Manage your tasks and notes with What To-Do for BlackBerry 10

By Alicia Erlich on 24 Dec 2013 07:53 am EST

Throughout my time owning a BlackBerry, I have downloaded, experimented with or used quite a few tasking applications. From simple note taking to complex task management solutions, each one offers a different approach to organizing one's daily routine. What To-Do is the latest utility application to hit the store and it offers a simple solution for recording both your to-do list and your notes. 

Upon launching, there are a few things you will notice right off the bat. First, the developer pre-populated the to-do list with some witty examples to show you how it works. Second, it is a rather uncomplicated interface with no additional screens to jump through. All active to-dos are laid out in front of you with a slider bar at the top to toggle between the pending and finished items as well. 

As a native application, users may switch back and forth from their tasks and notes by swiping to the right. What is nice about this application is that the notepad section syncs with Remember. In this respect, not only do you have a backup but there is no unnecessary switching back and forth or opening up multiple applications. All are conveniently located in one easily accessible place. 

Adding, removing, and sharing entries is an easy process as is transferring items between the categories if not yet completed. While there are no advanced features to speak of at the moment (i.e. add a reminder to a task, change from dark to light theme, etc.), the developer is open to suggestions and quick to respond.

If you are out or in a hurry and need to jot something down it offers smooth performance, simplistic layout, and gets the job done effortlessly. You can check it out for BlackBerry 10 for $.99.

*Update* The developer released an update which brings full OS 10.1 support, cleaner logo and stability improvements

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Manage your tasks and notes with What To-Do for BlackBerry 10


You think 99 cents is too expensive and you don't want ads. I would suggest developing your own app.

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Is there any way to have sync with outlook desktop client as of yet....bb10 has failed in this regard so far....wondering if any third party developers have been able to get it working.

Pradeep: Try the Remember the Milk app. The premium paid version allows you to install on your PC a utility called MilkSync to keep it in sync with Outlook.

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the cost is rather steep considering this was a built in function on my 9900....and is limited to tasks only, not notes. oh well, my current workaround is very cumbersome and can only be done via a sideloaded version of pocket informant who don't seem to be very keen on provided a bb10 version of their app.

Paid & downloaded (Z10 ATT 10.1) but app will not load - rebooted, uninstalled & reinstalled, but only get the black screen waiting for app to open. Any suggestions???

A heads-up on this app......just e-mailed the developer & he replied within minutes that the app - at this time - will not open up on 10.1. He said he is working on an update that will address the issue for 10.1 and should be out sometime after the New Year. P.S. Would be NICE if staff reviews would verify what version is needed for an advertised app to work......some do address this....some do not, evidently.....

Wow, yes agreed. Staff should mention what versions would work. Also, more of a review than a walkthrough is better.

Right?! We just spent money on it and it doesn't work! Kinda messed up but I'll be patient.

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Trance - Read my latest comment below......update has been submitted to BB World for approval that will take care of the 10.1 situation. Hopefully will show up in the next few days!

Update from developer - Just e-mailed me and a new update has been submitted to BB World (2.0.1) that adds "stability improvements, a cleaner logo and full support for OS 10.1." Should show up in the next few days.....Kudos to Toby for the prompt replies (on Christmas Eve, no less...) & concern for us BB 10.1 users! Thanks Toby!!

Yeah it was pretty much updated next day! It's awesome!

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No need for this app since I use BlackBerry inbuilt remember app.

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Wow! Great app!

I love Remember but find it a bit overly complex for short to-do items. This app cleverly sorts this by providing a great lightweight to-do list and access to your Remember notes. Fantastic!!

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