What cool things can I do with my BlackBerry Z10?

By Adam Zeis on 17 Jul 2013 01:23 pm EDT

I have been on vacation for the last two weeks so I've been spending a bit of time catching up on the forums the last few days. One thread I came across earlier caught my eye and really got me thinking. I know the CrackBerry community are a creative bunch, so when the question What cool things can I do with my Z10 was brought up I expected nothing but some great answers.

"Buy 99 other Z10s and play Jenga with them" darkehawke, CB Member

Forums member TiagoPD claims to be bored with the Z10 and thusly posed the question to the CrackBerry community. Along with some witty and truly creative answers, there are obviously tons of things you can do on the Z10 (or just on BB10 in general for that matter). From the awesome built-in photo editor to the time-shift camera to watching YouTube videos to playing some great games - there are plenty of cool things you can do on the Z10, even right out of the box.

"Take some group photos and time-shift their faces" dusdal, CB Member

Some of the responses from other members include using a third-party app to watch movies and TV shows, buying an OtterBox and tossing the Z10 around (which we don't fully recommend), taking photos and using the built-in photo editor to make them awesome and my personal favorite buy 99 other Z10s and play Jenga with them.

"Buy an HDMI cable and use it to stream movies to your big screen TV or just use the DLNA capabilities." axeman1000, CB Member

Personally I use my Z10 mainly for email and social networks (Twitter, Facebook) but as far as "cool" uses I'd have to say hooking up to my BlackBerry Music Gateway, using some awesome driving apps in my car and checking out Formula 1 action on race day.

As BlackBerry 10 power users know well, there are plenty of "cool" things you can do on the BlackBerry Z10 however some new users may not realize the potential of the BB10 OS. Your mission is to hit up the forums and help spread the word with the coolest things you can think of to do on the Z10. While using your Z10 as a coaster or playing Jenga are some options, what about the real things you can do with the Z10 hardware and BB10 OS?

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Hit up the forums thread below and let us know what some of your favorite things to do with the Z10 are. I'm sure there are plenty of you who have come up with some truly creative uses for your device, so let's hear your ideas!

What cool things can I do with my Z10?

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What cool things can I do with my BlackBerry Z10?


Do I need the gateway if my Z10 bluetooths to my sound bar? What else does it do? Lazy here. Guess I could look it up. But ya. Direct to sound bar. Awesome.

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I used DLNA any 'Play on' my Sony home theater... one of my favorite features!

I have actually used this while making a phone call and holding the line with Telus and BBMing a friend... all with zero flaws.

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Hdmi connection for work presentations... and PowerPoint... two amazingly cool features that most other phones don't have

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At least, not without using an MHL adapter. Not sure how android handles it, if it's the same as BlackBerry.

If the Android Device has a HDMI connector it will work the same.

Or if the projector has Wi-Fi capabilities, I have seen that done with both Apple and Android devices.

Can a BlackBerry connect to a Wi-Fi projector to display video?

I have used an HDMI to VGA adapter to do a PowerPoint via a Display Projector from my PlayBook, using my Z10 and BlackBerry Bridge to control the presentation.

I do this a couple of times a week. The best part of it is, when someone in the room makes a comment along the lines of "um, and that's BlackBerry?" to which I say "No. It's the NEW BlackBerry!"

Internet speed kills iphone5 and even galaxy s4.... so when it's just even online browsing.. my friends think it's soo cool how fast the internet is. Html compatibility in the blackberry os is the best out there

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Dam, how much faster than s4 wth android is garbage then, lol octa core phone smart as octopus.

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Many. All useful. None that waste my time.
Like the ones you need a hash tag for.

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Games are for kids pal, if you want games, the book is out, go get an iphone or android. The people who truly have things to do, and don't have time to waste ripping BlackBerry all day on the forums, are the people who get things DONE. And I certainly hope you aren't over 21 #littlekid

My buddy is a home building inspector in Sumter County. Says all he does is kick the tires and check the straps.

How are you bored with a phone....it's not meant to entertain you every minute of every day. Thats what other people and interaction is for.

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Side loaded emulators, hdmi out to my big screen TV, hopefully more blue tooth support from games to convince me to invest in one. My phone would then be my console. Who doesn't love Mario Kart

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Idealy, I would load an N64 emulator on my Z10, and HDMI out to a big screen. I would love to have blutooth support for 4 gamepads or better yet, have my friends download an open source gamepad to their devices (I would use a controller) and play multiplayer. That's how take a lead on the market. BlackBerry could even make a builtin gamepad over BBM and use BBM as the platform for multiplatform gaming/connectivity.

Many people don't even realize the full potential of the multimedia capabilities on BlackBerry 10. With some pretty cool, built in, photo and video editing as well as Story Maker. There are also many cool third party multimedia apps that make the Z10 a really cool device.

I think if people knew about some more of these cool features, they would use their Z10 / Q10 for more cool stuff.

I think there are a lot of youth out there who would really enjoy using the creative capabilities of BlackBerry 10 and they could have a lot of fun.

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BlackBerry music gateway
HDMI output with streaming capabilities to tv
Remote for my playbook
Storyteller if you learn how to use it properly
Removable battery w/ spare battery kit
Nfc file share and bbm adds
Cineplex app(shows off cascades) way better than ios and android
BBM video and screen display for support
Games console emulator support with BT contollers
Crackberry app and support
Encryption works properly now in bb10
64 GB expandable memory
Android support for other apps
Cloud storage solutions
Soccer ticker app( fav app)

The list goes on and on....

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Access my home computer from work! Not mentioned enough. My work doesn't let us installed or load confidential files on Dropbox or any of the cloud services. Yeah we can log on with a browser but sometimes when we're on the field or in meeting, my Z10 saved me on several occasions.

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Awesome you posted this thread in a Blog. I've been laughing my ass off all week with this one...

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Hook you z10 to your big screen . Sync a WII remote to you z10 via blue tooth. Now you got a console gaming experience. Supper easy to do. Go to bluetooth page turn on bluetooth then press and hold 1 and 2 bottoms on your we remote untell it appears on the bluetooth page as Nintendo paired. It works with all play on compatible games like shadowgun.

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I especially like waiting for instagram to finally build an app for this is stupid yet amazing platform.

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I think that instagram is more stupid than the entire BlackBerry 10 platform. That was a bizarre statement.

Think of all the time your saving not using that lame app.

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Actually, I love instagram and absolutely require it as I also regard my smartphone to be a toy.

Truth be told, I'm thinking about going back to either an iPhone or Android device.

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i just sideloaded this about 2 weeks ago and found out it doesn't work like a charm...the keyboard goes crazing when commenting and you can't see or upload videos.

Oh wow! Why didn't anyone mention this before? And all this time I was using an archaic method of transferring letters and symbols in short messages. Going to have to give that call feature a try. :)

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I have just two words for this: FUN KNEE! Made my day. STOP. Making me laugh, ha ha....STOP
Love it.

Even though a phone is picked more for the overall experience than just individual pony tricks, a harder question would be "What cool things can I do with my BlackBerry Z10, that are harder or impossible to do on other platforms?"
One advantage I see is the way multi-tasking works, but what else?

That's what BlackBerry wants you you believe ;). 10.0 had a couple of vulnerabilities which could have been exploited without you knowing.

My PlayBook? Very useful in the shower as a radio and notepad :)

We are hoping the site will move beyond celebrating media consumption and games... which these same fanbois used to call out as the iOS/Android issues... that BBRY was for work.

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I am a construction estimator I use mine to view plans on my big screen, way better than viewing on my laptop!!

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It's a capable device, great at raw communication, and the HDMI feature is greak, when the mkv files work!

That said, no commercial vpn support - no OPENVPN - that is plain rubbish!

For the rest - bb10 is certainly capable and the android runtime update will bring that even further!

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

I agree, BB10 still is a strange mix of consumer and enterprise features, missing some very useful components and options that the competition has had for a while now.

We use old iPhones for way more ... door prop, coaster, etc. The kids love old iphones for building blocks, making roads for toy cars and weapons. The ipad is a good shield for throwing rocks at one another.

Of the many things we love about our BlackBerry Z10's is using time shift to (try) and capture lightning. Kids also use it to capture funny faces. Then creat a movie in movie maker with all of them.

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I've been running the Music Gateway since it came out. Started on my PlayBook, and here's the catch. The PlayBook has Class 1 Bluetooth, so the connection and range when streaming are flawless. The Z10 is not Class 1 Bluetooth (although the Q10 is), so you need to be closer to the Gateway . What I mean is that with my PlayBook, I could change rooms and not affect the stream. The same is not true for the Z10. For lucky Q10 owners, not an issue. I love my Z10, but I'm jealous of the Q10 in that regard. That's why I'm excited for the A10. If you're not an audiophile like myself, then the Music Gateway is of no consequence, but there's some insight to mull over a bit. The Music Gateway also has NFC, and only after I got my Z10 was I finally able to experience it. Connects FAST!

For those who don't know, the Moga Pro controller and Retroarch are an extremely cool thing, too. Check the forums ; I've detailed that for everyone. Even have a video up on YouTube using a Wii Remote!

Music gateway, nfc sharing everything with my fellow z10ers and controlling my ps3 YouTube app on my z10 wirelessly. Always finding new capabilities with this phone!

Posted from my incredible Z10

This is Sooooo what Blackberry should be focusing on in their Ads.
Bluetooth Game Controller
Timeshift Camera
Embedded Android
expandable SD
HD Voice

"Yah we do that!"
"The new Blackberry 10...NOT JUST for business anymore"

Apple advertises their phone by the Apps..Blackberry needs to do the same..it also encourages App developers to get their apps notices..so they can be part of the BB advertising and therefor more revenue

Also I was floored when I first called another z10 and heard the quality of stereo hd phone calls! Wish everyone had a z10!

Posted from my incredible Z10

I love the fact that everything I need to connected. When I want to share anything it all available, not needing to open the app and choose upload or choose share.
Hub makes everything so easy to review and look any past conversation without have to open multiple apps and wait for it to load.
I love the fact that it doesn't have many apps and so that i get distracted by games at work or when im out with family.
BlackBerry has always been able to get more productivity out of me. It also makes me feel smarter. Being able to get everything that needs to be done seconds faster then anyone else using their smartphones.
Love the bluetooth connection with "blackberry bridge " its just soo much faster than any other bluetooth pairing.
Be able to use technology of the hdmi and provide an whole new productive experience on the big screen and plug and continue your daily task without delay and every connect a bluetooth keyboard for the big screen is super fast . With trackpad and you got a fully functional computer.

I spent several hours yesterday at a hospital that is about 45 minutes from my home. When they gave me a prescription, I captured it using Paper Pusher Scanner to create a PDF file. While my wife drove home I used PamFax to fax the prescription to our pharmacy. When I arrived there 30 minutes later, it was ready for pickup. Great time saver!

Type super fast messages! I hope that the upcoming A10 is in practice a mini computer and that the early specs recently shown are not up to date. BlackBerry needs to differentiate big time. They need a game changer!

I love my Z10!

Using the PC-like browser sets the Z far apart from other OS's. I have a co-worker who uses the Galaxy Note 2 that puts it away every time I come around with my Z10. Before I got it, he used to brag and compare it to my Torch 9850, now he's embarrassed to use it in front of me. LOL!!!

Is that what that circle is on the android browser waiting for the page to load? The browser running circles? Ahh ok. I am too busy surfing fast with my z10 browser.

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That's why I joined CB to hear cool stuff. about BB but it's a forums have become a place where Only issues with BlackBerry 10 are discussed...Good Article.

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Aside from comparing my friends androids to a Toyota camry. The I phone friends to the Honda Accord. I then make them jealous when they realize my Z10. Is a Maserati when we go to browse.......Anything.

Crackle via hdmi at home. Hotels and at mom's house.

Gps using View Ranger is awesome when kayaking the rivers here in Florida. Never get lost. And it tracks how far I paddle!

And when in meetings. All I need is my Z10. Everyone else is still using those old bulky planners. Hahaha. Not Lean and it looks ridiculous. Notes, reminders, to do's and calendar all sync with ease and keep me moving forward.
Not to mention when the meetings over. I slide my Z10 into my pocket and a networking I go. As opposed to packing up planner etc.

I could go on for hours. I'll stop here. For your sanity. Lol.

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-...-... .--------- .-...-.-...... (should say "BB 10 rules" in morse code, my BB 10 just translated it :p)
Seriously, the typing (heaven), hub, browser (+reader mode) are my favorites, strong as a communicator and that's why i use my smartphone in the 1st place.
Oh, logging in on a random wifi spot in my town works like a charm, lot easier to connect than my android and even with a low wifi signal, my BB 10 is up for it where all my Samsung's failed.

I made a trip to Georgia a week ago. I depended on Maps for navigation and it didn't fail me once. It was excellent.

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The HDMI output is really cool and good function that other phones don't have. We can plug in into hotel big lcd tv to see the photos we just took on the vacation.

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Download the flashlight app and pretend your a proctologist! That's what I wanted to post in the original "i'm bored and brainless and have the attention span of a gnat and am too lazy to peruse the forums or read the literature about my phone to figure out what I can do with it" thread.

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I like to listen to music when I ride my horse. I used to strap an iPod to my arm and attach it to bulky speakers in a fanny pack. Now I carry my Q10 in a holster and play my music while I ride. I could never do that on my 9000 as the speaker was not loud enough.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

Channeling. Use hours doing channel reviews. I love channels. Download now from beta.

ChannelX C000D3759 We review channels

If you have great stories how your BB10 device has saved the day, made you a hero, or simply did something amazing, use the hashtag #BB10edge on Twitter. I'm working on a strategy to help raise more awareness of how BlackBerry 10 gives people an "edge".

I'll also be working on some other ways to provide more concrete real world examples how BlackBerry can do things faster and more efficiently than other platforms, or examples of things it can do that other platforms like iOS and Android cannot within reason (thus the "edge"). This may take the form of some videos, ads, or blogs.

My goal is to help change the perception that people have that BlackBerry is an outdated and laughable platform into a positive one where they associate BlackBerry with style, grace, and power. We're all disappointed with the current marketing efforts which have fallen on deaf ears in the US, so this is one way we can help.

Today, I hit the voice command key on my Q10 while in my car and the voice assistant's voice came through the car speakers. I was then able to give the voice commands through the car connectivity. I sent a BBM contact a message while driving my vehicle.

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I did nothing special to enable the Q10 voice commands through the ML350 speakers and microphone. The phone had already been paired via bluetooth with the vehicle.
It also streams music via bluetooth. When I select the appropriate source in the vehicles infotainment console, the music player starts automatically.

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BlackBerry Z10 is more fun than the Bold 9700. But with just 3 hours of battery? It has the worse Battery than the Bold 9900. I bought a Battery Charger Bundle. I thought it's a relief. But I realized it will only last for six hours at most.
Now I am looking for a power pack with at least 6000 MaH. Oh Well.

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Three hours, umm mine last all day.And,I am active in listening to music, facebook, twitter, instagram, and bbm. might be something wrong with your battery.

I hook my PlayBook to the TV, and remote control it with the Z10 so I can watch my amazon collection while on the go.

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Hey HDMI games on my 55 inch tv is awesome. Using MP neutron as a media player through HDMI. Is like being live at the concert., sending videos to my LG tv through HDMI or DLNA awesome. Using my Z10 as a remote for my computer no words wireless music in my car great should I keep going you want to know. Ask me @ theclimber7@optimum.net. Love this Zed 10

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Using BlackBerry Work Drives to access my work folder and files instead of using my laptop. This rocks!

Accessing my home computer through BlackBerry Link WiFi.

Using NFC to transfer contacts, photos, and files.

BBM video chat to talk to co-workers from across Canada.

Access work SharePoint site via Harmon.ie.lite.

Constantly charge my battery during the day from the heavy use. Need to buy the spare battery kit.

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NFC music, zip files, whatever to my friends with them. Music swapping is pretty fun while hanging out having a few drinks.

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Just today I used the Z10 mobile hotspot for Internet connection to my Desktop at work. It was amazing to note that speed experience was great in a country of 3G capabilities. It was 10x faster than the other Internet modem we have here in Nigeria.

Posted from my Z10 via CB

I'm chasing the unbitten neighbours cat with the myflashlight AND I'm using Coin Flip for decision making. Any other questions? Yeah I would love to see RSA on it!!!

Thanks to the 1080 and 720 res video camera, I'm about to use my Z10 to create quick company videos to post on our YouTube channel! Shoot the vid, throw it into Story Maker, title and credits, share to YouTube....DONE! Talk about efficient!

I have about 10 regular replies to clients emails that are about 5-6 paragraphs long.

I saved each as a 2 letter code in Word Substitution. So when a client asks for information on 1 topic, I press Reply, XX, Send.

It sends a 5 paragraph email in seconds.

It's actually less steps than Signatures on outlook on the pc.

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I picked up on another funny thing that bb10 does...

One day I keyed into the calendar "call Bob about the credit report"

The next day, I texted my assistant to do the above. As soon as I keyed "call bob", it predicted "about", then "the", and so on.

I tried the same with complete jibberish and it predicted perfectly.

That's one smart smartphone.

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I use it for mail fb. Will try with other. Also for ever note and Google calendar. Great blessing there. Used print to go. Unable to share fb posts. The share option shows but does not work. Side loaded android apps


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