What are you most looking forward to at BlackBerry World 2012?

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By Adam Zeis on 25 Apr 2012 04:02 pm EDT
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We're pretty pumped for the "Ask RIM Anything You Want Session". What are YOU most looking forward to from BlackBerry World? If you'll be there, let us know what you're looking forward to most, and if you aren't able to attend, what are you hoping RIM will announce/show off/talk about? Let us know in the comments!

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What are you most looking forward to at BlackBerry World 2012?


You know, I was about to write a silly sarcastic comment about how none of the companies in the mobile device market innovate anymore (Apple and Android really haven't done anything "innovating" in a couple of years).

However, when I think of RIM, and I think about the opportunities that BB10 can actually jump on, I cross my fingers and hope that we're going to see some real innovation next week. I mean, it'll be a pretty boring trip if there's nothing new happening while we're in Orlando!

confirmation of bb10 phone with qwerty keyboard (by a pic) - and of course - the release date!

My question would be : When will RIM wake up and realize they lost the smartphone battle to Android (Google) and Apple. Time to move on to some new innovative technology like they did once before.

I have a few exec meetings lined up. So I would love to hear from the horses mouth the direction of the company. That's what I am most excited about. The negative press clutters what is being said. I am hoping RIM announces a CMO during the conference as well. Of course, dying to see what BB10 device might look like.

of cours bb10 is the most important thing for now, but I don't know why I feel like RIM won't talk about there new OS now !
usually when we expect RIM to talk about something we find that RIM is talking about something totally else !

for me I really want to know the reales date, and by the way N4BB said that the first bb10 phone will be on october but I hope that RIM will change there mind and make it earlier .

An announcement that Kevin is now co-CEO (or at least on RIM's strategic direction team)! Ohhh Yah!

what will RIM do to bring the big and popular apps like skype, instagram, …etc to the new OS BlackBerry 10 ? Are they going to do the same thing with playbook ? cuz playbook apps still not good comparing with other platforms .

Not RIM, the developers. They are the ones that have to make the app and then submit it into blackberry appworld. Skype is 3UK and version's bitch, including now Microsoft bitch, so you'll have to bug the shit out of them in order to get an app. Same goes for netflix and instagram. Don't blame RIM.

The best hardware and software smart phone than any smart phone companies in the world. Rimm must regain its popularity. I must have Netflix app on my Playbook.

I'll be looking forward to when RIM sells itself off... Then i can actually make some money on these shares..... It took them long enough to realize they were circling the drain.

Why don't you get the heck off the Site and take your negativity elsewhere where people care about reading it? This is a blackberry Site, not a trolling Site.

RIM, What are you going to do to convince users your devices are better then their other choices? How is the new hardware going to win businesses back?

My wish is that RIMM releases BB10 and PlayBook 4G in May or early June with the best of the best hardware and software in the world. BB10 must be able to slide vertical as well as horizontal key.

RIM's hyperbolic claims about its future technology setting up fandom-wide disappointments that can best be described as a mix of amusement and ignorance...

I don't think I can be further disappointed...but it is very amusing to see a company making statements like leapfrogging when they are doing anything but that...

Are you selling your shares too?

Who has the best mobile browser? According to htmltest.com, it's... RIM! Hey, didn't they promise they would have the best mobile browser last year?

The current PlayBook is more than 18 months old, from when first demoed. It is still quite competitive with current hardware offerings from Apple and Android. At the time it was announced, RIM had leapfrogged the competition by quite a bit. Only this March did Apple finally provide HD cameras in their iPad, and until the iPad 3, their screen resolution was lagging behind everyone, including RIM!

Finally, the PlayBook is still the only tablet to offer HTML mail and tight social media integration. Android support is working quite well too :)

Sure RIM has ways to going some areas, but they're in transition between the old platform and the new. Nevertheless, did you ever think they would have the best mobile browser today? Speed, HTML5 compatibility, stability, and flash!

Your RIM fanboyism reeks of ignorance... BB10 will be a flop just like everything else in the last 2-3 years. I'm just happy their trading around net asset worth. I'll keep my puts on this stock and look forward to reaping the rewards.

I am looking for evidence that RIM has finally understood the damages that their own arrogance and incompetence has done to this company and what, specifically, is going to be done to address their problems.

And most importantly, I want to see it, on record, that RIM promises, vows, makes and unbreakable vow, that they will never, ever, ever utter the phrases, "leapfrogging the competition", "ts coming soon, just you wait and see"; "in 60 days"; "in 120 days", "in the summer of an unspecified year", or "I never really mean 60 days so take that consumers" again.

Prove to me RIM that your still relevant; that you will be relevant; and that you have changed.

Brickbreaker update... LMAO! Too funny! I'm looking forward to some BB10 updates, PlayBook and BB10 integration. Updates to the Bbpb bluetooth (I want to play my music through my car stereo). I want to hear more about their apps to date and where they're going to be when BB10 launch, what are they going to do to win back their customers.

BB for live!!!

Show us what you have and where RIM is going from there. A time scale and release dates. I'm sure RIM is focusing on software more so than hardware still, but the time is now to start focusing on building the hardware to get it into our hands ASAP. Having QNX on board now the possibilities are endless for RIM. I want to see other ways they will be implementing it and my fingers are crossed that the will have the money and resources to do it, because it could be the future of mobile computing and automotive integration.


1. A BB10 device, even if it is in a glass window!!! :)
2. Some demos of BB10 in testing.
3. RIM's new cloud based services.
4. PlayBook 4G :) Yayyy!
5. BES Fusion!
6. Deal signings -- more developer support for PlayBook/BB10 apps.

People need to be reassured that RIM hasn't gone to sleep. The lights aren't out and folks are working hard to bring needed devices to market. The proverbial: "this is where we are..." is what I'm hoping for. "Look, here's BBM on PlayBook!" Ooooh!

RIM must stay the course and stand up to market pressures rather than to find the easy way out: sell. Never! If they totally botch BB10, then management has a lot of questions to answer and some heads may have to roll, but they have too great a platform, and from what we've seen in PlayBook 2.0, I believe RIM can rise up to regain some of the lost ground. It will take some time for consumers to make their way back: loss of consumer trust and carrier contract terms will delay people switching back.

I believe they can weather that storm and shine this fall!

Hoping to see BB10 platform whether we see the phone or not! I want to see menus, widgets, what the phone will come with preinstalled. What it does that the competition doesn't.

Hoping there is an option for a phone that has a Qwerty keyboard (BB owners hate touch screens for typing), 1.5 Ghz processor, 4G LTE, bigger screen, front and rear facing cameras, more on board storage, quick reboot process for both the phone and Playbook. Stronger WiFi antenna,

Playbook with NFC!

Also that they have bought Skype and Words With Friends and any other major app company. If you can't convince them to make apps for you, buy them and then they will have no choice but to make apps for you. RIM has bought other companies like QNX and Astonishing Tribe, why not App companies.

A Summer, even late Summer release date.

Finally a promise that you will market it better than the Playbook before you release it, similar to the Bold commercials we are now seeing every where!

I'd like to know what plans RIM may have to help/push and encourage developers (like IMO who could run Skype for us) to bring specific needed solutions that we don't presently have, over from Android/IOS.

They're supporting two platforms for another year or so. BB7 won't go away fast. They have users who will need support. RIM is building their next gen platform at the same time. Can't wait to see the results this fall.

I'm out of questions. I just want to see the reason why I will be answering the question "will that be credit or check for your dexy bb10 device with 10" playbook included". Ha we can dream can't we?

Strategic partners, BB10 demo, developer alpha devices, company plans (maybe a roadmap), BB Party, being in Orlando, maybe get to see the QNX car, and something unexpected .... Pretty much everything!

The number one thing I want to see is more resources for developers, specifically Cascades being available. I would also like to know why RIM has taken such a definitely not stance towards native java development on the playbook. I wish I could attend the event.

Real solid info, a real release date for BB10 not coming soon. Real working models of BB10 devices working, do they need to be 100%, no but close. Spend some money and get app support for BB10. Pay companies to make the popular apps for RIM and recoup the costs on the sales. And again, be realistic and firm with release dates. I have an upgrade this summer, I'll wait till late fall, if not I'll use it on another OS. I want to stay with RIM, but they have to move and get it done or they will be up for sale. Another thing, where is RIM heading, is it trying to save itself or is it looking to be sold. Now, I know that no company in RIM's position is going to be upfront with being sold, but we can hope.

For the Playbook, a full version Adobe PDF reader like the one everyone has on their laptops
More features in Docs to Go for the Playbook

I'm looking forward to any BB10 announcements and previews. It would be wonderful to hear about Skype and Netflix coming over to the PB but I won't hold my breath.

leapfrogging? ... We need to get a preview and taste of what's to come. Only then can RIM actually use that term. But to answer the question, would definitely love to see:

- Mainstream apps (or comparable 3rd party app's that upload/connect to the host app like how Blaq is for Twitter)
- Maybe not the entire device (that's kinda asking for too much at this point), but some FEATURES preview and innovation announcements. Remember the optical trackpad and how nicely it was done?
- Finally, better marketing and integration with the carriers. Worldwide release dates, less phone models varying by carriers, and and just an overall powerful phone with good startup times.

ItsTheAziz of the Planet otnoroT DJ's

1. A couple mockups of new phone models.
2. A release date. We can then add 3-4 months to that to have an idea when BBX models will actually be available for sale.