CrackBerry Asks: What do you think of the name BlackBerry 10?

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Dec 2011 10:58 am EST
 BlackBerry 10  

Back at BlackBerry DevCon, Mike Lazaridis announced that the new BlackBerry/QNX platform would further be known as BBX. That was all well and good until a company called Basis stepped in and begged to differ, as they already were using the BBX trademark. After a few courtroom spats, RIM was forced to give in and was no longer permitted to use the BBX name.

As a result, RIM has re-dubbed the next generation software BlackBerry 10. Depending on how you think, there are two ways to look at it. You're either on the "BBX, X=10, BlackBerry 10 ... that works" side, or the "What the hell happened to BlackBerry 8 and 9?! side". Whichever it is, you either love the name or hate it. We want to know what you think, so cast your vote in the poll above. As for me, well... I'm sort of hoping somebody else happens to own the trademark on BlackBerry 10 and RIM is forced to change it up one more time. But honestly, as long as the phones kick ass I'll be happy.

Hit the comments and tell us if you could come up with a better name for BBX .. err .. BlackBerry 10. :-)

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CrackBerry Asks: What do you think of the name BlackBerry 10?


it does make sense bro. think about it: x in roman numerals is 10, so blackberry 10 = blackberry X = bbx , => make sense:)

IMO BBX sounded better, but whatever its called it should be awesome.....

as of right now i'd rather hear the name: Blackberry 9790 for T-Mobile <---is this happening?

BB10 is very genreal and most will forget it and or throw it in with the rest of the BB

9670, 8999, 9900, 8730, 9999, whatever....and the list goes on. The worst they could do is continue to use a flurry of numbers from a marketing POV.

If you go and use someones trademark name with the more than likely be taken away lol, at least have a secondary name that doesnt seem like a last second lazy play on the cooler name...


BB10 is okay. BBX would have been cooler, but the branding doesn't matter so much to me as the fumbling that's happened over it.

This has been a stunningly bad year for RIM ("Annis Horribilis", as Queen Elizabeth II might aptly put). The whole range of things that has gone wrong is breathtaking in its scope; everything from market miscalculations to rowdy staff disrupting flights. This is but another stumble in a series. I can't believe their lawyers couldn't see this coming.

Even so, some of what has happened has been the result of bad luck as much as anything else. I'm putting in an order on their stock this morning.

I think BlackBerry 10 is horrible. It's not original and has no relevance. Ten what?

My idea is to create a different brand for the OS(es). Since tablet and phone will merge in the future, and be more complementing of each other, how about naming the tablet OS "Yang" and phone OS "Yin"?

BlackBerry Yang for tablets and BlackBerry Yin for phones. Simple and effective.

~ Yousif

I like Blackberry 10!
And to answer the question of what happen to 8 and 9. 7.1 could be 8 and the origanl tablet OS was the first and before the new QNX OS that could be 9.

I think that would actually be better (once people initialy get over it, like the iPad thing..)

I mean, come on... Who doens't like a good BBQ!!??

I don't like the look of BB10.

I like the idea of using BBeX or BlackberryX.

I like the look of the roman numerals better, rather than using the same old numbering.

I don't care wtf they call it as long as its out on time and everything is working well and complete. Its not like the average consumers (which are the majority) will even care about what its called so I'd say RIM should focus more on the delivery and execution which is what matters the most. If they take care of that, things will start to go well for RIM again which is what they need to get the bad press off their asses.

I REALLY can't believe how none of you have figured it out yet. I thought the CrackBerry nation was smarter than this!

If BB is short for BlackBerry, and X is Roman for 10, then BlackBerry 10 translates to?

Yes Einstein, it IS that obvious.

Maybe not to you, but to many others marketing basics are pretty obvious too.

For people who don't know the back story, BB10 is a big nothing.
By the time some nerd explains it ---"No wait! It's really witty. BBX was a catchy name they couldn't use but X is the roman numeral for 10 so they're getting the last laugh..."--- the customer already moved on to the next display.

Thanks for this. I totally agree. BBX was cool and BB10 just seems like BB7 but they skipped a number. Nobody cares how it came to be BB10, they just see numbers.

In the end I don't think it will matter much though. They need to get it right and get it out fast. Nobody will care what the number is if it works.

What happened to 8 & 9?

Easy. They realized their OS was years behind the competition and the only way to catchup was to skip a release or two.

Or to ressurect an old joke... "seven ate nine"

{haters, hate me now}

I think this is actually a very serious blow to RIM. Blackberry 10 is unoriginal and unexciting. If consumers weren't excited about OS 7, why would they be excited for OS 10? WE know it's a big change but the average consumer's going to think it's just another Blackberry. BBX signals a change, Blackberry 10 signals business as usual, which hasn't been working for RIM lately.

Exactly. This is a legal fail to not realize that BBX is taken, and a marketing fail to not a better backup than to just keep using numbers that nobody outside of the hardcore fans (us on this site) are going to even notice.

What happened to 8 & 9?

Nothing happened to them, your just reading the OS numbers in the wrong base... 10 (octal) is 8 (decimal)

{haters, hate me now}

Since RIM needs marketing help, I'd like to see something more interesting than 10. BBX did the trick, but alas.

BB8 would have been cooler than10 as a "B" looks sort of like an "8" and they could have done something cool graphically.

But ultimately, the content is what matters most.

I still think they should use BBNX for BB+QNX. Kind of makes it sound like BB"next" as in the next level or generation and stays away from the 7,8,9. This new OS needs to be distinct and stand out from the other OS's including the competitors using numbers. Not saying BBNX wouldn't have version numbers but could be a good foundation for a strong marketing campaign by RIM (which they have not capitalized on in the past).

BBNX........BlackBerry NeXt generation of super phones


I like this. You should trademark it and make some big bucks off that.... I'm sure you can sell it for less than BBX lol (wonder how much they wanted for that)

Everyone is thinking along the lines of "BB - something". Think outside the box. Use a freaking animal name like Spider, that isn't patented. Or Blackberry Eagle, that sounds cool too. "X" is so y2k

They need something edgy, or even stupid sounding, in order to attract attention. Back in the day, Google, Wii, Yahoo, etc, were all considered stupid names, but at least they are memorable...

Call it... Blackberry Juice, Pulp, Pie, Scone, (insert blackberry related item here).

Do you buy a phone because its a kick ass phone or do you buy a phone because of it's name? Who cares. In my opinion Blackberry 10 is better than Ice cream sandwich or cookie crumble or apple fritter or whatever google calls their junk now.

The problem is that we've seen how important marketing is in this business. There are numerous ads for Android phones and iPhones which do nothing to advertise the features of the phone itself, but instead try to give the impression that the phone is "cool" and that's why you need to get it.

What's going to be easier to market? BBX or Blackberry 10? And doesn't RIM need all the help they can get with marketing?

They can call it BB Deez Nutz for all I care.

Make it work great out the gate. Make me a believer again in Blackberry.

And while they're at it update the Playbook form factor and be sure to make that work great as well. NO MORE EXCUSES

I was thinking BNX as a replacement, but the fellow about proposed a good one in BBNX as in NeXt generation. Does the trick.

I'm fine with wahtever as long as it works good. BB OS8 works just as good to keep it in line with the other released OS versions for me.

If ya wanna make it 10 vice X, go to Hexadecimal: BB-A (only cause Binary is a bit clumsy (BB1011).
And we changed from QNX for what?

Curve 8330 CDMA (eww, I know, u/g to Torch soon!)
Winner of EA Mobile SE Playbook - rockin' it!

I don't care for BB10, it implies a simple iteration of what we already have. I want the new OS to be thought of as just that, NEW... a BlackBerry rebirth... "not your father's BlackBerry". If RIM wants to market the QNX OS as new or revolutionary, calling it 10 which implies it's just another in a series of upgrades, will really muddy their message. In my mind, this sweeping OS change deserves nothing less than a new "1.0" designation along with a cool name.

I can only hope RIMs plan is that BB10 is temporary until they can negotiate the rights to BBX. But PLEASE RIM, if BBX is truly off the table, come up with a brand new cool, exciting and POWERFUL name, not just take the lazy and uninspired way out with BlackBerry 10!!!! Someone mentioned "magma" yesterday... Magma 1.0 anyone?... Anything but BlackBerry with a number attached to it.

what a joke..they needed to get rid of their number operating systems because it will still be associated to the garbage they put out now. They need to change it up completely and do away with anything that sounds like what they have now

I know X=10, but no.... BB10 is silly. They should have gone with 8. I mean really, look what happened when they got all crazy with skipping numbers crazily before, we hit 9930 with (hopefully) many more phones to come. LEARN TO COUNT RIM. Skipping numbers is not cool :\

If BBX was their one and only name for the new platform, at least fall back to something they were decently good at... counting OS versions. I say decent because of the 6.1=7.0 mixup... Now i'm SURE 7.1 will become 8, then what would have been 7.5 will become 9. We all know BB10 phones wont be out till fall-ish 2012, so there's plenty of time to fabricate OS versions 8 and 9.

What? You mean BBX is only three better than OS7!? I am so disappointed. Maybe I'll just go ahead and buy that 9930 now.

I agree with the posters above who advocate a break with the past, and switching away from a numbered system. BBX was interesting because it distanced the new OS from the previous numbered versions. QNX is a microkernel unix, I'm surprised they didn't try a take on the UNIX name. Or is that what BBX was? I wish they'd done their homework before settling on BBX. Now any change they make looks amateurish.

It's horrible, but not surprising coming from the marketing department that named the BlackBerry tablet the PlayBook...

And I'm surprised they didn't name it BlackBerry NT since the CEOs seem to live in the past :D

BlackBerry X sounds cool but I think they should name it what it really is...BBQNX. For the true techies, we already know that QNX is used in the military, aerospace, automotive, telematics and many other mission critical applications.

They should run an ad....

-story board showing space shuttle, military drones, advanced medical devices

"What is being used in also used in this!" (insert cool music)

-fade in to their new BBQNX smartphone and then fade out on the device's backplate clearly showing POWERED BY BBQNX

-end 60 second commercial.

If only the clowns they currently have in their marketing division could come up with something half as good as that.

Okay, i just posted a message above, but this topic really makes me wanna pull my hair out. With brand new hardware and a brand new OS along with brand new services such as movies and bb cloud, this should be the perfect time for RIM to completely relaunch the BlackBerry brand and position it as cutting edge and forward thinking... but instead the best they can come up with is freakin' "BlackBerry 10"?!?!?! YAWN!!! I believe they're setting themselves up for a marketing fail. To imply that the new phones and new OS are connected in any way to what is or has been is a major mistake. I support RIM so strongly that it's depressing to see them announce "BlackBerry 10"... It's as if they put less effort into their company than we do as fans.

Man you guys need a chill pill. The OS name is as important as the color of the battery. People onlu use the OS title to determine if they have their hands on the latest device, not to decide if they wanr ir or not. If you ask me, leaving it at numbers makes it easier for new blackberry users. The devices are complicated enough with all the things its capable of.

I'm sure the legal position was that "X" was a roman numeral and "10" is now the play on that position in order for the BBX to be considered as BB10.

Sorry, folks, but naming and branding do matter, and RIM can't seem to figure that out. True, Blackberry loyalists will buy it no matter what the name, but the company needs new customers to survive in a market absolutely flooded with Android, iOS and Windows. As it stands, there is nothing to compel the average customer to switch from any of these platforms to Blackberry. What kind of freaking circus are they running in Waterloo that they could make such a fundamental marketing blunder? Or did Lazaridis have another Steve Jobs delusion and think they could just launch the product and settle cheap for the name later? Talk about a reality distortion field!

I know the haters will trash this post, but I'm a devoted Blackberry fan who is pissed off that such an awesome brand is being driven into the ground.

BBX is a far better name than BlackBerry 10. BBX and BBM sound nice together. Since there is no BlackBerry OS 8 or 9, BlackBerry 10 sounds like RIM is trying to be like Apple (Steve Jobs always called OSX OS10 since it followed after OS9).

I'd recommend them use "BBQ" instead to reflect QNX - it's a much tastier name!

They should have named it something better after BBX got the axe. Very boring as BlackBerry 10. Yet, a turd by any other name is still a turd. hehehe.

I don't really care what they name it, but maybe they should have left it as BlackBerry X... That way when the CrackBerry nation refers to it, we just use the initials BBX to refer to it. Is that legal?

I preferred BBX but this isn't bad. It does still show the break from the current OS, at least to current "in the know" blackberry users. Certainly doesn't roll of the tongue as well. Not sure how this TM got missed and why they didn't pay for it.

BBX was perfect :( Now I would say for OS forget BB part, just go with QNX phone OS and QNS tablet OS. Like BB Bold running QNXP 1.1 and PB running QNXT 1.8.

Oh my god- its sooo distressing... RIM behaves like a small town gas station which wants to offer a new (but not really competitive) petrol and named it Pepsi... Amateurish marketing, amateurish market research, amateurish product development... I LOOOOVE BlackBerry, but this kind of traitorous sabotage at RIM is unexampled!!!

While it would be refreshing to have a more unique name for the difference that is to be QNX, the substance behind the OS: its UI and capabilities are more critical! If the OS and hardware really deliver then the OS can be marketed under any name for that matter! But even so there must be better options out there to incorporate the QNX name in BlackBerry!

Forget BBX, people will start wondering what BBX stands for and forget the BlackBerry name and brand. Just call it BlackBerryX aka BlackBerry10. Problem solved plus it looks cooler.

You got that X...yeah I got that X...BlackBerryX *cues explosive sound effect*

If you ask me BB10 works just as well as BBX... A names a name... they could call it BB S*!tbrick and if its a killer phone its gonna sell... Even tho they had to drop the 'X' I think its still gonna be referred to as BBX by the general public as it means the same thing in the end.. Time to buy shares in RIM... 2012 is looking up :)

Just keep the qwerty keyboard, get rid of the restart nonsense for adding/removing apps and make sure the hardware and software are stable before selling them.

Call it whatever you want - who cares.

Does anyone really think iphone users care that the operating system is called iOS? Seriously, who cares what it's called, if it works and gets RIM back in the game. Which they are not currently anywhere near the game.

While the BBX name was cool, I have to admit, the "X" names are getting tired. I think the QNX name is fine and, come to think of it, don't they own that name now since they bought out the company? I know they want to re-market the technology but QNX is already familiar to everybody. Since the X stood for cross-platform, they could always go with BB Hybrid. Not as smooth on the tongue as BBX or QNX but - still kind of cool. BlackBerry 10 is just wrong.

It says alot about the management running the company when they cant even get the name out without ending up on the losing side of a lawsuit. When is the board going to oust the two inept co captains at the helm and set this company straight. Are they waiting for a sign from god?

RIM really knows how to screw up a good thing....but there is always a silver they can find an even better name. Maybe BB PRIMATE or SIMIAN. Then they can name each version after a primate...SILVERBACK or GORILLA, ORANGUTAN, BABOON, would be just like android and its desserts but so much better. Plus they could have a really cool mascot that would evolve with each OS version.

If they dont like Primates then they could do BB CANINE and name each OS version after a dog.

Whatever the case they need something that is going to wow the non die hards....its about more than performance....apples sells ipads not because of specs but because it connects with people...RIM needs to get on the ball.....long live the RIMpire!!!!

I think its right up there with "OS7". What's the question??? Obviously the different models will have different names/numbers.

Hmm BlackBerry Spartan as this HAS to hold the pass against the rampaging Androids and malignant apple hordes.

BlackBerry Quantum This is a quantum leap forward for BlackBerry and will leap ahead of the pack.

Thats all folks.

BB10 is not a good idea. @chaoticblissx said call it BBNX, I say close but drop one "B" and call it BNX = Blackberry Next or Blackberry Next Gen. Stay away from the BBx it will make people thing it is just another revision.

This is exactly what I was thinking . BNX would be a much better name . The new slogan could say , BlackBerry BNX , our Next Generation . Will you BNX(or BeNeXt) ? . . You could ride that one all the way to the bank !

As one who works in marketing for one of the largest multinationals, I sincerely doubt there is much of a PR/Marketing department left at RIM, with all the poor public relations, uncreative model names, and the like. If there is a department, then do as Hyundai did in 2003 and fire all of them, keep the one middle-management guy/gal and have him/her hire a new time...worked great for Hyundai. But I wouldn't be surprised if the Marketing is outsourced to a third party.

Most people think the X in BBX is supposed to be 10 as a roman numeral, and that RIM didn't bother doing much thinking to that effect. Prior to this renaming, I don't think the idea of X being 10 was around much...I think it's a hindsight reaction. I wonder if the original idea of BBX was BB + QNX; that makes more sense, but I may just be over-thinking it.

From my experience, I would stay away from associating the OS with BB in any capacity. The whole concept of "BlackBerry" came from Lexicon and they didn't want to go down the beaten path and associate the word e-mail with the name, even though that's what the device did. Using similar tactics, Apple just put an i in front of the word OS to maintain its "i-lineup" and Android was chosen because Google saw it as a synergy between man & machine. A forward thinking marketing campaign would not use "OS" or "BB" -- both of those are current-state. Where do they want to be in the next 3 years? Back on top, I presume. I agree with one poster's idea of using "Phoenix" as a the new OS, to symbolize RIM's rebirth. To become creative with it and tie it back to QNX, it's as simple as "PHNX". That will conjure the public to think about what RIM is trying to achieve, it will captivate the younger market with its shorthand style, it will project RIM's future state, and all the while, it will tie the techies back to QNX. The platform is spelled QNX and pronounced "cue-nix", so the operating system is spelled PHNX and pronouned "phoenix". Forward-state mentality.

PS: I'm sure I spent more time writing this post than the team did with BB10.

PPS: Grassroots movement. Crackberry has been good in pushing our suggestions...let's keep it coming and hopefully these, too, will be re-directed to the appropriate channels.

I really dont care as long as when bbx comes out i can get software upgrades. Guys who buy a os6 phone get screwed shortly thereafter when os7 comes out get screwed shortly thereafter, guys who get os7 get screwed shortly thereafter, os7 literally just got released and bbx is around the corner, makes me feel like blackberry is a money pit, if you want to stay up on the latest software, ive owned 17 blackberries over the last 7 years mostly because they kept crapping out but some of them were upgrades, then in 2008 i got an iphone 3g kept upgrading it over the years until 2011 when i got an iphone 4, iphone 4s is out but i dont feel like i was screwed i can still have ios 5 if i want it, I had a brief affair with the old samsung galaxy s but even that now is gonna get android ice cream sandwich, the only reason i have a blackberry is for work now i still have my iphone for personal use, i like to keep my phone for at least 3 years, if i have to get a entire new phone everytime blackberry decides to crap out a new os version, why wouldn't i just stick with my iphone and save money and the trouble of trying to sell my phone everytime a new os come out? When i saw a torch look exactly like mine come out with os7 3 months after i bought mine with os6 i coulda gouged mike lazardis's eyes out.

to me BBX sounded a bit immature. like the name of a dvd i would buy for my 8yr old. BB10 sounds fine to me.

I don't care to much about the name of the OS, even though BBX did have a nice ring to it. I'm more concerned about the timeframe of it being released, and the quality and functionality of it (battery life, memory management, native apps, dual core, speed, camera, etc).
I do like the new names of the upcoming devices, London, Milan, Berlin, etc sound great!

I like BB10, by skipping 8 and 9 they are showing that this system is a quantum leap forward from previous experiences and means nothing but good things for end users in my opinion.