WES2009: What's New at Viigo!

By Kevin Michaluk on 8 May 2009 04:39 am EDT

Readers of CrackBerry.com are no strangers to Viigo - it's been one of our favorite apps since day one and to date is the most downloaded app in App World. At WES we had a chance to catch up with Viigo's President and CEO, Mark Ruddock, who brought us up to speed on what is new. You can check out the video above for all the details. And if you still haven't given Viigo a try, you can grab it by visiting CrackBerryViigo.com on your BlackBerry's web browser.

Reader comments

WES2009: What's New at Viigo!


The Crackberry link takes you to the old version, you have to go to goviigo.com/alpha to get the new version....which is not crackberry branded. Hopefully the new CB Viigo will be up soon.

yeah, as it says in the video....

getviigo.com/alpha will be a permanent url to the latest alpha available.

crackberryviigo.com will be to the latest supported/official release available.

and shorty down the road regardless of version you are on, you will always be able to load up the CrackBerry folder that comes by default in the CB-branded version so you can be all good either way.

Thanks Kevin, look forward to getting the CB version / CB Folder back.

The new Weather, podcast & twitter integrations are superb, makes a fantastic app even greater :)

I went to the getviigo.com/alpha address but it sends you to the privatebeta address.

Is that the alpha version or the beta version?

I downloaded the alpha version a few days ago. In addition to being pretty big for a BB app, it has quirks. For example, it won't maintain my login and password. Every time I check it, I have to re-accept the agreement, reenter all my info, and reload all my channels. I did submit it to the Feedback option.

I thought this was just me...I sent a support request to their team. It wont even find my e mail or my log in information...very irritating. Otherwise i like some of the improvements.

That giant Storm is awesome!

The new Viigo looks pretty sweet though. I just started using the CB version and I like it...these updates just makes it that much more useful!

i really like the new Alpha version. It looks neat and im not sure if its just me but its a whole lot smoother and the updates quicker.


Egruber, they must have fixed that issue. I downloaded the alpha this morning and I'm running smooth as butter. Only quirk I have was same from the older version. When you load it in portrait mode, it stays white unless you flip it to landscape.

Anyone else having a problem downloading Alpha? This my favorite app and I love to have the real time weather . . . help.

I had to delete manually my previous version of Viigo on my Blackberry before stalling Alpha version. Otherwise, it kept saying ‘it wasn’t compatible’ or something like that..
I hope that helps… :)

the alpha in it's current form is better than the official release. It's faster, smoother and has less hiccups. The addition of twitter is great and the podcast seem to work just fine.