CrackBerry Asks: What do you think of the BlackBerry Z3?

By Adam Zeis on 13 May 2014 02:27 pm EDT

The BlackBerry Z3 has been officially unveiled and will be hitting Indonesia in just a few days. The Z3 is an inexpensive, full-featured BlackBerry 10 device that Indonesian users are sure to love, and while it doesn't have the high-end specs of the BlackBerry Z30 or BlackBerry Z10, it's still a great little device. It's durable, has a great screen and the battery is big enough to keep it going for days. It runs the same BlackBerry 10 OS as the other devices too, so it's not like the Z3 loses out on software at all either.

While the Z3 will be available exclusively in Indonesia at launch, it will most likely move onto other regions in Asia from there in the coming months. As far as North America, Europe and other areas go, we're not sure if we'll see a different LTE model, or just no Z3 at all. Then again, even with LTE, it's hard to say if the Z3 would be a solid replacement and/or upgrade for any of the current BB10 devices (though I could see it replacing my Z10).

If you've read through our review you most likely have your own thoughts on the Z3 as well — and we want to hear them! Hit up the comments below and let us know what you think of the BlackBerry Z3!

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CrackBerry Asks: What do you think of the BlackBerry Z3?



It looks appealing and the specs are decent for that price range. Hope it does well or really well for him!

 Posted via CB10 on my  Z30

pretty good looking and pretty good specs for the price ... would want it as the secondary device

Posted via CB10

Indifferent but then I'm not the target audience (not an emerging markets customer or a first world customer who is on a budget) - even with LTE it is too low-end to be interesting to me.

Why? 5 inch Super Amoled screen with a battery that will last about 3-4X the brutal battery on any iPhone with Android apps....

Why not a Z3 over iToy?

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I never thought about that option, I would take the Z3 over an iPhone for sure but I'd keep my Z10 rather than replacing it with the Z3.

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Still needs to be cheaper, why not sell it at cost price and call it marketing

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

$200 off contract? Given that they need to build in some margin for the carrier/retail at that price, I'd bet it's getting awfully close to cost already.

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I like it, but as I have a Z30 I will wait for the top end device to come out to change. But great entry phone to get people to move from being an DROID or iSheep

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I'm with you. nice looking phone, but the Zed30 is where its at for me. Only thing that will get me oout of my Zed30 is something better spec wise.

A hell of a lot of devices out there with specs that run circles round the Z30... the OS on the other hand is the star of the show.

Posted via CB10

I should have clarified, I meant better specced BlackBerry..

Posted via CB10 using my Zed30 check out my channel @ C00121C1B

Great product which will reestablish BlackBerry in emerging markets and, in turn, will have consumers in those markets "aspire" to purchase higher end BlackBerrys, again.

Putting "Jakarta" on the back of some of these is the best marketing idea we have heard from BlackBerry in years.

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Agreed, with the modern day BlackBerry experience in an inexpensive package, it will encourage people to stay with BlackBerry and move up, user experience should be far ahead of BBOS and make people want to advance within the BlackBerry ecosystem.

Posted via CB10

I wouldn't really say BlackBerry has an "ecosystem" but holding on to market share in markets where they have more then 1% of the pie is critical. Z3 looks clean and sharp.

 Z10 Channel C003BD1AF

Exactly...and the time of is now for people to "rediscovered BlackBerry"...

Go look at the ratings from owners on TMobile, regarding, the Galaxy S5 - they suck compared to owners ratings on any carrier for the Z30.

Now that you can get Android apps on 10.2.1 - people no longer have to settle for inferior phones and can come back to BlackBerry Quality.

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Putting the phone's code name is a great marketing idea! Just imagine if the Z10 was released as the Z10 with the word "London" inscribed on the back cover. Then the Z30 with the "Aristo" on the bottom chin.

That will make me lose my shiz and collect BlackBerry phones!

Posted via CB10

I like it for what it's supposed to be: entry level.

I'm excited for the next flagship all-touch and hopefully BBRY can really get it done with their upcoming devices!

Posted from my TARDIS!

I hope they don't switch the volume buttons and power button on other BlackBerry 10 smartphones like they did on this one. I do like the microusb being on the bottom though.

Posted via CB10

Front bezel looks shiny and el chepo, display looks dull but the back looks premium. My opinion based on what I've seen in pics and video.

The back looks closer to the one on the Z10 - which I preferred to the back on my Z30.

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

Specs are good especially the battery is awesome...but the design..i think it should be better...and a device with those specs not high end smartphone should be at least 8mm...not 9.25...the worst thing about the phone

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The price is reminiscent of when koodo dropped the price of the Q5 to 150$ off contract... i was tempted to buy a couple for backup and parents, but at the end of the day even with an attractive price, it just wasn't for me

I think this phone would not go over so well here in north america with easy access to high end phones... emerging markets its great because they do not have subsidized pricing for the majority of countries

I agree with their plan thus far, keep the cheap OK phones for emerging markets and release the high end stuff in the high end markets

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Seems acceptable for sub-200 bucks. Wouldn't work in North America though. Specs are merely mediocre in my opinion

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

I have been waiting for this to come to Canada to replace the 9700 my wife has, but it's too late. Her phone has died and we replaced it with a lumia 625 that fido has for zero dollars. I know a few people that would take this phone.

Side note, her lumia is OK but reminds me of my Z10 in march 2013, lacking functions and features (compared to my 9900).

I wish I could have got the Z3 for her instead of the lumia.

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I can only speak for South Africans here but a device like the BlackBerry Z3 would do sooo well here. When the legacy devices were being sold many of the ones that were bought were the 8520, 9300 & 9320 all because they were cheap but had good connectivity.

Any blackberry at the right price is pure gold :) awesome, clean, easy to use operating system. Very easy to communicate and really reliable. Keep up the great work you are doing BlackBerry :D

Fully agree with you. From 8520 - 9380 - Android - IOS. If this BB Z3 gets released in SA, I'd go back to BlackBerry. Hope it gets released in SA before July. I don't care much about the phone camera and the display. Please BlackBerry bring it to South Africa before July.

Kind of a deceptive poll. The phone is good for who and what it was designed for. From a north American perspective I wouldn't buy one and I don't think they'd sell many if they released it here.

Better Camera is what I was hoping for because that's kinda important to even low-end segment of developing markets.

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As an entry level device, it's great but there's nothing in the specs or the phone itself that would make me give up my Q10. If the Z3 gets more BlackBerry 10 devices into people's hands then it will have done what it's intended to do so I hope it does well.

I would purchase this device shortly after it is spotted on ebay.

This will be my DELUXE cycling GPS computer for Training/Triathlons and such. Many more functions and applications than a Garmin.

Consider it a new level of Bike computer (and a phone).

Posted via CB10

I don't see myself buying high end phones for a long time. For me Z3 looks better (battery) than Z10...

I'd love to buy another bb10 device when my Z10 finally doesn't do it anymore but to be perfectly honest the low end droids with their great Google integration will be very hard for BlackBerry to compete with... I hope they do but I'll definitely be weighing droids, Ubuntu, Firefox and whatever other phones are on the market then.

Just bought my wife an Alcatel One Touch X, quad-core, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage plus SD option... so far incredibly impressed and $250 outright.

High end phones are not an option for me (IMO), I am not doing 3D rendering, scientific computing or anything that requires huge compute power. I have to keep my old data plan which I can only do if I bring my own phone, Bell (Canada) would love to give me a "free" phone but it would mean switching to a new data plan adding 50%+ to the monthly cost of our 2 phones.

Posted via CB10

It's got a 5" and a big battery! I'm going to import one soon, unless there's going to be a NA version soon.

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Read an article today on "Seeking Alpha" debunking the Z3. The writer said it lowers the already low view of BlackBerry and puts it on a path that no cell phone maker can survive, the low end market (i.e. nokia). Personally I think it is the right way to go and is targeted exactly where they need to be and the price looks right. I see it as a win/win for BlackBerry. It will get people to move from BBOS to BB10. And the performance of the device is in some ways better than my Z10 (saw video's of it comparing loading speeds of apps). Let's hope that I am right and the analyst (who was long on Apple) is wrong. Can't wait to hear the sales numbers!

Seeking Alpha is not the end all and be all of the investment world. As my securities specialist likes to say, when you put ten analysts in a room, you get eleven opinions. You're right in that only time will tell if it's the right strategy. Personally, I think it is as it retains existing customers and encourages them to move up the value chain as their financial position improves. If they get locked in with cheap phones form other systems, they are likely to stay there. Brand allegiance is pretty strong, no matter the brand. It’s a psychological aspect.

Posted via CB10

I really prefer the existing layout of the buttons, and ports especially. Bottom doesn't make sense for sitting your phone in a vehicle cup holder. I'm still rocking a Z10, and although the Z30 is a worthy upgrade, l'll try to hold off for an updated Z30. The Z10 isn't fast enough, nor does it last long enough.

Not my thing but I think John Chen knows something more than I know.

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 

I am not the target for this device being in the US. But hopefully BlackBerry did their research and found what the Indonesian market really wants for the masses.

Posted via CB10

Camera is the only thing is too low end. Other specs are great for the price. For North America where most of the phone are subsidized it will be difficult but if they increase camera specs add LTE and get an arraignment with a carrier for a prepaid option like Go Phone where the phone and the sim card goes for $50 to $100 they'll be selling like crazy. We need to take the ZTE market and letting carriers to use them as giveaway prepaid phones so people start using BB10 and considering upgrading to the high end. I has starting to see a lot of Lumina windows phones due to they are given free with a no credit check low cost contract and a lot of ZTE on prepaid sold at gas stations and drugstores.

Posted from my flagship Z30

I like it :) I think it looks better than the Z30 -_- I wish I could get my hands on one while I'm at it I would also like a Q5 for some reason I like the budget BlackBerry devices I love my Q10 though but wouldn't mind the ones I just mentioned and a Z30! The battery life sounds so good I wouldn't know how to act if my phone lasted 2 days on one charge

Posted via CB10

Interesting. Specifically since the Motorola "E" is making it's rounds. Would love to see a head to head comparison of these 2 handsets that are comparable in price and targeting the same audience.

Posted via CB10

Surely the model that is similar is the upgraded Moto G - which now has an SD slot and LTE?

The Moto E is $60 cheaper than the Z3, though you have to pay ~$15/20 for a colour shell.
1. It has no front-facing camera; the Z3 does. Z3 has LED flash; Moto E -- no flash.
2. 4.3" screen; the Z3 is 5".
3. the battery is ~1980mAh; Z3 is 2500 mAh.
4. RAM is 1GB. Z3 has 1.5 RAM, with similar processor.
5. 4 GB storage; Z3 has 8 GB
6. Moto E: Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 200 with 1.2GHz dual-core A7 CPU Adreno 302 400MHz single-core GPU.
Z3: Chipset Qualcomm MSM8230 Snapdragon 400
CPU Dual-core 1.2 GHz Krait 200
GPU Adreno 305

That's not the question to ask....

The question is......

Where is the '10' in BlackBerry 10? Have you seen this number on the devices or the start up sequence ?

BlackBerry symbol to the power of 10!!!

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!! ©

Posted via CB10

It's a nice looking phone Too bad the specs are so bad But then again this phone is not for me I'm happy with my Z30 until the next high-end comes out

BlackBerry Z30!!!

As a fan for Blackberry I am happy they have such a device with such specs at the price range and it will most probably make a steady (maybe slow) growth for the company to get back to its feet. As for wether I would get one I'd say no since it's a downgrade from my Q10 so I am waiting for the Windermere.

Powered by Blackberry

I hope it does really well for BlackBerry and not only bring in much needed revenue but help generate more interest/appeal for the brand.

emPowered by 

If this comes to the UK (and BlackBerry UK seem to think it will) then it won't sell at this price while the Z10 is 20% cheaper.

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2.2

Not a huge fan of the back or the buttons being moved to the left side... for only those two reasons, it's not for me.

This is what I think (sadly): Moto E = Z3 DOA.

To be honest, it was probably already DOA vs the Moto G. At least BlackBerry aren't taking the hit if it doesn't work out.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Z3 is a thousand times better than the Moto E. The E has just 1GB RAM, 4GB storage, lame battery, smaller screen and doesn't even have a flash or front facing camera. Only appeal is maybe the additional apps that come inherent with Android but a lot of them will struggle to run on its specs (I've had a low end android, it's not pretty).

Moto G is a better comparison but the Z3 blows the Moto E out of the water.

Posted via CB10

It looks nice and all but not for me I'll stick with my Z10 till something better comes about ..

Posted via BlackBerry z10!

Technically it's the same price as the z10 today with the 100 dollars off deal currently available. So it depends on whether or not you think the z10 is too small and whether or not you want a built in radio function on your phone.

I like it, but I'd have a hard time justifying paying too much for it when I got my Z30 at such a good price.

Posted via CB10

How can anyone compare the Z3 to the Z30 that's madness some of these comments

Posted via CB10

Nice device,...wouldn't consider it over my Z10. Hopefully BlackBerry sells millions and millions.

Posted via CB10

I'm a rep at Virgin Mobile (Canada). Currently the only Blackberries we sell are the Q5 and the Curve 9320, but by the end of June they'll be End of Life. We won't sell them anymore. That means NO Blackberry models for sale. There is a huge gap in Blackberry's current lineup. We could definitely use the Z3 here.

Posted via CB10

It seems to be a nice device for the intended market. If this device was released in the US, it would be a nice starter device for new smartphone users. I wouldn't mind having it for a backup BlackBerry especially for the price. However, I do think the sharp corners are hideous!! I hate that design! BlackBerry is known for designing beautiful devices but this is a drastic departure. Not to mention that if you drop a device like this with squared corners it's all over with...the device is ruined.

Posted with my T-Mobile USA  Q10 via CB10.

I think this device is very good value. You get the full BB10 experience and despite the lower specs it'll still run well enough. I wouldn't buy one for myself because I want the best BlackBerry experience I can get, but my brother is very price sensitive. I hope to find a used one in the $100 range on ebay for him.

I can't say because I can't read the article on the Z3. The text is light grey on orange graphics and none of the comments are visible, I just see a black screen. The article navigation links to hardware and such don't work for me either.

Posted from my awesome Z30 :-D

I think it has a great design overall.

1. Feels like it will be comfortable in the hand
2. Charging port at the bottom
3. Side power button

What I don't like is that due to the lower memory size, you can only have 4 active frames running at the same time. I understand the limitation and it makes sense, as I am so used to having the ability to run more the 4 at the same time.

I looked at a video review of the Z3 and it does seem very fluid swiping to the hub and home screen..but it does seem slower opening apps..which I didn't like.

Other then that it's a great device with an awesome price.

Posted via CB10

I rarely have more than 3 active frames open at a time. So the 4 active frame limit and 1.5 gigs of ram would not bother me.

As for the 8 gigs of storage. I have a Z10 and I have all the apps I need and more and have around 9 gigs free

Posted via CB10

Kinda like it but I would prefer an phone with the sreen sice from the z10 and the specs BETTER than the Z30

Posted via CB10

It's an excellent phone for new entry users, I would like to see it on other markets as well.

Sent from my Z 30

I think they have again given too low a priority to the camera. Otherwise, the marketing approach in Indonesia looks great. Keep moving like this.

Posted via CB10

I don't like the square corners. It looks ok other than that. Spec wise the price looks good.

I wish they would release a new z10 exactly the same look and feel but upgrade the spec

Posted via CB10

The z10 really needs an Upgrade in the next months... so that there will be a small BlackBerry Touch near the big z30... maybe there will be a z20 and a z50?! we will see... but I think a smaller Touchscreen than the z30 would be good for future... and it should be a only Touch

+1 I need another Z10 feel with bigger screen but the same overall size. And wifi direct, better camera, better battery life (maybe battery saving features). Other than that I'm good.

Posted via CB10

I like it but the WSJ does not think much of it. They never have anything positive to say about BlackBerry, I wrote them an email telling them they are one step above tabloid trash.

Posted via CB10

It's nice. But hardly a revolution.

Just hope it fills the far east market and wins over the BB7 users...

Posted via CB10

The unit has 1.2GHz Qualcomm processor, 8GB of flash memory and 1.5GB of RAM. Some how with just 500MB of RAM this is able to run BB10 and the PlayBook is not.

I know! I was looking at that too! And sometimes my memory usage is just over a GB, and they even said they had it running but it was sluggish, why they didn't just release a leaked version for people willing to mess around with it!?

Although I still use mine everyday for work as my diary, love that it has the bridge function, tried iPad iPhone combo, but the appointments we're always synchronised!

Posted via CB10

Wait... not understanding your point. PlayBook 1 GB RAM. Z3 1.5 GB RAM. 50% more RAM is a significant amount more. Have you ever tried to use a computer with too little RAM? It goes into swap, which dumps part of memory onto disc. The computer gets really slow and the disc gets pounded.

I think that it is a very good phone for countries where phones are not subsidized and for emerging markets e.g. Latin America.

Posted via CB10

If the device suits the market it's intended for, kudos to BlackBerry. Price and features is a fine balance everywhere. Let's see how it rings with the consumers there.

Good device at all... but not the right for me... I want high end phones from BlackBerry itself... but for emergency markets perfect :)

I like it because that's what most people want Cheap and up to par... for me? no I want the flagship device

Posted via CB10

The WSJ mentions one potential customer deciding to buy a Samsung but never mentions pre-orders were sold out within 15 hours.

The WSJ is joke for business news.

Posted via CB10

Adam, sorry to say, but your Z3 review was unreadable in the CB10 app. And surprisingly, so were the comments, which didn't display at all. So forgive me for having to say it in this article instead. Please test your formatting in CB10 (the BB10 version). I generally enjoy your longer articles but I tend to read them on my Q10 and this one simply wouldn't display correctly. Thanks!

Posted with my Q10, SQN100-2, Radio

Jakarta..No way...even you cheaper, bigger screen, better battery and etc. I will not change my way...I'll keep mine...BlackBerry Z10...

Posted via CB10

A shame about the camera. I wonder what the competition is doing in that department. It doesn't sound like much of an upgrade from a series 7 phone.

"Snap" is the best stop-gap solution for Android apps while we wait for BlackBerry to get its act together...

The Z3 is decent. Not appealing to me though. Lacking LTE and certain specs. Like a 5MP camera. I think there is a standard now that all devices should have and this device doesn't meet those standards.. This device may work well in those certain countries.. but not here.

Good stuff the only think it irritates me is then the z3 has such much beter batery life then my wold be nice to produce a beter batery for our z10 will buy it right away...

 BlackBerry 10

The one and only best BlackBerry phone is the Z30, all the others are outdated and the Z3 is a crappy phone. For that price you get some better performing smartphones with better specs, internal and external. This cheap piece of plastic is pure time loss for BlackBerry, they should bring out a fantastic rock solid new all touch smartphone even better than the Z30, with Full HD and 8 or 16 dualcores ! Point. Sent from my BlackBerry Z30 Titanium Device.

Sent from my BlackBerry® Z30 Titanium Device.

It looks like a nice device and well suited to the price point. I'm a little concerned because I do not have a device to upgrade to. As a Z10 user for over a year and a quarter I'm due to upgrade with no new options on the horizon...does that mean I'm left upgrading to a Z30, a device which is now about 6 months old??? Is there a new high end touch screen on the horizon and how long do I have to wait?

Posted via CB10

Yeah, I'm having the same issue with the Q10 I got on a 12 month contract, but I'm gonna cancel the contract and just change over to a cheap sim only 30 day rolling contract until something good comes up, the release of the Z30 was just bad timing, although if it get cheap enough I might just buy one anyway...

Posted via CB10

I understand new phones might be out in the fall but that will be the classic with a keyboard. If there was another high end touch screen device there would be some discussion of it. They have never surprised us with a device. Since we don't hear anything I'm assuming maybe end or year early next and that's too long.

Posted via CB10

I'd love to see a Mobile Nations shootout comparing all comparable devices to the Z3!

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Well as far as the UK and Ireland go the cheap BlackBerry Curves have always sold the best, and because the majority of people buy their phones off contract the price of the device is very important, so I think it would do well here!

And again because of it's price it would be very effective at introducing old BlackBerry fans to bb10 and those who are just curious, looking for a good phone at a good price.

Posted via CB10

For 200 I'd definitely buy one state side as long as it had lte. Memory isn't a concern just put a 32 gb card in it.

Posted via CB10

Adding to my previous thought this would be a great gift for my mother in law as she could use a new phone and doesn't need a ton of features.

Posted via CB10

I would love to see this in North America as BlackBerry's answer to the likes of the Moto G and OnePlus devices. Great specs at a low cost will get the people who hadn't considered BlackBerry as an entry option. A great cousin to the awesome Q5

Oh and I'd buy one too! Now.

Brought to you by my: Z30 (STA100-1FTW) / Z10 (STL100-3) / Q5 (SQR100-1) / Q10 (SQN100-1)

I hope it does well in sales.
I don't want one tho, I am waiting for the "flagship phone" whatever and when ever that is.
And the spec I want the most is a kick butt camera....

Posted via CB10

Yep, BlackBerry will do well in the minor leagues. Not sure they are going to make in to the world series.

Using a BlackBerry Z10! OS:

For a cheap model I actually like it. Wouldn't mind picking one up just for use as a "leaked OS" phone. Can't go running buggy software on my Z30

Posted via CB10

Would be a great phone to get for my daughters nice specs for the price wouldn't care if it was LTE or not their teenagers.

Posted via CB10

The answer is moot. I doubt this model will be available in my market. I'm still looking at a Z30 to upgrade

Nope. Not interested. I hope it sells well done for BlackBerry, but I'm waiting for what will be the replacement model for the Z10.

I'll wait and see before another BlackBerry purchase. First and foremost the company is far away from being back on its feet. Not as bad and desperate as last year, but still on the doldrums.

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Following the launch an event conducted today in mall Kota Kasablanka Jakarta, you could get it at USD 150. A full data packgage for a year! Anyone in Jakarta, go and get it!!

Posted via CB10

I really like the look of it. If it had everything my z10 has I'd get one asap.

Posted via CB10

I said not for me but that's only because I have a z30. If I didn't I would consider it since I want a large screen and the z10 is a tax too small for me.

Posted via CB10

A big question: what is the MARKETING PLAN for the Z3 in Indonesia? Do the ads really explain the B10 operating system (that isn't so complicated at all)? Are standout features such as the best keyboard and best security emphasized? Good product is one thing. Getting the correct message out is another.

Posted via CB10

Their selling point is that BlackBerry 10 able to install android App. Sad isn't it. But it needed because people worrying about app availability.

Posted via CB10

Nice design, not sure if it has NFC or not though.

On the price side it's too expensive as it is only about USD 10 difference from a Z10 with LTE & the Z10 with LTE is not really selling well. I would definitely go for the Z10 rather than this one with such a small difference in price. Don't think this device is going to sell well here.

Posted via CB10

I'm happy with my Z10. The Z3 is a great entry level device but it looks like the battery is inaccessible...that is what turns me off of the iPhone. If this was a paygo/tracfone I may consider one. Blackberry should offer a sim paygo service that competes with Tracfone. This would show T-mobile that their service is irrelevant.

Posted via CB10

I like the looks of the Z3 though already having a Z30 with better specs I see no reason to invest in this device for me. They should market it as a $100 GoPhone package like Nokia has with the 520 that sold them a ton of phones in the US.

I like the screen size but I will wait for the upgrade for the Zed 30 before I switch from my Zed 10. I need something that won't let fellow worker show me off in the US.

Z 10 STL 100-4 /

I like the size and design. I think the price point will be good for many people to start adopting BB10 and get off os7

Posted via CB10

I would not trade a Z10 for it. Bigger screen with lesser specs is not my cup of tea. In fact, I find the Z10 is needlessly too tall, with it huge bezels on top and bottom. So for me a phone the size of the Z3 or Z30 is not for me.

That said, the Z3 is a very good offer for its price point. I could see many feature phone users getting a Z3, which I think is the point of the device. I am happy that BlackBerry made the Z3 as I think it will fill a niche and bring more people to the platform.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z10!

Make it available in Canada under the name BlackBerry Canadian. BlackBerry 10 is so damn smooth that is does not require huge specs to run like a hot knife through butter.

Posted via BlackBerry Z30

I really like the build quality but as an owner of the Z30 the specs is what would hold me back from purchasing for obvious reasons. As I mentioned before I do like the physical build of the phone, I do like how they've moved the charging port to the bottom, I'm intrigued by the idea of the power button being moved to the side. If blackberry decodes to remodel the phone for a Canadian / American market with the better specs then it would definitely be a phone for me.

Sent from the coolest BlackBerry In the world, The BlackBerry Z30!!!!!!!

Its nice, but for me i might use it as a backup phone, i need a high end phone to use it daily with a huge battery

Posted via CB10

If it doesn't have a physical keyboard it's not worth having as far as I'm concerned. Q10 for life!!! Well, at least until the Q20 or Q30 come out.

Posted via CB10

I'm extremely surprised at how much more people like this device over people who say it's not for them. As a former Z10 user the only thing I envy is the battery size. Hopefully they sell millions.

Just wanted to post something similar. The only good thing about this is it is running Blackberry OS10.

It's a budget phone with not many distinct features.
Why not buy an old Z10 (which has seen several price drops) than a Z3?
The specs of Z10 are better than Z3. And the OS is also same.

Posted via CB10

I liked the phone overall which comes with a sweet price spot but want more colours oh and remember it is not a flagship so kindly don't compare it with flagships

Posted via CB10

If you have already experienced the Z10 and Z30, Z3 will not impressed you... the UI experience is the same with limitations...

Posted via CB10

I want a High end phone. Not to big of a phone (4.8" screen top). Don't like big phones. Needs to fit in my pocket and not a bag! If it can, The same size as the Z10 thank you.. Z30 is to big to fit in my pants. Make two sizes for G sake's if there are people who loves big phones.
At least 13MP cam. Snap dragon Octa-core. AMOLED Display. Removable Battery, At least 2800mAh. Stereo Speakers, just like the Z30 are. Glass Capacitive Touch Screen. 3GB RAM, LTE HSDPA+. HDMI out put. Water Resistant for under water pics, when i go fishing, but that will downlevel the speaker sound quality. That's a little about it,

Thank you..

I believe that this is what is coming next. My question to you though, is:

Are you ready to shell out the dough to cover your request?

Yes sir.. i dont care much about the outside. It could stay plastic for all i care. Ok but needs to look cool. But what i realy would like is the internal hardware. Because most of the phones prices are spend because of the material the outside phone is made of. Just like how Iphone = aluminium and Sony is with Glass. OK samsung is also plastic, but if you look at the price of samsung when released and when its already on sale. The price defers, cuz of the marketing when on release. If i look at the statistics regarding internel hardware, the price could be around 600 to 700$ on release. And thats the right amount i would pay for a high end blackberry.. But then again. i would buy it when price is dropt after release right arround 6 months.. then i would sell my Z10 to someone who can't afford high end phones, and add some cash to it to buy my highend phone.

When I came to know Blackberry is planning to sell Z3 in other locations in Asia, I immediately promised my wife, it it comes to India then I will be buying one for her. currently she is using BB 9380.

Nobody should be comparing this with iPhone, because the classes are differing. iPhone clearly has stated that they will not entertain the low-end market (yet).

As for my opinion on the device, you ask?
I think it works for the intended target market, however, if BlackBerry really wanted to make a splash, and we all know they need to, I am shocked that they didn't splurge the extra $5 per unit and put slightly better camera(s) in. THAT would have really set them apart from most of the competition, and blow some wind in the sails.

At least we are seeing a slow step towards BlackBerry showing us that they now have an ear to the voice of the masses.

If they actually researched the indonesian market properly, then they would have realised that messaging and photo-taking/sharing are the most popular past times here. All they needed was a simple bb10 device with a good camera. I really feel they missed the market by making the camera so poor. I know the price is good but easy here to get 2nd hand good smartphones with better camera specs

Irishman in Indonesia

For $270 you can buy brand new Z10 LTE here, out of contract. So it's still worth to pay that $70 more to get better phone unless you want big LCD. What's nice is better battery.

But we will see when it hits other non Indonesian maarkets.

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Comes too late for me, I needed this kind of phone a few months ago, and choose a Lumia 625 which works great.
I wanted a Z30, but too expensive for me...Z3 could have done it, I like the specs (althought it is light on the photography side of things).

I'm sure anyone who doesn't want it feel that way only because they've had top shelf BlackBerry and feel it's a down grade. For people who really want a BlackBerry for a decent price and pretty decent specs...Z3!

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  )  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The holy grail of phones! Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! LOL!

Well for its price range it has decent specs and the looks are also good. In all comparing Z10 and Z3 it's like Nexus 5 and Moto G.
- The views are personal and not meant to hurt anyone's sentiment for any phone.

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BlackBerry why don't you sell z3 in Latin America, we also deserve low prices for we to prove your products, because the actual BlackBerry Z10 and Z30 are too expensive.

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Where to buy in Indonesia?! All the preorder already closed.

No matter how you play it, forever i'll be in it.

May 15, Z3 will be available in stores. Just got my unit today (pre-ordered), I am liking it. I am sure you will too.
It actually does look nicer than Z30. For now I am keeping both.
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BlackBerry is day by day decreasing it's royalty..

1. By decreasing it's price after high price launch. Ex. Z10.
2. By giving native apps like bbm to android and ios
3. By introducing mobile at low price that has same features same with high end phone.

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It's not for me.. Going to Z3 from my Z30 will be a downgrade.. may be (A BIG! May be) as my second phone.. if it ever comes to India..

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If the specs aren't as good or better than Z10, I wouldn't buy it. That's disappointing as I thought this would be at least equal to z10

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Not much to say since it's not available to me. Hope it does well for BlackBerry's sake.

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Awsome.. But i am a high spec device user, so i am looking forward for Z50 with full HD and 400+ ppi Super AMOLED screen, 5.2' Screen size, 3 gigs of ram and 16 megapixel camera, snapdragon 805 or 808 processor, 3500 Battery.

It's a lot nicer looking than the Z30. It would be nice if they could switch bodies. For the Z30 being the top device, it "looks" like a low end phablet. The Z3 has a much sleeker and more contemporary look. If it had the Z10's specs, I could see myself replacing my Z10 with one in a year or two, if I were to catch the phablet bug.

Great entry device. Get it out to the masses ASAP. That is key. Latin America should follow in a few days. Why the delay.

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Problem is you can get a more capable moto g or moto e for about the same money. BlackBerry needs to make a few more high end devices to prove they are worthy of market share before they start trying to make a dent in emerging market sales. Do a high end device with a low price point and now we in business...

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It's a pretty decent device for its price range. It has the amazing Blackberry OS which we all have gotten to like and will likely improve as it matures. I'm anxious to see the "Classic." can't wait to get my hands on it. We'll see how it plays out.

Via my Z10 #Ichooseblackberry10

I think they should have sacrificed something else and installed better cameras. It's a consumer device and consumers use their camera a lot.


I like it. For the right price, I think it would do fairly well on the prepaid carriers in the US. This could easily upset the Lumia 520's position. I would have thrown the 521 in there as well, but seeing that the 521 is a T-moble network phone...

I like how it looks professional. Of course it's a budget phone but I think it's a great budget phone. Will do all the daily tasks you need! :) Long Live Blackberry!

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I think it's priced wisely but I've noticed many emerging markets users are pro dual Sims phones. Maybe they get promotional offer via sim cards. If proven true, then it isn't a wise decision to have only one. Remember this is targeted for lower purchasing power people, then they consumer behaviour may vary quite a lot from your / my perspective. If I earn less money, I may be eager to get the most free stuffs even playing more aggressively the brand loyalty game. It's not any kind of a judgment but an observation I've made. In Africa I saw phones with up to 4 Sims. There gotta be a reason... but I'm sure the Z3 won't be answer there.

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It's great for what it is. John Chen did a great job on this one. Much better than thorston. The q5 seemed garbage to me and too pricey. Why have a budget phone with him and lte?
This may fair well here as long as they don't over inventory. I mean. The moto g did okay here on a no contract plan on Koodo. Or if they don't sell it via carriers atleast have it available at the BlackBerry store online

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Honestly, it looks like a Z10 on crack! The only thing is that it has a 5' screen that's it. But there's no way in hell I'll change my Z10 for the Z3.

Having said that, I hope it's a success for BlackBerry!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Im from indonesia, i think z3 will kick some ass here, by the price and the "droid free" capability surely gonna be an option for the cheap chinese droid phone, better value that droid offer, better quality than chinese phone, and cheaper than samsung soldier..

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I like the design of the Z3, even a little more than the design of my Z30. But I'm a power user, so I don't think the specs would cut it for me. BlackBerry needs to bring these to Australia and palm them off as pre-paids. Not many smartphones here with 5 inch screens at that price point, so I think they'd do well.

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I got the chance to play around Z3 at a local Erafone store. Nice and neat. It did not feel like a 5 inch phone. My android brain and fingers was looking for the back button but couldn't find any hahaha. I hardly can wait to purchase it ^_^