What is the BlackBerry R47 (9980)? We don't know, but we have a video!

By Michelle Haag on 10 Sep 2011 03:07 pm EDT

A mystery BlackBerry has been popping up around the internet the past week or so, including a whole slew of pictures we posted up yesterday. We still don't know what exactly this crazy looking device is, but BerryCN is referring to it as a BlackBerry Bold R47 (9980), and claims it has basically all the same internals as the BlackBerry Bold 9900, including BB7 (the video shows v7.0.0.368), wifi, 3G, NFC, and a 5-megapixel camera. Sorry, still no autofocus folks.

BerryCN is calling it a "limited edition luxury model" (at least according to Google Translate), so this begs the question - Is this device going to actually be produced? If it is, would you buy one, and if so how much would you be willing to pay for a limited edition such as this? Thanks for the tip Robertyhn!

Source: BerryCN

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What is the BlackBerry R47 (9980)? We don't know, but we have a video!


The OS has been detection previously but not much device information available. Weird. Hopefully CB doesn't eat the link below:


Interesting keyboard design. Wonder whether it's better than the current Curve or Bold keyboard, but the whole handset still looks a bit clunky for lack of a better word. Looks like a Peek, too! PeekBerry anyone?


Didn't they just build a manufacturing plant somewhere in Asia? Maybe this is a product to cater to the Asian market? It looks more like their style


ya know, a lot of people type "lol" out of habit. But that actually made me "laugh out loud" haha.

Oh yeah, and it's fugly no doubt.

My loyalty would be gone if this device ever went on sale. I hope this is not what QNX phones will look like.

My god me too.... i have been with rim and been patiently waiting for them to announce the latest and greatest and if this is the qnx style count me out....

If it was a transformer it'd transform into a turd

I feel like that is a prototype 9930 hiding in a vague cover. all the ports match, the screen seems to be the same, obviously OS 7, the back even looks like a more simple 9930 to me.

+1 i hope that it is just a housing for a 9900... because it doesnt really follow the usual bb stylings - more like an older nokia look.

That's what I thought, but the keyboard's form factor is missing in this phone. They keys seem flatter, despite the shallow 'raised' steps on each key and are straight from left to right, not in a traditional bowl shape as the rest of the line-up.

Limited edition? same function but different shell.. its like buying a shell lambo with prius engine and interiors.

No i will not pay more for a limted edition phone.. a phone is a phone.. every 2 year i change my phone

Your analogy makes no sense. It's more like buying a LP 670-4 Versace edition vs. buying a standard LP 670-4.

Ok, the looks are bizarre for Blackberry, but I kinda like it to be honest, but Jesus H Christ, does that OS move like lightning or what? It has a huge screen and records in 1080P, more steps in the right direction! Now, HDMI out and front facing camera and this bad boy would be damn near perfect. Oh and available in red, black and white is mandatory. ;)

I'd pass personally, but I'm almost willing to say I think that's a legitimate blackberry. The Blackberry OS is pretty tough to copy, and unless someone managed to port it onto a KIRF device, it's pretty unique to Blackberry devices. That said, if you guys think about it, it's sort of reminiscent of some of the older Blackberry devices from 3-4 years ago.

This might be some kind of early engineering sample or it's targeting a VERY specific market, anyways I'll never change my 9930 for a phone as ugly as that.

Did I say I'm in love with my 9930?

Why are people so dumb????just because they create a new HOUSING with dont mean its a diferent model its still a 9900/30 and the OS every phone company can do one the v7.0.0.368 maybe have minor change but it doesnt mean its a from QNX or is a new model..the "9980" have exactly the same key position..i think its a BB9900 with a unique housing

Ugly!!!! and it looks some kind of Dollar store phone , RIM will go out business if they release this phone

Apparently the codename is BlackBerry "Knight" and there's quite a few floating around... so not surprising to see one leak into the wild. Bold 9900 in different clothing. Kind of doubt it'll get made. Don't see why it would. Maybe just experimenting to have fun... there's no way the keyboard could be as good!

That's not even a prototype, that's one of the rejected spermatozoon. This thing will never see the light of day, it is too fugly to be part of the Bold line. BOLD 9900/30 all the waaaaayyy !!!!!!

I originally posted that this device looks foul and i still stand by that but is it just me or does it look a little bit better in the video than it did in the pic's yesterday.... i wouldn't get one but hmm has me thinking

The Chinese are masters at copying and cloning, although this is quite a different take on design - very industrial, does not look very comfortable to use or hold.I am sure it wont be long till RIM get on to this and have it pulled.

The Chinese are masters at copying and cloning, although this is quite a different take on design - very industrial, does not look very comfortable to use or hold.I am sure it wont be long till RIM get on to this and have it pulled.

I think it just a prototype to test 9900 functionality.. look at name Bold R47, maybe stand for "Bold Ready For BlackBerry7". :)

You spoke my mind jeffs99. I am very surprised to see all the negative comments! RIM needs this kind of elegant design. There is a huge segment of people who would buy this even if it is little on the expensive side. This is a very attractive looking BB.

It looks wider the the 9900/30.

Also here's a thought: If it's called blackberry knight, could it be a test device to that integrates os7 and QNX. Much like the "there can only be one" theme from highlander, which is there project name as well.

Maybe they haven't changed the skin, they are testin the form factor and the new kernel.

On another note, BB is known for their keyboard. This keyboard is flat and doesn't have the curve that the rest of their lines do. Wouldn't this negate the entire reason of why their keyboard is so amazing?

I may have missed it, but I didn't see any actual use of the keyboard, just the touchscreen. That seems odd.

Ugly looking phone and honestly if this is ever released to the public bad move RIM.
Sorry. No and nope and will never own it.

It looks fairly okay to me… but if the price is about ~£2,000, I expect that stainless steel band to be some sort of platinum alloy as well as the keys. OH, a MANUAL equaliser for music would be nice too ^^

The design of this phone is so unique. I would totally buy this over the 9900! Hope it really comes out and is HSPA+ for t-mobile! Im drooling. Not all of us have boring taste!!! ;)

i think its just a 9900 with a different body. all the essential port are on the same place. they are calling it limited just to sell it on a much higher price. like come on. if porche is to design a phone it would really look different and feel more luxury. :)

I think it's pretty cool - hey why not try a crazy new design, even if it might be ugly to some, There are others who would love it, a younger generation perhaps?

Remember when the iPhone 4 came out, it didn't receive a lot of praise for it's looks, but now everyone loves it.

Not being willing to try anything new is what really will kill RIM. Good for them on being willing to change.

I dunno. Looks like something you'd see on the set of Star Trek TNG or something. (Yes, I used to be a big fan). Whatever you call it, I probably wouldn't buy it, unless the "hands on" experience totally changed my mind. But based on looks alone.... no.

It was pretty fast looking. looked like playbook speed. I think RIM has a tendency to come out with an weird looking prototype before they come out with the actual phone. Looks are pretty bad but performance looked unmatched.

I LOVE THE DESIGN !!!. Finally an elegant looking BB. I would gladly play $600 CDN/USD for it. RIM might want to consider putting a front facing camera though. Kudos to the design team.

Those who doesn't like it: aren't you tired of seeing a same looking BB being refreshed 5% every year over last 6 years? 8300, 8310, 9300, 9330, 9650, 9000, 9700, 9780, 9900, 9930...? Looks matter guys. Bring it on RIM. THIS IS THE BEST DESIGNED BB EVER.

its just the bold 9900 with another housing, the buttons, ports, charger connector, camera and flash perfectly match with it.. and the camara have continuous focus like the bold 9900. just someone make a housing and put it on the bb bold 9900.

This is solid precision engineering at it's best. Looks like it would survive a nuclear blast. Notice the black bezel all the way around, think QNX with a physical keyboard.

I would pay about $300 for it then put a chainsaw to it. I'd get some youtube hits with that I'm sure.