WES2009: Secure BlackBerry Communication via MicroSD

SecureCard for BlackBerry
By Kevin Michaluk on 12 May 2009 02:59 pm EDT

During his annual tour around the Solution Showcase at WES 2009 last week, Research in Motion's President and Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis stopped at the Giesecke & Devrient booth to get an overview of their microSD product. This made me very curious to find out what it is all about (if it caught Mike L's eye it has got to be good). Basically, what they offer is a smart card in a microSD form factor. Since you use the card inside the BlackBerry, you don't have to bother with external readers any more. They also showed me a version of this secure microSD card that, in combination with an antenna, can be used for contactless applications. I can think of a number of ways in which this microSD smart card can be useful... I'm going to follow up in the next couple of weeks with a more hands-on review, but you should definitely watch the video above to learn more in the meantime - this is some cool stuff. By the way, the Gi & De is one of the biggest printers of banknotes and SIM cards worldwide.

a smartcard in a microsd card in a credit card (nice packaging!) from isec7

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WES2009: Secure BlackBerry Communication via MicroSD


Both of those are awsome solutions. My only concern is that now we will have to swap out our storage right? or will it have both storage and smartcard on the same SD? I'm with you this is the ultimate crackberry.

I always have my phone out, so why not be able to swipe it for my purchases! That is awesome. I love the building access idea!

By the way, was that phone the 8900 or the 9630, couldn't tell?

They used a 8900 for the SecurityCard demo and a Bold for the swipe-kind-a-thing-demo.

Pretty cool though. ISEC7 (the guys where Kevin seem to get his card from, too) gave those security cards (full working !!) away for free. Showed it to my boss and he was totally. impressed Contacted the guys from ISEC7 and made up a meeting for next week. Can´t wait to learn more!

The possibilities of this technology is would completely change the way companies see smart phones. As an IT/blackberry tech with a large company I can see this being used right away. Not having to worry about having a company berry just the one you want with the smart card/sd in the unit will be a huge thing for companies that issue berries for all of their employees. I should my boss this today and he is so ready to jump on this he has already set up a meeting with the heads of the company. This could forever change the way we IT guys deal with berries for the better.

this is just great, although i remember seeing the "swipe tech" on some Japanese phones a few years back.... they were using it to pay for train tickets, to buy a coke from a bending machine ETC


As a Japanese fellow, I can tell you that you were right the FIRST time with "bending" machines. Rather, if you were going phonetic, it'd be "bendingu" machines! :)

Have had a chance to check this out, and it's a great application. It's going to take using you device to a whole nother level. Completely awesome. These Devs are geniuses.

this is the same company that continues printing bank notes for dictatorships throughout the world so that their dictators can hold onto power - they continue doing business with brutal miltary dictators by printing their money and supporting their oppressive regimes

Has to be one of coolest thing I have seen for a phone!!! I love how Kevin thought security card demonstration was all that he had to show him. He really wanted to show off more! Oh golly Kevin you should of drilled him with questions to get all info you wanted! Haha. Good times

i really do believe that this is a extremely awesome solution to many things...

I mean with this in just years people literally could be carrying around just one device to really take care of things..

I mean extra cards to get into your building are kind of annoying I cant tell you the amount of times I accidentally left one at home or what not. My berry never gets left behind ;)

This is really good

Hi there,

the card is of course both. Flash Memory Card PLUS dedicated and certified smart card chip embedded. It will work in any device (also BlackBerry) like a regular flash card, don't worry.


Great ideas, so many companies use blackberry and many of them worry about security so this would be perfect. I love the idea of the "contactless" access control for buildings and such. I take it the card would have the ability to broadcast multiple signals through the antenna so you could use your berry for things such as gas, building access, etc. Also, from what I understand you need RIM to build those two contacts into the devices and have them wired to an antenna so as not to have something like the proof of concept, something more seamless such as being built into the battery door and it has contacts that enable flow when placed onto the phone. Can't wait to hear and see more.

Hubertus this is an amazing step forward for our nation. Really impressed with the effort and ingenuity you and the company have shown.

I agree with you guys, and this, or something similar may be what President Obama has.

BUT what do WE need it for, besides the coolness factor and bragging rights? This is a serious question. I can't see the application in my life and business. I don't think it's a chick magnet either...?