This is what the back of the limited edition crocodile leather P'9982 looks like

By Adam Zeis on 29 Nov 2013 10:04 am EST

While I can say that I most likely won't be buying the Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9982 anytime soon, I can say that I do actually like the device. With the P'9981 I wasn't too keen on the keyboard for the long haul but with the P'9882 I'm singing a different song and I could totally see myself using one full time (but oh, the price!).

That being said, I would definitely steer clear of the limited edition model with the crocodile leather back. Why? Because it's funky looking. I get that Porsche Design and BlackBerry were going for a different look, but I think the leather back on the P'9982 is quite enough. The crocodile leather may be special but it certainly doesn't look that way.

* Update from CrackBerry Kevin: I just stroke through what Adam wrote above, because well, when it comes to fashion sense on a luxury product like this, his opinion doesn't really matter (sorry Adam - no offense... know your place.. you're a tech writer, not a fashion blogger). This thing is ball'n. I just polled a bunch of the fashionistas in my circles, and received lots of positive vibe on it too... "it's gorg!". Look for me to have one soon and I'll show you how sexy this baby is in video. It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine. *


You can see what it looks like in the image above. The standard back on the left, crocodile on the right.

Most of you have seen the device already but may have missed this image of the back on the limited edition model. So what say you? Would you want to go all-in with croc or is this one better left behind?

Hit up the comments and let us know what you think!


Iggy City

Whatever you do, don't tell PETA.


Too bad the PETA supporters aren't aware of what PETA actually does to animals.

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Too bad the animals are not aware that the PETA supporters are unaware of what PETA actually does with them


Too bad the PETA supporters are not aware that the animals are not aware that the PETA supporters are unaware of what Peta actually does with them.


Ahhh! Make it stop!


Fortunately (or unfortunately), PETA doesn't know about Porsche Designed BBRY's. Nor does the rest of the world...


I don't see why People for the Eating of Tasty Animals would have an issue with this.


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MOTHER F-EN UGLY! I travel through many a fashionista circles. My wife used to be a buyer here in NYC's fashion district. I know Prada from Fendi, Taylor from Vuitton and Valli from Marant. I work with million $ a year plus associates and partners who wear and have the latest couture. And I can say with no hesitation, that is a damn ugly back.


I'm with 1magine on this one. 'Tis one ugly back cover in croc.

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R Field

Pimpin to match the gator shoes :)


Wow, it looks, um, yeah, you know...oh, that's it, Not right.


What a Croc of...

CB10 on my Z10


How much you want for it?

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I just want that clock

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Nanchi Samuki


Mwahahahaha it's the Z10


+1 and new leaks anytime soon...



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I just want the 64 can keep your reptile battery door...

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In for the Porsche, in for the croc... from the back of the crocodile to the back of your phone. What's the sense of conspicuous consumption if you can't be conspicuous?

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DJ Reyes

Regular back is fine with me. Not that I'd be able to own a Porsche Design P'9982 :p

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I wish the cb app didn't make pictures look like fat pieces of poo...

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Not even PS can save that pic. The device actually looks like poo.

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R Field


CB10 - Z10 -

zeon mohamedd too

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They just need to set the proper aspect scaling on the images.... easy fix actually lol....


Waiting for Z50 & official 10.2.1 :D

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who the FCK cares about this shtty phone, really


You clearly do since you read the article and commented.

Kevin Michaluk

I DO. So FCK you. :)

Nice avatar though. I approve of that!! :)


...Then again you paid USD1.5k for a golden iphone, so of course you care about this pricey Z10 ;)
come oooooonnn...

ps. Avatar is from tv show "Archer"


Archer is the best show ever!!

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Kevin Michaluk

I love Archer. Lana... so hot. :)


Lana always walking around in a thong and stockings! :-o

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Well said Kevin

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#IchooseBlackberry10 (BBM#25)

Its Spade

Thank god you said that Kevin.. it's about damn time... im getting tired of seeing I more and ac members coming in and shitting in us BlackBerry users... its getting to the point where mods should just ban or just delete their threads and posts....

I understand it's an open forum.. but come on.. you don't see us being "trolls " and going to their sites to shit on their devices!!!

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#IchooseBlackberry10 (BBM#25)


I'm Undbiter65 and I approve this message! :D

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Hey Kevin, read that comment would ya?

#IchooseBlackberry10 (BBM#25)


Who's sitting on what??
I despise the porsche design blackberry, sorry to express my feeling. I've been on blackberry devices solely since 2006 so trust me, i'm not here to provoque anyone.

Is a porsche design what blackberry needs at this moment? NOoooooooooo, and guys please just be realistic, who cares about this device in this forum (apart from kevin) or let me rephrase, who will buy this device?? You "it's spade"?

I'm not coming here trolling from another website, this is my website, this is my community, this is blackberry..

we love blackberry we hate blackberry this is how I felt over the last year.. judge me for that!


I use bbry and own stock and constantly shit on the company and decision makers do produce this phone.

But.... it's what I expect from a team who drove themselves into 4th place worldwide: Porsche phone. 1% market share phone for the 1%. Brilliant.

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Fidel Mercado

YEAH Crackberry should just CENSOR the threads and comments so that people don't get thier feelings hurt (grow a pair), and the comments can reflect a 'closed minded' ideology that's blackberry-centric (sarcasm). Dude, just because someone doesn't agree with you doesn't mean they are an android or Iphone fanboy.

Fidel Mercado

BTW. I like the croc skin. It looks kind of cool. But its WAAY out of my price range.



"We are truly alone, the scars on your heart are yours to atone" (BBM#18)


Lmao, :) beautiful! +1

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Yes! I love this website


Awesome! Kevin smacking bishes and taking names.

Croc skin is sweet!

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I want the croc one. I'd take the plain 9982 though!

Tim Weir

Nice talk Tommy Boy. I'm guessing by the avatar you like another platform...

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If i made a tad more money I'd buy a Porsche blackberry jus cuz it's Sexy looking

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That poor crocodile. What did it ever do to you, BlackBerry/Porsche? SMH.

Kevin Michaluk

says the guy who's username is crackberry "kills" :)

Craig Tewsley

Croc didn't listen in the glades when Sterling told him he was in the DANGER ZONE.....


+1 loooooooooool!!!

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You keep the cover, I will take the Porsche

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I am so on Adams side with this one, thats REALLY ugly!


I like the croc one looks very cool!

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It looks like a dodgy 80s hip-flask.

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I want one too. Will they be available online somewhere?

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So, when you flip it around it is reduced in size to a shrunken dwarf of its former self? Amazing picture.

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Ferrari ZetaDieci_10.2.1.1055


aka...the BlackBerry PHANTASM phone.(Tall Man not included)

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Looks like somebody left their device out in the sun too long. Normal back cover is better.

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Winston Loh

Croc is HOT. Kevin, get Crackberry store to sell croc battery doors I would get one for my Q10 :-)

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I thought that exactly when I saw the picture! I need a crocodile skin back for my BBQ10!!! It would look sooo goood! I'd love to see some concept designs of the Q10 and next Q device with a similar back. Just bawliiin'!

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Folks need to check out Dbrands skins.

Pete The Penguin

Love that Kevin striked out Adam's post. Hilarious.


Hahaha - me too. Classic.


Eh. I like the regular leather. But I can barely afford a Z10 let alone this so who am I to talk.

mig 007

Love how Kevin high jacked this Blog Post from Adam! Hilarious!

You guys Rock!

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I will be picking one up today (just kidding), but oh how I wish I could....I likey

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BlackBerry MUST have a distinctive back cover. That's how you market. You can spot a Mac or iPhone from far away. Otherwise it's just a generic phone if someone is looking from the outside.

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That croc leather back is HOT!

The Aficionado

It's his opinion.. isn't it a little weird to cross out and edit his blog post?

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Here's a clue: ' gimmick'.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system


I just one with the darn Squircle.

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I like the crocodile back. Looks nice.

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Your hilarious Kevin... It will be mine as well!

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Crocodile one

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That's Pretty cool. I just wish Some one would release custom battery door covers for the z10's.


naaaaahhhh. I'll settle for the working clock .bar any day.


I like Porsche design contests held by CrackBerry! It sure would be nice to sport this around X-mas.

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I like the croc back. It will match Kevin's scaly hands. :)

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I want the clock

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Clearly I have no fashion sense. I much prefer the non-Croc.


I agree with Adam. Only pimps and Texas oil tycoons appreciate crocodile leather.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!


That clock interface needs to be in BlackBerry 10.2.1.

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Truly lipstick on a pig....

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Sorry Kev, it looks more disgusting that anything else.

Next up: Skinned cat backs!


Wanna have the phone, back doesn't matter

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Aye, the clock and 64 GB almost seems worth it. Got to be the crock though - other is too plain. While there is maybe not so many Z10's out in the wild, I'd feel a lot better if I had one of these babies while standing at the bus stop next to some l granny with her Z10! Or some common and garden nerd/teenager/housewife.

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I don't think the normal leather one looks all that good. The crocodile leather might be a bit tacky, but I think it's a better fit for this kind of phone.


Why images look stretched in the CB app. Can't really appreciate the phone like this, sadly.

You are now in my Bingo Book

Mr Gill

Don't know why anybody would want it, doesn't look that nice to me.

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Jake Storm

I would kill for a croc back on the Q10


Why?, q10 back is the best ever seen on a BlackBerry device.

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I want it, because it's different,


I'd rather get a real Porsche 911 Turbo SSSS, and keep my Z10.

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now that's what I call a CrocBerry! on the other hand, will a Porsche 911 Turbo SSSS show up if you press the Emergency button on the lock screen?


I think I'll get one, but it feels like a slap in the face to the Mercedes F1 team somehow.

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A redesigned Mercedes F1 edition Z30 made of F1 grade carbon fiber and aluminum with 64gb of internal memory.

Now that would be something.

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I don't really care for the back, but that clock is dead sexay!!!!!!

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Sure beats those other Croc cases...


Who cares?

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My comment will probably get striked out too, but the fact that Adam can't express his own personal opinion without having it edited is rediculous. What on earth is happening to CrackBerry recently???



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Very expensive, but uber cool

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It looks like it has a skin disease...or that it is in need of moisturising! I suggest using Neutrogena!

Cartman says: Screw you guys, I'm going home!


Any case would be a sin on that phone. Croc-nakedness all the way!


Adam was right, that is simply ugly.

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I would pick this over the gold version anyday=p