CrackBerry Asks: What did you think of BlackBerry's Super Bowl commercial?

By Simon Sage on 3 Feb 2013 08:41 pm EST
BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry's oft-teased BlackBerry Z10 ad for the Super Bowl just aired, and we're generally pretty happy with it. The ad was definitely more imaginative than Samsung's marginally funny, overbudgeted 2-minute spot, but what did you guys think? Did this need to be more punchy, like what we saw from these guys? Or was BlackBerry smart to be punching their wait with another month still left before American retail availability? Vote on the poll and hit up the comments and let us know what you think!

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CrackBerry Asks: What did you think of BlackBerry's Super Bowl commercial?


My first thought was WTF was that? My second thought was they (Blackberry) spent how much for that crap? They really couldn't come up with something better? I love BB folks but holy crap on a cracker that is NOT going to inspire anyone.

They could have actually poked fun at themselves for coming out of the dark ages. Something that would get people talking the next day.

I like this idea! Something akin to Dominoes taking ownership when their pizza was not all that. And like Dominoes was, Blackberry is big enough to own up to a mistake and commit to changing it without losing confidence in them.

Didn't happen.

I'm glad to see their doing well on the polls but now mysteriously it's not listed on the official NFL commercials page anymore?!

My thoughts exactly. They had an amazing opportunity and they blew it.

At least people will have forgotten the commercial by the March release date in the US.

The superbowl ad doesn't align to the follow up ads plan strategically either.

I think BBDO had some really bad ideas but a very good salesperson -- that somehow sold Frank this ad and play it over such an important opportunity.

I really think BBDO and the CMO blew it. This is the first piece of important work I see from Boulben, and from a marketer standpoint, I really don't think he's good enough for this job.

Who knows, but Heins might need to find himself another CMO 6 months after.

Okay you got my interest, but where is ad #2 showing what the phone CAN do? A second ad was needed to show the device gestures so folks can walk into a store and immediately know what to do to use the phone. Come on RIM (Frank!) get those ads out there.

RIM should have shown this one:

So I gotta go to a web site to look at your old antiquated BlackBerry ?!? Yeah I cant see people doing that as they just assume the new BB is same ole same ole. Need to force feed it to people. Otherwise they just wont 'get it'.

I went to and the constant background changes are annoying. I shut down the tab as was bugging me so bad. Would have been much better if the Z10 stayed in foreground and just the background changed. Wouldnt be so hard on eyes that way.

Tell me about it. At least the Samsung one was funny. This was just a vanguard artsy fartsy carp. I get the message they are trying to get out, but they could of done it in a better way. Waste of millions. Hopfully non berry fans get the message.

The thing about the Samsung one is, it was blatant and kind of dull. Plus He even says "You got the memo, right?". No they didn't. Because they're not using BlackBerry 10.

The thing about this ad is, while it does not highlight the features of this phone/OS, it does serve as a proper re-introduction for the brand BlackBerry. I think that for the Superbowl, the US market and the timing of the launches, this spot is perfect.

Like i said, I get what the message is. But for non bb users blackberry is trying to get, will they get the message. Watching this commercial over and over a few time myself. I highly doubt they will. Not catchy, just confusing imagery . Just my view point. I truly hope blackberry hits it off with bb10, this is not a good start though.

Yeahhhhh.... I gotta say, the unofficial one was better. BlackBerry really needed to come with something similar to the Detroit car commercial with Eminem. The unofficial one had that essence to it and would have been awesome, to reinvigorate the brand. Would have been better to pay guys to cut down that video to 30 seconds.

We shall see though, time will tell...

The commercial wasn't bad, but it's clear to me that BBDO, et al. did not quite understand their target base/audience. Granted, the visuals were interesting and all, but it didn't quite live up to the hype. If BlackBerry was already as popular as either Android or Apple, this commercial would've been well executed, but as far as making a comeback from its perceived oblivion, BlackBerry seems to have dropped the ball on this one. To have people go to, had the majority already been interested in BlackBerry to begin with, it would've worked out fine. But alas, as per circumstance, it seems to be a little more than a nudge at non-BlackBerry consumers, and not much more.

Overall, I give the commercial 3.25/5.00 stars; BlackBerry is going to have to invest more in advertizing leading up to March/April, to gain any considerable momentum here. Otherwise, this commercial will be largely a wasted effort. But I am pleased that BlackBerry is asking for viewer opinion on the commercial - I think they'll right the ship from here.

You don't get the commercial that's why. I had to watch it again to get it.

Parading about a product of how good it is in 30 seconds, while there are people who have already created a perception of a broken brand will just irritate them. No matter how much you shove it down their throat of how good the product is, they will walk away.

If you read the comments. There are people saying they don't get it. There are people that will say they had to watch it multiple times to try to understand it. When I first saw the commercial, I wasn't sure what I was watching so I watched it again to see what I missed.

The ad is to simply put an awareness out there. To subliminally plant it into peoples head. Other ads are to follow to go along with the start campaign.

"If you read the comments. There are people saying they don't get it. There are people that will say they had to watch it multiple times to try to understand it. When I first saw the commercial, I wasn't sure what I was watching so I watched it again to see what I missed."

That's the point bro. You shouldn't have to go do research on an Ad to "get it". You should get it straight away. that is why it failed.

Agreed. I showed this to my friends who used to have bb phones. They now have iphone and samsung. They want bb to bring a great come back. When they saw the commercial. They didn't get the message. They said Blackberry really didn't change. Thumbs down..!! BTW they are not switching back..

I"m sure that commercial would have been much more effective if the stadium had full power. As it was... I barely remember the commercial! And I love BB! WTF?

Yes, seriously. For a company that accomplished as much as BlackBerry has in the past year this ad seriously missed the boat.

No, because Samsung is able to deliver a product to me in the US in a relatively decent timeframe. I have been holding off trying to wait for BBRY, and I no longer want to wait. More importantly, I can no longer afford to wait as I am switching jobs and cities and will now have to purchase, in the immediacy, phones for myself instead of having them provided by company.

Tell me please, then, how YOU would move to a new city and get a new job without a phone. Remember, I am getting my current tools taken from me when I leave. Seriously, how would YOU manage? Figure out some options for me. Let's figure out how to manage.

No need to argue with the person above you, just a shitty brat who can't grasp the concept that people can buy whatever phone they like whenever they want it (as long as they have the money).

Ummmmm you buy one on craigslist to use foor like 10 seconds or you don't look for a job when you don't have a phone because how are they going to call you?

Please. If you just need to fill the gap for 2 months (ie you actually do want BB10) then there are options:

1. Cheapy pay-go phone for the interim
2. Import an unlocked Z10 from Canada
3. Move to Canada

I left my job and corporate-supplied BB last YEAR...and picked up the next day with no fuss a $0 Curve w/out contract to hold me over. The options exist, is what I'm saying. It's stupid to go whining "BBRY sux 'cause the States didn't get a new toy first, I'm buying Samsung!" which I've been seeing a WHOLE lot of since the launch announcement.

A couple things - never said BBRY sucks. I love BBRY and, for the most part, the BBRY ecosystem. I am going Samsung because it is available to me, today.

I'd rather BBRY, but pay-go phones are crap (or am I completely mistaken on that (most only text, correct?), if I am mistaken solution=found).

I'd rather BBRY, but as far as I can tell there is no way to get one in the US at 200USD per phone right now (If there is this option, this is the preference - 2 unlocked Zed10s at 200 USD each, capable of running on ATTs network so all I have to do is pop in SIMs)

I'd rather BBRY, but there is no way I am moving to Canada (love to visit, not going to live) for a phone. Also, new job is in NY.

Where did you find a Curve off contract for 0$$? Again, if that is the case I am "saved."

seriously one of the stupidest things I have seen on the Internet (and that's saying something)

"zomg I am going to buy a Samsung because the BB commercial wasn't good"

I am no BB fanboy either... I just think the idea that a 30-second commercial would somehow sway you to Samsung is 100% LOL

It's not because of a single commercial, it is because of necessity. I have a Playbook, a 9930, a 9810, and a 9800 all active. Previously, I have had nothing but BBRYs. I have been listening to BBRY say be patient, I have defended BBRY from iOS and Android fanboys, I use OS6 and OS7 even though there is no upgrade path and few develop the services I use for them. I am tired of it. I am not a knight in BBRY armor. I am looking to buy now, and BBRY is not available. Samsung here I come because I can actually buy one by walking in to any ATT, Verizon, or TMobile store tomorrow - not so with BBRY.

So an ad can attract people to buy something but it can't do the opposite? I think BBRY had an entire year to do things right but unfortunately they haven't. Why would you spend so much money in a worldwide product launch AND a super bowl ad if you DON'T have products to sell? I don't think BBRY is in a position to start an "expectation" campaign.. Don't get me wrong, I'm getting a Q10 for sure! But I don't think new customers are gonna buy a BB device and old customers coming back to BB its not even an option

Really? Sammy's commercial sucked even more! What was that next big thing? The BlackBerry Z10? It was not just silly but stupid. There wasn't even a point to be made in that ad.

Really? Sammy's commercial sucked even more! What was that next big thing? The BlackBerry Z10? It was not just silly but stupid. There wasn't even a point to be made in that ad.

Keep in mind a single ad is generally part of a larger campaign roll out. Stay tuned..this ad kick started the BB10 discussion in the market place.

Yea, people aren't looking at the BIG PICTURE. They could've rolled the freakin' TRAILER that everyone is loving, but that would have only struck a cord with the hardcore BB users and it doesn't set the tone for a Story to take place it just reminds you of one that was great, but has already passed. This lays the foundation for a NEW story which is what BB10 is all about. It was the right move. You have to understand the delicacy of Marketing. This commercial creates Debate and unless you've been under a rock, Debate is what our Society thrives on. Furthermore, we have no handsets in the US so showing features without being able to try them would bite Blackberry in the ass. PATIENCE.

We've had PATIENCE for 2+ years... Also, marketing is getting people to talk about the issue/product - this ad will not do that to non-BBRY people

The point of this commercial was to get the BlackBerry *BRAND* back into peoples heads. There isn't enough time in 30 seconds to tell you why you should buy the product. That will come later, in follow up ads as part of a comprehensive marketing campaign.

Don't confuse a single advertisement with MARKETING.

The general buying consumer is not patient and fickle at best with very short attention spans and NO brand loyalty these days (Crackberry nation exempted). I'm sorry but they are the ones that BlackBerry needs to turn right now and instead they went right back to lame marketing with no excitement or draw. A 'move on' or let's keep moving' campaign conversation up snap, quick clips, catchy get your body moving music. This puts people to sleep. It provides no drama, no sex-appeal and no reason to run and sign up for a Z10 or Q10. Quite frankly if you are starting a new campaign your anchor had better knock you out and as an anchor this is a sleeper.

Exactly. The Ad was just shown on CTV's Superbowl coverage and was followed immediately by a Bell Z10 ad.

More will come. If you only have 30 seconds, you are limited. Now if the US carriers were on the ball they could have done the same thing...oops forgot, they dropped the ball didn't they?

Agree. There's only so much you can do for 30 seconds. At first I also thought the ad was underwhelming, but on a second thought think it is okay and the idea with the tag line does the job. It is not designed for fans, but for the millions who have no idea BB is coming with new OS and phones. Now, if they follow through with the Pixecarve ad in the biggest markets just around the US launch to raise curiosity about the features and BBRY's comeback...who knows what the marketing budget is?

Wouldn't be fun and great to run an ad similar to the video "What you can do in 30 sec. with BlackBerry Flow" but you can't do that before people are aware about the product. Maybe next SB.

FormerlyBB, I hate to say this but you don't know or see how things work. Who remembers that jack in the box commercial a few years back where jack gets hit by a bus? You could go online to see more and then they rolled out more commercials. It was about a full month of things comming out progressively. Just sayin

Jack in the Box is still a thing? I thought the company died out with E. Coli.

*And, in answer to the question who remembers the commercial from a few years ago, clearly not I.

I really hope so, in that they follow up with an effective ad campaign leading up to March/April. They have to; this commercial didn't quite hit the mark as intended.

They have some nice video up at the website they invited viewers to visit. However, this did not leave a lasting impression. The Goat 4 Sale, and Wolf Pup were funny and memorable.

I do agree this is the start of a major US push. Did you notice it said coming soon to select US markets?

Wasn't something that'll catch most people's attention at first glance but I have a feeling I have to re-watch it to get it.

Sense of humour 30 seconds.....what the hell was that is good enough to get people to check it out....that's the reaction I had but I saw the ad as ideal....

The only people who check this out is folks that already believe in the product. It's the non-believers (for lack of a better term) that have already kept moving on right past the BlackBerry brand into something else. This showed little or no imagination and sorry to say disappoints.

Tomorrow morning you will all hear the lambasting BlackBerry gets for the utter waste of marketing dollars that could have been better spent in a far more effective manner. The story markets I suspect will also react in a very negative way and the stock will drop even further.

I think we ALL had high hopes but alas the media gods have spoken and they do not like the train wreck that was just presented.

Agree that the ad could have been more catchy but the Market tomorrow and within the weeks to come will be more interested in the UK and Canada sales. That's the ultimate decider. So far, there seems to be quite a bit of a buzz, and hopefully high sales numbers.

I personally think they needed to show some features. Show someone making a transition from business to personal somewhat like corona does. And show off the camera. That's something that would catch the eye in 30 seconds. I get what they're angle was, but now isn't the time to pay millions of dollars just to say u can't show everything bb10 can do in 30 seconds. Disapointing.

That was stupid. If BB still had 40% market share I'd say it was okay, but they needed to reintroduce BlackBerry to America. This ad didn't do it.

That was a forgettable ad, six months from now, no one will be talking about that ad.

I am telling you ten yrs from now, all of us will be talking about the PixelCarve ad.

Too bad really, because if this is the beginning of their marketing campaign and it remains within the same realm then 6 months from now no one will be talking about BlackBerry.

* BlackBerry by choice *
I was ok, needed to be more aggressive I think. I enjoyed it, but people that don't or never have owned a BlackBerry won't really get it I think. I wish they had a whole minute and they could've done way more with the time.

The most memorable part to that whole thing was the tagline. That's the beginning of a marketing push that will, supposedly/hopefully, work as intended. Keep in mind, this is way better than what RIM/BB has done in the past in terms of advertising.

Uh...ok. They should probably work on getting people excited by showing features and cleaning up their brand image rather than random gubbins like that. Oh well.

Their phones are crap. Their television's are awesome. I wonder why companies often lack 100% in all products.

waste of 4 million.
this ad would have been fine fine on general air time
but to waste their premium slot with that is just sad

Pretty lame.
I can' believe that's the best they could come up with.
I think this re-affirms Blackberry's weak link is their marketing department.

The problem I see with it is that most people think you can't do lots of stuff with a Blackberry (Skype, Netflix, Instagram, whatever).

I just don't see why they would take this angle when it might be interpreted as highlighting their current weaknesses.

Yes; had the commercial shown the apps that are already available that are highly popular (Skype and Instagram, especially), even if for maybe 5 seconds, this would've worked out better. I agree with this assessment.

That was my initial impression as well. I am going to ask around the office and see if it had any traction in the morning

Epitome of Blackberry:. Current users know the capabilities but the rest of the world is just confused. Need to bridge that gap.

This was spot on. Let's face it, mention "BlackBerry" and first thing people do is tell you what it can't do. I like it. Search thread titles on Crackberry and you'll find endless threads listing things a BlackBerry can't do.

Great comment, but I think that this is the epitome of the problem.

I always hear my friends who were former BB users tell me why they switched, it's always about what the BB couldn't do. It's the reason I gave up my 9900 and have been impatiently waiting for BB10.

If it takes a long time BB lover going to a BB dedicated site and find another poster who gives you the idea that makes you finally "get" the point of a 4 million dollar commercial, then you failed.

Horrible ad and a waste of money in my opinion. Totally forgettable and most importantly did nothing to incite curiosity.
Not so sure the new BlackBerry management gets the power of advertising

Not the right moment or venue for the Commercial. I hope they get as aggressive as their competition for the next set of commercials.

The line "can't do" is not that great for advertising. Also, the only part that let the viewer know it was a BlackBerry commercial was the last 3 seconds. So if you blinked you may have missed it. I do understand what they were trying to do with that type of commercial for a Super Bowl audience. Definitely a Super Bowl type of commercial, however a commercial with more emotion like the AMV BBDO Guinness beer comercial may have grabbed the viewers attention more. I have to say the BlackBerry "Keep Moving" commercial campaign looks awesome. And I swear I sent them a similar idea a long time ago. Prolly just a coincidence.

I really enjoyed it. It had colour, a great song, and a great tag line. I think the thing that let it down was really the voice-over. I didn't get it the first time, but did the second. Watching it twice is a luxury online, but not on tv.

That being said, from what I saw, twitter was going nuts with 'what the hell, a blackberry commercial??!' - so in that sense, it's done its job: getting the name back out there.

I'm sure they know what they're doing.

Great point, it is more about the buzz whatever it is right now, not really the content. More about the product should follow, to intrigue further and inspire.

for all the negativity about the commercial, you all are missing the point. it was a 30 second spot. it is easier to make people wonder "what can the BB10 do"? it is a perfect first step down the marketing road.

I have to say I really, really wanted to like the commercial. I thought it was a pretty weak commercial to be honest. I've been following BB10 since the rumours started almost 2 years ago and I was confused with this commercial.
I don't know what would have blown me away, but this surely did not.


30 seconds is not a long time....the msg was perfect...that it is easier in a 30 sec spot to show you what bb10 does not other does it all...good msg.....and sets the stage...I totally disagree with all the negative commentators....go BB

I said this once and I will say it again the entire marketing deptartment Should get fired, I can't even remember what the whole thing was about except for the end, a total fail. The youtube z10 video could have been better edited in a time lapse pieces of the coolest features like the camera pic edit feature.

Are you in marketing at all? in the field anywhere in the world? Nope, I'm pretty sure you're not...because if you are, you wouldn't be very good. You would also know that the department under Frank's direction has been doing a phenominal job over the last little while. No stupid youtube ads or weird cartoon characters...he brought it back to what it is about. The product and the people behind it. This ad was a great spot. Quiet confidence.
I suggest you stick to your job and leave the marketing up to the professionals.

Wipe Frank's matter off your nose for a sec, take off the BB goggles and see that you are wrong.

When the viewing public (aka - potenetial customers) are publicly stating that they didn't "get it", and that it was a bad commercial, and that is is extremely forgettable, then you, sir, have a FAIL on your hands.

Open with a guy talking to his friends.

"You got the new BlackBerry? What can it do?"

Cut to the guy in the commercial imaging his response. In his head, we see the commercial we saw.

Cut back to the new BB owner about to tell the friend what it can do.

Cut to the voice over about how it's easier to tell you what it can't.

Just my two cents, but I think it generates more buzz and less Hunh.

I have watched this 10 times and I still dont get how a company could think that was the best way to spend that kind of $$$. Totally forgettable, II asked my super bowl party 5min after the commercial aired what they thought of the blackberry commercial and the #1 comment was....."What blackberry commercial"
So sad, so frustrating, such a waste.
on the bright side no one will remember the commercial and wont care that its not coming till march.

bad thing, rim just blew $$$$$$$$$$$ for nothing. They should have given everyone on crackberry a free z10.

I'm a windows phone guy but open minded and hoping to be blown away by the commercial, but it was very unoriginal and flat. I agree, better off just giving away phones like MSFT has done in the smoked by commercials.

Before you absorb any kind of cohesive message it's over in a flash. A few gratuitous special effects and nothing more. Remember Apple's 1984 commercial? Revolutionary. Powerful message. This was all frills, little substance. But I still want a z10.

I agree with the CB crew about the Samsung commercial. It was too long and boring. At mid-way, I was about to fast forward the darn thing.

The BB ad took a unique take. I personally like it but it may not be aggressive enough given the target audience. However, at 30 seconds, I don't believe they could have done much more than raise awareness.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

Have to say it was very forgettable, after I saw it , first thing that came to my head was, unimpressed, and I'm a blackberry fan and owner waiting to get my Z10. I just HOPE they blitz the market like Microsoft did for Win 8/Surface cus I see their ads everywhere. SPEND THE MONEY!!!!!

Is everyone on drugs?
It was perfect. There has been so much hype over BB and the software and development platform and techy-geekout stuff, that this was a nice light take on blackberry - showing a quiet confidence... you guys can't toot your own horn forever or people will get sick of it.
To me, it felt like "blackberry is here to stay, get used to it fitting comfortably into your life"

There's no need to fight. BB proved itself. Now its time to play the game. Hats off to Frank for the foresight on this.

I watched it, and I didn't think it sucked. Am I the only one? What's with being SO DAMN HARD on blackberry? I liked Samsung's commercial as well. At the end of the day, i'm going to buy a phone I like. I like blackberry.

Thought ad was good, and came at a good time in the game. Think it got some of the point across.

Most of you all may not understand what advertising is about - I think it was a good witty commercial to raise awareness & even had a reference to iOS (Stepping on the ducks part).

So we must understand advertising to remember Blackberry blew it on this spot?

No one outside of Crackberry nation is talking about that Blackberry ad.

That ad was "meh", Blackberry is back with what? That Samsung ad sucked too.

Wish I would have missed it. A complete and total embarrassment. Who is running Marketing at Blackberry, they should all be fired. People need to be inspired not shown a stupid ass commercial that will be immediately forgotten. You blew it Blackberry.

My 5 year old nephew said "wow!" after her saw it. So I guess that bodes well for the future of Blackberry? I asked him why he liked it and he said he wants elephant legs too like that guy. He said it was so cool.

Ridiculous add! That was a waste of money! If that's the best the Chief Marketing Officer can do, he should be fired! Blackberry still can't market their products correctly! That's what concerns me! The new BB10 devices are the best! Take a lesson from Samsung's ads.

I loved it. I thought it was a brilliant commercial! I think there was a strong message there for a 30 second spot. Watch it a few times and I think you will see how powerful and effective it was. Just what was needed for a 30 second super bowl commercial to keep the US interested. I get my Z10 on Tuesday :)

I loved it. I thought it was a brilliant commercial! I think there was a strong message there for a 30 second spot. Watch it a few times and I think you will see how powerful and effective it was. Just what was needed for a 30 second super bowl commercial to keep the US interested. I get my Z10 on Tuesday :)

Hmm....a little disappointing for me. If it wasn't the superbowl and i wasn't waiting to see it, that commercial would not have grabbed my attention at all. Sorry bb. Love the z10 anyway!

I was kind of hoping they'd tie it in to the Iron Man 3 trailer somehow...except out pops Thorston's face instead of Tony Stark's in the helmet...then a call comes in on his Z10 (pan shot to Z10 while Thor does some fondling) and then JARVIS says wow, she's hot - is she single?

I think I'll go back to recording everything and fast forwarding through the commercials. CrackBerryKevin had a good question about BlackBerry spending their money better by giving all CrackBerry members a free Z10 instead of spenind all that money on the commercial. Give us the device and let us spread the word about how awesome it is.

They would have been better off setting $4 million in cash on fire in the Superdome to provide light for the game to continue. Seriously, you burned that much money to show people what the phone couldn't do?! Just like you spent that much money to show the US people what they couldn't buy?! WTF! Will someone please tell the Waterloo distortion field "You're doing it wrong"!

my first reaction was like most of yours, "pure crap, missed it." Then I watched it again with the mindset of someone that is watching the superbowl and not expecting a Blackberry ad (unlike the rest of us), but really just talking to his friends and kind of looking at the TV. And then the ad made sense: get the attention of everyone that is not paying attention during 27 seconds and then show the device.
if they had shown the features of the device, most probably the first 20 seconds would have been lost because most people are not really looking at the ads (getting drink refills, bathroom break, chatting with friends, commenting the game, ...).
And given the fact that as of tomorrow a global campaign will be launched, based mostly on the features of the phone, I believe this ad is after all a good one.
time will tell.

Very good point about catching people's attention for the message at the end. I thought the commercial was decent and not as bad as I feared it was going to be after first reading the posts in this thread.

The fake commercial posted the other day was a hundred times better. I get that this was an 'opening' to more commercials and thats fine, but do that later... NOT for the superbowl. All in all I thought this was an extremely poor choice for a sb spot - there had to be better options to choose than this. I was in a room of 30 people and they were all confused, speechless, and had no idea about anything bb10 and just assumed the phone was like the old ones they got rid of for iphones or androids. One person even said 'they can't do anything' in response lol. I will be getting one for sure and tried to pass some hype and info to friends of course, but the commercial was bad.

what would you have done in 30 seconds? Seriously, what?

Maybe all the crackberry addicts can get together and make a crowd sourced commercial.

This commercial likely won't go over well with inverters, which is critical at the moment. It's like bb can't do anything right.

I also don't think Thor really gets it. I got the impression during the launch that he thought the presentation was going to be a hit, but it was pretty telling when he had to clap after each point to get the crowd to respond.

I liked it. The elephant legs left me scratching my head, but the message, to me anyway, conveyed the fact that BB10 doesn't do unworkable, out of the realm of possibility stuff. Eh, what can I say, I like weird. Getting my BB Z10 on Tuesday.

Are you kidding me BlackBerry? I'm a fanboy, but that was ridiculous. What message did you really get across here? Sure, there's nothing your phone can't do. So stupid.

The Pixelcarve commercial on the other hand, now that sent a good message. It admitted that they've lost traction, but also reminded us that they were the inventors of the smartphone. It tells us they've evolved, but still haven't compromised on the best in class communications. They also mentioned "thousands of apps" which will get people hard. The Pixelcarve ad said something. The ad that was aired at the super bowl was a complete waste of money, and probably did more harm than good.

This ad wasn't sufficient. Either take out a full minute ad or have two 30 second ads. This one was a good starter, but there needed to be a finisher!

RIM, you must take some risks. Spend the money on advertising to spark early interest in the phone. This is a critical time for BB10, so don't waste it. You must keep consumer interest in the Z10 for at least another month while we wait for US carriers to start selling them. Don't blow it!


I've said time and time again who in the heck is head of marketing.

No feature was even advertised. The Samsung commercial that came much later at least was able to show 2 to 3 features.

There are tons of CB member commercial ideas that would have been 10 times better.

Typical obtuse marketing over-think by RIM-I-mean-BlackBerry. They cannot seem to get the message that their advertising has to deliver ONE single message, dumbed down to its most basic element. So Frank says the intent here was to get people talking about the brand and to drive traffic to their website. Well, people will certainly talk all right - talking about what a terrible ad that was and what a waste of money.

This does NOT give me faith that BlackBerry will be able to make it, in the long run. Great technology without great marketing almost always fails.

Samsung wanted to counter RIM's BB10 announcement. What were they trying to sell? The next big thing? Oh, they mean the Z10, but that's not a Samsung device. Tough cookies!

I think RIM should have paid for a second commercial. I blinked and missed the first one... all I heard was "the BlackBerry Z10". I had to watch it on youtube! Yes, it was imaginative, but it should be one of two commercials.

The second commercial would show just the phone, "iPhone style". This is what the Z10 can do in 30 seconds: blinky light goes on, wake up, peek to hub, jump to calendar, look at event attendee, video call him or her. End. Note, no launching of apps needed. Sick! I would want one from seeing that ad.

The Superbowl ad was just enough to peak my interest, but that second ad would be the clincher!

What I keep asking myself is WHY they did not take advantage of Alicia Keys doing the anthem? Top of my head do something with her using her phone to be asked to do anthem, practice, share it, rehearsals, emails, whatever then at the end flash to current and her receiving a call from her agent, but cancels to call her mom - this part making it seem as if she just got done with the anthem - end with something like 'business AND pleasure' or mix in something with bb balance. People would remember that!

Absolutely loved the commercial. You can't cover off features in 30s; they needed to go with something people would remember that was creative and interesting. They did just that.

Perfect for a Super Bowl. I hosted a party at my place here and everyone (including iPhoners and Androiders loved it).

Was an unusual and odd, but not bad commercial. They could have done with getting the BlackBerry more in shots.
My biggest gripe with it is the timing. It is fine for us in Canada, we have only 2 days before it is available. The biggest timing issue is the wait until March for the US to get the device. The commercial will be long forgotten by then.

I would have just thought it was a bad commercial if I had seen it during a "normal" commercial break. For a Superbowl commercial? Absolutely terrible. Very disappointing given the ad cost and man hours I'm sure went into creating it. It showed practically nothing of the phone, and you didn't even know what the commercial was for until the last second. If it had been for any product other than BlackBerry I wouldn't have given it a second thought, much less start researching it. Very unmemorable and just very.... disappointing...

Personally I think it wasn't bad. Stop comparing it to the pre superbowl advertisement, it was like 1:46 seconds, it's SO different vs a 30 second spot. You can't build that kind of magic in 30 seconds, it's just not possible. I think the negative response from people are due to expectations not met because people don't know how short 30 seconds is. If you really think the success of BlackBerry depended on this ad, you are under estimating a lot of things.

Anyhow, I liked the commercial for how safe it is, it captures everyone attention by a "wtfz0rz" than shows "BlackBerry Z10" with a quick glance at the hub. A commercial like this is safe, grabs attention and shows your new product.

its cool but seriously im kind'a lost. i think bb just wanted to express a more subtle message to the public rather than being bold ,aggressive and direct to the point. it didnt thrill me much but its an ok tv ad...

There was a BB commerical? I saw a Samsung commercial that was funny, intelligent, and showed off a little piece of NFC tech w some pretty cool spoke holes.

It made me laugh. Out loud. Belly laugh.

That's what people want and expect in Super Bowl advert. You must consider the demographic.

I think it was a good call.

i think that maybe the meaning of the ad be : when the man start bbz10 its hot like catching on fire ,when he has elephant legs the people falling around form the word apple meaning that rock-solid estability of QNX vs ios inestability ,the color pouders mean the google colors and then it is transported through a sewer to a manhole cover the be confronted by a out-of-control truck then be swiped and tranformed to yellow ruber ducks by a gesture on bbz10 crushing at their feet maybe meaning the miriad of android devices ..

It's pretty simple actually. Right from BlackBerry's site:

"The new BlackBerry Z10 cannot set you on fire, give you elephant legs, cause you to disappear into a cloud of rainbow smoke or turn a speeding truck into harmless rubber duckies. But with only 30 seconds, on the world’s largest advertising stage it’s quicker to show you what it can’t do. In a fun and creative one-time spot that aired this Sunday, BlackBerry introduced the new BlackBerry Z10."

IMHO, this was a perfect commercial. You need to get the viewers attention. They did that. With it launching in the US in March, there is no need to cover features in a Super Bowl slot. Catch people's attention, get them thinking about BlackBerry.

The "Keep Moving" campaign starts tomorrow - you're going to see a ton of ads now for the phone itself and it's features. I walked into Wal-Mart today and there were signs EVERYWHERE for the Z10 RIGHT AT THE ENTRANCE AND EXITS!

BlackBerry is back people - forget the old, boring corporate company.

For all of you naysayers, the ad has been voted #1 so far on the official NFL Super Bowl commercial site. Someone must have liked it.

EDIT I went back to the website to get a link and the ad was pulled! It had the highest views and was rated #1. Now it's gone. I wonder if someone hacked the site?

Worst advertisement ever. Agree with whoever said the RIM CMO made a huge mistake, and the BBDO's sales guy should get a raise for selling that crp. WOW. As a loyal, hopeful, fan for over a decade I am so embarrassed. I just hope Rub3n5's optimism is based on more than some merchandising at Walmart, and an online statement from RIM.

"BlackBerry's oft-teased BlackBerry Z10 ad for the Super Bowl... was definitely more imaginative than Samsung's marginally funny, overbudgeted 2-minute spot"

Seconded; I watched the Super Bowl with family and friends, and everyone was like "WTF?" or simply confused at the Samsung commercial. I stared at the TV screen and had absolutely no idea what they were saying or talking about. The only thing I got out of it was something about a Galaxy tablet; it was pretty much forgettable, save for its monotony.

I dunno why you guys wanted a showcase ad... We'll be going very technical and informative. Sure it will appease the technology dudes like us but for other people, it'll be another round of informercial which will fall FLAT. Not to mention, you CAN'T stuff everything BB10 can do on 30 seconds.

I think BBRY took the better approach, by being off-character and aloof (and very opposite to a typical "I can do this" ad), they can pretty much make people raise eyebrows on the ad or arouse some "WTF" looks... These can make people curious and eventually search it. This also gathers more attention than simply showcasing and also allows BBRY to NOT spoil everyone what it CAN do.

Off-topic... I like the Doritos ads (that evil Goat and Dog XD ). I think I will never buy a Goat while holding Doritos =))

I understand it's only 30 seconds...they could have at least made it funny if they were going this rout. It just seemed like a bunch of random special effects thrown together. I mean seriously.

Its one of those ads that needs a second look. Just bloody trolls in the above comments. Its a "thinking man's ad" . Yeah they've could've taken a different direction. The above extreme negative comments sounds like an "Overly Attached Girlfriend" that wants to get back together.

Ummmm...I just went to the site....and the BB commercial has been removed. I can't find it I missing it? I found it earlier, but it's gone now

It appears that at least 9 of the Super Bowl ads on the NFL site were removed, and BlackBerry was obviously one of them; the lowest-ranked one was ranked #64, but only 55 commercials are shown. Perhaps the NFL people want to promote their favorites, and meanwhile, spiting others in the process?

Missing: # 1, 24, 31, 36, 38, 39, 43, 45, 57

Blackberry should sue the dog$hit out of them...see? THIS is the kind of nonsense that goes on in the don't like how your poll is turning out? Just change it....WTF?

"30's easier to show what we can't do..." Ummm, I disagree! Considering there are a lot of potential clients who have not been following the features, videos, leaks, and launch events (like myslef LOL), I would think it would have definitely been better to GIVE IT EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT in 30 seconds! This was a SuperBowl commercial- which means that nearly ALL of America was watching, and the devices won't be able to be previewed in stores until around March, therefore...give them Time Shift and panoramic camera features, show off the Peek and Flow, the BBM Voice, the Story Maker (which is very cool!), the predicative text "flicking", the security features....ANYTHING! If you never knew anything about BB prior to the commercial, guess what? You still wouldn't know anything about BB or the Z10!

I think it was a bad concept, and a waste of money! *sigh*...


I think this is not a bad commercial, but it may not fit very well to the American culture. It may be better received in Europe, but hmm... could have a better one if it's for USA.

When I saw the advertisment ,I was like (What did I just see? Is Rim on weed?). Next time they should let the members of crack berry make one for them. Playing it save all the time gets you no where . The nice guy days are over!
Show an advertisment with people using the device for work and play , play up on the security ,reliability ,smoothness ,speed and fun (playing a game or 2 on it ) . High light the screen share feature and the number of actual popular apps avaliable at launch time.
Make people curious and then stamp on the fact that its all new from the ground up ,nothing old was used going forward the phones in all of their Glory !
Aim for the gold , that commercial felt like blackberry was afraid to say that it made the Z10 or the Q10.
That said , I'm still with blackberry . I know what kind of product they make and it was worth the wait !

People on this website remind me of football fans from my home state of Minnesota. They love their Vikings so dearly, and judge them so harshly for any perceived error or weakness. This commercial was funny, lighthearted and entertaining. This was a brilliant 30 second spot. You guys need to lower your demands a bit.

When I first saw the ad I was like Huh, and I saw it again, and it really is Brilliant. I am sorry that people can't see it. So many other commercials show you all the millions of things it can do, and TBH who cares in a commercial! The what it can't do was really good, and I can see why its voted #1, its just to bad that NFL took it off their site!

Personally I think the ad was funny. I find that super bowl ads are suppose to be quirky and funny like the Volkswagen ad which was less about the car but more about how you felt when you owned one. So he felt like he was on fire an he felt that he unstoppable when using his new z10 works just fine for me.

This was a decent commercial but not for this stage. This is the Super Bowl this is North America! The commercial has to WOW here. It didn't it missed. I am loyal and have been for many years. Everyone around me has wanted me to switch my device and I won't. This commercial was a safe way out. The unofficial video is great and honest. This video will be forgotten. I am with you guys start launching better commercials in this market and put the word out that your back. Tell the people the truth.

I am in marketing... I understand the creative behind the spot and that you only have 30 secs to get your message across...

That notwithstanding, as the first BB10 commercial for the US Market, I would have gone more for a "what you can do" strategy, than a "what you can't do" gimmick. Especially considering the cost of airing this during the Super bowl.

Let's hope the rest of the campaign has a more "hard-sell" approach.

The poll on crackberry says it all. If 30% of the people think it sucked, then it sucked. Perception is reality when it comes to advertising. You cant outsmart the public by giving them an add that they should like. They need to like it.

Really though, its all mute. As someone else said. By the time Blackberry actually releases the Z10 to the intended audience, they will have long forgotten about this ad. Which is the most pathetic part about Blackberry's relaunch.

Not bad, but key issue was by the time you realized what product the commercial was for, it was over. And most people seemed to miss the concept altogether. Logo or some type reference at the beginning to let you know it was BlackBerry would have made it much better.

A step in the right direction.

My favorite car at time 13 s, a classic Mercedes Benz 300D. I have an 84 turbo diesel. My best part of the ad

From the perspective of the people I was watching with (one of which was actually excited for the new BB) the consensus was "so whats new?". They saw nothing their current phones didn't already do, messaging. Big deal was the general feeling. The commercials didn't focus, didn't demonstrate and certainly didn't wow!. All they really showed was the Hub, strangely the most criticized aspect of the device so far. There was nothing "fun" to attract people to the new device. Hopefully they'll release some new Ads in the run up to release.

I would have liked to see an add that brings life since the carriers and media billed BlackBerry for dead. Here in North America BlackBerry had been bashed heavily and I feel an add that shows you are alive and well would have sufficed. Showing the new features in the background with a link that explains it all like the unofficial commercial.

BBRY better get on the horn to NFL offices on Park Ave ASAP. Why is the ad no longer on the SB commercials page??? Because it was beating the Bud ad, a high-paying sponsor of the league?

Either satire has become become a lost art, or the brilliance of the commercial was was way over most people's heads. Well done Blackberry, you brought a touch of class and intelligence to what were otherwise mundane and base super bowl ads.

+10 Agreed. I also agree with a previous commenter that it's a "thinking man's ad". The more I see it, the more I appreciate the surreal weirdness of it. Love the creativity. Better than Samsung's 2 minute douchebaggery that panders to its audience.

@joepeppe I am afraid you might be right. Satire and the art of being subtle and original seem to be lost in this copycat society. Now to be fair I didn't get it all on the first viewing, but intelligent Ads should never be so easy. If the Ad initially whetted ones appetite, there are a myriad of sources such as youtube to give one a chance to have another look. I loved the song as well. I really thought the Ad was absolutely brilliant, particularly given the challenge of having only 30 seconds to work with.

It sucked. Superbowl ads are about the AD!!, not the product feature. Take the Samsung ad. That was boring, but I remember more from that ad than from the BB one.

It wasn't funny (Leon Sandcastle) or cool/emotional ("God made a farmer") enough to have (normal) people take notice and still be talking about it today), and it wasn't informational enough, either. It is the type of ad that a brand already doing well might have used with decent results...but even then, it isn't anything special.

They wasted a ton of money.

Bunch of whiners. The ad was elegant. I don't know what some people are expecting.

Tough crowd to please, ha.

Look at the Samsung long commercial. Samsung will always be the nerd trying to be funny and cool. Also note how Samsung flooded the breaks with their 'business ready' Note 2 commercial. It got really annoying after the 3rd time.

That was unbelievably shambolic!!!!! What was that about?????

For a company that had a year long delay for this phone not to mention that it won’t be available in the US till March that was going to keep people hanging on for one???

Ps Here in the Uk there hasn’t been any great promo for the Z10 either, but then again after watching that debacle of an advert I can see why

Guys, Gals, Guys. Please. First of all look beyond yourselves when commenting on this outstanding 30 second spot. This Ad was not targeting any one of us who has come onto this site to comment. Most of us, whether Blackberry lovers or haters are well aware of the Blackberry Launch and the Z10. This Ad is instead targeting a much wider audience who knows little about what Blackberry has been doing lately. It was a fun ad, great song and a great idea to say well, we have lots to show you, but we can't in 30 seconds. But we are back! It gives a glimpse of the phone and that was all that was needed. And what did we get from the glimpse? A chap who could work his phone with one hand throughout the entire video. It was a brilliant piece of marketing. I also think stepping over the toy was a great finishing touch. They not so subtly represent the "toys for boys" iPhones and the Androids being crushed. The details most of you want will come later, when the marketing campaign focuses on different and narrower demographic segments.

+10 Also, the phones won't be out in the U.S. till next month. Why show off features of a phone that isn't even out yet? The ad was definitely not targeted at us. It is an unconventional way of advertising, but that's exactly what BB wanted to accomplish, and they did.

It was horrible.

Anyone remember the WebOS commercials that tried to be artsy and whimsical and barely showed the phone and how well those helped the company? Remember what happened to WebOS?

BlackBerry has to do better with marketing or they are dead in the water.


RIM / BlackBerry should have had their ducks in a row with the US Marketplace. Superbowl ad should have included an action item to check out the phones in the stores tomorrow.

With all due respect, in my opinion I thought it was confusing and I was disappointed that there was meaningless distraction instead of focus on the new platform. I was hoping Blackberry would have made a push to sell their new product to newcomers. I felt Blackberry fell short of showing how improved and different and how much better their new os is above the competition.

Interesting, this from Business Insider... (

At 37 percent, and with 1,244 votes, BlackBerry's spot beat out the Dodge "Farmer" spot, which got 18 percent and 594 votes.(We should note that a lot of voters came from, the BlackBerry fan web site.)

Coulda been worse. It could've starred the Palm Pre Creepy Girl.

"There is no shame in being a poor man . . . but it is confounded inconvenient." -Canon Sydney Smith

I have to admit that I was expecting a lot more from the commercial; however, after playing it a few times I can actually see where they're going with it.

At first I was caught up in the visual stuff (i.e. the guy on fire, the elephant feet, falling through the manhole, the rainbow smoke, the diesel truck turning into ducks). and then I realized that the real message is in the lyrics of the song.

Yeah you may dislike the song but the message is loud and clear and the beat is kind of catchy:

"Who knows what tomorrow will bring
Maybe sunshine or maybe rain
But as for me I'll wait and see
And maybe it'll bring my love to me
Who knows..."

For all us BB crack heads, Blackberry is telling us (especially the USA Market) to be patient and to trust them ;and that if we do that we may end up with the Smartphone we've all been waiting for and hoping for. This ad was basically saying: "USA MARKET, we're truly sorry you're getting screwed here, but if you wait just a little bit longer you'll get this Smartphone and LOVE IT!"

On a scale of 1 to 10 - I initially gave it a 1 but now I have to bump it up to a solid 9.

It's just BB LOVE, baby!

Absolutely disgusted with the extremely negative views of this commercial because people didn't take a moment to sit back and try to examine the full concept of an "ad campaign". You clearly didn't get the point of the commercial. By the way, a majority of the people who saw the ad on and YouTube disagree with you.

I know right? When will people learn to appreciate anything in their life? I do! I loved the ad and knew what it represented!! :)

I loved it, Took me a couple time to watch it and understand the point with it was not to show off how cool and capable the new Blackberry is but simply to let the masses know BB is back and with a lot to offer, come check us out.
I took from it, the guy and his Z10 symbolize the new BB, the flames symbolize how the general view of the past and BB going down in flames, Nope, flames go out with a flick of the wrist. The elephant feet symbolize how it was perceived BB's are slow and cumbersome, flick, nope... The poof of smoke and he's gone, maybe some other competing companies views of what they hope BB will do, vanish, Nope, he pops back up confident as ever to face the out-of-control truck symbolizing the overall industry only to flick his thumb to turn it into what it really is, a bunch of toys, my favorite part is the end when he walks on one of those familiar toys : )

Very well done Guys !!!

BB10 is going to be fantastic, dont worry....

oh and did anyone notice it's still the top rated commercial on the commercials page 11583 thumbs up last i checked : ))

What seems to be the problem here?

; )