What are the top three apps you install after purchasing a new device?

By Bla1ze on 23 Jun 2014 06:33 pm EDT

The landscape for BlackBerry has changed a bit when it comes to apps available on the platform. Although it was never really hugely advertised, most CrackBerry readers are fully aware BlackBerry 10 can run a lot of Android apps out of the box with BlackBerry 10.2.1 and Snap, Amazon and others.

With native apps available and Android apps available I'm curious if anyone's app installation habits have changed and with it being brought up in the forums by antoscimento, now is a good time to ask. Do you now immediately load Instagram because you can? Do you go straight to native BlackBerry apps?

Let us know what your top three apps are that you immediately install when you get a new device or wipe your current one. It'll be interesting to see what ranks higher for some folks and what's lower on the priority list with all the changes. Drop some comments below or hit the CrackBerry Forums and let us know!

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What are the top three apps you install after purchasing a new device?



2ND post just to verify that you're not taking too long posting the first. Classic elementary

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Usually the GeoYeo Classifeds App for me, as bb10 comes with most that I need off the start and I love buying and selling things through Classifeds always looking for a deal.

Classifieds Canada and GeoYeo B4B Apps all the way!!!

Wow. Didn't realize Snapchats been out that long. Or do you buy phones in a regular basis?

Banking app

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Plus, I went through 4 Z10's & am on my 2nd Z30 in the past 15 minths...plus countless leaks!

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Fist is usually Spotify because I love my music, then my news apps like New York Times, and Crackberry.

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Haha! "Fist" classic auto correct.

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First posting, eh?

The most important is surely ClipMan and No.1 over here!

2nd is ReadItNow and 3rd is Turbo Reader. But since they live in some kind of symbiotic I have a additional shoot. :-p

My 3rd(B) app is because of this Mireo don't panic! - a great Navi App

Yep! Followed by Taskmanager to shut off those dang Android apps that won't seem to stay off... then a reload of Mireo "Don't Panic" and Waze.

I recommend you Battery and System Analyzer BaSA... waaaaay better than Guru... much more accurate and detailed, loads of more functionalities, super responsive Dev and it is still in some kind of open beta...

Ferrari ZetaTrenta STA100-2 Versione

Yeah, it was great... but Peter felt asleep it seems. :-(

Have you already tried BaSA? Way superior since months, headless, cheaper and free to download to test it before purchasing.

What's the point of a battery APP that can't measure voltage and current??? (see the descriptions for BsSA)... I'll stick with the free Battery Guru, no ads, fully functional..

Battery voltage and current is included. But at the charts I see "only" power, level and temperature as a line.
I will drop the developer a message at the forum to update his app description. :)

At Battery Guru there were only power and level at the graph. Not more... and if you forget to open the app the chart stays empty.

I said it there, so I'll say it here -
A unit converter,
A dictionary,
Neutron Music Player.

But first I delete Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

It sucks. Unit Converter by ZabiYaka is the best combo of populated conversions & easy user interface I have found. Papillon Converter is well populated too but a friggin nightmare to navigate.

PS: There was a great converter program for my old HP Jornada 720/728 that was both heavily populated AND let you enter your own units, as many as you needed. Why can't someone make that for BB10?

I don't mind the built in converter. I'm not a conversion beast so the basic functionality the stock calculator has is perfect for me. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered the converter. No extra app to download. :)

Nifty Foods! C003262E5

I figured Bla1ze would have the first reply with his first three apps installed. Disappointed.

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I forgot Password Keeper isn't pre-loaded on new devices. Yea, that's probably my very first app download since I have my whole life in it. Dirt simple and bullet-proof.

It's strange that Password Keeper doesn't come pre installed on BlackBerry 10 devices. Is this an oversight?
My List:
Password Keeper
CBC News

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Stereo Tube, BMO, and CBC. I'd say Crackberry but it's a given, so these are the other 3.

Runner ups: BeWeather, Mireo Don't Panic, Data Usage Counter, TuneIn Radio.

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Actually, after thinking about it I always install and led app first. These days it's Hub++

Posted via CB10. Over my carrier's data connection due to "Limited WiFi"

Yeah, You Version and e-Mmanuel are great! Blaq, Neutron Player and Podcasts

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

Banking apps
Flickr (android) I just store all my photos on (private) Flickr account.

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BlackBerry Travel, Stocks and RSS Savvy. Followed closely by bleacher report, Score mobile, CB10, Blaq and N4bb.

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And a game that doesn't eat my battery but keeps me entertained. I need a new one, 2048 is starting to get boring but I can't stop playing when I have time to kill.

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Snap (android app store reader)

And then a whoooooole buncha android apps (shazam, yahoo fantasy sports, coursera, tinder, ebay, hautelook, vitacost, etc etc etc the list goes oon)

Password Keeper, e-Manuel Bible, Money Plus, Checked! Task Pro, Evernote, CrackBerry, Gmail, Poynt, BeWeather Pro, TurboNote.

arTie's berry "Q10"

Other than commonly preloaded social sites like twitter and linkedin probably chase bank, Amazon music, and Expedia

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Cb10 chase whatsapp

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Three? Just three?

Apps I use daily or almost daily:

Youversion Bible
Our Groceries

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only the first three?
OKay...I'll lump all the bank apps together
weather app
and so on

1. Any third party Twitter app to play along with the official one.

2. Instagram (not iGrann nor whatever third party).

3. CB10.

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1. Snap2Chat
2. Iheartradio (with T-Mobile)
3. Myboy game emulátor (runs flawlessly on Z10)

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All native BlackBerry apps for me except Viber. My five must-have apps (three isn't enough) that I download first:
1. Photo Studio Pro
2. Flashlight
3. Screenshot
4. Checklist
5. WhatsApp

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I always make sure I have a note taking app of some sort, a data tracker (usually just my provider's account management app), and Shazam/soundhound

RoomTunes, Mired Don't Panic, Google Maps.

Here's my order of operations when looking for an app.

First stop BlackBerry World, if it's not there Snap.

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If we're not counting Facebook, Twitter, and Weather (defaults are fine with me), I go for BlackBerry Travel and Some kind of podcasting app (currently using Nobex for BB10, not immensely happy with it).

After that? There aren't many apps I regularly use and would need to install immediately. Google Maps would be in the top3 if available.

#1 Dictionary. Immediately. Too many people live without this and should not ;) ;) (Annoyed it's an Android app though).
#2 FarceBook - why? I don't know. Sad.
#3 Fongo - I need the second number in another area code and it's perfect for this (Annoyed it's an Android app though).

Under the assumption that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Foursquare come pre-loaded (as has been the case with current BlackBerry 10 phones), I would download WhatsApp, Nobex Radio Pro and AccuWeather first from BlackBerry World.

But if the opportunity was there (after side loading Snap), I would download SnapChat, Instagram and Shazam.

First application on any new BlackBerry smartphone is Password Keeper. Essential because my brain cannot remember the access credentials for 100+ systems and websites.

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Youversion of the Holy Bible

NHL Gamecenter

NFL Mobile....unless you own the Z30 like I do and this app isn't compatible for this device

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Straight to native blackberry for weather app (weather network and beweather. No need to get Twitter now as it seems to come standard. Then on to Crackberry app and Blaq. Used to go for bebuzz...but now on to netflix app through amazon app store.

All of this comes after deleting the Telus app and facebook, as well as unwanted languages.

Authored on the Q10

1. CB10
2. Neutron
3. Check
Honourable mentions: iGrann, Effectica, BeWeather Pro, BeMaps Pro, Fast tube, Wallpaper Changer HD, KalemSoft Media Player, Netflix, Gadget box, BlackBerry Bridge, TD. These could all be top 3 depending on your priorities.

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

I need the Weather App.. Password Keeper... Scotia Bank.. the list goes on.

People use Snapchat? I have to say I don't know anyone who uses it. But I guess everyone i know is a adult now. That app is for kids right?? I really don't know.. never used it.

How is it nobody said the Timmys app. Yes I know they are on every other intersection. Lol

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I think that's it. I already have a good email/social media app and good phone app. What else do you need? And the stock mp3 player is nice.

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Yep! I agree but throw a RSS feed app in there for news. FeedMinder works great for me.

Carbon Fiber Z10 w/Leather Holster

In order,

CB10 app
Bunch of other stuff....

What's also interesting is the list of apps I don't need to install because the functionality is already built right into BlackBerry 10.

BRON: a cron-like scheduler for BlackBerry 10. http://apps.oddelement.com

RBC Mobile
The CB app
RSS Savvy

It's been so long since I've done this and I have so many apps I don't remember if all my BlackBerry apps are pre-installed. That's Maps, BBM, Travel and Virtual Expert. I'd download them first if not already on the device.

Twitter and a couple of note taking and financial apps would follow. I'd delete Facebook if I could.

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Whatsapp, Notepad app ( Alpha Note ) and Tune In Radio on my Z10 followed by CB10, Flipboard and Skype

CB10 on my Z10

Financial apps, communication apps, news apps, entertainment apps especially ones that deal with books, movies and music) and a few games. Of course as a BlackBerry smartphone owner Crackberry and BBM (especially since it launched Channels) are a must.

I'm pretty practical in the apps I choose and for me BlackBerry World and it's app offerings were never a major issue. I already have way too many apps I'm hardly using...

What pisses me off is when some fucktarded company refuses to develop a native app for BlackBerry just because...

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

A app that silences the shutter of the camera. That way i can take voyeur pics of women.

Then a share app like reddit or instagram and share my pics.

And of course I need cloud app to save all those pics... hehe

White Z10

RSS Savy,
Sector Strike,

To start.

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

Google Maps based app (BeMaps Pro).
BeWeather Pro.
Pandora (Apollo).

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 

Firechest backup
Neutron music player
ICICI Bank mobile application.

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That tuff one.....since switching to BlackBerry from Android I pretty much use stock apps. Gotta have money one, soundhound, and Square register. Oh and honorable mention goes to checked task pro! That is a must have!!!!

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I don't go for android app as I have seen they generally have a lag and are not smooth as blackberry app. Also, the risk of viruses is always there which doesn't exist with BlackBerry native apps

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Well... facebook, twitter and other famous networking websites are usually installed on devices provided by carriers here in my country... so I guess it would be my bank's app, wechat, and... I can't think of anything else

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Neutron Music Player (best app out there!)

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

Instagram, Skype, WhatsApp. But if I don't buy a BlackBerry BBM would be in the list ;)

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1. CB10
2. Tune In Radio
3. YouVersion Bible

Listening to Tune In Radio while catching up on CB!

 OS 100-4/Verizon Z10

Password Keeper
Round Timer
Fancy Tran
And don't forget the CB10 App.

That's all I need. :-)

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1- Bria
2- id3iot
3- Push to BlackBerry
Connect to OneDrive
BonFire Reader
Night Ports

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A sports app (CBS Sports), A weather app, a news app. I literally only have around 6 apps. I never understand when people say Blackberry lacks apps. What do people want?

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Whatsapp only cause BBM is already installed and I have more contacts but making my BBM list grow ;) Netflix and HULU

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When starting fresh with a device:
Keypass (to have the passwords for all accounts that I need to sync)
Snap (because it needs to be done with PC)
After that, when all mail/twitter/linkedin/evernote syncs are back up, it doesn't really matter.
Probably KalemSoft Mediaplayer, Nobex, Neutron, BB Travel, Dutch news outlets (Nu.nl, NOS), BB Express

In the order of priority What's app, Skype, Facebook, Twitter. My list of must have apps.

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BeBuzz, gNewsReader, ClipMan. With special mention for all of BlackBerry's apps ranging from BlackBerry Bridge to Twitter if that was just one app.

1. E-Readers: Overdrive Media (library books) / Kindle (books I bought);

2. TuneIn Radio

3. Instrument Tuner

This of course is assuming said phone has Twitter and Facebook pre-installed.

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