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What celebrity would you like to see endorse BlackBerry 10?

Kim Kardashian
By Adam Zeis on 8 Nov 2012 01:25 pm EST

Celebrities endorse all kinds of products - from shoes to cars to clothing to electronics. The most recent celeb to jumb on board with a company was Jessica Alba when she appeared at the Windows Phone 8 event a week or so back. Jessica dumped her long-used iPhone for a new Windows Phone and talked a bit about how easy it was to transfer her media to her new phone as well as a bit about the new Kids Corner feature. We've seen plenty of celebrities on the iPhone ship lately as well - Zoey Deschanel, Samuel L. Jackson and John Malkovich to name a few.

Over the years there have been plenty of hardcore BlackBerry users like Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Justin BieBer and Winter Ave Zoli - but none that have appeared in any commercials or on stage during a BlackBerry event. Even Beyonce and Jay-Z are both big fans of the BlackBerry P'9981 but have never been pulled into the spotlight by RIM. We did see a few celebs like Common and Olivia Wilde interviewed about BlackBerry during CES however. If you got to see the leaked BlackBerry 10 marketing video (before it was removed), you may recall that it featured Lady Gaga, JK Rowling and Ridley Scott -- all of whom would be great choices for a BlackBerry endorsement. People just like to see celebs showing off their product and to some extent it does help a product sell. We've never seen any big celebrity backing for BlackBerry, so this could be a chance to really step up for RIM with a great campaign for BlackBerry 10.

So what we want to know is what celeb you think should endorse BlackBerry 10. Should it be Lady Gaga? Kim K? JK Rowling? Beyonce? Hit up the comments letting us know who you would choose and why. Maybe RIM is listening and we'll see some sweet BlackBerry 10 celeb action soon.   



I would like to see webisodes of Star Trek characters in the near future using Blackberry 10. The idea would be that Blackberry was the operating system which led to communicators and tricorders and the Enterprise runs on a much later version of QNX. As for a spokesperson, Patrick Stewart.


I like that idea, perhaps pair him up with George Takei. Patrick shows George one of the major features and then George says "Oh My"....


Siti nurhaliza.



.....So they can get rid of their stupid iphones lol!


Robert De Niro, Zach Galifianakis, Claire Danes and Katy Perry - rock the ten of BB!



The FIRST one to get arrested for DUI, having a melt-down or beating his/her partner, abusing kids, giving booze to minors, just simply "not" being cool, or even doping in their sport (WHY, Lance ... WHYYYYY?????) "CAN" auto-sink the whole Campaign or even the entire Brand.
Names like Lindsay Lohan, Britney, Kardashian, Paterno, Michael Jackson, the Biebs, and pretty much anyone riding a bicycle comes to mind ... and that's just for starters!

There were stores practically GIVING AWAY Lance Armstrong-branded exercise equipment recently ... THAT's what a Celebrity Endorsement "CAN" do to you.

You don't see Apple & Samsung "relying" (I stress that) on celebrities to hock their wares; Apple's used them to spotlight SIRI, sure, but they haven't "relied" (heavily) on anyone specifically.

I agree that the number 10 is HUGELY appealing here (my daughter's soccer # is 10 ... if you want her ... and her team WERE League Champions right here in Waterloo, no less!, this past Summer - call me!).

Now, IF you MUST insist on extracting a real celebrity's name from me, my tongue-in-cheek vote goes to the "Original # 10:"

"Bo Derek."

Seriously, though, HIRE "ME" instead to create some Awesome Campaigns that'll get people interested and buying ... which is what I'll GUARANTEE the "big ad agencies" can't do.


Jeremy Clarkson

James Bond (must be plugged in the movie, like Sony Xperia currently is)

All Sports SuperStars with the Number 10 shirt


Sadly not Jeremy Clarkson. I remember reading a review he wrote on the Hyundai Genesis Coupe, and I recall him making a comparison between an iPhone and a BlackBerry. He called the BlackBerry boring...


If you're going to get someone from Top Gear to promote BB10, why not The Stig? Do a whole riff based on the "Some say....." bit from the show.

Why not get the Hamster, since a BB10 device is just about the same size as him...... ;)


Bond would have been perfect! Even if they added some future believable features.

All celebs that are associated with perfect 10's - old and new.

Victorias Secret Models would also be a good choice, especially because of their international diversity.


David Beckham! perfect role model! I also guess jenson button?


bieber is out, he has an iphone.... (i hate that I know that, but caught a video the other day on youtube...).
They need jay z, diddy, labron & minaj. Also pick a popular actor with good leverage over the teen/pop crowd....
That list should TRY and set the company straight.... relevance is KEY to this equation & that is the biggest up-hill battle the company is facing at the moment... unfortunately no longer relevant in the mass market... coming from a LONGTIME blackberry user fyi...


I'd like to see BATMAN endorse the all touch BlackBerry10 phone !
Maybe BATGIRL the keyboard BlackBerry10 phone !


Here's a tip for RIM for local celebrity with high marketing potential in the Philippines.

Sports: Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao - an 8th division world champion in boxing history or the AZKALS- promising futbol team.

Music: Jesica Sanchez - Fil-Am 1st runner up of American Idol or Apl de Ap - half Fil Blackeyed Peas member.

Actress/Actor: KC Concepcion/Coco Martin


J-LO; Will.I.Am and Usain Bolt


Please NOT the Kardashians!!!!! If RIM wants us to believe that the new bb's are for business people then why not use successful people? like Steven Speilburgh ,Ron Howard, Mark Zuckerburgh etc. People that actually make the world turn, not people that make you turn your page on the newest gossip magazine.


Rodney Dangerfield because RIM "doesn't get any respect. Jim Cazaviel dressed as his role of Jesus because RIM will rise from the dead.


Beyonce and Jay-Z!!!!!


a good looking new talented singer like this 14 year old star verry cool check it out


Lana Del Rey. She's a BlackBerry user, she's even made it known in one of her songs.


Olivia Munn (big time BlackBerry user) would be my first vote and for my second the T- Mobile girl with a customized Bike with the BlackBerry Logo


Hell yes for Olivia Munn. Hell no to any of the Kardashians. I don't care how much they all use BBs on their show. You don't want trash associated with your product.


It should be someone who has had a big scandal in their life:

Tiger Woods
Bill Clinton

Then the tag line can read: "Everyone loves a comeback".


AC/DC freakin' rockin' Back in Black.....

'Cause I'm back Yes, I'm back Well, I'm back Yes, I'm back Well, I'm back, back (Well) I'm back in black Yes, I'm back in black


Richard Branson, Lady Gaga, J K Rowling, Justin Bieber.


The dudes and chicks in the Apple store line from the Galaxy S commercials. The next best thing is here ... BB10.


Beyonce and Jay-Z. I think Jay-Z would take them to the next level. He knows how to promote..I'm not really a Kim K. fan, but that picture of her sunbathing is hot!


Why would I care about a celeb promoting BB10 devices?
If the device is good I'll be buying it. If it's not, well bye-bye RIM.

"Blackberry people do".
Blackberry people do not care if a celeb promotes their phone.


Why would you care? Because you and I buying bb10 if it's great wont save the company. RIM needs to grow its sales to survive and expand. And marketing including celebrity endorsements is a huge part of that.


Get someone who knows the instant/social messaging apps backwards and get them to show and convince famous people who continously blog or post that this would make it easier for them. They have to leave the signature line as "Posted from my BB10 device/playbook". This will convince all their followers that the right choice is a BB device.
You need some hot and popular - Kim K, someone funny - Will Ferrell, bussiness tycoon - Richard Branson/Alan Sugar or any other popular online personality.

Thank you Berry much RIM


Liam Neeson. Because he kicks ass.


A smoking hot "10 out of 10" model with BB10 phones covering her naughty parts :-o


I didn't look through 265 posts....

Did anyone say Bo Derek? An endorsement from the original "10" would be awesome.
BD10 supports BB10 :)


Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Magic johnson, David Tennant, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Kate Beckinsale, Hugh Jackman, Noel Gallagher, Natasha Beddingfield, Matt Kemp, Christian Bale, the cast of Grimm and me!


So no takers for Kiefer Sutherland I guess?! Lol


Sergio Ramos (Defender, Ream Madrid, Spain)

Max Benson

Jared Leto
James Cameron


Someone mentioned Jason Statham....which sounded good from his days as 'the driver'.

Also, what about Harvey Specter (played by Gabriel Macht) on Suits. Smart, funny lawyer, and can be ruthless when needed. "Work gets done and playtime is easy with a Blackberry." (copyrighted by me!)


Anything Disney, Star Trek, Star Wars, Hunger Games, James Bond, Glee or High Rated reality shows...


I don't care which celebrity is going to endorse. Celebrities are paid so they'll say all the good things of course. I want the customers, the real users endorse it - that's all that matter.


Who needs a celeb when the most powerful organization in the US relies on BBs... The most secure and efficient devices, have seen the Army shifting to 9930s recently and loving it!


I can't believe that no one has suggested these two guys:

Jack Black

Lewis Black

They can use a "Back to Black" theme in the ads and (good) humor always sells. I think I remember hearing a rant by Lewis Black about how much he disliked iPhones...


Oh, and how about using it for the next Mission Impossible movie. They used iPhones to remote control everything in the last one, they can use BlackBerry for this one - except have the phone do much more...maybe NFC laser beams????


I'd like to see Leonard, Penny and Sheldon using Blackberries on "Big Bang Theory"...or commercials featuring them.


Not really a celebrity, but shouldn't the Queen endorse BB10. We Canadians are her loyal subjects after all.


Giuliana and Bill Rancic , successful business couple; Rihanna and Bruno Mars, young music artists; the cast of "Big Bang Theory", national TV show for all ages; American Idol judges, millions watch the show from all walks of life; and numerous commercials of young adults, high school to college, and young and older business types working together with Blackberries. That should cover it.

Phillip McGriff1

Without Question RIM Should automatically allow The entire Kardashian Family to endorse its products. Since their family show has aired they've always used blackberry's. I Also believe Beyonce Knowles should have an opprotunity to endorse BlackBerry. She was the first Celebrity to go public with BlackBerry's $2,000.00 Blackberry! Also I think the CEO of each US major carrier should be given a chance to endose the new line of BlackBerry 10 Devices! This could be EPIC!! This would be a great idea, the commercial could restablish BlackBerry in the market of smartphones!


ALL of them. That's what I would want.


Mcgyver and the A-Team. Lol


Ha ha this is an easy one! Gadget guy Nathan Fillian, aka Richard Castle murder mystery writer and focus of tv series "Castle.". He is already an avowed iphone 5 geek and I would love the power of "Berry" to make "Apple"-sauce. It is one thing for a celeb to endorse a platform. It is quite another to cause one to defect! And he is Canadian!


Jared LETO.I'd like to see

By the way, there is two O to ZOOey Deschanel.

Brannan New

Billy Corgan has kept his loyality to BB's all these years. Need I say more?


How about the woman that was banging Petraeus?

I'd definitely buy that, haha!

BBerries forever!!!!!

raymond chan

Oprah Winfrey with RIM Ceo Heins in her talk show??


I think Howard Stern would be a great spokesperson. He was a big BB fan before he converted to IPhone. But i have heard him say that he would like a qwerty keyboard and apple isnt going to have one. I think with the new BB 10 he would come back.
But all in all a few different celebraties would work for different reasons. justin B would be work well with the younger female phone users


I don't think it's as important who as it is what is in the commercial. There were some Blackberry commercials that had this woman who was a scientist and a mother. The commercial was just dripping with an air of elitist. So it was like if you're not important don't get a blackberry because only people in a successful field really need it. There is the famous Lopez Fiat commercials it's like yeah I can picture JLo rolling through the Bronx in a Fiat. People are not stupid when it comes to advertising so they've got to think of their audience but also make an ad that highlights the strength of the platform and the device. I have yet to see an ad with two people on two different continents talking to each other via BBM why?


LOUIIEEEEE! blackberry is all over that show!


My vote is for Eminem. "Guess who's back?"


The cast of Big Bang Theory !


I think the celebrity endorsement contest idea is excellent...something along the lines of having the One Millionth BBM fan of the endorse will win an exclusive meeting/prize and if it is on a BB 10 phone there is an added bonus/prize of some sort.

DO IT RIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


All celeb endorsements do is drive up prices, take the few million you would have to pay them to keep the price down and let the device speak for itself!


Steven Hawking and from the look of BB10's voice recognition, he could use it in a commercial too.


All major Golf players.
They're forever getting their playbooks out, so why not a real one. Blackberry could even throw in a GPS enabled playbook app for all golf courses to encourage its use. No reason why players couldn't also tag each course with any pictures or videos they want as well.

And me for coming up with this idea!