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BlackBerry Music Store app now available for download from BlackBerry App World

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WES2009: 7digital MP3 Music Downloads for BlackBerry

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 May 2009 07:33 pm EDT

Without a doubt one of the slickest app previews we saw at WES 2009 was for the 7digital MP3 Music Store for BlackBerry app, built by Develop IQ. The 7digital MP3 Music Store makes it easy to browse, buy and download DRM-free MP3s right to your BlackBerry, and the app is both sexy and smart. Example - if you're in cell coverage, you'll get a low-quality version of the song you want, which will then automatically be replaced by a high-quality version when you're in WiFi.

The 7digital MP3 Music Store for BlackBerry should be ready to download later this month/next month in available markets. Be sure to watch the video above for an excellent overview and lots of details.



Too Bad this cool app doesn't benefit BB owners on Verizon (especially Storm owners) since we have no Wi-Fi!



the storm does not have wifi, does this mean we are stuck with low quality music.

p.s. this post is not intended to start a convo about how dumb it is that the storm doesn't have wifi


Just one more reason why wi-fi is necessary and not having it is a dealbreaker.


Pretty sweet application. I hope they come up with an alternate method instead of wifi... For us non-wifi BlackBerries.

Maybe an online account or something.....


Pretty sweet application. I hope they come up with an alternate method instead of wifi... For us non-wifi BlackBerries.

Maybe an online account or something.....


is this coming out for the blackberry storm becuase i would like ot have this instead of slacker becuase slacer kinda suck's


I hope they have the same price as the iTunes store at least.


iTunes is too expensive. Didiom lets you name your own price on your BB.


wow really looking forward to this more than most things from WES


I really like how they put alot of attention to UI, I'm assuming that it only works on the newer BBs since I'd imagine the UI is somewhat resource intensive.

Cervelo Rider

I'll stick to my $12.00 a month for unlimited mp3's.

Enraged Medic

too bad all the verizon people are getting shafted! WiFi for the win! All I know is OS 5.0 better be what it's made out to be and free up more app mem on the BOLD! Also, the ability to save apps to your microSD is crucial...hope that becomes a key feature of the new OS and future BB's.


This looks SWEET! It doesn't sound like you need to have Wifi just that if you do you can get a better quality download OTA, surely if your on a 3G connection the quality will be better than just EDGE. I'm sure the guy said through the overview that the music is stored on 7 Digital and you can access your account from PC etc.

My take on this is that you can download tunes on the fly or just access the App, browse tunes and purchase them for when your home, either way this looks amazing.


Cool app, but who pays for mp3s anymore?


People that respect musicians and don't steal music.


Another reason why i left VZW for the ATT Bold!! Muhahahahahahahaa...


So you can see in the future and saw this coming?


"Example - if you're in cell coverage, you'll get a low-quality version of the song you want, which will then automatically be replaced by a high-quality version when you're in WiFi. "

Guess those of us running a storm through verizon are screwed. No WiFi.


I hate Wi-Fi apps. Had an iPhone and switched to a Blackberry, and one of the most annoying things were apps that only worked on Wi-Fi. Just give me the quality download, it will take 5 minutes longer. Let me tell you, when I buy music I want it to be a low quality piece of .... Just to be replaced at a later date. When thinking of that method, I can see there customer support being very busy when it doesn't work all the time.


Also, check out 7Digital's music catalog. It isn't geared toward the U.S. market for those of you that are in the States. They did have R.E.M. and U2 but no Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, 3Oh!3, Daughtry, Kings of Leon, Flo Rida or Ciara as some examples of popular American downloads. I searched some of the top iTunes artists and "classic" popular music in America under the United States section of the website. Maybe it will be different once the app is launched though as they did show Kings of Leon in that video I believe.


Just had a look myself and all the artists you mentioned are on there. We're you looking on the Indiestore part?


I am pretty sure I was not searching the Indie section of the site. I went to .

I just double checked. The only Led Zeppelin were interviews and Van Halen was not there at all. I know these aren't current artists but they are significant in rock history and I would think they would need to be available in any legitimate music catalog.

Am I missing something because I still can't find any of the artists I mentioned before beside tributes or 2 songs or interviews? How did you search for them?


I just went back on and none of the artists were there. I think I had been put on another country site, thought I was on U.S site, DOH! Must only have license for the artists mentioned outside the U.S which is abit crap.


This is a very cool app. can't wait till its available and ready to go...good job on getting the inside scoop! Keep up the good work guys!


Great, except for those of us with CDMA blackberrys who don't have WiFi. We'd only ever get the crappy low quality version of our purchased music.


They'll probably have an alternate transfer method, such as when you plug it in to sync with your computer or check a box for high quality OTA downloads. So big deal, you have to use the basic mp3 quality till you get home, or wait a little longer to have the song. It still is a great idea. I never remember to write down song name for when I get home. Now I'll just put 'em on my BB right away.


VZW's EVDO network is fast enough to allow us to download the high quality version OTA. it is lame they wont let it


Slicker than goose shit on an ice skating rink, but leaves us VZW customers holding our sacks.

Larry Roarke

How about a new OS for the Storm Verizon?


they never said u could download high quality over the air. they just said u can wait till u get wireless, thats the feature. can enable high quality OTA download.

TerribL T 913

So if you don't have wifi you get a less quality song? Does 3g get shorted too?


I've been looking all over for this application and i just can not find it. Can some PLEASE help me out.


Did you read the whole post? It's not available yet.
I am VERY excited about it though. Screw iTunes and it's you-have-to-pay-$.30-more-per-song-to-convert-to-a-format-something-other-than-your-iPod-can-play nonsense.


I like the fact they DRM Free and optimized download based on connection. I would use this.


Count me in .... Thanks