What are your top FIVE things you'd like to see improved on BlackBerry 10?

Leave a comment with the top FIVE things you'd like to see improved in BlackBerry 10! We'll vet the results and report back with a prioritized list soon!

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Mar 2014 12:15 pm EDT

With new CEO John Chen at the helm of BlackBerry, it's clear that the company is closely paying attention to the feedback of their customer base. Beyond the leadership team stating this is as a fact, the announcement of the trackpad-wielding BlackBerry Q20 is clear evidence that the company is willing to make changes based on customer feedback.

Following Mobile World Congress late last month, where we had the chance to sit down and talk to a number of BlackBerry executives (see interview #1, #2 & #3), we've been following up here on CrackBerry with a little constructive feedback of our own. On our most-recent podcast, we spoke about a couple of "little" things I'd like to see improved in BB10, like the ability to bottom align application shortcuts in folders and the option to archive an email by swiping to the left on it in the Hub. And yesterday we focused on a MAJOR thing we think BlackBerry needs to make happen, which is cutting carriers out of the software update equation so they can push out global updates to all customers at once.

Continuing on with this notion of things we'd like to see improve in the BlackBerry 10 experience, it's time CrackBerry Nation for YOU to sound off with your list of priorities. In the comments below, write down YOUR LIST of the top FIVE things you think BlackBerry needs to tackle in making BB10 better. They can be BIG things, or small things that matter to you. I'll kick the the list off with five things I'd like to see happen with the first comment.

Once we let this run for a few days, we'll comb through the comments and vet the list down to a top 25 (or maybe more.. we'll see how the feedback goes). That's it, sound off CrackBerry Nation! 

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What are your top FIVE things you'd like to see improved on BlackBerry 10?



Ok, here's my top five things right now (I'll save the little *insightful* ideas for blog posts later):

#1 - Google Play / Services Support - One way or another, I think BlackBerry needs to make this happen in order to provide a really seamless user experience to owners. The ability to install APKs is great, but it's freak'n annoying when an app like Flappy Birds crashes whenever you hit the Leaderboard button (ties back to Google leaderboards). Also, I want to be able to use my Google Glass w/ BB10!

#2 - APKs in BlackBerry World - In lieux of an "official" Android APK app store, I think BlackBerry just needs to allow developers to upload Android .APKs directly to BlackBerry World without any need to convert to Bar file. Would be good to separate out the Android apps within BBWorld somehow so people know, but this way only apps that actually work on BB10 will be in there (they'll go through standard approval). Hopefully BlackBerry can throw some money (or free phones) around to get android developers to support this and also upload their apps here after they put them in Google Play. It shouldn't be too hard - BB needs to make the process EASY for devs.

#3 - Fresh Coat of CLEAN paint on the UI - Leading up to the launch of BB10 I was very vocal that I felt the graphics in BB10 looked dated and clunky. We're in a design era right now where everybody is going clean and lightweight with graphics. Solid colors, etc. Instead, BB10 has a lot of iconography with heavy gradients, etc. Think back to OS 4.6 and it was years ahead of it's time - very minimalistic and lightweight. It looked from the future. BB10 still looks like it's from the past even though it's the "newest" mobile operating system on the market. A lot of BB owners own other devices (like an iPad, etc.), so they're getting used to this lightweight look and feel. BB10 should be leading the way here, especially with it's gesture-based UI. 

#4 - Tweaking the Homescreen w/ widgets or pinned apps, bringing more info to the user faster - We talked about this leading up to the launch of BB10 also... it seemed with Active Frames it would make sense to have a homescreen where you could pin or sticky apps you use a lot. I see a lot of people requesting this too. In practice, I haven't found the Active Frames to be that useful (talking about when they are programmed and show an alternate state). I think there is maybe a happy medium here between what Windows Phone does with Live Tiles and what Android does with Widgets and what BB10 does for Active Frames. I like that the homescreen shows "what's open" as it makes multitasking fast, but because apps are moving positions a lot, your brain doesn't think to look at them for info. You mainly just open/close apps and jump around.  If you could have part of the homescreen be fixed with mini versions of running apps (like a live tile or widget... think weather app, etc.), and then part of the screen showing the open apps, I think this may be a more useful experience. 

#5 - More Customizations and User Presets - BlackBerry has been steadily adding back more customizations into the OS, and there are still more to do. That said, while BlackBerry continues to add in more levels of settings (ability to turn off notifications for specific things and customize them, etc.), I think it's important that BlackBerry try to keep BB10 as SIMPLE as possible for newbies and first time users to pick up. It needs to approachable and learnable, and then as you get smarter with it you learn to customize. To that end, I think there needs to be more presets that users can pick during startup that give you a tailored BB10 experience. The Power Communicator setting would turn on toast notifications by default, while the Casual User setting would maybe turn them off, etc. 

Ok, I'll leave it at that for now (I could go on). Now it's your turn!


1. No 16:9 preview on the Z10's 15:9 screen while taking 16:9 pictures is ridiculous (Does anybody know any other mobile phone making pictures without showing you what exactly will be on your pictures?);
2. Android apps work bad on Q10 (Has anybody tried Google Translate?);
3. Disable automatic sync of Skype or Facebook contacts;
4. Remove 'Games' as an integral part of BB10;
5. Make a few funny commercials educating wide range of Customers how to use and how good is BB10!

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Spot on about Games App. It's my greatest annoyance; really, to the point that I've stopped buying or installing games on my Q10.

You don't need to use it to play games. It can just sit there unused. Part if the problem is people that whine about their phones don't even know how to use them.


1. Headless app support
2. Keep working to get ALL popular apps native on BB10 (Screw Android/google services)
3. Keep improving gesture options to make hub more efficient. Like Kevin's previous post.
4. Same as Kevin's #4
5. Make UI look more updated, change button designs, maybe even allow themes?

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I agree with everything except the UI. I think it is good enough and it separates BlackBerry from the rest. If I had to pick one, it would be Google Services integration. I'm missing Google+, Play, Magazines, Currents, Drive.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Here's my list:
1) "Desktop" mode UI
- I really want to use my phone as my only source of computing. Here's how I see this working: 
- there are two modes of operation; desktop and mobile.
- Mobile mode is what we now have on our phones, and remains more or less the same (with improvements of course!). 
- Desktop mode is optimised for a larger screen, and is best used with a mouse and keyboard, but touch would also be supported. 
- whenever an HDMI cable is inserted, the phone asks me if I want to enter "desktop"  mode.
- the UI then rearranges to present a UI that is specifically optimised for the larger screen. 
- the hub would still slide in from the left of the screen, while all apps would still be to the right. 
- the main "desktop" would include some type of taskbar . Apps could run side by side at the same time allowing for true multitasking between apps. 
- the browser would be fully optimised for a desktop environment and would be able to run several instances simultaneously. It would run flash, Office online, Gmail, etc. all perfectly, just as a desktop equivalent browser would. 
- When removed from a docking station or the HDMI is unplugged, it would revert to mobile mode. All your information and apps would be available but now just in the mobile version. 

** I believe this is the future. If BlackBerry can successfully implement this, it would once again revolutionise the computing industry. Imagine companies getting rid of the desktop, laptop, etc. and instead replacing them with BlackBerry devices and a dock. The magnitude of the opportunity is huge. Of course some jobs still require more processing power/speacialised applications, but as more applications become embedded online or written in HTML5, and for the average employee that simply requires MS Office and a Web browser, this would be a no-brainer. 

2) Faster App Switching
- currently when swiping up from the bottom bezel to minimise an app, the app shrinks to reveal notifications on the left. 
- throughout this same motion, I want to have mini-images of the four most recent active frames drop in from the top of the screen.
- if you want to jump into one of those apps, you simply continue your swipe-up motion to finish on the app you want to switch to. 
- this gets rid of at least one tap and removes a major interruption to your flow.

3) Freshen-up "Mobile-Mode" UI
- I don't want to see an iPhone clone, personally that style doesn't do it for me. I want something fresh and light, that gives the impression of power and snappiness. 

4) Even Better Quick-Settings Menu
- most of the icons don't need text. Make those icon only so I can fit more into the drop down.
- make it so that I can rearrange items by just holding until they vibrate, the same way it's done on the app-grid
- make it so that I can add actual apps to this menu by just dragging an app (once it's vibrating) to the top of the screen to make the experience a sort of quick-access menu!
- finally rename it because it's now so much more! 

5) Icons Wherever I Want
- Pretty self explanatory. Let me put my app icons wherever I want within the app grid. 

Love the "desktop mode" that would be fantastic.
Also while they're working out how to arrange things differently for a bigger screen, it'd be nice to be able to use my z10 (and I expect any all touch device) on its side - give me landscape mode on home screen and then bring back the desktop charging stand

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Companies are already working on this. I forget the name of the manufacturer that is already building an Ubuntu phone that does exactly what you are saying. When docked it loads up the full desktop version of Ubuntu and when not docked it reverts to a mobile OS. I don't believe it is as easy as someone might think. This company first had this idea like 4 years ago and just finally released a beta ROM late last year.

"- if you want to jump into one of those apps, you simply continue your swipe-up motion to finish on the app you want to switch to. "


That's effen brilliant!

To me iOS has a Fisher-Price "My First Phone" look to it. We just need something clean and modern.

Posted via CB10

You just wrote down the basic idea of Ubuntu Convergence with Ubuntu Phone and Tablet...

Posted via CB10

I realise the idea isn't a novel one...it's been dreamed up for quite a while now by many people/companies. I first had the thought BlackBerry could pull this off when I first hooked my PlayBook up to my TV. I think Ubuntu is a while off yet, and I believe that BlackBerry can execute and deliver a much more compelling offering to companies than Ubuntu can...but I guess time will tell...

1. I would say improve some on the native apps, like being able to add,delete columns and rows on an exciting spreadsheet, in Docs to go.
2. Improve bbm by adding the choice of two options to communicate with contacts a with the secure pin choice and/or also with less secure using the Telephone number. This will give us more flexibility in getting our friends to join.

You don't need but it wants to be used all the time. Try e.g. to start 'Cut the rope'. Sometimes you have two times close it to close it! Moreover, 'Games' was able to send notifications to your BBM contacts with a time gap. Would you like your boss gets one between 9 and 5? There's no point in keeping 'Games' as an integral part of the BB10 system. We ought to have a choice what our smartphone makes on behalf of us. Probably RIM have already known they didn't invent a game-phone on BB10 anew. They invented very good BYOD-phone on BB10 and shouldn't let People get annoyed because of that f***g 'Games' :|

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How is it an annoyance? The games app adds some social features to your mobile gaming and it's optional to use.

I agree about Skype.. It is more of a nuisance and each time you sign in all the contacts are populated again

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Must be an issue with your phone because my Skype doesn't populate my contacts each time I sign in. I'm on Z30STA100-5/

Sometimes I've got over 1k Contacts instead of standard 250. Android ports + Fb app with default Contacts sync make on Q10 and Q5 mess comparable to nothing when you consider years of loyal and happy using BlackBerries :|

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To bad that Google translator isn't working in the newest version. :(

All translator and ocr translating apps in BlackBerry World are junk

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I think Navita is a really good blackberry app. Have you tried it?

Classifieds Canada and GeoYeo App all the way!!!

Same here. #3 I agree with 100%. There are some things about the BB10 UI that just don't cut it for the 2010's... I can't stand the grey boxes around the icons and the icons in general. One thing I do love is the look of the virtual keyboard - that rocks.

Yes the look of the virtual keyboard looks amazing with the gray guitar frets going across separating the letters, numbers and symbols.

I agree that the BB UI needs some improvement in its design /look.

Also, BlackBerry should allow users to customize it's home screen with different themes.

I would like the option that you hide your icons and at the bottom of the screen you have some kind of arrows that you swipe and it brings a selection of your most recent apps, favorite apps and etc.

Posted via CB10 with my  Z30

BlackBerry must definitely NOT change the UI to lightweight flat colors. I HATE that design and I hate iOS 7.

I have BlackBerry for the reason that it is dark and has gradients. I respect this GUI and find the new "lightweight, flat, colorful" UIs to be a visual assault.

Also I don't want Android apps. I want BlackBerry 10 apps! Ones that use peek and flow and the BlackBerry 10 UI guidelines!

I'm not going to use a slow app that does whatever it wants for navigation and needs tons of permissions. Not to mention Android apps use too much system resources and don't always uninstall all their fragments correctly.

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Thats a bit hypocritical
This is BlackBerry. If i want googleservice i'll choose an android phone...

@ Q10Bold

THIS too.

Totally agree on the GUI comment.

Kevin writes about lightweight GUI, and that BlackBerry must "lead". Not quite true. Apple is "leading" (if not carrying a leash), and BlackBerry would be following the dangling carrot. Please NOT. I guess there are better ideas they could come up with.

And don"t suggest making BlackBerry a frickin' appendix of the Google / Android ecosystem. That's exactly what Kevin is suggesting.

(do I care about Google games? No, I'd block every single Google IP address on my phone, if there was an app for it, or if I could edit the " / etc / hosts / " file in QNX )

Man, I'd be rocking a Moto X or HTC One already, if I wanted that. I want a BlackBerry with BB services. Understood?

Screw Google G l @ $ $ .

Rant over.

Looks I am going Ubuntu (hello Trusty 14.04, I am waiting!, my Nexus too), where I can hand-edit every single bit and byte on my phone and have full control.

Posted via Website, because the App was so slow again! (too many threaded posts attached to one comment, tried twenty times to reply to the sub-thread)

Funny, tried about a hundred times to post this comment, it would not accept it. As soon as I split up the reference to the hosts file with the path by inserting spaces as well as the Glass reference with character substitution, the comment went through. Looks like the website assumed this was a malicious attack.

No evil intent. It's just opinion.

Totally agree. More native apps. Soon there won't be much separating BB from Android. I refuse to load any Android apps on my phone

You do realize that Google services aren't an Android product. Sure they are pushed more and front and center on Android devices since Google makes the OS but they are platform agnostic. Which is why you can get those same services on a pc or laptop. Having the choice to use a service does not mean you should need switch mobile devices completely.

Ditto Re the iOS7 look. I hate it with a passion, as does most anyone I know who will actually admit it. It's purely an Apple design and does not reflect the state of civilization.

Posted from my awesome Z30 :-D

i agree iOS7 looks like a child's phone. You don't know how funny it is to see a guy walk around with an iPhone running iOS7.
"umm sir can you call Toys R Us for me please? I don't seem to have their number but it looks like you might"

I was fine with iOS4-6 but 7 is just too funny

So true.
BlackBerry applications for BlackBerry phones APKs should not be a permanent thing.

Shelly from my Z10 , Kenya

Why should a developer have to create something just for BB if they can create an app once and have it work on multiple platforms (BB10 and Android). Doesn't make much sense. You will see more apps available for BB10 devices when they start actually supporting the Play Store. When I say more apps, I mean more apps that are guaranteed to run and not have problems.

Agree - hate iOS, and I just noticed how much crap Android apps leave behind. Give me BB 10 apps any day. But giving BB 10 a futuristic look is always welcome.

Powered by BlackBerry!

You're right. The BlackBerry Ui is stylish. It was in legacy and with bb10.

And of course BBM have the most cutest emotes :)

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I don't see how in the world UI (look and feel) changes belongs in the top 5. That's a pressing problem?

I also have zero interest in the ability to (more easily) install sub-par Android apps on my BB10 phone. Since installing Snap I have installed and "uninstalled" maybe 5 apk. Long ago I came to realize I didn't need all these apps. This has only been re-enforced for me.

Stop trying to be all things to all people.

Powered by BlackBerry - that should be our focus.

And I know there are many valid reasons people would like to see Google Play come to BB10, but when Flappy Bird (or whatever it's called) is the basis for your argument, your words fall a little flat.

Flappy Bird was making $50 000 a day at its peak. It was hugely popular and people wanted it on their phones, so I think it is a valid reason. I'm talking in the past tense because the developer has since removed it from Google Play and Apple's App Store. Also, UI tweaks definitely belong in the top five. I've considered switching from my Z30 to an Android device because I hate the dated look of the icons so much!

Posted via CB10

Would you trade in your girlfriend if she gained 100 pounds and got super fugs? I would. Looks matter. I want to see BlackBerry succeed, but if they don't touch up there UI soon I'm moving on.

Posted via CB10

He has a valid point. BB10 is pleasant looking but it needs a UI over haul to attract youngsters. They icons are really not looking cool in BB10.


I have a company issued iPhone and the new ios7 is so hard to look at. I can't stand it and it makes me want to break the phone.

On the other hand I love the look of my BB10 phone.

Posted via CB10

Completely agree on the design. I like how BB10 looks. Flat design is Fugly with a capital F. It is a design trend that went way off to an extreme and is and will be coming back down to a more balanced approach. BB doesn't need to follow the trendy look. I'd like some more animations though.

They just did it, so the iPhone 4 could get its upgrade too, and not get bogged down with perfomance issues. At least I think that is one reason. It looks like a Hippy OS.

I also agree 100%. The UI is fine as is. I think the look is great and NOT outdated. Everything is easy to see, find, and definitely well organized.

Posted via CB10 and my z10

Nope - its dated and frumpy looking. Considering that the screen is about 90% of the surface area the UI has a lot to do with first impressions when looking at someone's phone.

I agree. If you want Android buy Android. I want more business apps and let TAT fly!!! I want native, not Android.

I totally agree. Besides, if BlackBerry is following with physical keyboard devices, android apps don't like physical keyboards.

We need to have apps built for those devices.

I'd like to more customization options, notifications settings.

Colors are good as they are in my opinions, definitely don't want my phone to look like IOS 7
But the frames could be resized

Infinite folders would be great too. Just suggesting.

And I loved the "desktop experience" earlier proposed

Posted via CB10

It doesn't need to be the same lame UV colored design like on iOS... but by making the design going through the system would definitely help on the experience. I mean, the buttons of ie. the dialog boxes have different design than the tap-n-hold buttons (I don't know the name of it in English, sry). Btw those icons has a really nice and clean design and I would totally go for that on the rest of the sys... The app icons are really under designed , I prefer iOS icons (not because of colors, but ) because of the app icons have a default size and they are fill the entire icon space and no giant grey border around them.

Posted via CB10

I think the android apps will help win in customers that are android users that have paid for their apps on that platform. So I support an integration of that but in other sense if BB can create more apps or familiar apps it can still be a good idea.

I think I would have to seriously look elsewhere if they implement a flat color scheme. I absolutely HATE iOS 7 and it's outright lack of definition between elements. Apple didn't do it because it's popular, it's popular because Apple did it. If BlackBerry had been first to market with it, people would have had a field day bashing the design. Microsoft jumped on board with Office 2013 and it is hands down my least favorite part of Office 2013.

I agree with needing Play Services though

I un installed office 2013 and returned to office 2010 because of the flat look. I really hate it with a passion. So glad BlackBerry doesn't use it!

Posted via CB10

I can't stand the Childish Cartoon Feminine look of Apple. (and some Android devices) BlackBerry 10 should continue the powerful dark classic look. It is distinct and it screams Power and Elegance at the same time.

Posted via CB10

I've read dozens of comments on the "look" of the icons, etc., with some arguing for the current look, others for a change. So here is my "idea" for an improvement: create 4 or 5 different styles so that those who love the current look can keep it and those who are looking for something that looks more like IOS7 can choose that.

Posted via CB10

How about each standard icon (the ones you can't delete) has 4 or 5 different icons to chose from. I'm not sure if this is exactly what you meant but instead of swapping out themes like an Original BB10 theme or an iOS inspired theme you can actually customize each specific icon from a drop down list with multiple icon image's to choose from .

This would be beneficial for those that do like the current look but feel some icons look dated ... example the browser icon / pictures, video and calculator are not my favourite.

I don't get this "flat" icon popularity. iOS7 icons look like cheap plastic stickers from gumball machines. BB icons look dignified in comparison.

From a Z30

More Android apps, Google services, Flat design like Android, Android like widgets... Really Kevin? There are people out there, who choose BlackBerry because it's NOT Android and NOT Google.

Posted via CB10

Simple answer, "Snap" as a native app.

With falling BB sales and increasing Android sales,
app devs think of making stuff for BB last.

Integrated PGP/GnuPG support (symmetric & public-key), free with the operating system, for devices without BES.

OpenVPN support would be great, also!

Kevin, I agree with everything you said.. as a iOS7 user as well, the BB10 UI is dated although the gesture controls are better than Apple has. The only thing I would change is the #1 thing that has to change is Carrier control over the updates. Like Apple, Blackberry has to own these updates and take them out of the Carriers hands. This single thing is killing Blackberry's success in the market, Blackberry is fixing the BB10 issues however the Carriers are blocking the users access to the improvements.

I'm with you! +1
There's something more.. dark theme for every thing!

Posted via CB10 - Q5

You guys do realize which i don't think of anyone really has yet. If they cut carriers out of the picture, not only will the carriers stop carrying Blackberry's. As you see with T-Mobile CEO being very childish.

Blackberry will need their own customer support centre since the reliability of the OS' is fully on them. They can't just hide behind the carriers anymore.
- Just to talk to Blackberry customer service it costs $50, that also needs to go.
- This means they need to hire more people to be doing these customer support call centres. But isn't Blackberry trying to save money?
- They will have to deal with all the glitches and the carriers will blame the OS for the problems all the time

I am really for Blackberry pushing their own OS but people aren't thinking things through. Not even these Mobile Nation people who keep on talking about it.

Why would a carrier stop offering BlackBerry devices if they stopped requiring them to approve every OS update? That doesn't even make sense. Do you think the carriers get money for putting the OS updates through their own internal QA process? If BB made the antenna stack completely separate from the OS then the carriers would actually be saving money because they wouldn't have to pay people to validate the updates.

-BB has a support staff in place, all they have to do is restructure it a bit to make it more consumer friendly. They have always been so enterprise focused that they never needed a consumer support center. It really would not be all that difficult to implement one. This would obviously include something similar to what every tech company does, offer support for a year or whatever and then anything after that it is fee-based.
- Not sure what you mean by your glitches point. If there is a problem with the BB OS they already handle that, the carriers have no hand in fixing those. Also if they can push out updates whenever they want, those "glitches" can be fixed much more quickly. With the carriers in the process it takes 6-8 months to get an update and that is fast tracking it.

People have thought it through and the process has been proven to work by Apple and also by Google with their Nexus line of devices.

One additional thought - the carriers still get a cut of the data plan for every BB running on their network. So there is another incentive for them to continue to carry BB's as an option.

Sounds like you should rock a Android device, they have all these features. Might be a better suite for you. ;)


My thoughts too. Kevin wanted Android from day one... and now he wants BB10 to be Android.

Posted via CB10

Kevin owns and uses an iPhone. I thought he had an Android device, too. I would imagine working for Mobile Nations that they would be kind of....free of charge.

Agree with all. If we could get full Google Play services and had better android app support (i.e. less glitches, better performance of android apps), I wouldn't have to touch an Android device again (which is a good thing).

Would also like better notification control ala BBOS 7. Still waiting for holster profiles to return (am I the only one that used that feature religiously???).

Better camera performance would be great as it is more convenient to carry the cellphone than a point and shoot for when I don't have my dSLR. I don't want more than 8MP for a cell phone camera but better performance (focus speed, shutter speed, frames per second, low light performance, less grain) would be appreciated.

Personally don't see the point of active frames other than as a method to know what is running so you don't have things running you don't want to so your #4 would probably address that. Would like, for example, the weather icon to show the current weather.

Since the 'tool belt' is coming back, why not convenience keys as well. They can come in handy for a lot of things.

Guess that is it.

I understand people's hesitation with APKs in BlackBerry World but, they may as well do that. This way we can have them go through BlackBerry's security measures and avoid malware. I just hope BlackBerry can figure out how to get developers to make BB10 versions of their apps at some point in time. I'm willing to bet they will do so in the event BlackBerry becomes profitable and viewed as "Successful" again.

Posted via CB10

You can also add improving and reworking core apps. For example, the media apps are quite simple and need more stuff.

Posted via CB10

I want a working Gmail app, and a working Sonos app. And much better battery life as my Z10 has very poor battery life no matter what others say.

Regarding the UI comment... I don't need an iOS-clone copy of flat color schemes. I don't even want flat colors. There can be gradients. They just need to be done WELL. BB10 is still clunky and dated looking. It can have the same sort of concept, just done better.


I think you need to expand on this better. Maybe a blog post with your ideas? I like the BB10 UI. I can't stand iOS7's look, nor Microsoft's formerly-known-as-Metro design. I think Google's Holo theme is cool. I'd like to see more TAT magic. No reason to try to copy everyone else and fail miserably at it.

Well said Kev. A lot of people think we are suggesting iOS copy. What we really want is is a modern, clean and attractive user interface.

Posted via CB10

Ya, I think people thinking you want Cartoon Childlike graphics like Apple. An article or podcast would be helpful so you can explain yourself freely.

Posted via CB10

I would like to be able to edit my stupid mistakes in this type of forum. Above is a good example of that. :)

Posted via CB10

Dated and clunky? compared to what? Maybe it's just your personal preference. Do you have any official survey findings that supports that BB10 is clunky and dated looking?

Kevin is not as big a fan as he once was, nothing he mentioned would actually be an improvement. BlackBerry built a great UI, head and shoulders above the competition.

Posted via CB10

#1 - Google Play / Services Support, #2 - APKs in BlackBerry World (Snap esp), #4 - Tweaking the Homescreen w/ widgets or pinned apps, bringing more info to the user faster (for me this is big I want the weather and a big fat battery level indicator. I really loved on legacy OS having the calendar day show on the icon, which made the jump, and battery level on that BBmeter icon or whatever it was called. both simple free 3rd party apps originally. I don't like leaving apps open, no good reason really just don't. Should be doable now with the background app capability. #5 This is big too, better Microsoft Exchange client app whatever. Constantly loosing contacts, and occasionally have to delete the account and put it back in to get it to work as intended. It is not what I expected after the one on my BBPB worked so well, infact the PB gets email faster all the time, the inferior device has a better email client app whatever.

Totally agree with top 3 :) thanks to ppl like you, loyal BlackBerry customer :)

Posted via CB10

- I'd like to see better integration/synergy b/w the phone and contacts app, case in point, just try to copy a contact's #: It's VERY long-winded!!
- All the invaluable granular settings from BBOS need to come over and at least exist as options.
- I would like to double tap on the bottom bezel/somewhere to close apps b4 minimizing; it's ridiculous that apps have to be minimized b4 closing!! How about double tap to quickly delete items as well!
- The left swipe from the hub to home is superfluous, up swipe already does that from anywhere! From the hub my left swipe should take me back where my attention was, b/w the segue to the hub, or find something useful but not confusing for that gesture.
- Dark theme option everywhere!
- Find a way to get updates to consumers more timely and collectively!
- For God's sake take control of the Android app situation, it needs definition and proper management as it is! You've opened up Android app support but we're left in the cold to play guinea pigs and do trial and error!! More urgency needed to capitalize on that potential/clout.
- More icons/screen/folder

...and then some...this could b endless...

Hibby_CB10; Z10STL100-3/

I'd keep the UI as is. All the lightweight UIs tell me is "difficult to see." When you're an old geezer (like I am) you'll know what I mean.

And for the record I own devices running iOS, Windows Phone, and Kit Kat.

Posted via CB10

@ Kevin I agree with everything with what you've mention except for the widgets it makes the UI and user experience extremely messy!
Here's my take on what needs to be improved .

-ability to Close all of the active frame at once.

Blackberry hub should be on default when leaving the hub and back to it rather then swiping twice say if you where using your email "in case you miss out on the toast notification ".

-ability to delete multiple emails text contacts
and the like. And able to de select them single handedly. Rather than selecting the date and not having the option to edit or select them individually.
- text messages needs a subject bar on top
- note on the calculator app which is awesome by the way! Though one key missing feature with is the comma's between digits especially when dealing with large numbers.

-improving the gallery as it can be a bit messy sometimes if you know what I mean! "A folder within a folder is bit too clutter for me personally. " the hassle of swiping back and forth. Recent view is a great feature though and any saved picture or capture should be saved on top or viewed first rather than swiping down till you find it.
-needs to improve the contact apps and ability to save contacts most importantly within the cloud and among other things as well .

BBM - remove ping restrictions and ability to copy and paste personal messages like it was with the previous version of bbm that were used to in the legacy devices.

I'm not sure if I've missed anything out but I did write about it it's somewhere in forums regarding some suggestions on what should be done and improved.

Posted via CB10

I completely agree on # 4, I'd also like to see the return of prior delete and the classic notification tones from OS7. Landscape mode for BBM would be nice as well.

PS, why does Kevin always get to go first?

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1) improved marketing
2) improved advertising program
3) improved retail store training and support
4) improved and advertised direct sales in direct competition with retail vendors
5) improved timely release of OS upgrades supported by advertising and press releases
... and) "Snap" as a native OS 10 app.

Honestly one of the most interesting comments I've seen so far. If people want more Android apps to be remade in Native BB10, a larger BB user base is needed. And to get that, these 5 things need to happen. Kind of an indirect way of helping out current BB users. My brother loves the BB keyboard and has used BB for years but is leaving BB for iPhone because iPhone has a GoPro app. That's it. A GoPro app. More users on BB means more of those apps becoming available. That's the only way to get devs to write for BB. Get more users.

There are many Android apps that can be downloaded to BB10 thru Snap.
I found several free GoPro apps on the Snap list. While I don't know if it works on BB10, your brother should verify that it works on BB10 before he jumps ship.

+1 absolutely agree. I always thought the ui looked dated tbh & a customizable home bottom bar is really needed.

Posted via CB10

#1, #2, #4 - sounds like you want an Android phone. If so, just say it. I don't buy my BlackBerry if I want so many Android features.

1. Gestures to delete emails and close Active Frames. iOS and playbook have this operation but why doesn't BB10? I can move and delete emails two times faster in iOS than in BB10. That shouldn't happen. I hate hunting and pecking for a "x" or a trash can way at the bottom of the options list. This is very old school.

2. A different backup/restore option, preferably a cloud based one akin to iCloud. I cannot get Link to work right, even after reinstalling Windows. I am done fighting with it. Thank god for Fire Chest Backup. Dear BB, that is how you do it!

3. Dark theme in more places, especially the Hub.

The icons really do need to be freshened up if BB is ever going to appeal to the mases again. Like it or not, bling sells.

1) BBM requires a Universal Translator. This feature will Auto translate BBM messages you receive from Friends in other Countries who speak other languages and vice versa. If this can't be done, then BlackBerry needs to open up BBM Api to allow 3rd party developers to achieve this kind of integration.

2) Desktop UI as per 4abetterworld comment.

3) Apk's in Blackberry World as per Kevins Comment

4) an option to push deleted emails back to device.

5) Better Virtual Assistant.~ I want an assistant who can hold conversations, book appointments, advise me of my schedule when I wake. Let me know main events around the world. Inform me of how my portfolio did. Start my car. Ect....

Posted from my Awesome Z10!

I just woke and remembered one last point . Ability to download all attachments at once! Instead of downloading each and evey attachments by it self!

Posted via CB10

1. Need an option to go to 'top' and 'bottom' or provide a 'slider' in Music, pictures, videos, file manager, etc.
I have like 2000 photos and it's very difficult to browse 1000th photo as I have to keep swiping up and up. Very annoying!! This is like the most basic feature.

2. Different UI. Kind of bored looking at the same thing.

3. Provides the ability to turn on and off data service in the quick settings itself.

4. Need better music and video player with added features (should be able to seek at the exact time) . Should be able to control them from lock screen.

Posted via CBZ10

Number 1 on your list definitely exists... just start moving on the list and there is a slider. Only if you are running 10.2 and up though

I am totally with you especially in number 5, I was a proud owner of a Z10 since it's launch and used it for a year. Lately I got my first ever Android phone and damn I'm so enjoying the customizations in the OS. I would've loved also that Blackberry would integrate a data counter in its OS like Android. I would love to see also high end devices with fancy specs and wonderful screens, I'm a sucker for big ass screens.

Posted via
my LG G Flex

They NEED integrated data monitoring for each application, and warnings / cutoff points just like android. This feature is REQUIRED, and would help so many consumers out there. There were times where I was wondering where all my data was being sapped out... the summary of different applications using the data would greatly help in that regard.

To #4
I'd like to see quick access buttons instead of the close button too. For example when the music player is going in the background would be cool to just tap on a play/pause and skip shortcuts. I'd rather wait an extra second for a tap-n-hold X button popping up.
Would be nice if the pinned apps has a separate left to right scrolling and people could go from multitasking to the app grid by swiping up. Bit like on the PlayBook

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Updates without delay from carriers
Refined text editor
Apk's in BlackBerry World with OBB support
Heavy battery life.

apart from these - phone is perfect

From Zarafet my Z30.

Totally agree. I'm not even left handed but initial setup should ask if you are left or right handed and place the hub to the right or left of the screen accordingly. I just watched a video review of the Q10 and reviewer mentioned how awkward the hub swipe is for lefties. Good point! Needs to be addressed.

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

I am left handed and when I'm on the phone,often need to be careful where I put my fingers. Volume buttons..I have BlackBerry z30.

I don't very well understand this. I often use my left hand and find the os is no more difficult than it is with my right hand. But that may just be me.

Play store officially on bb10 optimised with bb10 support.
Also would love a qwerty with touch but touch screen to be 4 inch

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just like it's been stated millions of times all the way back to BBOS7. Blackberry doesn't care about what customers want:P

My £500 worth Z10 is the most crashed phone on sms in last ten years. Hope they can make it do the basis n.

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Why don't you wipe OS and start from scratch. I mean do not restore from back up

History - Nokia 8310, O2 XDA II, Sony Ericsson W610, BB 8520, BB 9380, now Z 10 & very happy

I'm missing currently automatically recording of calls (full duplex) and the option to export or archive all my BBM messages including timestamp to a XML file.

Maybe BlackBerry could solve this gap by simply providing a API. :-)

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Oh and the option to put more apps in a single folder (at example games) would be a nice feature. :-)

Posted via CB10

Folder management on BlackBerry 10 is still an absolute pain. Which is even more annoying, because this was something that the company got right on the PlayBook. Unlimited apps for each screen/folder is by far the feature that would be the most helpful to me....

How about cutting the carriers out of the loop so that, for instance, T-Mobile customers can buy a Z30?

Posted via CB10

I am a customer of T-Mo and use an unlocked Z30 STA 100-5. What do you mean by cutting out the carrier? If you cut the carrier out, you can't buy subsidized. Is that what you meant?

How about so T-Mobile customers can get 10.2.1? I don't buy the testing argument. People fly to the US with their phones all the time. It's not like the cell phone networks collapse around airports.

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As far as software features, allow copying an email to Remember / evernote so that it doesn't disappear after the email expires or is deleted.

Posted via CB10

Why don't you just forward it to your Evernote email address with the required hash tag...works beautifully

Posted via CB10

Or flag it, which saves it to the Remember app. It goes to the "unfiled entry" folder but you can create a "saved email" folder to move these to. It would be great if that folder was already the default for flagged email - but not the case.

Great idea, apple has similar, we'd have cali.

Cali, take note... "BlackBerry is awesome"
Now call my wife and put it on speaker.

Yup, works for me.

Facebook for BB10 is a failure. This app needs a major overhaul. Over a year in development and it's still horrible.

I don't use Facebook very often but I do use it for a group associated with my Daughter's sports team and I would love to be able to upload a video to a group. As I recall I couldn't do this from the normal mobile version either.

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Well Kevin you summit ALL my friend!!

#BB10Believe #BlackBerryNation #BB10Army #BB10Freak #KeepMoving #TeamBlackberry #BBMCrossPlatform #BBM4All #IChooseBlackBerry10

I'm MongezaurioBerry

#1 software updates bypassing the carriers (feel sorry for my friends in the US)

#2 More tat influence on the UI. BB10 graphics wise seems outdated a bit

#3 High end full touch phone with the latest specs on Par if not being android devices

#4 Dark theme option for the hub and everywhere else

#5 BBM on multiple devices at the same time with Ken user ID

Posted via CB10

"#4 Dark theme option for the hub and everywhere else"

I have always felt that they should have this. They should just have a easy and quick option to apply dark or light theme and have it reflected across the device on a whole.

"Excellent", Grasshopper... Could not agree more...

"Back in Black" the whole experience.....

So obvious yet so difficult for so many...

I would make my list, but im still not sure what all BB10 can do seeing how I am still running

So I will default my 5 things back to the open letter to Chen from yesterday.

The ability to back up the device as on a Curve 9320. Without it being plugged to a cable, and using BlackBerry Protect as on the Curve 9320.

Isn't BlackBerry 10 supposed to better than the legacy devices? Lord, let us back up all BB10 devices in this fashion !!!

Posted via CB10

I would sincerely like to see the Q20, a larger version of the Q10 with the trackpad and basic 4 buttons come out. Big field replaceable battery. And please for both the Q10 and the future Q20 enable the radio coverage flashing green led again. It is very helpful in bad signal areas to see at a glance, takes nothing except for a few lines of software to enable, and for those OCD patients who freak out about it they can simply shut it off to preserve their sanity. A good percentage of people would like to have the choice to use it. Include the coverage led in the next software update. Thank you in advance. wolf

Have had Z30 with non removeable battery for about 3 months - have NEVER had a need to pull the battery... if you are worried about the battery dying at some point - that's another story...

Apps, hub swipes for easier and more efficient use, taller screen on keyboard phone, higher quality displays, basically everything needs improvement