CrackBerry Habits: What do you do with your BlackBerry when you're not using it?

By Adam Zeis on 17 Jul 2012 01:10 pm EDT
 Holding BlackBerry  

When I'm out and about with my BlackBerry, I find more often than not I'm holding onto it. Much like my security blanket, I like knowing it's there and ready when I need it. No matter if I'm actually using it or not, it's in the clutch of my hand and never far away. Granted it's not the most socially acceptable thing to do, but I'm an addict so that's just how it is.

Of course there are times I'll put in on the table or somewhere else close to me, but I don't really pocket my BlackBerry at all. I'm sure many of you have your own quirks about what you do with your device - be it holding onto it, putting it in your pocket or purse, or using a holster. What we want to know is what exactly you do with your BlackBerry when you're out somewhere socially (friends house, bar, club, restaurant etc.) and not actually using it. Let us know in the poll above (pick the option that best fits you) and then sound off in the comments.

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CrackBerry Habits: What do you do with your BlackBerry when you're not using it?


I actually do all 4 depending on what I'm doing.

Hold onto it. Tight! .... hold it in my right hand while my hands on the stick
Put it in my pocket/purse etc. ..... when im out and walking around and i forgot my holster
I use a holster. .... when im out walking around
Set it on a table or somewhere I can keep an eye on it. ..... when im at school, work, or sitting on a desk

Almost always in my left hand. If not its in my left pocket. Lefties ftw. Oh yeah and I have a tendency to kind of spin it in my fingers when I'm holding it

I used to use a portable battery pack with my charging pod out in public before I invested in the extra battery and external charger combo lol

'All of the above' is missing as an answer!
Rocking my two berries:
Torch 9810 OS
Playbook OS

Where's the all the above except for holster option? I will either pull it in and out of my pocket, hang on to it while I tell stories or set it down and eyeball it

Its always in my hand. Whether I'm out at the club dancing with my hands in the air its in my hands. Say what you like, but I like it when I'm the only one holding a BlackBerry. And I will be holding it till the day RIM dies. If they ever do :p

at the current pace, some suggest your hand will be freed in about 12-15mo. Before the 142$M verdict that is.

I hope they dont. BB10 cant come soon enough.

I really hope they don't either. I'm dreading being forced to solely use an iPhone or Android. I love them both but I still prefer coming home to my BlackBerry :p

lol! I hope they dont either, but most (non-BB enthusiasts) arent gonna wait around forever. :(

i've been there, done that with the iPhone, and its nothing out I want so I will continue to use my 9900 as long as it still works :)

Pouched, while spinning in my hand or on the table with LED face up. I need it satisfying at least one of my senses at all times it seems.

It really depends on the situation. If I'm in a meeting or training class, then it will go on the table on vibrate. If I'm at dinner, it will stay in the pocket on vibrate so I don't miss any calls or messages, yet won't distract from my outing. The problem with being on call 24 hours a day...I can't turn off your phone!

Most of the time it's on my hip in it's holster.

Sometimes I carry it in my right hand.

With my job I'm often sitting around airports for hours on end. When I'm resting in a pilot's loung on a couch/lasyboy I have it face down on my chest. With my right hand resting on top of it, keeping it in place (right over my heart).

When I'm driving it's beside me somewhere where I can see it.

When I'm in bed it's in it's charging pod, right beside my head.

A holster is what I carry my baby in, the leather oem is good enough, don't want to hide ny 9930 in plastic. When it's not business hours and I don't plan on being around a charger I turn off data to save battery, I even sometimes turn it off completely. I get really anxious when my battery gets under 50% and I have no way of charging it. I have a spare but experts suggest carrying an extra battery at approximately 40%.

I know I went into detail but I take this seriously.

Don't take it that seriously. Worry once it gets to 10%.

I have an extra battery, wall charger (battery fits on it, plugs directly into any plug to charge), holster and desktop cradle.

When it gets low (radio gets shut off), I swap batteries like clockworks. Sometimes I bring a charger with me, depending on where I'm going.

oh wow! I thought for sure most people would choose "Hold onto it tight!"

I always have my phone in my hand. especially out in public.

If i put it in my purse I cant see the light flash and know who it is (Bebuzz FTW!) . I hate holsters and I only keep it on the table while at work or home.

at home it sits on a modified post it note holder so i can keep an eye on it at my desk... on the road in the holster case

Almost always in my pocket. Shirt pocket in work clothes and pants pocket, all alone, when not dressed for work. I did a holster for years but got tired of it. I can't carry it around in my hand because it looks weird holding it and my PlayBook at the same time... plus Bridge moves most functions to the PB anyway.

I'm always amazed at how many people put their phones down on a table with drinks and liquids just asking to be spilled on.

The most worrying thing about this for me is that there are almost seven hundred 'people' (uses term lightly) who rock a holster.
Bad times...

What's so bad in using a holster? Can you explain yourself in more detail? I personally love the sleeper magnet feature. Best thing ever! That's a unique selling point for Blackberrys.

'Explain myself'. Why yes sir...
Here in the UK, holsters have been pretty much universally unacceptable since the 1980s, along with double denim and mullets.
Unless you're a Scout leader. Or Batman.


Although you forgot white socks with dark fact white socks with any shoes that are not trainers.

Also double denim is acceptable if you are a member of Status Quo or Tim Lovejoy.

I keep mine in my shirt pocket. Also, my BlackBerry is protected with an Otterbox Commuter case.

On my right hip in a Seidio Innocase Active case and holster (Torch 9800). Have been rocking the case for a year after blowing through a couple blackberry official holsters (and the clips breaking).

When I go out I keep in my fanny pack in a leather holster, or in leather holster in my pocket. The holster protects it.

When I'm not using, I'm charging. In car, in bed, at desk. Actually, I often charge while using. I believe those who claim two day usage per charge do not use.

This survey is a little skewed in my opinion. The 9900 is such a beautiful device I refuse to hide it away in a pocket, holster or case.

The other phones on the other hand I would put in my pocket.

i hold it in my hand, simply because if i put it in my pocket the touchsreen/button gets pressed in and typing is a NO! that is unless i reboot the phone

It is not a poll choice but my answer is put the thing down somewhere and go do something else. At this moment my phone is in one of four rooms in this house. I think.