CrackBerry Asks: What color BlackBerry Q5 are you most excited for?

By Adam Zeis on 14 May 2013 10:31 am EDT

The BlackBerry Q5 was announced today during BlackBerry Live 2013. The new device is scheduled for a release "later this summer" and will feature the classic BlackBerry design with a physical QWERTY keyboard (with the Curve style keys).

Unlike the Z10 and Q10 which are available in only black or white, the new BlackBerry Q5 will be available at launch in not only black and white, but also red and pink. A very cool move by BlackBerry that should give prospective Q5 buyers plenty of options (and make for a tough decision).

What we want to know is what color of Q5 strikes your fancy the most. Even if you don't plan to buy a Q5, feel free to vote in the poll below and let us know what color is your favorite.


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CrackBerry Asks: What color BlackBerry Q5 are you most excited for?


It's a modern OS on an ancient looking handset. Lower kids and people who can't afford the higher end models may like it though.

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They should have also added a background that complements the colors.

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Think the listed countries are the ones to receive the phone in July, whereas other countries will have to wait longer but will still get it. What I presume anyway

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Ah. That would make sense. I'm a Z10 user myself, but just trying to figure out what devices we'll have here in the USA so I can "Sell like Hell" to everyone around me. And seeing how I had a lot of friends who were past curve users, this will be right up their alley.

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I will be sticking with my Z10, but I would have to go with black if I was on the Q5 train. Just seems right to me!

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I do hope they don't segmentate their products. Second is this the R10 or actually something completely different. Hence Q5.

Though I would never give up my Z10, the red and pink ones look sleek.

(I miss how awesome my purple curve looked, plus it was kinda repping my UWO colours!)

It's a phone. I don't get what you are looking for. They will sell in South America, Africa and Asia. My friend in Colombia will love it.

If you are in Europe or North America, you probably shouldn't get your hopes up. There might be a market for these on the internet but I doubt the NA and EU carriers will get them too soon.

AAAGGGHHH!!! More phones that won't see the light of day in the US for months... Just give those of us limping along with legacy OS devices our shiny new Q10s!!!

What is the difference (if any) between the Q5 and the Q10? Where can I find this information if it is already available?

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what about the specs, we don't know what it will feature? The color is less important, but since you asked I would lean toward black or the white!

Have you picked up on the fact that Pinterest is shown using the BB10 browser?!??

This confirms my argument for no reason for social apps that offer nothing more than the same access that they have in their cloud based offering.

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White for me. Didn't get the chance to grab the white Z10 so a white Q5 would look very nice next my black Z10. :) mobile computing rocks, BlackBerry rock'n'rolls.

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Neither, waiting for the Q10 to go down on price or wait for a slider BB.

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Rather a strange move to start the "Curve-line" of BB10 phones with a qwerty model.
It's clearly aimed at youth, but nowadays those guys and gals all want a full touchscreen.

PS: Despite the fancy colors, I still think it's ugly though...