What BlackBerry 10 videos do you want me to do / redo this week?

Clean Cut Kevin
By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Apr 2013 10:03 am EDT

We had a crazy week at our temporary NYC HQ office doing a bunch of prep work for #TM13 (more on that in my next From the Editor's Desk post).

After going day and night for five days straight, we finished the work week off Friday afternoon with a portrait session for everybody from the team who was on location. Above is one of the photos taken, featuring what I refer to as my Future Member of the BlackBerry Board of Directors look. I also think of it as clean cut Kevin.

After looking at the photo above yesterday, and strolling through CrackBerry, I stumbled upon one of the videos I recorded for our initial BlackBerry Z10 review, which was recorded just days before my LONG hair was chopped off in honor of the launch of BB10 at the end of January. Dirty, dirty Kevin.

Looking at the disparity between Kevin Before Haircut (BH) and Kevin After Haircut (AH), I was thinking this week I'd go ahead and re-record a bunch of the Z10 videos I did with creepy Kevin hair. They deserve to be redone. :)

What BB10 videos do you want to see? 

Since I'm going to be firing up the video recording gear big time this week to redo some older videos, I thought I would check in with CrackBerry Nation to see if there's anything we haven't covered yet in video that you want to see us do up. I also have a hit list of all-new videos I want to record up too, but I'm sure I'll miss something you guys and gals want to see. Throw your ideas in the comments, and we will get it done!

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What BlackBerry 10 videos do you want me to do / redo this week?


For the BB maps trial you could have the CB reporters in other countries file a short piece using it in their country as well. I know I have issues with full UK addresses not being recognised.

Please toss in some multitasking functionality while using Maps. eg. calls, voice commands, BT music streaming, browser and app integrations, etc.

I would love to see a BlackBerry history video - a clip of every BlackBerry phone to date and a Story Maker demo.

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+1!!! This would be excellent! Also adding a time line with important Computer Milestones etc.

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How about this while mixing it up with crackberrys history & evolution with all the editors as well.

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Love the idea Kevin, the BlackBerry Maps as stated above would be nice, but also how about showing how some of the most popular side loaded apps look and function on the smaller screen.

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"I also think of it as clean cut Kevin."

A fashion video. Instead of Calvin Klein it could be Kevin Clean. (Please, no. I jest.)

Yeah, I had to do a double take? Kevin must be taking pointers from David Beckham lately!

Actually, I know this is about videos but a BlackBerry 10.1 review is in order!

For the love of god no!! Too many on the net already. Let's move on from un boxing video garbage really please.

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Well, you can do a demo on one feature which i read in forums. The ability to view your files, stored on your computer on your blackberry z10. Its a feature in 10.1 update.

Awesome, almost seems like a secret that no one wants to acknowledge. Needs a big writeup / video.

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Demonstrate taking screen shots on both BB10 phones and posting those shots into a forum post. Maybe crackberry app can integrate the process too?

The CB10 app does integrate posting images in to forum posts, you just have to do a two finger swipe to hide the keyboard, and you'll see an "Attach Picture" option. Not on blog comments like these, though.

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Thats why I believe it should get a video demo. Its deserves it and I think most do not know about it. Maybe they dont use the app either and want to do it another way ?

1. Explain why BlackBerry does not release blanket software updates like Apple does with iPhone.
2. A side by side video & photo comparison of the Z and Q vs the most current models: Galaxy S4, HTC One, iPhone 5, etc.

I think it has to do with BlackBerry not having the amount of money and users as apple therefore they have no pull over the carriers and after to work more with them rather then demanding this like apple. This could change in the future as bb10 picks up.

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The reason is BlackBerry prides themselves on critical communications! Business' rely on communications, BlackBerry is not about to screw its users with a blanket generic update. Countless times in the past year Apple has screwed its updates, and many users across carriers since iPhone 4's original os.

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Don't worry about your hair in old videos man. Leave them be. Don't try and re write history!

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LOL! Kevin and his ongoing identity crisis, not only is he still trying to figure out who he is, but he also wants to change who he was! Kevin, were all embarrassed about our teenage years, you're just maturing slower than most:)

And make sure to pest services that are not on the platform right now *cough*SUGARSYNC*couch*

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+1 I side loaded SugarSync, it works pretty well, but yeah integration like we see with Dropbox and Box would be awesome.

Videos of Z10 and Q10 side by side doing identical tasks. Then throw a random phone on there showing a pure butt whipping by BB10

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Audio and video streaming with Z10 and Q10 (with the new 10.1) between computer and BlackBerry Link! Fantastic!

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I think a video going over the process of migrating with blackberry link from your old legacy berry to a BB10 device would be useful to a lot of CB'ers, you could also walk through the differences of where certain information turns up, such as memopad to remember and cover any alternatives for stuff that doesn't convert over easily or correctly.

It's things like this I believe BlackBerry should actually be demonstrating. CB could do it as well, but I believe how to videos should be covered by the manufacturer.

It already is covered by BlackBerry. The problem is users don't bother to read the manual, check the on board help nor use the public resources BlackBerry has advertised.

Did anyone notice with 10.1 the help menu now specifically highlights 5 choices to search for help with their BB? 10.0 had 4 listed, 10.1 specifically now shows the blackberry.com/btsc site for the very first time!

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Yeah. I agree. It would be great to see more about BlackBerry Balance since that feature wasn't talked about a lot.

The sad fact is most BB owners are not on any form of BES and even fewer on BES 10 with balance implemented. If Craig Johnson was still albout on CB then possibly as he was the go to BB enterprise guru and a BES admin himself.

The last reviews were very news like, so we saw lots of Kevin and Adam, but almost nothing of the device (Q10).

Could at least edit those, I guess.

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The advantages of docs to go. Is it true you can hook your phone up to a projector and give a PowerPoint presentation?

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I would like to see the differences in how the Q10 and the Z10 handle things like Internet browsing and video playback. How does the Q10's display handle it on a 720/720 screen?

I think we have seen enough of "sexy" Kevin!
We don't need another one....besides, I'm not sure he would be able to top it
Now if Ashley wanted to redo that video I wouldn't complain ;)

I guess the side by side comparison throwing the same tasks at them both would be perfect as someone above mentioned.

Keyboard shortcuts for Q10

Case reviews for Q10 (esp BlackBerry ones)

Type and Go for Q10 (might be beating a dead horse, but find some good example nobody thought of before)

How to save chat history I'm BBM

List of popular apps that will not be available for Q10 (and which ones are planning to make a switch)

Q10 vs Z10 speedtest - have two power users do the same task and see who completes it first. A) quick email b) look something up c) long message

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I've always been curious as to what happens when you plug in a rapid charger and the charger that comes with the PlayBook in at the same time. Does it super charge it, catch fire or nothing. Can't find any videos on it and I'm too cheap to ruin mine to find out. Any one tried it?

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Please Kevin a video tutorial with all the know how for "Box" App

My account is set but I been struggling with how to use it properly for my every day needs, thanks!!

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I figured it out but it can help others. Maybe you can do a video of setup of BlackBerry Link for wireless sync and remote access of PC files.

I agree this is something people need to know about.
It is unique to BBRY (at least without 3rd party involvement)

1.Show us some 'must-have' customising phone apps like Bebuzz in action?

2. Can you show me how much the fret on the back of the Q10 lifts the phone off the ground?

I would love love love to see a Z10 vs Storm comparison video. It would be hilarious, but also make a point about how far BlackBerry has come in a few years.

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A very quick demo on media sharing to a 360, PS3, smart TV, etc. that includes supported file types. I've found most people don't even realize you can do it.

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Please do a detailed video demonstating the differences between the "Notification Systems" of OS 7 and OS 10. Specifically, show how sounds for e-mail accounts, for profiles and for contacts differ between the two systems.

This video would probably not be complete, but how about one showing a whole bunch of gestures (and I don't mean two finger salutes by Bla1ze) that range from basic, must know to a bunch of more specific, "user discovered" types that pop up in the forums? Such a video would be helpful in somewhat mitigating the learning curve.

I want to see a keyboard speed test between the Q10 and Z10. Also use a few people in the test to make a more rounded result.

I think in depth demonstrations on using Link (transferring old legacy data to Z or Q) plus some cool tips and trick with the software, some awesome customizing trick with bb10, and quick demos on the most popular apps (no games included, strictly utility apps) .

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hey guys after four months im still exploring my z10, did you knowpressing on the bbry logo when the device is booting it shows you how much of the booting process is completed. i did nt.. that just cool

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Don't change history, because of the circumstances at the time I don't think you can recapture the zeal and excitement produced by the team at those moments. Red Bull and lack of sleep are to be blamed, but we won't judge you guys. Long live blackberry.

via z10 on cb10...

Maybe a teck video on email with bb10. Pop3 vs imap vs exchange vs bes etc. what is push and what isn't.

Or, maybe grow your hair out again until VZW releases 10.1 for their Z10... I would, but as you can tell from my profile pic, I'd have a hard time doing much with that...

Isn't it obvious? A definitive smack down between the BlackBerry Z10 and the BlackBerry Q10! Compare things like call quality, speeds, smoothness, build quality, screen, camera and video, battery life, gaming, and the ultimate typing test. Also give them like a score and some numbers so people know the exact trade offs and strengths of each phone.

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Leave the old videos as they are. Your long hair is a part of history of the BB10 launch now.

We need some comparison videos of how BB10 is better than the competition. Messaging, navigating around the phone, multitasking, etc. "This is how you do this on an iPhone (show the multiple steps), and this is how you do it on bb10 (less steps, quicker).

Please show me a movie of how to extend the Z10s miserable battery life and how to stop its terrible battery door making a cracking sound when you just look at it. Piece of sh_t it is...

Posted via BlackBerry Z10 (24C682D2)

How to load the Password Keeper info from an old device to a Z10 and how to reload the intended for from a backup after a security wipe.

I figured out the first one after going through the forums, but have not found info on the second one. What I had to do is reload from the device switch every time I had to do a wipe.

A former audio engineer brought to my attention last week the quality of the DA converter built in the Z10. The very low distorsion produced by this converter was way better than the iphone 5 one. Since our phones are largely used as I pods in our free times , it would maybe be interesting to benchmark the Z10 vs few other devices. Clear deep bass undistorted seams to be a clear strength of our favorite device. Never been covered in your posts.

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I want to see a complete comparison between the Blacberry Q10 and Z10, hardware wise (Design, Screens, Battery life, Cameras...), but also software (The main differences between blackberry 10 on a full touch screen and with a keyboard and how apps adapt themselves to the squared screen), and i'd like your app reviews to be done on the Q10

I'd like to see a video of things you can only accomplish using a BlackBerry Z10 that the other platforms can't do. Or show tasks that are easier accomplished with the BlackBerry Z10.

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A demonstration of the various display languages such as danish, swedish and norwegian.
I do understand that there isn't a huge demand for a request such as this - the problem is that Blackberry haven't properly launched here in Scandinavia which means they're practically impossible to obtain and are only sold by one or two network providers.
I was therefore thinking about buying a sim-unlocked phone from the UK but aren't sure about the display nor keyboard language settings.

Should film of people that use sign language through BBM videoconferencing. It encourages and inspires people that it is not just face to face but also sign language to sign language around the world. It would be nice!

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Redo the Alec Saunders video. The biggest gap BlackBerry has right now is the premium apps. Everything Alec is doing is fantastic and it would be nice to see what is on his roadmap as far as addressing all these gaps.

A day in the life of a business person. Using maps to get to the appointment, The prep of documents to be presented. The use of Remember to take notes/vid/pics on site and sync to Evernote back at the office. The presentation of docs/powerpoint in the boardroom via HDMI and/or using the Z10 to control the PB remotely. The office sends you an updated PDF via Print to Go for your presentation, or to field personnel for service orders. Etc...

1. Demo of DLNA capabilities of Z10/q10
2. Show off the new 10.1 feature of remote access to my computer files

Posted via CB10 on my Commodore 64

Life after the trackpad: a detailed look at how cursor positioning and text selection works, plus fine-grained control in the browser (e.g. how to follow a specific link in a cluster of links), plus how to do things you used to do with trackpad, like picking accented characters.

Full detailed screen share video redo, between a Z and a Q please! (also the BBM stress test on a white Q would be the ultimate sacrifice to the god of mobiles... )...!!!!

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Definitely liking the new look. I've been hoping to see that for some time now. No, it's not a man crush. Ashley E. still has my heart. :D

Now I like that. And at the end ..... we hold up our BlackBerrys and shout, " The choice of a new generation"

Hey Kevin ..... thanks for getting us readers involved.

I think that many people are confused as to which phone they should get. The Q10 or the Z10. I bought the Z10, and I am more and more amazed as to how user friendly the keyboard is, and how it knows what I am thinking of. To be honest, I was a bit scared that I might be missing the BOLD 9900 keyboard, but the trade off with the bigger screen and the amazing keyboard makes up for it.

WHAT YOU SHOULD DO - Make a video telling us which one you use most often, and why ... as you are the expert.

BTW ---- People will only be buying BlackBerry according to the way this is looking: http://poll.fm/47fjm

Thanks. You are doing a great job !

I"d love a comilitation on what apps folks tend to keep up in the active frame mode. So far for me it has been calendar only but would be interesting to see what the Crackberry Team has live and active and how that impacts thier Battery life. Another option would be TOp 10 accessories.

I would like to see all the problems that BlackBerry 10z has, for example the contacts issue ( everyday I have to go to contact setting and check off all social media contact. But the next day all social media contact shows automatically.) the ring tone problem assign to contact. The 30 day email thing. eta
Kevin should talk about the problems and how he thinks BlackBerry will fix them.

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A humble suggestion: if you could do a video using a few celebrities like Mrs. Keys (BB employee) and some others as to how Z10 and Q10 are perfect tool for celebs & once celebs start endorsing BB you shall see many in US start to appreciate the coolness in BB10. Imagine Obama using BB was such a big marketing for the brand image and reliability of BB's security feature. Also please send in a word to the folks at BB to improve the maps and bring in someone totally innovative and cool in GPS maps functionality in the BB10. That would do a great deal to BB10 image. Thanks for all the hard work bro!

Kevin's got two empty hands? Where's the Z and the Q????

With that smooth, suave look, he could easily get a few million $ from BBRY for one pose!

Well, it looks like you've got at least 123 good ideas so I'll just say : I kinda liked Creepy Kevin.
Thor's Day, ( or Thursday ) Kevin does look good, but very serious. Or disappointed. "you kids knock that off!",
LOL. Gotta say, that Waterloo barber they sent you to sure did classy you up!


Since you have had the Z10 for a while how about a week w the Q10 to see if you are able to switch back?

Posted via my BlackBerry Z10

Give a BlackBerry 10 device to someone on a different platform, let them use it for a week and do a video feedback.

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I would like to see one on loading a leaked OS on the Z10/Q10. A lot of us are used to loading an OS on the legacy phones but might be a little scared to try it on these new beasts.

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BlackBerry definitely needs to start pushing those commercials out.. we've had nfc for like what 3 years?, & Samsung is putting commercials about it out like every other week... we got all the goods we just gotta show them off.... advertising!!!!! I know I do my part in informing people when I'm @ a store but BlackBerry needs some funny/informative/we're back & better than ever commercials. Seriously

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I would like alot of comparison videos.
1.) A long detailed side by side video of how the Z10 compares to the Q10 including the following features.
1a.) How the OS and Native Apps appear on the different screen sizes
1b.) How third Party BB apps look on the Q10
1c.) How same android apps look on both phones.
1d.) Games comparison on both devices including which games and apps do not support Q10

2.) A side by side Timelapse video of Z10 and Q10 doing similar tasks for comparing battery life. For example how much battery do both have left after 2 hours of continuous video playback. How much more battery does the Q10 have when Z10 reaches last 20%. How much is the approx total time difference in battery lives.

3.) Typing speed comparison between 9900 Z10 and Q10

4.) Comparison of both Z10 and Q10 with OS7 devices. In depth esp for each stock app like messages, calendar, bedside mode, bbm, call logs, settings profiles etc.

5.) All features and stock app comparison with a flagship android and the iPhone, also include 3rd party apps comparison like fb twitter flipboard, games etc.


Also i would like to see individual reviews by all of CB bloggers
3 reviews each, Z10 only, Q10 Only, Z10 vs Q10
Guest appearance by ashley from monday briefs.

It doesn't have to be a Z vs Q thing. Those who like the Z love what it brings to the table:

* bigger 4.2 inch screen
* the best virtual keyboard with tricks (superfast one finger use!)
* unique shortcuts (eg backswipe to delete word)
* sexy hardware design

The Q brings its very own unique goodies too:

* the best physical keyboard, especially for the ladies with nails!
* always-on keyboard for quick searches and Instant Action use
* tons of keyboard shortcuts
* also has a sexy hardware design!

How can you possibly compare? Both are totally unique and for different people with different preferences.

I would like a video,get ready,are you ready? About the thrill of being FIRST and I would like to see a lot of index fingers not the other one .actually it really would be fun seeing both.

Head to head pure, flat out typing trial smackdown between the Z10 and the Q10, by, preferrably, more than one contributor, who has *mastered* both keyboards. Please!

Leave what was done as history. Your long, messy hair was for a reason. To motivate BB to get the product out ASAP, so they didn't have to look at you. What we need now is a new video, one that moves things forward with the Q10. We need a new RACHELLE WILDE video!!!! One where she comments on the "Physical Keyboard", about the new sexy Q10's "Feel", the Q10's ability to last longer and longer with the new 2100 MA battery, its "Sexy" design, ... you get the picture. Let's KEEP MOVING Kevin and break new ground. Just my twisted opinion. BBZen

Might I recommend doing a joint video with you and uber sexy Ashley (Mobile Nations update girl) doing a Skype demonstration on a device of her choosing and you on either a Q or Z 10?

That would be fun.

complete Q10 demo, not a out of the box , I want kevin with the Q10 functionality eg watching Youtube on the Q10, files demo , type and go etc...

Drop test! Perhaps drop tests on Z and Q? Afraid of dropping mine but I love watching drop tests!!!

Posted with my Zed via CeeBeeTen

Do a spoof video about all the things "coming soon," AND how you're going to return BOTH the Z10 and the Q10 because there isn't Instagram, all WHILE you are on the floor kicking and screaming like a 5 year-old....a good closing shot of a tear streaming down your face might be cool too

Would definitely like to see blackberry balance in action.

Note: If you don't have BES Kevin, Microsoft Office 365 gives you BlackBerry Business Cloud Services for $20 per month with the Microsoft E3 plan. BlackBerry Balance included. For up to 10 lines. Some DNS verification and IT administration acumen is needed but it is relatively easy to do.

It's synced with my outlook as well. Now when I add something to my calendar in outlook, it remotely adds to my mobile device as well as notes!!! NO CORDED TETHERING/SYNCING NECESSARY!!! No leash! More productivity=more $$$

Posted via CB10

How about why has CB forgotten about the Playbook and has its head so far up BB10's a@@. Don't forget about the playbook.

Review Magellan Compass Navigation as it is a awesome navigation software.

I have it on my Z10 and my playbook 4g LTE and it works flawlessly for me.

Posted via CB10, BB10, Z10

Review a huge amount on accessing files remotely from anywhere on your mobile device and playbook using the 10.1 leaked os and bblink update.

You can now access your pc files from anywhere as BlackBerry incorporated this now so no more need for splash top type apps.

Posted via CB10, BB10, Z10

Review about the Z10 is capable of call in HD to other devices that have this feature and it is high quality calling.

Posted via CB10, BB10, Z10

Also do another interview with Michael Clewley he's the best for listening to feedback.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

Kevin polished, in a suit and air brushed. Not used to seeing the new *Kevin 10* OK maybe a Kevin "grunge" 7. Guess this is in line with the new BlackBerry 10. Look the look, walk the walk


I definitely think it would be a good idea to pit a legacy device against a BB10, simply because a lot of people don't seem to grasp the concept that you CANT actually compare the 2 since they are Completely different, I notice that people are always asking the same 3 basic questions; battery pulls, lags and apps. But maybe a visual aid would help drive the point home

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

l think that many people want to see Q10 in action, that l mean to see battery test and compare it with Z10/Iphone/Galaxy/Htc One

Hi mate, would you kindly do a review on how to sync BB with all the google apps such as email, calender and other basic stuffs. And also what are teh best free and paid businesss apps that are must to be downloaded from BB world . I will be getting BB 10 soon so your inputs will he highly appreciated.
Best regards,

How about a video where you give a few minute review on every phone ever made, not just blackberry? Rotary corded phones, touch tone corded phones, cordless phones, payphones, every cellular phone ever made, etc...

Posted via CB10

Video: BB users who left for iP5 have made a good transition to the Z10, but the transition from virtual to the Q10 will require more functional demo's of the Q10 because of the keyboard. So a good 5 to 10 minute videos on functionality of the Q10 would be excellent from Kevin eg. Short cut keys will be a long one, Type and Go , Accessing your files , Remember/Evernote , Balance, Watching Youtube on the Q10 etc..

I'd personally like to visually see a video on sideloading apps using a Mac, exactly how to download and boot BAR files onto the Z10

Can you do a video on your current thoughts about the Playbook and where Blackberry may go with the Playbook in the next quarter.

- A side by side comparison of the Z10 and Q10 for those trying to decide what is the best option of the two for them

- What one needs to know when changing from a BlackBerry Bold to a Z10. (example, can't set multiple alarms)

Posted via CB10

Very handsome photo Kevin! What a difference and very professional looking. I have to agree with others, do not spend time redoing old videos because of your hair. Your time will be better spent going forward not backwards! There are plenty of new things to record. Your new look goes along with the new rising of BlackBerry; the fantastic Thorsten; the completely new OS with the Z and Q, not to mention the new Crackberry website design!

In reviews of accessories, you should include short reenactments of how the accessory will come into play in our lives.

Posted via CB10

In reviews, you should include short reenactments of how it will come into play in our lives.

Posted via CB10

Has anyone noticed certain YouTube videos don't work on z10?
It says the uploader doesn't allow this to be viewed on mobile devices yet it works fine on ios and android.

Posted via CB10

I'd like a review of how the media capabilities of the Z10/Q10 compare to other phones.

Last December, Canada's national public broadcaster, gave up using BlackBerrys as the company's smartphone, switching to iPhones and Samsungs. One of the reasons for that was, an iPhone's recording capabilities (especially for a reporter out in the field), was easier to use and of better quality than an OS7 BlackBerry. What I want to know is- has that changed? Is it now a contender as a media device, as well as a communications device?

Do one on voice control. It's an amazing feature that I'm just starting to use. It's like the shortcuts on the q10 but available on the z10 by voice by holding down the middle volume key....

Posted via CB10

I'd like to see a video on how you would sell the phones features to a friend that didn't know anything about blackberry.

I often show people how it works but would be awesome to have an expert short 5 minute clip on how a real bb expert sales man would do it.

in other words a convincing walk though knock out punch!

Keep the old ones too! Deleting anything is never good! :D
(Put 'em on a dailymotion account, give it an obvious title too! XD)