CrackBerry Asks: What do you do with your old BlackBerry smartphones?

By Adam Zeis on 8 Sep 2011 02:44 pm EDT

Old BlackBerry

Back in my pre-CrackBerry days, when picking up a new device I would always sell my old one to try and make up for some of the cost. It was a pretty good plan and made the pain of shelling out a bunch for a new phone a less painful process. Now I have a massive amount of old devices in a drawer "just in case". I never know when I'll need to use one again, so I keep them in my BlackBerry drawer for safe keeping.

What we want to know is what you do with your old devices? Do you sell them? Give them to a friend/relative? Keep them just in case? Something else? Pick the option in the poll above that best suits you, then leave a comment below. 

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CrackBerry Asks: What do you do with your old BlackBerry smartphones?


I order an oem housing online usually costs approx $25, including a new keyboard. The phone then gets cleaned inside out, software wiped and reinstalled, then I sell it as "mint" condition for top dollar - lol

I get all of my phone parts from, they come from china but they are pretty good. if you want bare bottoms cheapest prices Ebay has tons, but the quality isn't add good. Ebay also has unlock codes fort $ .99 and off you get a pink housing it usually raises the price $15-$20

my 9900 is the only one i have at the moment so im keepin this fella anyways when im buying the ... 9980 ;) oh and ill probbly keep it forever i suck at throwing away things i LOVE! :)

hey admin, could u guys make some review which OS 6 version is more stable for Bold 9700 based on all the leaks and official updates so far? Thanks!!

As a developer, its useful to keep a pile of old phones around. After all, with so many users refusing to upgrade, you do kinda want to make sure your software is usable on older devices.

I used to be obsessed with phones years ago back when Sony Ericsson dominated the consumer marketn so I've got quite a collection of devices.
Samsung SGH-Z140V
Sony Ericsson…

I don't plan to give any away since they may be needed in the future. Hoarder of phones? ;-)

me too, i have so many old phones that i keep because its a pain to sell them away at a fraction of their original cost.

Combination of "Keep Them Just In Case", and "Give to Friend/Relative". My two kids are ages 8 and 6. When my wife and I upgraded from our Curve 8300's to Bold 9000's a couple years ago, I re-purposed the old 8300's with a homemade theme and hid some of the icons etc, to basically make them into a fun toy to play with while on long car trips. (besides, you should be able to call 911 in an emergency with it, right? even without a SIM?) Set it up with some fun kid music, some Bugs Bunny and Spongebob videos, some fun games, like Chess, and bubble popper, etc, and let them have access to the camera and the video camera on it. They LOVED it! It was a bigger hit (and a heck of a lot cheaper) than giving them an iPod or whatever. Besides, they now brag to their friends that they have Blackberries. In fact, now that my wife and I just upgraded to Torch 9810's, they get to inherit our old Bold 9000's. They are so excited now! Besides, it will have wi-fi now, so when we go to Grandma's, they can use her wi-fi for... whatever... My son wrote in his journal at school about it, and I hear that the teacher was rather surprised! Hehe!

I think collect them should have been an option. I don't do it on purpose but I have all of mine, minus the ones that broke down back in the days. I also think I sold one.

I think i do a combination of all... including the something else!! I have kept some blackberry phones and still have them now. These include a 7290 (real old-school), the curve 8320 (gold), and a bold 9000. I gave my curve 8520 to my brother when i got the 9700. As of now i still own and use a 9700 and a 9650 (sometimes). I am looking to sell both of these devices anytime soon so i can purchase a 9900! I have to do this since i never won one in the crackberry contest lol! I have owned other blackberry phones but they exist no more! An 8830 world edition got destroyed on a drunkin night lol! I jumped in a pool (by mistake) with a pearl 8120 in my pocket after answering a call poolside... this incident also had some drinking to do with it and i was on vacation lol! It couldn't be saved... it fried even though i took out battery instant, and let it dry a couple days before turning it on! surprisingly it worked for like 3 days then it died! It gave me enough time to backup the device transfer pics vids and files! I guess the only thing i haven't done is donate a Blackberry! I also try to keep a phone when getting a new one just in case! U never know when u can break a phone in rage, or jump in a pool not knowing it is in your pocket, or maybe even lose it or have it stolen! So one stays all the time just in case...

I used to keep them. Then I misplaced my old Curve and went back to my 8700. The jump back was painful. Just got the 9900, then had to pop back into my 9700 for something. Wow, pretty painful. The difference between Blackberry's new high-end devices and what they replaced is huge.

It was a huge bump when I went from my 8700 to the 8300 Curve...then from the Curve to the 9700...and it continues when going from the 9700 to the 9900. Night and day really.

I do still have the old Curve...and only because what I could sell it for just wasn't worth hit. So when I travel I keep that as a backup. However, I just sold my 9700 for $220, so the money was worth getting rid of it.

For some reason the CDMA Blackberries don't hold their value as well as their GSM variants...probably because all you have to do is pop the SIM in the GSM device and you're good to go. No torturous trips to Verizon or Sprint.

My cousin got my old 9530 oversees when I decided my storm 2 was never gonna break (also 2 months away from bold 9900) my tour went to my girl who sold it, and my pearl 8100 is still at my house. Now that I have 9900, my storm2 9550 is beat to hell on my desk cause no one will want it, not even me.

Just sent in my two old phones for the awesome BlackBerry Trade-Up program when my girlfriend and I both picked up 9900's. Worked out to about a third of our money back.

If i get a new phone, I keep the one I had (fix it if I need to) and use it as a backup, I may have 2 backups, and older than that, I most likely donate it to someone who needs it, a friend usually.

I keep my phones untill they stop working, then and only then I buy new ones. If my phone can still work then I keep it. There is no point of getting a faster phone just because its faster. Anyway that's my opinion and also because I buy my phone outright. But I can tell you, if RIM made a QNX phone with the same shape as the 9900 it would be soooo tempting to pick one up.

I keep the last generation and use it as a music player when mountain biking. That way I don't feel bad if I crash and smash it, plus I can always dial 911 and be GPS located if I go down hard and am too injured to make it off the trail by myself.

I sent one to RIM and got $50 for it and the other to Sprint and still haven't heard anything from them...oh, well, they were going to give me $5 only

Funny, last night I started posting my Curve for sale on eBay and then decided it wasn't worth the time or effort. Just keep the phone, get a good calculator app and a unit conversion app and throw it in the tool box so you don't have to get your main phone dirty while working.

I sell them after a week of owning the new device, just to make sure the new device can cut the mustard.

A smart person will keep it for CHEAP insurance. That ripoff insurance from the Cellular company is ridiculous.

I just went back to my backup an 8900 because my G2 had such bad battery life. I usually give my phones to my dad to sell overseas or he keeps them to use.

My two 8830s went to my kids as toys (with batteries removed). My tour is just sitting on a shelf as a backup right now but will likely also go to the kids (with the battery removed). My first Storm 2 with a shattered screen from dropping it on the asphalt is hooked to the home stereo with pandora pumping through it via wi-fi. My current Storm 2 is sitting next to me with its red light blinking...I better see what that is. :)

I'm debating of getting a new bold or torch (or waiting for the QNX phones) in which case my current storm 2 will likely become a kid play toy with batteries in it because of the games and movies on it.

Speaking of it possible to remove the phone module? I actually had one of my kids dial 911 on my 8830 when I was just letting them play with it before I removed the battery. I would like to let them be able to play with my storm 2 without worrying about them calling the cops by accident!

I like keeping my old phones for sentimental reasons...
Motorola V188 T-Mobile
Motorola V3CM Alltel
BlackBerry Curve 8330 Alltel
BlackBerry Bold 9650
and coming soon...
BlackBerry Bold 9930!

I keep them until I need them as a last minute spare (because I bricked my phone, or had some other damage). It's easier to be rational about getting a new phone (off contract, or worse re-upping right before a new phone comes out).

Also, I give them to friends as loaners when they damage their phone. I've hooked a few on BlackBerry by doing this! Nothing like a few weeks with BBM to get you looking at the iPhone differently...

The battary in my Curve 8310 is just as good today as it was when I got it in 2008, its my music player at work.

My Pearl 8100 is part trophy and part flash drive. I use it as a back up to my back for music and photos. The battary is still amazing.

I've kept all my berries but two(an 8900 and a 9300 with os6) have found new homes with family members. My first BB, a Pearl 8110 sits in the drawer because none of the family want it, but I can't bring myself to part with it for cash as it was my first device. I keep a very early 8300 Curve as a personal back-up and as a BIS test device for messing about with. I also have a Bold 9000 which is still being used for testing BES accounts at work. A 9900 rules the roost at present.

My old Curve (the one with Wifi, I don't even remember the model number anymore) sits in it's cradle and streams Pandora 24x7

"Give them to a friend/relative" makes it sound like they get it for free, what kind of a nice person do you take me for? I sell my old phones to my relatives.

Otherwise I couldn't afford to upgrade unfortunately. I do give them a good price mind you.

Failing that, I keep them in a draw, of course.

No particular order-
-Donate to a charity (post wipe of course!)
-Keep as backup for the 'just in case' scenario (had my share of those with Nokias)
-Give to family or friends who need a phone--and brought them to the addictive world of BlackBerry in the process :0)

I have only owned one blackberry in my life and am still using it up till now its the curve 8310 its pretty old now but its all I can afford.if anyone have any that they are not using that is better than this one and I planning on giving it away let me know.

I have only owned one blackberry in my life and am still using it up till now its the curve 8310 its pretty old now but its all I can afford.if anyone have any that they are not using that is better than this one and I planning on giving it away let me know.

Put peanut butter all over them an let my dog lick them clean... O wait your talking about berry phones.

I have a 9930. What old phone?
I couldn't use my 8330 if my life depended on it. Prolly throw it at the wall for being too slow. "Oh you wanna be slow huh?!?! ill show you how slow you can be!!!

You never know... I had one refuse to take a charge an I was able to switch back to my older phone and stay active till I could the the other fixed.

I sold my Bold 9700 for $150 Canadian. While I could have sold it for 200, I decided to give it away as a quick sell for 150.

this is my first BB (a Torch 9800) and I'm loving it! Came from a Motorola Krazer, so this is way more phone than I've ever had before. I usually recycle my old phones to friends or family, although I still have the Krazer at the moment.

Always seems to be some friend or family who would like my last blackberry. This last time I got a sweet trade up deal from Blackberry to trade in my 9800 on a 9810!

I currently have a Bold 9700 in white :) - when I get the Bold 9900 (also in white), I will then use my 9700 for my new small business that I started. I'm also gonna purchase a PlayBook as soon as 2.0 launches. Then I really will have the ultimate mobile office. BlackBerry keeps me happy :)

yeah. i had the curve 8320 but later traded it for a storm 8500 which had an issue on keeping charge later i bought a Samsung i9000 galaxy s which i later got tired of changing OS every-time i feel like so i bought a new blackberry tour 9630 which i didn't get to use more than two day coz when i was changing the OS it got nuked and now i am just looking at it and also i went back to using my galaxy s...So dear friends i was wondering what the problems could be coz i have passed through each and every forum searching for solutions in order to raise my beloved tour from the dead but i am almost giving up which i haven't yet and i can afford the money to buy a new blackberry coz i am totally broke and in Kenya to get a new blackberry it is pretty expensive coz the tour is a sprint product from the US i was sold by a friend for $108 to be approximate.

So friend i was wondering if there is anyone out there who knows how to raise a nuked blackberry tour from its long slumber and i can sent it to you and you can do that through good grace and helping a fellow friend who is right now stressed coz if i had cash i would be now be enjoying the the bold touch of the 9900....pleeeeassse help

Since we have to buy our handsets paying full retail ( no carrier subsidy concept) in India, I sell mine to cover costs. Have a backup Nokia E51 with Blackberry connect for the " just in case" situations.

my storm2 had multiple hardware failures and was out of warranty. So it's sitting on my desk collecting dust and I'm back to the Pearl 8130 while I wait for the iPhone 5. That's what I do with my old devices.

I try to keep all my previous phone I still have my blackberry pearl 3g and now have the torch.. Wish my old bold didn't have to break on me or else I would of kept that to

I call up rogers n get a replacment phone and sell it for dead cheap to trick people into the blackberry community. Sold bb torch 9800 for 100 bucks on kijiji. Only sell to current Iphone users. Lol

Do NOT give them to your kids as toys! Unregistered cellphones can still dial 911, waisting emergency services resources. All calls to 911 have to be investigates. In the Centre i manage anywhere from 5-40% Of calls on any given day are pocket dials or from kids playing with phone. They also contain parts that can be dangerour or even hazardous, even with the batteries removed.

OS7 is lacking themes and until they have them I don't plan on upgrading from my bold 9780 although the new 9900 is looking pretty sleek.

I had some older bb phones had no problem selling my old Curve 8320,or Bold 9700 or Bold 9780, but for some reason I'm having a hard time selling my Torch9800 for the new Torch9810.

I don't know if I want to keep it for a just in case situation but then I will have to sell it as these new BlackBerry phones ain't cheap when purchasing it outright.
Very likely I will have no choice to sell it I want that Torch9810 bad.

I don't do contracts.
Its been 4 yrs now never signed a contract since then.
I love I can jus go to any carrier no penalty.
So here's my 2 cents:) thanx CB