a not ready for prime time product after the Storm but the Playbook release shows that they did not. Unlike the Storm, I think the Playbook can and will be fixed with the release of OS2 - heck it's already a much better device than it was on the release date.

I was playing with an Android based tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9) and the Playbook is a much better device - but I can't use it (the playbook)for Skype, watch Netflix, read my Kindle books (all of which the Galaxy Tab does) all these months later - is very frustrating. The hope was OS2 was coming this summer and now it has a February date it better not miss or 2012 will start off echoing the disappointment of 2011. Anyone who has used a Playbook isn't disappointed for what it does - but for what we see if CAN and SHOULD do!

All that said I love my 9810 - BB7 was a nice step up from BB6 and it seems like most of us who upgraded are happy we did and are enjoying our new phones with the hope that BB10 brings us something new, something original, something only RIM though of. The original Berries were those kinds of phones and it is my New Years wish that BB10 takes RIM there again.

The most disappointing thing was the blowhard promises of the CEOs especially Jim B. If they had said we blew it years back by not competing with iPhone, but we get it and we are working like hell to bring out the best products we can including an OS that will run Android Apps bear with us because this is hard because we have to build in security etc... then fine.

Instead it was "it's the first profesional grade tablet" "email is coming in like 60 days" it's coming at the end of summer" "leapfrogging the competition"

There isn't much wrong with BB7 phones for what they are but really they are simply what OS6 should have been, about 1.5 years too late.

I voted for the BB7 phones simply becuase it showed that RIM was willing to stop what they were making and release a phone that could keep up with the hardware arms race versus bring out yet another under powered phone. Looking strictly at a phone space, all the BB7 phones are as good if not better than the compition. (App market is software before somebody wants to jump on me about not having enough apps.)

Worst has to be the OS2 delay. The PlayBook is a great product, but you can't say that it is the best of this past year. It is heavily discounted, lacked app/developer support, and promises with the product were not delivered. Now, if OS2 (and let's not kid ourselves OS1) had come out in a timely manner and brought with it the email, calander, bbm and android support with it in a timely manner, then I think you would have seen the PlayBook have more of an impact on the tablet market.

What I would like to see come out next year:
1) OS2 for PlayBook in January. It NEEDS to be out NOW. If the PlayBook is going to have any success on the backs of getting into so many people hands, it needs to have the OS out right after the holidays where new owners can see the benefit of having the PlayBook versus an iPad (Android doesn't matter because your average consumer is going to compare it to the iPad at least 85% of the time is my guess.)

2) BB10 named something completely unrelated to it's old name. Personally, I think it should be called QNX Mobile OS. Most people are already accustomed to calling the OS QNX, why force the change. If Joe Shmoe is used to thinking that the BB OS is garbage, BB10 isn't going to change that, but if you tell him that it is QNX, he might think twice. Cut the tie.

3) One QNX phone out by midyear with Android support AND NO OTHER PHONE UNTIL 2013. Personally, I think the full touch screen phone on BB7 was a mistake (not saying its a bad phone) and that they should have waited for the all touch BlackBerry to come out with QNX and new model name. Instead, I think the Torch should have come out with the 9810 and 9830 models. This way those that gotta have a big screen touch BlackBerry can have one on GSM and CDMA.

So why just one phone for next year you might be thinking. Majority of engineering support is focused on getting one product perfect. Apple has it right on this point, but we aren't Apple. We will need more than one model, but I believe the BB7 phones have enough variety and enough hardware to hold people over until 2013; when I think a lot of people will be looking to upgrade their BB7 phones. 2013 will be prime for a slider device and traditional device. I honestly think RIM should move to a three model system in which ALL phones have the SAME screen resolution. This would allow for a much better developer support since the all touch and slider phones can have the exact same apps and any app that works in landscape will work across the board. Happy devs = more and better apps.

4) Dedicated Developer Support. Hire a team that does absolutely nothing but work with devs and start getting their input to make better tools for them to build with. This is still BlackBerry, not Android. Let's not lose sight of that. There is so much work that can be done here, that I'm not sure if I can even begin to start anywhere, though if I had to pick, I'd say tool documentation would be the best. I think there is more that can be done with what is available if devs could just get the information on how.

I have faith that RIM can recover just fine and that there isn't anything Apple or Android offers that can replace a BlackBerry but the ship is starting to have a lot of holes and there are only so many people with buckets to dump it back over the side.

Why can't I select "playbook" for the worst moment? By selecting "playbook OS delays" that implies that there is something good about the Playbook.

i don't understand, the playbook is an awesome tablet

i don't get what the problems are, lol

i have been using my playbook and blackberry 7.1 phone non stop, i always have my playbook and 9810 with me.

hmmm, i dunno

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So far for me I've had no problems with my Bold 9900, I've had it for over a month now and its been the best Blackberry I've ever used or phone period and I,ve been using blackberrys since 2006 This phone will Hold me to the middle or end of next year. Rim has had a lot of lows this year but I think they will make up for the lows in 2012.

Worst issues with RIM are all about missing backward compability waz to often:
- dropping JAVA as a development environment
- making way for Adobe Air - and then Adobe drops it
- buying qnx/bbx - the third 'do it all over again' signal
=> all together management into developers wasteland

Then predictability: all one can be sure of is delays.
(If the 9900 would have been out 1Y earlier, who needs an iPhone?)

Then: No innovation. In the last 3Y, RIM is a follower, getting slower every year.
Siri? ITunes? Ebooks? WLAN Router?

And: Due to RIM a battery lasts max one day. Then its empty. Cant you please just work on doubeling it instead of wasting time on doing a 'white 9800' ?

Oh my, where will it all lead to??