What celebrity would you like to see endorse BlackBerry 10?

Kim Kardashian
By Adam Zeis on 8 Nov 2012 01:25 pm EST

Celebrities endorse all kinds of products - from shoes to cars to clothing to electronics. The most recent celeb to jumb on board with a company was Jessica Alba when she appeared at the Windows Phone 8 event a week or so back. Jessica dumped her long-used iPhone for a new Windows Phone and talked a bit about how easy it was to transfer her media to her new phone as well as a bit about the new Kids Corner feature. We've seen plenty of celebrities on the iPhone ship lately as well - Zoey Deschanel, Samuel L. Jackson and John Malkovich to name a few.

Over the years there have been plenty of hardcore BlackBerry users like Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Justin BieBer and Winter Ave Zoli - but none that have appeared in any commercials or on stage during a BlackBerry event. Even Beyonce and Jay-Z are both big fans of the BlackBerry P'9981 but have never been pulled into the spotlight by RIM. We did see a few celebs like Common and Olivia Wilde interviewed about BlackBerry during CES however. If you got to see the leaked BlackBerry 10 marketing video (before it was removed), you may recall that it featured Lady Gaga, JK Rowling and Ridley Scott -- all of whom would be great choices for a BlackBerry endorsement. People just like to see celebs showing off their product and to some extent it does help a product sell. We've never seen any big celebrity backing for BlackBerry, so this could be a chance to really step up for RIM with a great campaign for BlackBerry 10.

So what we want to know is what celeb you think should endorse BlackBerry 10. Should it be Lady Gaga? Kim K? JK Rowling? Beyonce? Hit up the comments letting us know who you would choose and why. Maybe RIM is listening and we'll see some sweet BlackBerry 10 celeb action soon.   

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What celebrity would you like to see endorse BlackBerry 10?



Better to get world wide appeal and get any and all famous soccer player who have worn #10 showing clips of them winning and hoisting the BB10 instead of the trophy

Imagine an image of Pele and Maradona for the older generation of soccer players, Lionel Messi (best player in the world now) and Wayne Rooney (plays for the most well know soccer team) for the new crop.

All players wear or wore 10.

How about Gheorghe Hagi he where 10 too...
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An Error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to Correct it.

I'd like RG3 & Richard Branson. Branson is aknown for his adoption of new technology and I think he'd make a great spokesman for BB10.

Now I understand why I 'm always left scratching my head in bewilderment (puzzlement?) after I read most of your comments. You speak Republican! Aaahhhh makes sense now!

And his arithmetic is quite wrong. Roughly half of America? Not even close. The best I can tell is that Mitt received 58 million votes, or about 18.5% of the 2012 US population of 313 million.

BlackBerry Stated they were going back to their roots with BB10, so they should use business leaders, politicians or entrepreneurs.

In the UK people like Richard Branson or Alan Sugar would fit the bill as they also have some charisma.

They should pick other celebs based on intelligence.. If they can get Stephen Fry to part with his I-phone for a BlackBerry, then that would be a real coup.

If they did want to appeal to younger people then Prince Harry would be a great start :)

Stephen Fry is paid by Apple. And please get Harry to use an iPhone, that will help reduce the cool factor (except among neo-Nazi tribute bands and their followers). You are thinking of his nice brother.

In the UK, they need to get J K Rowling and Jacqueline Wilson. Most kids who can use a messaging phone will know who they are, and keeping the younger generation is vitally important.

How important? In our small town we actually had a recent mugging (they are very rare). It was a targeted attempt on a teenage girl's Blackberry. And such things are so rare that the thief was picked up by the police an hour later. It didn't appear in the local paper because the police didn't want anyone given ideas.

I personally do not want any one celebrity to endorse Blackberry just because their lives are hectic and in the blink of an eye they can become a bad example.

But.... if I had to choose one, for the sake of the brand and the company, I would have to choose Mr. Beiber, not because I like him but he would secure a MASSIVE amount of female customers.... and that's before he even says anything.

I see where you're coming from but Justin Beiber promoting BlackBerry would be a disaster once he starts shooting his mouth off in subsequent interviews. He might "accidentally" say how much he doesn't like it.

i think youd need quite a few, more for the fact that different countries and cultures aspire to different celebrities.

The Kardashians all use blackberry heavily in the shows...so my wife tells me. What better advert than that to get girls and kids on board?

Despite beliefs and a well known saying, there is such a thing as bad publicity!

She/They isn't/aren't exactly [a] great example to anyone.


Ok Beiber can sell the phones to the kids which is a great idea. But since its BlackBerry (two b's) both Beiber and O'B'ama Should endorse. There should be a contest which allows the winner to text Barack Obama a political question which he publicly answers and Beiber a music question. Since Obama is a long time Blackberry user and newly re elected, it would entice both tons of Democrats and kids to buy the new BB10 handsets.

Do the kids through Beiber and the Democrats through Obama. It's Win/Win!!

I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

If Bieber has it, I will never buy one a BB product again!

It is bad enough Canada shipped him over to the US. I still don't know why the US hasn't declared war over it and retaliated by sending Donald Trump to Canada.

lol... tom cruise..usain bolt..daniel craig...


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@BerryClever. Get over it. Beiber is just a teen entertainer. His music is garbage but if he can sell millions of Blackberry smartphones to teen girls, then more power to the kid. Its win/win for RIM. Not sure if you're serious about never buying a Blackberry phone again if Beiber wins, but if you are then you have serious problems.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

Nope not serious about that. Nor with the US retaliating by sending Donald Trump. Nor do I think sending him over is an act of war. :)

That said, picking who to be a spokesperson is really up to the demographics that RIM wants. Is BB10 professional, is it trendy, is it Nickelodeon/Treehouse, etc. They might be able to mix it up if they have a few lines of phones, but at the start I think they should go for young adults and spread it from there.

I agree. They need to connect to everyone. Somewhere in there to you need Q to hand Bond a BlackBerry with all kinds up insane options for a commercial since it's too late to get it in his current movie. Also cash in on the recent Avengers movie with them calling each other on BlackBerrys. Or maybe slide it into the upcoming GI Joe 2 movie that's currently in being redone. Bottomline, get it in the hands of the positively influential celebrities.

I agree. There are a ton of ways you could go: celebrities who are know for their smarts (Jodi Foster, Natalie Portman, Famke Janssen, Shakira, Jennifer Connelly, Kate Beckinsale, Matt Damon, Will Smith, Anderson Cooper...) celebrities who you would expect to be able to take charge and get things done (Tommy Lee Jones, Arnold...) celebrities that are know to be connected (Kevin Bacon...) celebrities that are trusted for their open and independent-minded honesty (Jon Stewart, Ellen...). The point is to focus on stars with qualities that reflect the BlackBerry brand.

I can't figure out if you're joking or not. I've rarely heard of celebrities, especially acotrs(resses), known for their smarts. I take that back. I just thought of some intelligent celebrities. I just can't name more than maybe a couple actors(resses) who fit the that bill.

How about chef Ramsey? The man is smart, the ladies love, him and he doesn't take shit from anyone. All qualities Blackberry 10 should have. :D

Matt Damon? You know, he only played 1 smart character.

I agree with using Kevin Bacon. Sure, he got ripped off by Madoff, but he's a good guy. Maybe even use his wife, Kyra Sedgwick.

I agree with Gordan Ramsey as well.

That would be perfect... how can you get better marketing then "good enough for the president"? But it's a pipe dream, he'd get ripped a new one for promoting any product let alone a Canadian one.

He already uses a BlackBerry (or did at first, he does use a iPad, so maybe he changed it).

US doesn't really know that RIM is a Canadian company, nor do they really care about that. The product is more important then the company headquarters (imo, as it should be).

It absolutely is... but there are some in the states that still don't believe their US president was born in the states and that although he's always gone to a christian church that he is somehow a muslim. The fact that it's Canadian shouldn't matter but it doesn't mean it won't.

I would love to say nobody is sooooo stupid that they believe he wasn't born here or that he is muslim (and that is a bad thing)... but sadly I can't say that.

But they are few and far between looking at it percentage wise. And yes, those people would care that it was made in Canada, but not because it is Canadian but because that is one more "mark" against the President.

Not sure if a president is allowed to do this...

Maybe Clinton? He is well respected in the US

I commented about Pele, Maradona, Messia and Rooney.
If he wore 10 he be there.
Too bad RIM didn't get him or Beckham for OS7.

Robert Downey Jr., Daniel Craig, Bruce Willis (he is suing Apple for rights to his paid for music) Neil Patrick Harris (would be perfect).

Female spokespeople: Beyonce, Kate Upton, Christina Hendricks

Any one or combo of these would be good.

Sony I believe either owns the rights to the Bond Franchise or currently has a deal with the movie company as you see Sony Ericsson's all over the place in the films. If Daniel Craig were to promote BlackBerry, he'd have to do it outside of his Bond persona.

BFM (Bill @#$% Murray)

And I've been seeing the 9900 featured prominently in recent episodes of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia", Dennis Reynolds is an apparent hardcore user. ;)

I would love different celebrities in small Clips with a clear message
For Example:

Jason Statham:
Wearing a Suite, driving an Audi S8. Then something like "For getting the Mission done. BlackBerry,....what else?"

Barack Obama:
Leaving Air Force One_ "Leading in every way, BlackBerry...what else?"

Micheal Jordan:
Some Magic Mike Moments... "Legends never die! BlackBerry...what else?" or "Only the best make a successful comeback. BlackBerry...what else?"

Adriana Lima / Alessandra Ambrosia / Miranda Kerr
beautiful closeUp shots "The most beautiful of all. BlackBerry...what else?"

Lady Gaga
"Don´t be Mainstream, be different! BlackBerry!"
...no time now, but i Think i could find many other examples!

Unfortunately, companies don't want regular joes like us coming up with things that would be liked by regular joes it would make to much sense. I love the ideas.
I don't know what I would do with out my berries!

I agree that Kim is dumb, but she is a trend setter. So if not Kim or Paris then you need the Jennifer Anistons, Lady Gaga's and Ushers of the world to get the momentum moving. But not just general adversisments of celebrities holding phones, but actual photos and videos of them useing their BB phones during their everyday lives. Movies and prime time television shows with actors using BB's during the show.

At this stage and position that RIM is in.......any celebrity should be welcomed and paid well by RIM for endorsing their products.

Olivia Munn for sure... check out these reasons and you've gota agree that she would be the best.
1. She is techy. Co-hosted Attack Of The Show on G4 and as is respected way more in tech circles that other girls that are only hot.
2. She has multiple devices, but has always been a BlackBerry user and supporter.
3. She is ridiculously hot.

Justin Bieber

1) He is from Canada, specifically Ontario :)

2) His current tour is #Believe

3) #BB10Believe

Jay-Z (Music), Kevin O'Leary (Business), Stephen Colbert (TV/Pundit), Aziz Ansari (Actor), and a few sports stars would help too... My 2 cents

Jay-Z, Beyonce, Justin Bieber(no freaking brainer), Will.I.Am, Piers Morgan, Usain Bolt, Cristino Ronaldo, David Beckham, to name a few

Usain Bolt would be a very strong name for it. As for BlackBerry addicted celebrity users, would go with Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry.

jamaican BB fanboy
Morgan Freeman would be excellent as well as the allstatw guy, they make you want to believe. Something about their voices. My picks: Usain bolt is a no brainer, beiber would be great as well...get times hooked and you have fans for the next ten years. Also some well known business people like Richard Branson, and others. A few members of the game of thrones cast...from winterfell ofcourse who keep saying bb10 is coming. Oh and Sachin tendulkar and Chris Gayle for Indian, Australian and British cricket fans. Soccer players as well

I think it would be hilarious: Show Cartman and Kenny with something like: "You bast**d, you killed my iPhone". Oh ok, I need to get a life. LOL

Not a dis but I want ppl to think about this. He does get a lot of attn, but this is also the man who wanted to wrestle vince mcmahon...

Barack Obama would be great if he would do it.. As mentioned above a Canadian product.
Some people had some good ideas but I think someone young & fresh.. Or a bunch of big names havin a BBM group chat/video chat about BB10.. Like 50 Cent talkin with Bill Clinton & a bunch of other big names around the world idk

He couldn't do it because he is the president (they can't promote products, at least it is kind of like an unwritten rule).

Also he did use a BlackBerry at the start but I am not sure if he still uses one. It really doesn't matter that it is a Canadian company and there wasn't any "controversy" over it. Americans actually don't really care what country the product is from as long as it is good. Oddly enough, from my years living in Canada and the US, Canada seem to focus on their companies more than Americans, even though it is thought otherwise. An exception maybe a sole Chinese company product as their is a bit of a trade war going on with them.

I believe most celebs are afraid to come out as Blackberry fans, after reading the article in the New York Times about BB users feeling embarrassed and ashamed of showing their Blackberry phone in public. :(

Roger Federer. Besides being my favorite athlete ever, he and his wife are sometimes pictured using BBs.

I think Novak Djokovic uses BB as well. Why not him also?

I think Roger would be good, when he is on tour his family usually travels with him but when they are not they are just a BBM away with video. Could also show how he keeps track of his busy schedule and communicate with his manager, coach, trainer. Have him listening to music in the locker room while waiting for a match or watching a movie on Netflix. Lol

I would suggest that and if RIM was to ever look into a celeb endorsement that it be someone who is not politically affiliated on one side or the other because the typical business user would not be swayed by such an endorsement and may even be persuaded not to use it if the said "Caleb" is crass, tasteless or just arrogant as so many in fact most are.

While I'm not a big fan of Justin Bieber, I think it would be good to have him to grow BB10 with the youth. And anything that grows BB10 is a good thing, IMO.

Robert Downey, Jr., as Tony Stark/Iron Man, would be sweet! That would probably be extremely expensive, though. (Side note: when Iron Man -- or was it IM 2 -- came out, Oracle was a big advertiser. Could RIM/BB be a big advertiser using Iron Man when Iron Man 3 comes out? Would greatly appeal to the techie community).

I would like to see President Obama come back to the fold; heard he's gravitated to iOS. A shame. But I also understand that it could be bad PR for him to be endorsing a Canadian company.

Others I would like to see: Daniel Craig, John Stewart, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Sydney Crosby, Neil Patrick Harris, Anderson Cooper, Vince Flynn, Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Olivia Munn, Olivia Wilde, JK Rowling, Hillary Clinton, Aung San Suu Kyi, Adele.

Please stay away from: Kim Kardashian, any "reality TV personality", Lindsay Lohan, 80's celebs, etc.

I like the idea, I like RDJ but iron man 3 is already filming, maybe done even so I doubt it sadly. And usually lg sponsors the man in the iron suit...

Robert Downey Jr. any day... Avengers.. iron man.. batman.. spiderman.. james bond.. some action.. Action Starts Here!!!


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i remember i noticed that blackberry being used by characters in movies&tv series back then. but recently it's all iphones on series i'm watching lol. i hope i can see some more of blackberry in series like once upon a time, castle, bones, 30 rocks, ncis, even the walking dead, after bb10 launched :p

Even tho I'm not a Pats fan, I would like to see Tom Brady do it. He did such a good job in the dodge dart commercial... I like it sooo much

Is there a better option then Wayne Gretzky to be the face of BB10 in Canada? He is as close to Royalty, without being a Royal.

You really could use someone like Gretzky even here in the US because he is one of the few NHL players that non-hockey fans may be aware of.

They should get (naughty by nature,ll cool j and jay-z) don't call it a comeback we always been here that's the urban side then they should get obama don't call it a reelection I've always been here booooooom

THE 10 MOST POPULAR DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My second choice would be.....anyone who after looking out the window at the rain, does not have to ask if it (the Phone) is going to rain, actually lets make this a minimum requirement.
Third tech savvy, or show offs, to get it out there.

I really don't have an opinion, one way or the other about which celebrity but they should at least go through the Celebrity Sightings archive and chose those who actually use BB. I remember when Nicki Minaj did the Nokia event and then tweeted from her BlackBerry about the event.

Something that RIM hasn't considered is endorsing BlackBerry with Youtube celebrities. And their BlackBerry Challenge Council thing on Youtube was ok but not much of a success, in my opinion.

I say send a BB10 device to the top Youtubers, there are many Youtubers that have a daily audience of hundreds of thousands of people. Many people do daily vlogs with their phones, that's where BB10 comes in.

Not only is this a great way to get to the younger demographic but it's way cheaper than paying a "real" celebrity. What better way to get the word out that BlackBerry still exists than by the place many young people spend their time on.

Some top Youtubers and their subscribers:

RayWilliamJohnson 6,110,802
nigahiga 5,991,056
smosh 5,797,790
machinima 5,092,881
JennaMarbles 4,661,201
freddiew 3,746,709
collegehumor 3,098,555
ShaneDawsonTV 2,975,950
FPSRussia 2,880,141
EpicMealTime 2,852,706
BlueXephos 2,670,192
PewDiePie 2,658,221
Tobuscus 2,478,901
werevertumorro 2,440,181

All of these people are in the thick of social media today. I believe this is a great opportunity for advertising.

How about select members of the Crackberry Nation? What's better than a sweeping shot of several hundred users holding up their new BB10 phones? Tons cheaper than hiring a clueless celeb.

all the porn celebrities please, thank you for reading this and keep using bb as your sugar daddy.

I can't beleive no one has suggested ARIANNY CELESTE!!!!! Official UFC Octagon girl!!! Although she has recently switched to "the dark side" i beleive she is just WAITING for a PROPER device like BB10!!!!! All these other celebrities are good, but ARIANNY CELESTE would be THE BEST!!!!!!!!!! GO BB10!!!!!!!!

Samsung did well getting LeBron James to endorse their Galaxy Note 2 as he's always updating Facebook and Twitter and his commercials resonate with people after the Heat's title run last season. If RIM could target a similar athlete (Eli Manning, perhaps? Not sure if he's as socially-conscious but his and Payton's commercials for Oreos were pretty funny) then I think they could get a lot of buzz going.

In addition, while I don't personally listen to his music, I think the Beibs is the iconic celebrity to use for RIM as he's Canadian and has almost Oprah-like powers over teenaged girls. I like the above poster's idea to somehow include him in a BBM-only contest.

In Canada and parts of US: Wayne Gretzky
In New York/Tri-State Area: Eli Manning (#10 with New York Giants football team)
In United States (below the Mason Dixon Line): Jeff Foxworthy
Generic Choice #1: Bo Derek (She's got to be an obvious, and automatic choice)
Generic Choice #2: Jerry Seinfeld

Generic Choise... A soccer (real football) player, or another world wide known celebrity.
Usain Bolt would be great... During the olympics he kept BBMing all the time :)

Imagine Maradona and Messi BBMing to eachother ;)
2 of the greatest 10's in history

Picture this!!!!
Al Pacino or Bradley Cooper from Limitless begging for some "Change" on the streets of new york. they look like bums. The guy from madmen throws him a new BB10 phone he starts to play with it next thing u know he is in new clothes gets a job is flying on corporate jets etc etc tag line "You wanted CHANGE introducing the All new BB10!!!! Breeding SUCCESS!" Bam shows u have a brand new phone cool people are using it also goes along with the whole its for successful people :)

P. Diddy! He represents success, swag and confidence while still be appealing to the younger consumer as well. Very clean cut and savy. Geting things done while still wearing nice suits, and drinking ciroc and lookin cool. Plus he still rocks the 9900.

Someone who's trending right now / for a while like (sorry I'm bad with names) that Gordon-Levitt actor guy.

Figure out a way to get it to some high level individuals in sports, politics, and entertainment.

The president should have been a no-brainer with a blackberry. In fact, he should get a new bb 10 phone with a keyboard on the spot. He's been a huge advocate on that.

Others to use include:
Bill Simmons - he went on a rant about his bb not working for a while. Think he and his million followers don't notice that. Get him and someone like Ashton Kutcher to jump ship and announce to their twitter followers that the BB 10 is just better.

Kobe Bryant - could use him as a way to thwart the samsung campaign with Lebron James. If not Kobe, what about canada's own Steve Nash. I love the Jordan angle someone mentioned above as he's an all-time legend. It could be a, "You're still trying to get at my level campaign."

Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian (only on her show as she still gets ratings which is where you want that promotional placement).

Usian Bolt obviously but think of Michael Phelps, David Beckham, and Cristiano Renaldo. Make it world wide.

Definitely touch on the models that use bb.

Can't forget Winter Ave Zoli.

Work with some of the movie productuon studios and get the phone out there for shows like Homeland, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, and future action movies. Sony will get the publicity of the James Bond movies. That's smart on their part.

Use Erin Burnett and she still loves her bb and she's still significant in the financial industry.

Have Jay-Z in New York doing business while Kanye is on tour and show them bbming one another.

I'm sure other names stand out but in the end, conclude with some kid or child using the phone to promote the simplicity of the phone. The campaign should promote the cool factor, being new, better, and easy to use. So easy that I wrote this whole response easily on my 9930.


The difficult, we do immediately. The impossible takes a little while longer.

How about a multi-generational group with Lebron, Bieber, Lady Gaga, Daniel Craig, Ellen Degeneres and John Hamm all going back and forth with each other in a BBM Group. Meanwhile, each of them is doing their own thing with the device... listening to music, watching video, playing a game, talking on phone, etc. It would show off the peak, flow and multitasking abilities.

Beiber, Obama, Jay-Z, aviicii, Guetta, Usher, Ronaldo, The Queen, Elton John, Paul Mc Cartney, Shakira, Olivia Wilde, an F1 driver


I can't believe I didn't think of it. Kimi Raikonnen. He is by far the most articulate of all the F1 drivers

Cartoon character Fred Flinstone carrying a large sign saying "We're not going to be in the Stone Ages any longer" beside whom, Captain Cavemen can be seen using his club to bash old BBOS into the ground.

In India it should be either Shahrukh Khan or Sachin Tendulkar .. Shahrukh Khan should be roped in just because how famous not just in India also in a few european countries.

But I wish that normal people endorse BB10, People who will really use the phone and highlight its advantages of the new magical OS.

That's my take!!
Blackberry 8320!!!
Rim # 1

The Kardashians will definitely get this phone, you ALWAYS see them with their blackberries on their show and at the end where it shows some credits blackberrys always there so them forsyre

Don't know if Kim Kardashian would know how to use a smartphone lol.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

Barack Obama. And there should be a contest which allows the winner to text him a political question which he publicly answers. Since Obama is a Blackberry user and newly elected, it would entice tons of Democrats to buy the new BB10 handsets.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

I've seen no mention of YMCMB rapper drake. It makes perfect sense because he's from Canada and he only uses a blackberry anyways. Actually without his blackberry he would have never had all the great hit singles that he's come up with because he can only right music when he's on his blackberry.

So the scene is simple drake in the studio thinking of a song to write and he pulls out his blackberry and just starts typing it as if it "flows to him" and he just does it effortlessly

Have will.i.am compose a trendy song to which Jay-Z raps and Beyonce choruses to. Also have an advert where Ussain Bolt plays soccer/football with Lionel Messi and Kimi Raikonnen. Have JK Rowling write something long. Some indie folks using BB10 having fun. Have Jackie Chan in his comedic action sequence balancing a BB10 device. Have Sachin Tendulkar (always wears 10 and the best cricketer alive) in an advert to be popular in the Commonwealth countries. Add a few other industry leaders (from companies currently using QNX in their cars) for the enterprise appeal.

Essentially, almost/all BB10 adverts should spread the message of people uniting and having a good time. The Do People.

why celebrities, why not average john and jane on the street, give them a device let them use it for a couple weeks, and then ask them about it, what they like, dislike, celebrities are going to pump it up based on what they are paid, hell give me one, im a BB fan let me use it, Ill pimp it like a $2 hooker.

TV - oprah, either kate walsh or ellen pompeo... or both, ryan seacrest, sons of anarchy/ breaking bad cast
Music - bono, jay-z & kanye, slash, bieber, nicki minaj or , carrie underwood (music)
Movies - channing tatum, liam neeson, morgan freeman, clive owen, gwenyth paltrow, halle berry, jennifer garner
sports - usain bolt, messi, steve nash, crosby, aaron rodgers, derek jeter, tiger woods, gabby douglas

and... stephen harper & justin trudeau

some random choices... oh well

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB - Lumia 800

Donald Trump..."The only thing that the President and I agree on is that BlackBerry is a device for people who do "
"With the new BlackBerry10 you can get. Things done faster and also play Angry Birds, as I'm sure the President spends a good amount of time doing"

"Apple". "YOUR FIRED"!!!!!!!

I read few interesting suggestions from the crackberry fellows. I recommend celebrities those who are sophisticated and classy such as:

USA - Jennifer Connelly, Jennifer Lawrence, Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Olivia Wilde, Megan Fox, Lucy Liu, Alexandra Daddario, Mark Wahlberg, BARRACK OBAMA, Steven Speilberg, Tom Hanks, Zoey Deschanel, Olivia Munn, Tom Brady, Lady Gaga, Winter Ave Zoli, George Lucas, ASHLEY ESQUEDA if we can sway her to ditch her iPhone ;P lol

UK - Kate Beckinsale (She used BB in the movie Contraband with Mark Wahlberg), Keira Knightley, Guy Ritchie, David Beckham, Lewis Hamilton (F1 Driver), Pierce Brosnan, Piers Morgan, JK Rowling and Ridley Scott

Australia - Teresa Palmer, Jennifer Hawkins, Mark Webber (F1 Driver)

Brazil - Gisele Bundchen, Alessandra Ambrósio

Europe - Eva Green, Alexander Skarsgård

CANADA - Justin Bieber (LoL), Ryan Gosling, Sidney Crosby, Wayne Gretzky, Evangeline Lilly, Jessica Lowndes, Kristin Kreuk, Cobie Smulders, Kathleen Robertson, Rachel McAdams

I agree with the use of the POTUS after all as I recall he was given a new Blackberry when he took office so imagine his being given a BB10 this time as both will be "moving forward" . As for sports I thought the campaign with the NHL was great and maybe the same kind of tie in with either the NBA or NFL . As for Celebs...Gaga definately, will i am, and maybe Jon Stewart just avoid the over exposed (in more ways than one) K clan

Don't do it. You will alienate at least as many people as you impress.
If most of the people mentioned became the face of Blackberry then I would be embarrassed to be seen using one.

As good looking as she is, please please please don't let me see anymore of that over publicized Kim Kardashian. I already have to see any one of those stupid family members every fucking time I go grocery shopping. If I could not see her face on my favourite brand ever that would be great...

Who gives a sh*t if a "celebrity" uses a BlackBerry - I don't - just as long as I have mine, I'm happy.

Bruce Campbell as Ash, fighting a bunch of hipster-looking Deadites in Apple and Android t-shirts. At the end, he holds up his BB, says "This is MY boomstick", then a close-up, he flashes his Bruce Campbell smile and says "Hail to the king, baby"....and scene.

After many hours trying to decide which star I would love to see pull a BB10 from between their cleavage, I've decided to go a different route and save the mammarial fantasies for myself. Therefore, I nominate:

The entire leading cast of The Big bang Theory.

You're most welcome.

Pavel Bure, Guy LaFleur, Marion Gaborik, Ron Francis, patrick sharp
- Gary Roberts (because he's a Champion. Seriously reflects the BB Brand ethos)

this is probably more for Canada (and Russia and Slovakia for Bure and Gaborik respectively)

Can't believe I am going to say this but Oprah! her network is struggling she is viewed as intelligent and caring. Have her give away 1000 BB10's and go on a marketing blitz with her pumping her network and of coarse BB10 !!!

Isn't Jessie J doing concerts for RIM already?
As for Bieber, he seems to say too many stupid things to be a spokesman for RIM.

They need people who are concerned about security, like celebrities and well know businesspeople, for instance.
Lady Gaga for instance. Some famous hockey player. Some famous basketball/baseball/football player.

I know Tim Neil would like this one: Get DC's permission, hire Christian Bale, and then Batman powered by BlackBerry 10!


Get Marvel's permission, hire Robert Downey Jr., and say that all of his technology is run by QNX/BB10!


Show someone like Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, (or the whole Expendables team) and show them in a gigantic action scene using a BlackBerry 10 device.

I think it would add a comedic perspective that RIM, really never had in any of their commercials...

It should start with a very classic slow guitar based song..featuring obama send a ping to michelle, rihanna to chris, jayz to beyonce, justin b to selena, homer simpson to marge, messi , ronaldo and federer to their respective girlfriends ,then usher,lady gaga and enrique and if possible,, a clip of bb 10 in mars with rover

Piers Morgan, Erin Burnett, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Lil' Wayne, Ariana Huffington, Usain Bolt, RG3, The Bloomberg West team, Conan O'Brien, Jerry Seinfeld, Mark Zuckerberg, etc, etc, etc.

The list goes on and on and on. Basically any celebtrity/athlete/musician at the top who still uses a BlackBerry. I'm sure they would all be happy to do it free of charge too.

Here we go ....... time to think outside the box:

1) The Pope
2) Obama .... The Pres likes to PIN
3) Howey Mandel
4) CrackBerry Kevin
5) Brandi ( Storage Wars )
6) Lisa LaFlamme ( CTV NEWS )

One Direction! Five 30 second TV spots for each of the singers. Each video would highlight a selling feature of BlackBerry 10. A video of them managing and organising their schedule of performances and events, collaborative group thinking, sharing pictures and videoing through BBM with family when on the road...the list goes on and on!

I think it would be cool to have a 30second spot and longer online spot involving three or four very famous people from very different industries/markets all find themselves trapped somewhere, and what breaks the ice is the fact that they all have a blackberry.

Imagine this:

Lady Gaga in some ungodly outfit trapped in an elevator with Usain Bolt, Piers Morgan, and Aung San Suu Kyi.

Then, future commercials have them BBM'ing each other and keeping in touch.

US!!! Have us say why bb10 is so great, the people that have been thru it thick and thin. no one has had the cojones to stand by RIM since it started going under but US. who DESERVES it more than we do?

I'm loving all these suggestions! Espescially Jay-Z and Kanye. But unless I'm wrong and missed it, I haven't seen an obvious choice.. Someone iconic, great voice, and doesn't hurt that he's canadian... Kiefer Sutherland!!! Jack Bauer is back! Lol.
I also liked Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark.. If BB10 will launch with a virtual voice assistant like Siri or S Voice.. Rim should try and buy the rights to JARVIS' voice!! Have Robert Downey Jr interact with Jarvis on his BB10!
One final suggestion that I haven't seen but thought would've been obvious.. Kate Middleton!

GSP is actually a good one because it is the demographic youd want, he has great admiration both sexes.
UFC is one of the fastest/if not fastest growin brands in the world

UFC is on fire! And as Obama found out in the recent election SJP is a huge draw With women in the US. As for the Giorgio A. Everyone in the fashion industry uses icrap. Getting people to see BB10 as fashionable would be helpful.

I think bb10 shud be put in some new movies and music videos too.
But for celebrity endorsement my list is really random and long.
Lady Gaga
Halle berry
Usain bolt
Some many footballers
Jason statham
Etc etc (my 2 cents)

I would like a group of famous people and celebrities who uses (and have been seen using) their Blackberry, be on a commercial using BB10 and the last one being President Obama, saying something like and I approved of this message or a look-a-like.

Here we go ....... time to think outside the box:

1) The Pope
2) Obama .... The Pres likes to PIN
3) Howey Mandel
4) CrackBerry Kevin
5) Brandi ( Storage Wars )
6) Lisa LaFlamme ( CTV NEWS )

jamaican BB fanboy
From the comments bolt seems an obvious choice. 50cent because he is a social media fanatic and a great publicist and finally he usually uses his bb to do most of it anyway. Anderson cooper would be great but I think it rim needs to start spending money with the tech sites. Engadget, bgr, very, technobuffalo and others so we can stop getting biased reviews or atleast biased in rims favor.