What Can The BlackBerry Z10 Do?

An amusing look at the BlackBerry Z10!

By Michelle Haag on 19 Feb 2013 05:02 pm EST

Whenever there is a new device on any platform, the debate about what it can/can't do compared to other devices instantly begins. With the launch of the BlackBerry Z10 it's been the same story, except the device has been under a lot of scrutiny due to it being the first unique BlackBerry hardware launched in over a year as well as an entirely new OS.

Being the new kid on the block, a lot of people are asking the question "What Can The BlackBerry Z10 Do?" While the CrackBerry team has been showing you tons of useful tips, tricks, and how-tos since the device launched, the guys over at Sortable have put together a humorous look at just what, exactly, this new BlackBerry can do. Give it a watch, it's definitely worth a chuckle.

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What Can The BlackBerry Z10 Do?


As a Brit I find that rather distasteful old chap. I can assure you this is not British humor at all. Had he finished this video with him watching the above clip and then pulled out a gun and put it to his head then that would certainly have made me chuckle.

That is the whole point. British humour is dark. As for what was I saying about distasteful, I was saying that I found it distasteful that anyone would think that the above video was general British humour. I was of course being wry and ironic. Also traits of British humnour. One thing I will say for Canadian humour is that it is more child-like, pure and innocent.

The best (really, worst) was the boot time comparison where they had an Android phone (can't recall which model) but they were able to boot, apply an OS update and then reboot the Android phone for the 2nd time before the Z10 even finished booted up the first time. That was incredible.

It is certainly a sad day in android land when fans get excited about reboot time. I have an idea, perhaps the OS shouldn't crash the first place. You are projecting your anxieties.

i really hate it, specially when he checked the stocks and when he stood infront of BlackBerry HQ. may be because i love BlackBerry too much. i hate this video

ce has been under a lot of scrutiny due to it being the first unique BlackBerry hardware launched in over a year as well as an entirely new OS.

Being the new kid on the block, a lot of people are asking the question "What Can The BlackBerry Z10 Do?" While the Cr

lol I found it to be a fun vid...sure they made fun of BB, but it's all in good fun, there was nothing vindictive about their jokes.

You people are too sensitive. If anything I thought he was making fun of cellphone users, because really, at the end of the day, what do you need your cell phone to do. Pretty much what he did, and the Z10 can do those things too. If you click on his other links to start up test and his test of the voice control, I think you will see he is not trying to slag BB. But everyone sees things differently I guess.

That wasn't "confidence inspiring" at all. In fact it was almost offensive - I'm not sure this video is good at all for the Z10.

I watched this and thought three things.

a) Why did I continue watching to the end?
b) Why did the lad in the video put so much time and effort into making this?
c) Should I go and get some snacks?

The first two questions I can not answer but the third I certainly can. Definitely time to take an internet break!

Did you watch the video they test to see how far deep down the parking lot before the call drop. The BB Z10 last always down to the garage exit door before it drops call. The Iphone only last down to the third floor down to the basement. BB Z10 won...

If this vid wasn't the least bit funny to you then I weep for your friends and family cause your sense of humor is null. Shame on you.

Sure it was dry but it wasn't back-handed at all. Light up cause whimsy goes a long way.

I started viewing this video and out of curiosity viewed their other ones. I'm impressed with so little they showed hands on its use. Voice recognition vs Siri and call drop test in the elevator were good. Boot time as expected. This sort of videos are actually making me want more the Z10. Good job guys!!! Kevin, this kind of videos of day to day use and results comparison with other phones are more effective for people to grasp what the Z10 really is, try to give us more videos like the Sortable ones.

I wasted 122 seconds of my life watching that?
I could have spent that time looking at the beautiful Georgia's picture!

All I gathered from this video is that Blackberry people are waaaay to sensitive. Dude didn't even dog on the phone and people are crying foul. Pretty sad.

Gave me a little chuckle. Hey, he made an attempt to make his own funny little BB video. Any publicity is good publicity!

Geeze, the vid was meant to be a quasi response to the superbowl commercial....and to point out that as a communication device, it works. LIGHTEN UP