What is BlackBerry's patent portfolio worth?

By Simon Sage on 21 Aug 2013 02:32 pm EDT

There's been a lot of talk lately about how much BlackBerry is worth, and though it ultimately depends on the buyer (or buyers, as the case may be), we're still inclined to guess how much the company is worth. In particular, it's seeming like BlackBerry's patent portfolio is going to be the juiciest asset of the company. At least one analyst thinks that the handset business is effectively worthless since any potential buyers will already have their own fully-established hardware or software division, and in some cases, both. 

Some have been guessing that BlackBerry's patents could go for between $2 billion and $5 billion, while others say it could be less, since many of those patents are entangled in cross-licensing deals which could already be giving potential buyers access to the IP. Having been in the game for so long, BlackBerry has quite a few patents with their name on it, but some of the more interesting ones come from Certicom, a cryptography company BlackBerry acquired a few years ago. Their brand of elliptic curve cryptography is being seen by many as a key component of internet security in the future. Not a lot of people are licensing the patents due to high costs, which is a testament to their value. 

Now, we still don't know for sure who's interested in buying BlackBerry, but if Google's precedent with Motorola is any indication, patents can be a huge attraction provided the timing is right. As we all know, patent wars can get pretty ugly in the wireless world - so how much are the big guys willing to pay for a few extra guns? What else does BlackBerry have that could attract buyers? 

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What is BlackBerry's patent portfolio worth?


If there is any selling/buying or joint ventures, I seriously hope it has nothing to do with any BS governments like the US or BS companies like Google, Apple or Microsoft. Can you imagine what horrible things they would do? They already do horrible, anti citizens and anti contitutional things, imagine if they get Blackberry.

It's unfortunate but true. I hope BlackBerry doesn't sell there patents as they're one of the few companies left that I trust.

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Analysts and Crackberry readers can say the patents are worth whatever they want but fortunately, as a publicly traded company, BlackBerry is held to a higher standard. So, to answer this question you only need to go to the financial statements. The answer is at least $3.4 billion United States Dollars. The relevant section is on the balance sheet:

“Intangible assets, net $3,448” (in millions)

Well, to be more accurate, that is not just patents but rather “acquired technology” and “intellectual property” which would presumably be mostly patents and would also adjust for agreements with third parties.

It is worth noting that the value is AT LEAST $3.4 billion. This is because every time the company reports what its intangible assets are it has to be able to justify that number as being either reasonable or conservative. An intangible asset can only be reported as the lower of what it is worth now or the lowest it has ever been reported as (which would be the case if the asset was impaired but subsequently recovered its value). They can never report it as being any more valuable than what can be justified – instead they would have to report a loss on the difference between what it used to be worth and what is actually worth today. Thank you U.S. GAAP! (generally accepted accounting principles)

So, conservatively $3.448 billion divided by 524 million shares equals at least $6.58 per share of intangible assets.

I would like an editorial about half of the BB world apps being submitted by two developers. It's a more important issue for BB users than patents.

Apparently 48,000 apps in the bbry app store are made by a company called S4BB and a significant number are mere android ports. So out of 160,000 apps it seems that are very developers developing for BlackBerry. This is a serious issue if blackberry is to survive in any form whatsoever. What this means is developers are not excited as much about the platform, it does not bode well for bbry. This also looks pretty negative for bbry's prospects from the POV of a potential PE. As consumers all we can do is keep our fingers crossed because in 6 months to a year, BBRY may not be around in the form we know it and might exist as a subsidiary of some company in the best case scenario or might be stripped bare and sold for parts in which case, it will be just a memory.

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omg "BlackBerry won't be around next week" never gets old, does it? *sigh* How many years has this drivel been dragged around?

Why wouldn't you spell the whole sentence phonetically then? Seems strange to have to spell out the shortest word in your sentence (one letter) phonetically...

We're just educating the USA on the proper pronunciation of "Z" Zed..HaHa...lighten up life is short

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I'm sensing a lot of anti-American sentiment on this post lol. And it's Zee-10 by the way, not "Zed" whatever that means ;)

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |

It's only "Zee" in places whose english is distinct from the world english pronunciation of "Zed" for the letter Z. And that's fine. Let is be Zee in Zeeland (but not New Zealand) and Zed in the rest of the world, no big deal.

Nothing, cuz they're gonna keep 'em and move forward with or without someone else ;-)

Come on BB!

PS - 2nd ;-)

That's the Spirit. Long Live BlackBerry!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

+1 talk of selling BlackBerry for parts makes me sad. I like my phone (Z10) and don't really like the competition...

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To know the value doesn't mean selling for parts. If ur a buyer ya wanna know what each part is worth to get an overall value figure.

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Zten is still around? I remember his troll comments in the forums... I just figured CrackBerry would have banned this fool a long time ago. Read all his posts, they are just to troll. GET OFF THIS SITE IF YOU THINK BLACKBERRY IS DEAD! Thank you that is all. Have a good day.

That assumes he had or ever has had any plans whatsoever to ever be a user. He very very clearly doesn't. He just wants to irritate those who do want to be or already are users. i.e.: he gets off by posting inflammatory comments just for the negative reaction they produce. It's a bit sick if you ask me. I don't see any reason to defend that kind of behaviour.

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I kinda agree with his statement tho, because you and I know full well that if they sell, wether they ate dead or not the media will paint it as a failure. Also people saw what happened to palm when they sold to hp, so naturally they will be weary.

And even that hinges on the hopes the buyer doesn't spin off parts of the business.

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Yes many predicted that BBRY would dead before 2013, and that BB10 would never launch. As of today, looking at BBRY, they seem to be alive and kicking. Have increased market share in a very competitive market, and have increased sales. Basically they are doing better today then they were same time last year.
Where you've been?

Um, best smartphone platform around, most modern, always copied by the competition, billions of bucks in the bank, best (and really only) enterprise mobile platform management, yup that sure sounds dead to me... maybe if you keep saying it, you will eventually believe it!

Can we have an editorial about how it's time to have an "adult keyboard" option right off the bat? Does every keyboard HAVE to insist we all talk about DUCKS all the time? I'm so sick of the hypocrisy. Z10 learns what I type? I DON'T DUCK MY WIFE, OK?

Mine has learn all my cuss words. I think it knows when I'm being dirty too! Lol. Cause when I am being, my Z10 gives a LOT of very....explicit suggestions ;) lol

Posted via CB 10 on my naked Z10 ;)

Put your adult words in your dictionary. Then it will accept them as you type. Just remember if you accidentally cuss at the wrong person, there is only one person to blame. Not BlackBerry!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Horrible editorial in my humble opinion... creates more uncertainty and confusion to the fate of this great company... please focus on the BlackBerry devices related stuff and leave the organizational related analysis and speculations to Chris Umi and/or Kevin. Thanks.

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Focusing only on what BlackBerry does well is part of the reason they're in this mess. Pretending you're not drowning won't save your life.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z10 on Rogers.

Definitely some weird comments for this post...

Anyways, since the encryption software is considered the future, that should be worth a lot. Also, BlackBerry just lowered the subscriptions for BES10 by close to 70% (from $60 per year per device to $19). New subscriptions for BES10 should be flying in now.

BlackBerry should focus on getting more subscriptions for BES10 and getting a bigger subscriber base.

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"Now, we still don't know for sure who's interested in buying BlackBerry, but if Google's precedent with Motorola is any indication, patents can be a huge attraction provided the timing is right."

Except the consensus is that they overpaid and this has made people now more wary about doing the same...

That's a very good point. Given it depends on the perceived value of patents (which would vary considerably from buyer to buyer), I don't think many folks are expecting BlackBerry would sell for more than Motorola did. 

While what you say isn't untrue, I imagine that a company with Google's cash gives absolutely zero ***** about over paying for something they want. Google's not really known for being frugal with their money either so I imagine it's still an option despite the general concensus that they did in fact overpay for Motorola.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

I can't believe you linked to that article about blackberry being for sale and that their hardware is obsolete... not your best work...

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It is comments like this one ("BlackBerry is dead") that don't help at all in this forum or outside of it. BlackBerry is going through a hard time and needs our support. If you are going to post, please do so in a constructive way. If you don't agree with BlackBerry 's handling of this situation, voice your opinions differently. I don't agree with a lot that is going on, but I see things very different. I don't want BlackBerry to fail. I want them to overcome all this turmoil and suceed. This and allbanalysis by the Crackberry Team have to be looked at with a Business Oriented Lens. Seems that there is great desire that BlackBerry goes down the drain. Stop for a minute and think if BlackBerry going down is a good thing. It is not!! Now on the patents. I do think they are a great asset. Hope BlackBerry doesn't get sold.

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It's worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. Nothing else.
That means $0 to $ (whatever offer.)

Let's continuously feed the fire. Make the flames roar higher. What is this, some kind of game? I'm tired of it.

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one of the poorest commentaries ever written on here, regurgitate some other information out there without even providing what your own opinion is on this.

i don't think the patents are worth much, because if they were worth anything, someone would have scooped them up 6+ month ago when the price was in 6$ and you could offer 10-12$ to make everyone happy. now that the price is 10$ you're looking at buyout of 15+$. they have been saying that they were exploring all options way before their stock has even hit $6, so if someone saw the value it would have been done then.

and the biggest and most solid argument that these patents are worthless is because if they were actually worth anything RIM would have leveraged them a long time ago. these have been in their portfolio for years and if they haven't figured out how to market/sell/utilize them in all that timeframe it actually means that they're either very narrow and specific with no broad appeal or that they're actually truly worthless. no company in their right mind would sit on a treasure trove of market changing ideas for years and only flaunt them as a buy-out carrot after their stock has taken a 90% dump. and no sucker looking to invest billions of $ is just going to jump on this carrot.

the world has moved on.

Who told you that 6 months ago when the SP was $6 that BlackBerry would be happy to sell for $12? I don't think they are desperate for fire sale prices.

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nobody told me that they would be happy to sell at $12. but considering in the last 3 years they've dropped 92% from 80+ to 6.69 and they *were* exploring *all* options, a 100% premium would have certainly at least prompted a shareholder vote to consider the offer. beggars can't be choosers, and if they're choosing then it would explain exactly where they ended up today.

problem is back then the smart money probably knew this dog isn't worth 12$. 6$ was close to the cash and real-estate equity that RIM had back in the day, so anything else above that would have been what the patents are "worth" plus some premium. nothing materialized at the old price so i don’t see anything materializing anywhere near to today’s price and maybe not until it’s below 6, well below.

Well, the post was meant as a launching-off point for community discussion, but since you're so eager to hear my opinion...
I think there's a whole mess of cross-licensing agreements in place that make valuating the patents very tricky. Let's say a potential buyer has rights to a set of patents all relating to a particular field. Let's say BlackBerry has one that's also in that field, and they're licensing it out - maybe it's even a work-around, and BlackBerry's able to undercut the potential buyer. If that potential buyer were to snag BlackBerry, they would be depriving competitors of one less alternative to licensing from them. 
That's just a hypothetical situation in which BlackBerry's patents might be worth more to one company than another. I suspect there are a lot of other similar situations that are unique to individual companies and their patent situations that would make BlackBerry a more or less attractive acquisition target. With Motorola, there were 3G and Wi-Fi patents that seemed to be the high-profile patents worth having because they were broadly applicable. With BlackBerry, it would be the Certicom patents taking the spotlight, and I think those alone would be worth appraising. 

Haha what a joke.

Have they had any confirmation that this company is going on sale????

Wake-up people..... and stop this ranting and making up stories.

The media is going to spin this how they like so why do we need to discuss about it here. It should be more technical related items. Are we out of things to post and we have to spread the rumors???

Please let me know if I'm off the topic

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Must we continuously speculate on BlackBerry's demise? Can't we focus on success and how to make it work? BlackBerry has just introduced bb10. Its getting better each week. OS improvements, more apps etc. Soon yet another full screen device.

Question should be how BlackBerry can best use its assets, not study their value to another buyer!

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Had they used their assets to their fullest they would not be up for sale today. But sadly, BlackBerry does not seem to know how to capitalize on their own assets and they are failing miserably at building a new computing ecosystem.

But to be fair to them, trying to build a new computing ecosystem is a daunting task and BlackBerry realizes it which is why their hope is that some one with more resources will purchase them to help them realize the ambition. The thing is, anyone that is large enough to make it happen either already has an computing platform or two of their own; Microsoft, Google, Apple. Or, they aren't interested in becoming a large software and services company because they are already using Microsoft, Apple, or Google for their computing needs.

Dear Simon, again, innovation, speed, accuracy, polished outcome, openness and a touch of flair is more than required. All of these assets are waiting to be depleted by future discoveries.

Getting the job done is a motto, keep moving is another one. What a pitty they don't deliver up to this message.

Let me explain, they are doing an outstanding job transforming the company, but this won't fed them. Sales will.

Actually customers are left hanging to the outcome of a strategic mess.

BlackBerry beta zone is polishing some stuff for monthes.

Kik, Whatsapp have been in beta version for years and live. Why are they pursuing the IT expert customer route? This Geek type o customer is dead and for good.

Os 10.2 is leaked everywhere but not available why? To prepare the z30 release? Is the z30 a strategic weapon? Why not deploying the working upgrades from 10.2 NOW?

Marketing is a tool to sell more, not less. In my opinion there is a big fail here. Mr Boulben deliver an emotional message instead of a factual one. And facts are awaited.

What's the point of announcing a device 6 months in anticipation if not to put the brakes on current sales?

What's the point of non beeing able to deliver a customer experience all around the world with a basic music tracks download? Here in Europe (ex UK) we are unable to buy a single track from a bb10 device! How many missed sales?

So you should not waste your time valuing. You should rush them to a basic marketing and sales training.

I can imagine they are busy doing this, but marketing is subpar.

And I don't tell you the nightmare i've experienced trying to deploy BES 10 for our corp back in may.

Loving my devices, but I expect more, much more.


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[What's the point of non beeing able to deliver a customer experience all around the world with a basic music tracks download? Here in Europe (ex UK) we are unable to buy a single track from a bb10 device! How many missed sales?]

Say what? I brought a track just yesterday with no issues whatsoever, as per usual :)

I have to agree with those that are tired of seeing the SELL, BUY, BLACKBERRY IS DEAD!, BLACKBERRY IS DONE!, BLACKBERRY HAS FAILED! BLACKBERRY IS FOR SALE, BLACKBERRY IS UP FOR SALE bulltrash. I am tired of seeing this. Even worse when crackberry is putting that up. Come on now. We gotta believe and have faith, hope and all in blackberry. Look how far they came? We have blackberry 10, more apps arriving daily/weekly and new devices! Come on now. FOCUS ON THE BUSINESS PROSPECTIVE FOR FSCK'S (linux disk checker) SAKE, focus on it from a businesses's lens point of view. Think of all those THAT WILL LOSE THEIR JOBS!! Okay, done now. No seriously. ^^^^^

+1 there is enough of this crap out there. Focus on what can be done. Let the other media speculate on this don't feed the fire.

Google wound up overpaying for the patents as part of the Motorola deal. The value of the patent portfolio has collapsed considerably.

Start licensing the charging via usb patent!

seriously though, let's stay focused on positive messages. This is a real downer of a post - no offense Simon.

how 'bout that Z30, eh? can't wait for that to come out!

Privatize BlackBerry and spin off the Patents on the market as a Spin Corp at $3 pet share or $1.5B to $2B

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this kind of articles make blackberry dead is like you talk about your granpa smoking and that it's can give him cancer and maybe he could be dead in 5 years but he is still alive , no cancer, just walking all day as postman and some weekend he get his grandchildren to a playgarden, forest , themepark or just stay home on a rainy them playing UNO :) Why people talking and talking and making an article like how much will this worht or that is like how much is uncle worth if he is dead, what about the house like he is still walking straight every day in broad daylight.

Same like the article about employees of blackberry. All that kind of article is damaging blackberry and people checking out blackberry as brand. It like throwing more wood on the fire while blackberry doesn't wanted that fire because the wanted to go up early to start al over again the next day and don't wanted to be wasted with more wood. Good luck BB and still make more commercials and seperate OS10 from OS7 to show that it is new . Show them it a new way of invention how to use a smartphone again.

Seperate because 95% still think blackberry is OS 6,7. I know because i work at a big telecom operator and sales people asking at people why a iphone 4- 8 Gb if you can also have a BB Z10 with much better specs and OS. They had Blackberry 6,7 but NO thanks. Pitty but it's true and also not because BB10 is NOT OS 6,7. Ha.rd to explain and sell if there is no shouts of support from Blackberry

They still can chance and win more market but they have to act before november with a good plan. Ask me BB and I have enough ideas written the last few days how a commercial must look like. seperate from OS 6,7 and point it out BB10 is the new way how to use a smartphone again which is quicker, easier and more. But use Os6,7 to show it was a great OS and deliverd the highest securd mobile but now... etc

I agree. It's like BlackBerry has given up on BlackBerry. I am always waiting and hoping to see some ingenious new BlackBerry commercial on TV talking about BB10 and how great it is. I'd even take a commercial about my Z10 or Q10 compared to an iPhone or Samsung device. BlackBerry should tap into its customer base for more ideas like yours.

Posted via CB10

Why wouldn't BBRY employees give up on the org?. They are running a race and have just watched everyone lap them. Again.

I could go on about patents and apps and automobile connectivity etc however ask yourself this (cos employees probably are): can this company, with this leadership... pull it off?. If I was an employee I would imagine NO.

One example: playbook going to BB10. I know I know... many of you are thinking: move on. I did. However an employee familiar with that issue would realize that either a) BBRY knew that bb10 would NEVER come to PlayBook and that public announcements /assurances made to that effect were lies to deceive stakeholders including stock holders, users, developers etc. That's a deceptive corporation. Even in a recession people don't like to work for these types of organizations.

Or b) BBRY is incapable of competing in its chosen market segment and to cover up its gross incompetence on a supposedly marquee product has stated that the market for this product will go away in 'five years' anyways. Could you imagine? If I worked there my impression would be that many of the decision makers responsible for my career and livelihood are incompetent, ineffective and will destroy the company.

We've all see this before. Too bad it's with BBRY now.

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I can see amazon buying BlackBerry outright and move from Android to BB10 and with Amazon strong brand awareness, can revive BlackBerry easily. Even if they partner with Amazon I see a major upswing in BlackBerry.

All this foolish speculation just adds more to the "lets sell this puppy off" crowd!

Time to STFU about it.

Sorry if that offends anyone, but its like everyone seems to have thrown in the towel and frankly, that just pisses me off. I have no desire whatsoever of seeing this Company parcelled out (gutted), to the US players or anyone else for that matter.

BLackBerry: I hope you have some faith in yourselves and as such - GO PRIVATE. Get yourselves squared away, get 10.2 out (Damned Soon!!), get a proper marketing vision / team together and git er done!

You still have THE most secure device on the planet...think about leveraging that and think about Snowdens revelations at the same time. hallo??

Time will come sooner than later that everyone will wish they had a secure communications device in their pocket.

Thank you...

DilBit Powered Q10... 10.2 where ya 2 bye??

Why don't you instead try to determine how much the EEC patent is worth and if the US government can actually invalidate the patent for national security reasons.
Then we can debate what the Canadian government would do in response to that.

The last company I would want buying BlackBerry is Google.

I don't want to be another faceless Blandroid user.

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This kind of articles bums me out...the talk of potentially selling it at however much...sigh. smh.
I really hope for the best for BlackBerry in the future, whatever necessary measures that's going to take place soon and after.

BlackBerry isn't going down. Nothing goes straight up or straight down. Let's not overreact either way. In time the market will warm up to BlackBerry despite all the detractors. Even low end phones survive. Why wouldn't the best built one survive? Have faith. But even if you don't, it doesn't matter because BlackBerry is here to stay. Companies have survived worser events. HP is in a supposedly dead end PC market and wrote down their entire tablet inventory and no one is suggesting they're going bankrupt. Comments from BlackBerry brass may have been to jump start their stock price which it did. I don't own any shares but I know the brand will succeed. Can't map it out for you but it will.

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I'm more curious what CrackBerry would be worth if BlackBerry gets broken up and warranty on devices cease to be honored??

Posted via CB10

It hurts my poor heart to hear talks regarding the purchase of BlackBerry.

Posted via my love powered Q10

I am considering deleting crackberry app, because it is bursting at its seams with consistent garbage about BlackBerry.

bcuffy. Q10, 9900, PlayBook 64gb, Iphone 3gs.

Patents valuation is a highly complicated exercise and is also very subjective depending on reasons for the acquisition. There are instances where an acquisition is made to mothball and lock away simply as a way to eliminate competition. Medical parents do see this sort of acquisitions. Sadly it destroys the effort put in for the development of these knowledge based inventions/innovations. I am not saying that this would be the reason for anyone to acquire Blackberry patents but if this be the case valuation would be highly subjective. It will never be the same for two parties.

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QV06!!! attached to 7zip for installing leaked OS! Was one of blackberrys major achievements!! Great job using your loyal fan base as lab rats! The media has made blackberry the Bud of the joke! On all levels! And crackberry is just keeping us informed! On the garage sale! I respect them for that!

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Following Google around like they want you? Hahahahahahah! Google has a phone it's called HTC one! Android made it for them! Why would Google want blackberry? Nobody else does! ...FACT

Posted via CB10

I know its not relevant to this post but the stupid BB management team still does not care to open up BBM on Android and IOS soon after the announcement ages ago. BBM is also likely to be DOA post launch in IOS and Android. God help Blackberry. Crackberry team should really get this answer from Blackberry team as to what takes them forever to launch BBM on IOS and Android? There are so many small app developers whose speed is a lot lot faster than Blackberry. Shame on you team Blackberry!!!

BlackBerry IS almost dead...don't u think? W8P with the apps that BB10 is missing. Think about it...people will leave.

W8P with apps? Their app store isn't much bigger. If we were speaking of Google, you'd probably be saying "people will leave W8P". Actually, Google and Apple are hurting Microsoft too!

As for CroSs platform BBM...the question just posed is an excellent one?? how a bout an answer..soon simply does not cut it.

Same goes for Official 10.2..?


DilBit Powered Q10... 10.2 where ya 2 bye??

Let the comitee expose what has been planned for quarters (IMHO).
Recent blah doesn't change anything. Dices have rolled and if bankruptcy or alike was around, we'll know already. It's not a black/white situation. Many opportunities here for those who fight against the big twos. "small rivers make big seas".

P.S: ECE worth a pile of $, as the only "live and proven" secure alternative to TLS/SSL.

Not to be an A##, but like anything else, its worth what the highest bidder is willing to pay.

Why do you post articles like this asking people who aren't specialists to render opinions on questions and issues that require expert knowledge and experience? Look at the answers you get. How do "ducking" ones wife or how to pronounce "z" relate to the question? As for most of the other comments so far, it's nice to be enthusiastic. But, how is mindless enthusiasm helpful in trying to figure out the relative value of a patent portfolio of a turnaround company in a potential strategic partnership or sale? I think, no I hope that the level of discourse improves during this time of uncertainty for the company.

People do not account for the Encryption and Security patents that BlackBerry has, those alone are worth BILLIONS...

Love you guys, and love your analysis on BlackBerry - both you and Chris. However, I wonder how greedy folks will feed of articles like this. BlackBerry as a brand is much, much more than the value of their assets. Current value of assets rarely take into account ingenuity, ideas, future products and services, and growth potential. Instead it appears to feed short term greed.
Not saying you shouldn't continue though :) Just wish we didn't always have to look at what the company might be worth if it was sold off asset by asset.

Great phones, great technology, but too much negativity here. Lots of folks bashing good stuff without offering any real ideas of how they could do better.
I'll drop one idea - keep expanding BlackBerry World with ebooks and other such content. I love what they've done with BBW even if some app developers are slow to come on board. However, content is content, and a wide variety will attract developers.
Also, if we can rent movies, can we "rent" books for two weeks? Instead of paying $10 for a new title, can I pay $2 or $3 for a two week read? DRM, of course.

Who would buy BlackBerry?
To start, not Apple, Google or unlikely Microsoft. They already have their own OS's and/or hardware.
The next biggest internet companies would be Amazon, Yahoo, (does AOL still rate? ). I could definitely see either of them expanding, especially Amazon. (Although they do already have their Kindle). But they're too dependent on the current platforms.
But what about some big telecom equipment company like Alcatel-Lucent , Ericsson or Siemens. I'm not sure that they would want to get into what's a very different market from what they know.
Another cell phone company like Sony or HP (even Samsung - doubtful) They both already have enough problems.
Maybe Cisco?? (jk)

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Hopefully their patent portfolio is worth more than this Z10! The Z10 isn't worth a pot to piss in! I hate this phone! And I'll never purchase another BlackBerry in my life!

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