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What apps are missing in BlackBerry World?

By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Jan 2014 04:25 pm EST

Last week our friends over at Windows Phone Central asked their readers what apps are missing in the Windows Phone Store? As you may expect, the post got a big response. Like BlackBerry, while there has been solid growth in their app catalog, there's still a gap in apps compared to iOS and Android. 

With the upcoming rollout of BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 beginning on January 28th, BlackBerry 10 users will have the ability to install Android apps (.apk files) directly onto their device. This will go a long way in solving the app needs of BlackBerry 10 users. As explained in our BlackBerry 10.2.1 FAQ, this doesn't mean Google Play will run natively on BlackBerry 10, but even without that support there will be plenty of ways in which users will be able to get these Android apps onto their phone. 

As 10.2.1 officially rolls out, we'll be providing lots of guidance around here to help BlackBerry owners find their way to the Android apps they want.

In the meantime though, I want to know which apps you're currently missing the most in BlackBerry World? Or phrased another way, which Android apps are you looking forward to installing the most on your BB10 phone (that you ultimately would like to see come to BlackBerry World too)? 

Give me your full list of must-have apps that you can't currently (officially) get in the comments!


Instagram is missing.

Posted via CB10


At least there are 3rd party clients for Instagram. We really need Netflix (port or native), hulu plus and pandora.


Apollo is an excellent pandora agent.


We need Vine on Bb10.

Posted via CB10


No it isn't. There are no bluetooth controls within Apollo; can't skip, pause, mute, etc. over bluetooth. When listening to it in the car, if you want to do anything with it, you have to fiddle around with your phone. And the interface is not "driver friendly" at all. If I'm just listening on my couch, it's fine because I can focus my attention on working with the app. Also, the app will randomly stop playing sometimes, usually just before or just after an ad.


Yes, but there are no advertisement banners or annoying commercials every three songs and it's free.

Posted via CB10


That is a very good point and one I was making to a friend just the other day.


"We"? I cancelled Hulu Plus recently and Netflix a long time ago. I've got an Android (nay Amazon) device that had accessed them both. Still axed' em.

So mehhhhhhhhh

Posted via CB10


Oh you cancelled those services? Okay so let's ignore the active subscribers because you cancelled yours.

Manminder Singh

Haha good one

Posted via CB10

Erik Lehman

What he meant was that not having it isn't the end of the world the way Netflix subscribers pretend.

Posted via CB10


Not pretend. Having to stop using a service you like and enjoy because the company from whom you bought the phone is failing to attract some major developers and failing to establish business partnerships is not the way to go.

I also consider many things to not be the end of the world for me, but for others, they are part of their daily activities/routines etc etc. If you can cancel the service and don't look back, then obviously you didn't need it. But netflix has 40+ million subscribers and increasing. To increase, the number of sign ups have to be greater than the cancellations ;)


I hope you are not blaming BlackBerry and whining about not having access to Netflix on your phone. Mainly because the solution is easy, get a different Damn phone to watch your beloved Netflix, otherwise, have a coke and a smile and quit crying. I'm a Netflix subscriber, but it's no big deal not to have access via my Z10, hell, i just fire up the tv to watch a movie. I truly enjoy my ZED and the whole BlackBerry platform and have no plans of abandoning it because of Netflix.

Posted via CB10


Sync to M.S.Outlook notes and tasks on native PC.

Posted via CB10

crucial bbq

I've been a Netflix subscriber for years. Never once watched it on anything but a TV.

Posted via CB10


I travel and run Netflix on my Z10 out thru the HDMI port into the hotel flat screen, saves the cost of hotel movies, and I can still watch it on a regular TV screen.


Apollo does a great job, has a nicer UI and no ads! AND you can sign in using the same ID as Pandora since they are from the same company.

Posted via CB10


APOLLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The one app to rule them all! A little quirky, occasionally but nothing a restart of the app wont fix! NO ADS! The devs who whooped this up are by far the best for not putting in any shitty ads! My GF on her crApple iDud her Pandora client plays a commercial every 3 songs. Every time one plays I tell her, "Too bad you don't have Apollo, maybe you should get a BlackBerry" :D


Why does BlackBerry World "need" Pandora when there is Slacker and several other services that are same or similar? I don't get all this clamoring for Pandora. Does it offer something different from Slacker, which btw has apparently supported BlackBerry from the beginning.

Posted via CB10


Pandora is the best audio streaming app in my opinion (works with US IP only). If you don't know then you probably haven't used it. It's great especially with Sonos integration. Pandora One is worth the $3 a month too :)


The genome.

Posted via CB10


Yeah, its called variety, and people who like pandora prefer to use pandora. The same way you like to use blackberry and not anything else. I wonder what would happen if, hypothetically, you were to move to a country where blackberry services are nonexistent? I bet you would cry a river because you can't use the one you want, that you have been using for years. Having to change what you already use and have set, playlists, preferences, blablabla, because the phone developer is failing to establish business partnerships with major developers to bring them in is not good. I guess that's why blackberry has been bleeding subscribers. This isn't the 50s, people nowadays do and get what they want, if there are walls blocking one path, they simply move on to another one that can provide them what they want.


Ha! Nice! If a river is created from crying, is it salty? Who cares? :) Anyway, I agree with your point, but it's like the my question. Not many care because it's their lives and they want what they want despite the logic or lack thereof.

Posted via my super-duper Z10

Plazmic Flame

I dream of a day where all major apps (Instagram, Netflix, etc) are native... and not ports. As a user of another platform that wants to come back to BlackBerry, I really hate the snub & shunning that BB10 has gotten. Remember when app developers wanted as much users as possible and made their software available on all platforms? Like cast the biggest net possible and you can catch the most fish. This is why I give much credit to WhatsApp, even though I don't use them, because they have their app on every freaking platform imaginable, which is smart.


And BBMx is not on every platform, which is not smart.


I have to say, Netflix on runs as well as you could hope any native version might.

Posted from CB10 running on my awesome Z30


So native app development is over?


Hardly. But Netflix specifically has shown zero interest in developing for BB10. We should keep pushing them. However, Thunderbuck is right that on 10.2.1.x, Netflix runs incredibly well, considering it requires the Android runtime. Anyone who wants Netflix and other apps not natively available on BB10 today just needs to sideload one app - Snap - and they have access to the Google Play store without needing to do further sideloading. This is why the 10.2.1.x upgrade is such a big deal. People can get Android apps not listed in World much more easily.

Tumblr and Instagram are now offering apps for Windows Phone, but not BlackBerry. They are discriminating against BlackBerry users. Any entity that adds a WP app alongside their iOS and Android offerings but doesn't also create a BlackBerry app should be the target of vocal criticism, because in developing a Windows Phone app, they can no longer claim they don't have the resources to serve BlackBerry users, or there just isn't the demand/interest. If that were true they would have ignored Windows Phone.


I agree. I would also add Sonos, Pocket, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Earth, Yahoo Fantasy Hockey, Roku remote, Denon controller, Kijiji, Yelp, IMDb, Shazam, Pebble, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo News Digest, Kayak, RunKeeper just to name a few. I mean real native versions that took some effort not apps that kinda work or sort of do the same thing but cost money and are normally free on other platforms.


A Sonos app is already in BlackBerry World:

Posted via CB10


I guess you missed the part of my post about paying for unofficial versions of free apps?


I am already running 10.2.1 and have installed instagram and pandora. There is also a Apollo which allows you to use your pandora account. You can find Apollo in BB World.


I agree we need native Hulu and Netflix but the android versions do work

Posted via CB10


Im running NETFLIX app no problem. I am using a non-leak OS and running 10.1 AT&T



Get igrann

Posted via CB10


People in the US **** Listen up...

Download the leaked version of 10.2.1 I promise that you will never regret it. Plus, I've installed an Android app store on my BlackBerry and have stupid access to apps, left, right, center, up, down, in, out, within...

I've downloaded Instagram (works perfectly), Candy Crush (Lame, but works perfectly), Netflix, Paypal, a bunch of apps and they are flawless.

Just do it and smile.



"An Android app store"... what is that? I have a leaked 10.2.1 installed


Snap. Find it at the forums

Posted via CB10


Amazon app store works, Aptoid, 1mobile, good ereader.... There are quite a few actually. But then you also have apps like Snap, that give you access to Google play

arpitbavaskar07 for playstore apk

N for paid apps install blackmart.apk...

#alwaysbb #blackberry

Posted via CB10


Maybe if the android runtime was working well we would have no problems downloading from snap. Yet many many apps don't work on BlackBerry for example : Go pro, canon, Samsung, air Canada, Sphero remote, just to name a few. Also you can't install any app that you need to buy. Sooo the app gap is not over.

Posted by a leaky CB10.1


Not all apps will work. But a great many do. Only one I haven't been able to get to work so far is Firefox for Android.


Instagram can't come soon enough. And 10.2.1 will probably NEVER make it to the US, so this article doesn't do US users much good...

Posted via CB10 via Q10


Agree. The prospect of BB 10.2.1 being available for US carriers is rather slim.

 CB10 


What? I'm on 10.2.1 right now, even if US Carriers don't OTA it, BlackBerry will no doubt make it a download on their site

Posted via CB10


I agree. They will make it available. There's no reason why they wouldn't.

Posted via CB10


Some of us on T-Mobile require WiFi calling. I don't get signal in most of my condo.

And to stop the inevitable responses:

No I will not switch carriers.

Yes I know you can jerry rig some of the leaks to work for WiFi calling but it sounds like a lot of trouble.

If I didn't require WiFi calling I'd be on a leak already. Hell I'm tempted to do it even if it meant my phone is unusable at home. But the logical side of me wins that battle.

Posted via CB10


I'm in the same boat as you. Aside from Philadelphia, T-Mobile's covering in Pennsylvania is non-existent. My parent's have a house in the Poconos area, if I need to use my phone off wifi I'm driving almost 20 miles, so I'm stuck with the crappy 10.1 T-Mobile makes you use. I really hope US carriers don't leave us out to dry but honestly they would rather force us to buy an Ifail or droid for $600 and laugh away. Best part is time to time they text me a survey and I give their service basically a 1, and when they ask about the phone a 5. They eventually called me asking why my answers are weird, I told them my problem only to be told T-Mobile has no future expansion plans outside metro areas and pretty much tough luck.


Too bad T-Mobile doesn't offer femtocells. It sounds like they did at one time but no longer do:

Verizon offers a Network Extender... like putting a little cell-tower in your home.

AT&T offers something similar.

Have you guys looked into Wilson Electronics' signal boosters? Properly configured, they can amplify a weak signal, ensuring your device has a bar or two even if the device thinks there's no signal at all!



Does anyone not freakin know about this option?
I'm running the official Rogers 10.2 update on my T-Mobile Q10.


Is that like Dirty Sanchesi? LOL

Posted via CB10


I'm running from the Sachesi upgrade method on my T-Mobile Q10. Love the new OS options but I lost WiFi Calling. It would be nice if T-Mobile would release officially.


I know you're excited but it's actually Sachesi but I had a chuckle thanks

Posted via CB10

crucial bbq

As you may know by now, it came to Verizon today.

Posted via CB10

zeon mohamedd

1- #1 and the most services like Google now, Google translate, Google Chrome, finally and the most important thing is Google YouTube native app for BlackBerry 10

2- Facebook....omg Facebook is stupid and laggggggyyyyyy it is an app from blackberry not from Facebook it self we need official Facebook app from Facebook like on ios and Android.

3- Netflix

4- subway surfers

5-GTA SAN ANDRES ##########

6- Utorrent app#########.... I really miss my Android device (galaxy) due to this reason....i cannot believe until now 2014 and still blackberry10 is the only operating system wich not have Utorrent...even windows phone 8 have it....i can't download any movies because I haven't Utorrent and my brother have it on wp8 and he can download any thing he want...

+ for me instegram isn't that important to me because soon we will have igrann wich in my opinion is better than instegram

Posted via CB10


Try ttorrent. works really well. i use utorrent on my laptop but when its not working for whatever reason, ttorrent works great.


Can't find Ttorrent in BB World. Is there a bar file to sideload..?

Posted via CB10


Actually, I'm sorry, now that I think about it it was an apk file I installed. If you are running the latest leak and can install apk files, definitely recommend.


Then again I haven't tried the actual utorrent on my phone either, now that I think about it

zeon mohamedd

Any body tried gta san Andres? it works

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry does not approve any torrent app submissions.

-Posted from CB10 via Z10-


Aah yes! Google+!

Won't be a fan of Chrome on my BlackBerry, though. Love the native browser just fine.

Posted via my beautiful, red Q5 (


Solar Weather, Snapseed and official Facebook app. Also Skydrive.

Bacon Munchers

Kevin opened Pandora box....

Sent from my  BlackBerry Z10.

black hole


Posted via CB10

jojo beaconsfield

What apps are missing in BB World? My App,If anyone wants to know about it and make a ton of money ,and actually produce it ,it's a sure thing!! There are so many opportunities to create something that would shape the next winners ,Big money!!!


You should go on, it might end up being made on there.

Posted via CB10


Oh come on... Instagram has been fulfill...

Z10 my baby...

Wilsonia Goldens

Have Instagram installed on my Z10-3 and don't see what all the fuss is about! Look at it now and then and wonder why anyone would want it.


I just downloaded, installed and registered for iGrann. It works perfectly.

agesparza, jabber, Pandora

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


Install 10.2.1.
Download Amazon app store.
Download Pandora.
Works perfectly.

Posted via CB10


Strava Cycling is missing...

 Z10 via CB10



Check out my AZ MTB Channel C0006F5EB

Greg Woitzik

You got it, been wanting this ever since I got my z10.

Posted via CB10


Fitness Tracker in BBWorld, is not Strava but does track your ride and uploads it to the Strava website.

Check out my AZ MTB Channel C0006F5EB


I use Sports Tracker on BB World. Awesome, and HRM is supported (though I haven't tried it with Q10 yet)

Posted via CB10 on Q10


Oh yeah!

BBM Channel: The Group Ride C00055B7C



Posted via CB10


Yes thats right, but the android app on leak is fine

Posted via CB10


I have .1055 and TV is having a problem installing with error "installation failed due to internal transaction error ". Any suggestions? Thx.

Posted via CB10


Install Works perfectly.

Posted via CB10

the brother

Shazam is missing. Poynt (native) too.

Anthony Roberts5

SoundHound is way better than shazam :)



SoundHound is great with great features...hopefully they expand their catalog.

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10 on Q10

Mr Gill


Posted via my love powered Q10


Wow 29 people! I'll do my +8 and make it 37 people. Looks like we all enjoy SoundHound! Hehe. Ok I'll stop being silly.

Posted via CB10



Posted via my beautiful, red Q5 (


When I discovered SoundHound I never looked back. Shazam is dead to me.


Soundhound is not as good for electronic music though as shazam.

Posted via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA  ‎BlackBerry Q10...SON!

jojo beaconsfield

That's funny Trance I just tried SoundHound this evening,happy hour,a guy pulled out his ishit and was trying to do something ,I asked him what are you doing and he told me ,I pulled out myZ10 and tried to download shazam,not available,okay,lets see if there is something from BB World that can do the job,Soundhound !! and it's free


I had to port over shazam before because it's not. Sound hound has cooler features but kisses a lot of new songs.

Posted via CB10 on my blazing fast Z30


SoundHound is disappointing most of the time. I get more misses than hits with it.


Me too since the last update. Before that it got everything. I don't know if I'm asking for more esoteric music lately, but I'm bummed that it's not catching them.

Posted via CB10



via CB10 on my fabulous z10  device

George D Ramos

Second that.

Posted via CB10


MyFitnessPal, FitBit, Instagram, Xbox One Smartglass.


So Kevin you know with certainty that 10.2.1 drops on the 28th? -:)

Go Black and Never Go Back.


That's what I got from this post.

Posted via CB10 on my sexy white Z30 rocking


No, never said that.

He said that 10.2.1 will begin rolling out on Jan. 28th. This means that some carriers might make it available OTA on that date. Nothing certain, other then you being able to go in the forums and getting the leaked OS.

Posted via CB10


I am still waiting for cisco anyconnect it was announced the same day they annouced WebEx but alas no anyconnect and as such I cannot vpn ... and where I work did not upgrade to BES 10 really frustrating for a business phone


Crisco I think you are on the wrong forum!?

Posted via CB10

Boo Boo Boy

Your first two are mine as well.



Posted via CB10


Use sound hound

Posted via Z10/ CB10


Who cares? I can download an apk

Posted with my shiny new Z30


Agreed, but it's a bit tedious to keep all the apks upto date..

Posted via CB10


And not all apk will run smoothly or run!
Like I downloaded 8pool game apk it's didn't run

Posted via CB10


And it sucks battery.


Not with Snap. It checks when you choose updates.

Posted via CB10


Use 1mobilemarket, it notifies u of upgrades needed.

Posted via CB using my Q10


the only problem with apk. files is that you need to install it all again when you update your OS version (leak). Backup doesn´t work.


All electronics connecting apps such as fit bit, nike, nikon, canon, go pro, etc.

Z30, Q10, Z10, iP5, SGS3


Spotify, BBC weather, my fitness pal, sonos.

Posted via CB10


I like TeamViewer and Slingplayer. Or at least give us a plugin so that we can use the browser.


In Ireland I have 10.2 and have snap chat and instagram. The novelty soon wears off

Posted via CB10


Whoo! Ireland! Totes amazeballs!

Anywho I did the same, was kinda excited to have all these apps then I realised that they do nothing for me, for me BBM and What's app are a much better snapchat than snapchat!

I've opened instagram a couple times but nothing too interesting going on in there there, loving BBM channels though (BlackBerry photography etc...)

Posted via CB10


Any app that comes my way. that I really need or want. Though the list is limited due to security concerns.


A working version of LINE would be nice. Sideload version doesn't work properly, can't send with the enter button I have to press the send on the screen.



Posted via CB10


Need Viber, Line!!! Let's go global!

Posted via CB10


Uber, Uber and Uber! My biggest pain point because the Android version crashes when side-loaded. Also Strava would be nice, but requires Google Play services to run.

But really, UBER!

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10

zzzappp works for me

Posted via CB10


Also use m.uber . . . it works, sorta, kinda, not really . . . is nothing like a real Uber app. Extremely embarrassing catching an Uber, and trying to defend your BlackBerry, when you can't even see which direction your car is arriving from (or even accurate ETA's) in heavy traffic. I know the developer working on the new Uber html5 app, which looks/responds just like the native iOS app, can't wait until it replaces m.uber!


The Android Uber app does not work in the Android player on 10.2.1. You can sign up and log in but then you try to use the app, it cannot bring up Google Maps. It's using some feature of Google Maps that the Android player does not support.

But here's an indication of how important Uber is. My son recently visited San Francisco; he needed a cab. Turns out that Uber is so heavily used, he had difficulty finding a regular cab. Uber has taken over a significant portion of the traditional taxi cab market there.


I asked the guys at Uber about this. They don't have plans for BB10 app however if you use it works very well.


Sky Go & Barclays Bank - both UK based.

Posted via CB10


+1 on skygo, now the only app I can't use with leaked os and the reason I still have to use my iPod touch.


+1 to those

Posted on CB10 with my Q10


Barclays have one. But still only for legacy models...

Posted via CB10 on my sexy white Z30 rocking

Dunmanway Emar

The UK banks - Barclays, NatWest, Lloyds. But I don't think they're all coming. I'm running the leaked 10.2.1925 and the Barclays App that I downloaded from Snap will not run - it displays a message that it won't run on a rooted phone....


Barclays maybe yes. But I have survived several months without it, so I clearly don't *need it*. It would be nice to have though.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system


I find the Barclays mobile app hard to live without but luckily still have my trusty 8520 that I use solely for my banking needs.

Posted via CB10


Hate that sky are trying to charge for skygo!
But still want it!

Posted via CB10


Bank apps, e.g. chase, discover, etc.


Jean-Marc Russenberger

Instagram, shazam

Posted via CB10



Posted with my BlackBerry Q10 via CB10.


-1 I take that back. Wrong post

Posted with my BlackBerry Q10 via CB10.


Texas Dow Employees Credit Union

Posted with my BlackBerry Q10 via CB10.


WTF?! Still posted my reply on the wrong post!! Curses!!

Posted with my BlackBerry Q10 via CB10.


Lmao! Keep trying!

Posted via CB10


This! I would love a StateFarm app. As it stands, if I get a paper check, I have to get my mom to use her iPhone to deposit it for me.

Posted via my sexy-ass Z10 running ON A BOAT!!!


I have state farm app

Posted via CB10


Yeah I need banking apps.

 CB10 


I sideloaded Chase, Citibank, Discoery without problem. Can deposit using Chase. I don't have BOA account though.


The Chase Bank app that I side loaded a couple of months ago now needs an update and I'm too lazy to do the bar conversion, and the original app doesn't work at all on my Z10. Frustrating.

Posted via CB10


Bank of America banking for sure!
Voice dictation into BBM,
A true GPS track on map app

Posted via CB10 on Q10


What is "A true GPS track on map app"?

Jay Hooker

+1 Bank and brokerages. I have to use my ipad to deposit all my checks and do my banking.

Posted via CB10


I didn't buy my q10 for apps. I'm happy with what's available. And android apks run awkwardly personally.

Posted via CB10


3 pages in before someone has posted truth.

BB World isn't missing anything important.



I have to agree, I've side loaded a few apk's onto my Z10 but removed them after the novelty had worn off. I've found I don't need anything more than what's available in BB world.

Posted via CB10


+1. Got everything I need on Z10 and I do pay for good apps. My wife has an S4 and she doesn't have any apps that I want. In fact I have a few BFBB apps she wants.


I use Enterprise IM and that works for basic chats, but I'd like to see calendar integration for Lync meetings to be able to use video/voice, screen sharing, and file sharing. Basically, everything Lync can do on my desktop.


Sadly we only use EAS, not BES 10 so I can't use BlackBerry Enterprise IM

CB10'n it via da Z


I wonder why BlackBerry has limited the Enterprise IM app in this regard.


Netflix, snap chat, Instagram, Pandora, shazam, smart glass, Google hangouts


Add vine to that list actually!


I actually use PlayOn for my media needs. Works out nicely if you buy the permanent desktop version.



Why don't people sideload Android Netflix? It works for me (most times... I think I've had one movie that didn't play for some reason.)

Posted via CB10


It's not the question of why don't we, it's the question of why should we have to? Why should BlackBerry have to say to their customers "hey, you can have these apps but you have to go through this complicated process rather than just downloading it from the app store like every other mobile platform."


There are not enough zeros in the universe to add to my +1 on this comment!!!


I found it glitchy and sometimes didn't work at all

Posted via CB10


Yup. Netflix is expected to add 4 million subs this quarter. Still no sign of it for BlackBerry 10.

Detective M Downs

We need banking apps, badly!!!


Yes - banking apps are required for Germany.


Big time is right! I have had a BlackBerry since the first pager model and I stand behind my Q10 but the necessary business applications are few and banking ones almost nil. BlackBerry need to address this issue



Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 


I'm fine with the downloading APK's directly.... and those who say shazam..
Really? I think sound hound is much better.

C00270EBC check out my Tattoo channel! Brought to you by Laughing Buddha Tattoo and Body Piercing


BofA bank app actually

C00270EBC check out my Tattoo channel! Brought to you by Laughing Buddha Tattoo and Body Piercing


FatSecret is missing. I want to track my calories



I had that on my OS6 9800. Good app. Brings up a good point. I still have apps on the 9800 I'd like to have on Z10. I wish there was a method to run legacy OS apps.


Instagram and Snapchat are the two biggest. I also miss tinder, Google translate and French dictionary.

Posted via CB10


Anything that will connect to my gear. Gear manager.

Via CB10 Rogers Z30STA100-5/ Radio


Autocad 360

Sent from the phone of the gods.....Z30


There are autocad apps? Then I want it

Posted via CB10


Every Google app

Posted via CB10


That hasn't even come tot he more popular windows phone. They will not (sadly) ever come to bb.

It was the reason I didn't buy a z10.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!


myBMW, fritzFon

Posted via CB10


Open vpn is highly missing.

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


I really miss Blackberry Traffic and Kindle.
I miss a lot the charging contacts too. I know it is no an app, but I cry every time I remember how easy was to put my BlackBerry Style 9670 in the charging pod, specially at night.

God Bless You!

Posted via CB10


AMEN to BB Traffic! Route options, future travel times/future departure times, arrival time/delay updates to POCs vis email or BBM, SO MUCH MISSING IN BB MAPS!

Oh, and AMEN on the charging contacts!


Agree on traffic, but Kindle been available for a while.

Posted via CB10


The Kindle app is limited to Z series IIRC. I would like to have the Kindle app too, if available.


Yes, BlackBerry Traffic was good, would like to see that come back.

Beyond that, better Facebook app and Netflix would be welcome.

I also have to agree with the changing options like the Bold 9780 / 9900, really miss those.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z30


* charging *

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z30


It would be cool if BlackBerry OS10 would have a way to run legacy BlackBerry OS apps similar to how we are running Android apps. There's quite a few good older BlackBerry apps that have not been ported for BB10 yet.

Posted via CB10


Barclays Online Banking for BB10 users


Bank apps!

Posted via CB10


In the US, Banking apps, Chase, BofA, Quicken Mobile. I know they havre mobile Web but only the Apps have check deposit.

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My Bank, UW credit union, has a web app that runs from any phone and allows check deposits via the Web app. Go figure. All these companies making is specific apps are wasting their money.

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+1 The Mobile website for my credit union is superior to most banking apps.

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Concur. - tho the. Apk works
Crunchyroll - Apk works
Australian football - Apk works, no videos tho
Bank apps.
Ps4/psn app - Apk fails when opening

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Voxer! Won't matter much if BBM gets a nice PTT system going on and I'm super excited for Glympse. There are Vine apps and Snapchat apps but ehhhh... Google maps, but I only use it for POI searches. BB Maps is way better for nav :D


KeePass and Viki.

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Google apps- google plus, hangouts etc...


Just call Google before hand to tell them what you are going to be doing...then can pass it along to their big eared friends.

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I doubt they will ever have their apps in BB. They like keeping it on their platform.


amazon, opera, and the other common store apps. the crackle app is very impressive on BB. even better than android and apple.

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Words With Friends
Google Maps
Some of the Canadian Network apps (CTV, Global, CBC) - these guys ought to be ashamed of themselves as NBC, ABC and CBS have apps.


IGrann's may be coming out this week in BBW. Waze is owned by Google. And CTV, CBC all have apps in BBW.

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I need ing internetbankieren app for my BlackBerry q 10 BlackBerry is the best phone I'm ever had love my BlackBerry q 10


Would like :
More Qnap

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the brother

Starbucks! Gimme soma that sweet sweet crack caffeine asap


Have you tried "Make"?

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I carry two phones. Work and personal. Samsung S4 for work, and my Z30 for personal. I use Make but it is just not the same as the Starbucks app where you can see your balance, able to recharge your card and such. I try really hard to keep my personal information and such off my work phone but given I use the starbucks app 3 times a day it leaked onto my work phone... fingers crossed on next android runtime.


Logos Bible app

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Google apps. E.g. Drive, Maps, Youtube, Calendar, Gmail, Field Trip, etc. They're all on my wishlist.

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You already have a calendar and mail app: why use separate ones?



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Shazam, native Kobo, native RBC Banking. Otherwise I'm pretty much good.


Apps that I would like to see in BlackBerry World
Amazon mp3
Facebook(one we have is BlackBerry Facebook, not real fb)
Cisco any connect
Sirius xm
Kokoa talk
Google suites ( maps, search, drive, u tube)
Banking apps
Subway surfer
Airline apps
Amazon shopping
Dublin dinuts
Yahoo mail
Temple runs

Thas just my personal list.....


I've got them all, and they are all working fine.

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Good list!

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