This is what the BlackBerry A10 may look like

By Adam Zeis on 7 Jun 2013 09:27 am EDT

The rumors have already begun about BlackBerry's next flaghsip device, the A10. It was reported that the device will be available later this year and offer up many improved specs over that of the BlackBerry Z10. The A10 is rumored to be a larger device (think close to a 5" screen) with plenty of storage, processing power and RAM.

While we don't really know many specs of the A10 just yet, forums member craiggger did claim to get a look at the device. He says it's comparable to a Galaxy S4 with the same back design as the BlackBerry Q10. 

To get a better visualization, DYLANHABKIRK dropped some sweet renders of what he thinks the A10 may look like based on what we've heard so far. The A10 renders show off the rumored device in black and white and I have to admit, it does look pretty sweet.

While we're sure to hear plenty more about the A10 in the coming months, take a minute to drool over these sweet designs. 

What do you think? Is this a BlackBerry you'd be proud to own? Let us know in the comments!

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This is what the BlackBerry A10 may look like



Has non removable battery been confirmed?

Nice render! A little large for my tastes, I'll stick to my Z no matter what the final specs are on this beast.

CB10 App, Z10

I would sell my z10 for this, beside I am sure 10.2 will be there as preloaded ready to use phone, so that is a must.

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I saw these when they were in the forums.... nothing against the person that made them but it just looks like the Q10. Also, there needs to be a way to show scale/size because when I see the side view of the ports, it looks like it's a Q10...

I saw these when they were in the forums.... nothing against the person that made them but it just looks like the Q10. Also, there needs to be a way to show scale/size because when I see the side view of the ports, it looks like it's a Q10...

I agree, it does look like the S3. I don't think the front will look like that at all. Probably more like the Z10 but bigger.

i sure hope not like the z10 but bigger, i want a sexy looking phone and the z10 hasn't hit that mark for me tbh

The z10 was the work horse of the new line in my opinion. Its a long oblong rectangle that runs BB10 nothing fancy about the design, but as they time goes on we are going to see higher quality and design. Hopefully.

Totally understand that this is just a fan-made render and speculation of the device but I have to agree on the comment regarding the Galaxy S3. it's a carbon copy of the Samsung galaxy S line.

The very reason I don't like the design either. They probably wouldn't copy the S3 design. So I hope they change it.

I live in waterloo my buddy works at blackberry and I mentioned something about a 5" phablet months ago but no one believed me...
Here's my back up proof I guess

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Deng..... I have never used words like blackberry and storm in the same sentence more than a year now..
And that is with more than 300 bbm contacts on my list... LOL...

I really hope they make it with a removable battery and make it a little more angular like the Z10 and less roundish like the Samsung phones. Because of the much larger screen it's safe assume it will be a good media consumption device, so a removable battery just makes sense. Looking forward to this device releasing, I just hope they make the right design decisions and give it some really beefy specs.

Removable battery ftw!

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Why would it be a deal breaker? If they can truly refine the OS down to the nickel and dimes and produce great battery life for the heavy users then everyone else should be fine.

Not interested if that's how it looks...too Curve-like for my tastes. Looks very OS7ish to me.

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Really? I'm pretty sure the render is of a Samsung Galaxy S4 with different textures and branding. But, yes the S4 design does kind of suggest curvature.

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What I'm curious about is what is lined up for 2013 they rumored 6 new devices so far we have 3 z10/q10/q5 and the A10 maybe Playbook 10inch with bb10 but that still leaves one more.

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Well I'd think that if they came out with a 10 inch playbook, they would come out with a new 7 inch aswell. Which would make 6 new devices. However I do believe the z5 should be apart of it aswell

If it looks like that I prefer the Z10 and the Q10. I loved how the Z10 looks. Not a finger print magnet.

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No way it looks dull. Nothing new and fresh in terms of design and form factor. I am sure BB shall do a LOT better than this in the final product. This looks like a dull Q10 without a keyboard.

Wow really impresive: thinner than ever, sharp display with vivid colours, tons of apps and best keyboard experience.

What you say makes sense. It looks more like a "Full touchscreen Q10" than a "Phablet Z10".

I prefer the Z10 look for full touch over the Q10 look.

But if craigster says he saw it with the Q10 back, then maybe the render is accurate.

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Nice job on the renders! Looks like a big Q10 sans the keyboard.

@dunaway - Posted with TMO Q10 via CB10

If it looks like that, with rounded corners and a 5 inch screen, then count me out...the Z10 will have to hold me over until I see what the bring next year.

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It does look like the q10 without the keyboard... wouldn't it be cool if the you slide the Q10 keyboard down from behind? I'd like that! And yes, better have removable battery and a 1080p screen... :-)

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BlackBerry is releasing a portrait slider after the a10. I saw the schematics in a article on the blackberry road map for 2014.

They need more flash!! Something like the HTC one !!! Man come on BlackBerry be bold and come out with something that will make droid an iPhone fan boy drool over not just plain boring roundish touch Q10

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I never thought I would say this (because I Love my Z10), but I kind of like the idea of (yet) a bigger screen. Looking forward to the A10. Bring it ON! :)

Not sure if this phone would really be the phone for mass crowds.

I believe they are hitting the premium crowd through this.

I would like to name it the Ace!!

It will be a prestige to hold and i think it will capture a lot of business crowd with BES10. Organization's may offer thus phone to its prime employees! ;)

The CB10 Experience

Hmmm, as a design, i take my Z10 over this fella every day. Hopefully the final one will we a bit different.

BlackBerry needs to be bold in its designs. Z10 is mistaken for iPhone and this will be mistaken for a Samsung. Without physical design differentiation you have to sell on specs which is a losing game as it requires constant product improvements relying on outside vendors and you lose your economies of scale. ( think PCs).

OS differences help but phones are now a status symbol for most people and product recognition is key.

BlackBerry needs to be sexy and this thing looks plain Jane.

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This is awesome , its wider it looks like a big Q10, I think the virtual keyboard will have bigger keys and it will feel like a Q10. How is this for an idea, have the option to have the A10 use a virtual Q10 keyboard setup without the physical keys buy visually functions and looks like the Q10 keyboard with all the short cuts , type and go features, adjust the sensitivity of the keys so it has a heavier touch feel when you select the key etc.. or the 2nd option will be the Z10 virtual keyboard. This could easily be done with th ONX kernel platform. So Q10 users could easily use the A10 . This would be really innovative.

I hope it doesn't look like that, BlackBerry needs something sleek like HTC one. That just feels really good in your hand. With no rattle when you tap the back. A design to shut up Android and IPhone users, and admit that yea that's a bad ass phone.

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Have to agree with many posters; I hope the final design does not look like this. They need to step up the design on a new flagship device.

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I'm assuming it will look like this unfortunately.

I didn't believe the leaked pictures of the R10 (now the Q5) because I was sure BlackBerry wouldn't release a device that unattractive.

But lo and behold, they shipped it out looking exactly like the leaked pics.

This is a fan render, so it's a different situation, but it sounds likd the render is based on the description given by someone who has actually seen the device.

So I've accepted that this is what it's going to look like.

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The worst thing I hate about my white Z10 is the built materials, the black one is better but still isn't good enough for a "premium" device. As a mid tier it's perfectly fine.

I'm not looking to get a 5" device, a 4.6"-4.7" screen with thinner bezels and better materials? I'm there.

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Its not a luxurious design, dont like that. Need to Be more futurist and luxurious to make the top of the blackberry line.

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I don't like it, at all. Seems like galaxy's worst line. I prefer the aristo shape. Love the shape of my z10 inclusive better than iPhone 5. But waiting for more apps. Greetings from Perú

Can't see this being considered. With Apple coming out (arguably) with a game changer later this year, and I'm sure the S5 will also be stellar, something like this render may not hold up as a flagship device that would compete with the big two.

Does anyone else think the white photo looks familiar?

Looks awful. If it going to be their high end device it should look the part. Looks like a cheaper version of the Galaxy.

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Do't like the curvy design, I prefer the look of the Z-10. If it's true, looks like the Galaxies, uuuugggghhhh!!!!!!!!!

I hope we will get 10.01 update before the launch of A10. I am loosing faith in BB. Again they are about to release the product that will need upgrades from the start.

It's the carrier, not BB that's holding your update. How many times does this need to be repeated? Apparently, at least one more...

Here is the story: called Bb the other day inquiring if the update was sent to T-Mobile. I understand that the carrier has to test it before it will be released. The answer: we don't have any information regarding that. Called the carrier: same answer. 2 days ago big news regarding one of the apps. SoundHound. When I red the description it became obvious that it can work only with 10.01 software that has not been released yet. Joke. I could not even leave the complain or review cos' my Z10 does not support 10.01 yet. Circle. BTW when I called BB I was informed about more updates coming this year. Madness.

I haven't jumped into OS10 but plan to by the years-end, mostly to give the OS the opportunity to mature a tad more. However when I do, it will likely be their highest spec device with a removable battery (a REQUIREMENT) and hopefully charging points for a dock or inductive charging. Meanwhile my 9930 continues to serve me perfectly.

Actually, it's sad. I have never seen an operational Z10 and, by extension, a Q10 either. The stores here only have fake phones on display and have none in-stock to sell. I can only say that when the day does come, I will be proud to be a 'lone wolf' in East Alabama.

This looks like the S3, my hubby has one and detests it. I'm starting to think this is a hoax started by someone.

Definitely an interesting render, by no means unattractive. But I must say, not my cup of tea. I like my smartphones sharp, not curved. Nonetheless, a great rendering. Stick to my Z10 for meow lol.

I thought the 9380 curve touch was a fantastic looking device. I don't see too much inspiration from that. I see a samsung inspired device with premium materials. It would probably do well if the final design was close to this.

I'm in love with the new battery door design on my Z10. I would like to see the "clip on" door vs. the "slide on" door, in the final A10. And also agree with people who say too much curved edges here. Does remind me of OS7 devices. Specs look very promising, but if this is even close to how the A10 will look I'm not really impressed.

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I think the design is great, really, but I will stick to my Z10. I feel like 4.2" is the perfect screen size for a mobile phone. I do have a PlayBook already though, so I am not starving for screen size.

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The render is missing the swipe bezels. Unless they've already done away with that.

I am curious how it will look with the bezels.

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Oops my bad. Bezels could be that black part around the screen. Not having a logo at the bottom threw me. Is that enough swipe room at the bottom?

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It should be enough room, considering how little space the q10 has. But I doubt the real thing is going to look like this

Don't like it. I want the Z10 footprint with all the upgrades. So much for one hand typing being a blackberry I guess

I love my z 10 anyway no need for a10.. but this render is horrible ugly :) maybe for people that like the Samsung series :)

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For the power they say is going to be in this device it's probably something I'd consider over the Z10, but to be honest I'm not worried about power anymore.. I want something with a beast of a battery.

Wouldn't it be AWESOME if BBRY broke the mold on batteries for current market standard smart-phones? S3/Nexus users are lucky to get a full day with moderate to heavy use... Imagine blackberry being able to boast the most battery life of anything on the market.

I don't like this design. The Z10 is becoming the centre hub for all my communications. Box, computer remote file access, email, Xbmc etc. If find myself standing my phone upright in a simple stand or propping it up against something so I can monitor and use it vertically with a swipe and gesture here and there. The round design would prevent such use without a case or special holder. The flat edges of the Z10 also allow the phone to be used as a level both vertically and horizontally. Just give me the Z10 design again but only larger.

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This is nothing more than the touch screen from the Z10 copied and pasted on the body of a Q10. Given the track record of BB I wouldn't hold my breath for this device. Nice try CB!!! #WhoYouFooling

Oh, no. The "Storm" is reborn. Please, please, please don't go with this design. I can't believe you're even considering it. I bought a Z10 first day it came out at AT&T. I was worried I would be missing out when A10 gets here but not any longer. Loving my Z10 even more. Can't wait to get the official 10.1 OS.

According to you, then the Z10 is a "Reborn Storm."
How is the A10 anymore of a "storm" than the Z10? They both do not have sure press technology, so you can't even consider them "Storms"

looks like the 9900 Bold, but with full touch screen - similar shape and metal band (at least on the white one). Good job on the rendering.

EWWW No way. That looks gross. S4 with Blackberry Branding. Forget it. The back is okay though

This is awesome , its wider it looks like a big Q10, I think the virtual keyboard will have bigger keys and it will feel like a Q10. How is this for an idea, have the option to have the A10 use a virtual Q10 keyboard setup without the physical keys but visually functions and looks like the Q10 keyboard with all the short cuts , type and go features, adjust the sensitivity of the virtual keys so it has a heavier touch feel when you select the key etc.. or the 2nd option will be the Z10 virtual keyboard. This could easily be done with the ONX kernel platform. So Q10 users could easily use the A10 . This would be really innovative.


I love the look of the Z, and it also has a great feel to it as well IMO.

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Why would I want a 5 inch touchscreen? It would still mean using a virtual keyboard!!! .. Where's my q10 when I need it!... I'd rather a see a touchscreen slider with a z10 size screen and a q10 size keyboard

I always like more power on the specs side, but bigger isn't always better. I love the 4.2" display on the Z10. It's perfect for typing. I find when I type on touchscreens bigger than this I lose some typing efficiency. That said, BlackBerry totally needs a GO BIG phone. It seems phones are like television sets... people always want go bigger.

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Absolutely right Kevin (on both counts).

Personally, I think 4.6 to 4.7 inches is a good balance between bigger screen and typing ease.

The Samsung Note line are too big, but my Dad's galaxy nexus is easy to type on and has a nice screen size.

That said, they also need a phone in the Z10 size bracket as it allows easier one hand usage.

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Agreed on that. Long lasting battery life like the one on board of the Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX HD will come handy to the new Blackberry device. In addition, add the contour/curve Sharp IGZO display with the highest ppi and glove friendly display in to the mix, it will be the best Blackberry device ever made.

It reminds me of the HP Pre^3 from the front. I would take it for a spin, just to see how they've optimized it.

I would stick with the Z10 if they continue to send out the updates we need to have a complete phone.

I would buy another tablet with OS10 on it to go with my Z10.

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That look doesn't do anything for me. Like a full screen Q10 or a Palm product. I hope they have a better design than that. Guess we'll find out eventually.

Please don't copy the Galaxy design. It looks so awful. Doesn't Blackberry have a good design team?

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If you read the article, it states that this is a "Rendering" done by a CrackBerry Forums member - DYLANHABKIRK. The rendering is based on eye witness statements regarding the shape and look of the device. Please read the full article next time, rather than jumping straight to the comments.

Ok so here's an amazing idea, about a year ago i came across this video of a new technology that made a touch screen turn into a physical keyboard, it's really amazing what this technology does. They said it would be available in the middle of 2013!

Making this phone look like a Q10, but then implementing a full screen with a "dynamic keyboard" would be amazing, and actually revollutionary!

Check out this link:

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5 inches is huge, massive; and I always keep my phone in my front pocket. The Z10 is a perfect size, just change the specs.

Hate it. Too rounded. And this makes me think that that leak of what some sites are calling the Z5 is in fact the A10 because it's rounded, looks S4ish and we haven't seen the back yet.

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Would like to see dual speakers like the Playbook and I thought I saw this on the new HTC as well.

Posted via CB10

Note is too freaking big to use. Samsung needs to bundled it with a free silver chain or necklace and use it as a pendant.

Would rather have something that is mobile and comfortable than having a big doorstopper in my back pocket.

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If a Blackberry Q10 when it was brand new costed £534 brand new, how expensive is a super blackberry 10 device that's comparable to a Galaxy S4 going to cost?!

Posted via CB10

I hope they're recycling the Q10 shell for prototypes only.
We need something more edgy

Sent from a Q10 with a crappy OLED screen

I know this is just a render but I seriously hope it doesn't end up looking this way. I'm sorry, but this is such a bland design.

The front does reminds me of the Samsung Galaxy and the back reminds of the Q10. Better then Z10?
To be honest I am not shocked, BlackBerry is doing this for it's consumers. BlackBerry always needs a newer model, better looking, and faster phones.

(as much as I miss my QWERTY, overall I'm very happy with the my Z10)

I have a contract on my Z10 until May 2015 and I'm gonna stick with it. I cannot imagine I don't like my Z anymore by then so I certainly won't get this device. Oh, and it's ugly.

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To be honest it looks like everything out on the market. If someone to put that next to the Z10, I'd say the A10 looks cheap.

Just my $0.02.

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The back similar Q10, the front look like Q10 without physical keyboard.
Z10 look much more better

Posted via CB10

BB has the OS, now really must leap several steps ahead in power, memory, battery (must be removable), flexibility, usability, sceen resolutions, camera (submersible? ;-) ), eye appeal in future hardware units.

I prefer the solid lines of the Z10. I hope the A10 does not look like this... very similar to the Samsung phones...

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IMHO the Z10 is just a touch to big already. but that's just me I like something that fits comfortably in my pocket

Posted via CB10

Loving my Q10, just can't do without a proper keypad. That said any new BlackBerry phone is interesting.

Posted via CB10

This looks like old curves. Old as fuck, if this is true it will only hurt the company. The z10 is such great device they should just tweek it a bit inside and out and release it.

Posted via CB10

Oh no what a fail. I know it's only a render but we all know this will be the final design like the Z10. This looks too much like an android. If it's gonna be a "flagship device" it needs to stand out like one.

Posted via CB10

Hopefully that's a debunked rumor. BLACKBERRY! YOU HAVE TOO MANY DEVICES! Perfect ONE and stick with it!!! Don't make the same mistake 10 TIMES!!!

Fugly IMO, to each his own, it already looks out of date, hope the render is unaccurate.

Anyone remember the roadmap that had the devices with a crude outline drawing on them? I think that maybe more accurate of the shape, only because the q5 seemed to be pretty spot on.

If the A10 will look like the S4...BB better start queuing up the lawyers because they will be circling likes sharks and vultures.

They don't need to worry about the next handset because the app situation is untenable. What they need to worry about is more quality apps (Sound Hound is the biggest add in the last month, which is disgraceful) and getting 10.2 out ASAP so we can get the JB Runtime and use the best Android apps without so much lag.

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Don't like how rounded it is. Would prefer more of a square edge or at least similar to the Z10.

Posted via Naked BlackBerry Z10

It looks like a Samsung Galaxy S IV with "Samsung" crossed out and "BlackBerry" written in Crayon :)

Either way, not 100% for me. But then this is an "Artists impression" :)

I do believe I will be getting the A10. I will have to switch carriers and pay more every month to get it but it will be so worth it!

Looks like another lousy android clone. Rounded profile makes it look like 200 android from 2011.

Posted via CB10

Designs looks like SGS IV which is a no go.

I hope that it will have connectors at the bottom for a docking station as the bold 9900...

I doubt that's what it would look like...too close to Samsung design. The rectangular shape of the Z10 is much sexier than a round cornered phone like Samsung s4! Just my opinion though..

Posted via CB10

Have a black brushed stainless steel frame like the Q10. Make it just under 5" screen size (~4.8"-4.9", whatever's best to keep an excellent typing experience). All aluminum(?) back/rear like the HTC One/IPhone 5 (or will this affect phone reception, NFC, etc.?), no plastic (so BGR has nothing but effusive praise). The A10's design/look has to be much better than three phones currently on the market: the iPhone 5 (iPhone 6, I think, will keep the same form factor(?), Galaxy S4, and the HTC One. Blow all three of them out of the water with the "Ooh" factor, and BlackBerry will be back (IHMO :).

It's soo fat, like a Tablet or something. I need something more comfortable and able to fir in my pocket, since it is all about messaging and not really about the media and game consumption. But, I like that BlackBerry is stepping up their game!

Posted via CB10

Wait a minute that phone is ugly, curve like. why! Are we trying to copy S3 or S4. Be BlackBerry, Be Bold.. Common on.........look at Z10 perfect shape. Why are we going back to ugly phone shape.. This is crazy, I was going for the A10 and now I am completely out of it. The square corners looks great when you are reading those RSS Feeds. Please BlackBerry send your product designers to six week intensive product designing institutions. There is plenty of time before the lunch of the A10. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I love Z10.

I agree with the many comments that this A10 looks too much like a gs3 or looks very plain. The A10 should look more like the Z10's design with thinner bezels on the sides, make the top panel thinner and the bottom panel removed just with the BlackBerry logo and name for room to swipe up.

But I guess the A10 prototype that Sprint saw must be looking pretty good since they passed on the z10 and q10 models.

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What a s*** rendering... the border on the white device is not even symmetrical LOL!
And Crackberry, love you guys...but this is a pretty pointless and misleading post. For a minute I though I was on Gizmodo.

For a guy that knows everything here sure is short on product, nice render mate and thanks for the effort at the very least.

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The back is ok. But i´m not ok with the form factor at all. also, there should fit one more row of apps onto the screen.

I appreciate the work that went into this, but I personally don't like it. I really hope it looks more in line with the z10.

Posted via CB10

I think it looks awful! And who needs these kind of media consumption devices anyway... (apart from 16 year-olds perhaps)

If true it's crossed between z10 and q10 design.

Basically a q10 with a full screen, hopefully with higher specs to pick some serious competitions devices.

Posted via CB10

Hope the A10 has a more rectangular look with rounded edges, aluminum accents with a back cover that illuminates the BlackBerry symbol.

Posted via the Super BlackBerry Z10

It does look impressive. looking forward (PAINFULLY) for this phone to be dropped into my hands later this year. However I still want to see the BlackBerry brand advertise more in the US media... Come on guys, you can do better

The thing I hate about HTC phones (and I have one), is the huge-ass speaker grill.

Posted via CB10 on my kickass media-consuming Z10

I'm not a fan of the look of the Q10 so for me this Renee ring is pretty hideous! Just sayin! ;)

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

I sincerely hope not. Not sure what the back on the Q10 looks like in person but I think it looks ridiculous from pics. What's with the metal strip near the top? So out of place. Don't want a huge phone anyway.

Looks ugly, how many more devices can they really pump out this quarter? Who needs to worry about quality though right!

Not gonna read 222 comments...but I rather like the feel of the battery cover on the Z10, nice and grippy, not sure about that design.

Posted via CB10 on my kickass media-consuming Z10

i do hope the aristo doesnt have the charger port on the side ,looks really good hope it at least look like that

Hopefully its solid build quality. Metal edge border or an exterior very similar to the playbook. OR, since this glass weave backing on the Q10 is so strong, make the whole damn phone in it with a small section or rubber/whatever is used on the Z10.

That is one REALLY UGLY phone..... I hope they have better industrial designer to come out with a really sexy, sleek and professional looking phone. and I do like the Z and the Q10 and is a global starting point.

Posted via CB10

While I appreciate the work put into the rendering I can't say I'm a fan of what the design may be.

Give me a Z10 with a 5" display, all that high end spec and I'll be happy.

Z10 & PlayBook