WES 2010: New BlackBerry Game Preview - Pinball Deluxe!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Apr 2010 01:42 am EDT

A show like WES is always exciting for BlackBerry users because it's sure to yield some big corporate announcements from Research in Motion. My personal favorite reason for attending mobile conferences isn't just to experience first hand what's getting officially announced at the keynotes, but rather to see what I can unofficially discover among the thousands of people in attendance. 

Case in point... tonight at the lobby bar we cornered a BlackBerry game developer we recognized and scoped out the latest in-development titles running on his device. I got super stoked to see Pinball Deluxe for BlackBerry. BlackBerry Smartphones have been lacking a good pinball game and this one looks awesome. The game play on the Storm2 was super smooth and fun and the good news here is that the game is going to be compatible and run on pretty much all BlackBerry device models. If RIM wants to shake things up on OS 6.0 and changeup the default game from BrickBreaker, then Pinball Deluxe has my vote. I was digging it (immediate fun factor). No word on release date yet, but we'll let you know when it's available. Be sure to check out the video above to see it in action.



Looks like a must buy for me.


Pinball has been my number one game since it was included with Windows. I would not even hazard a guess at how many hours I've "wasted" on it :) Glad that the continued battle against my productivity is entering a new stage with Pinball on my 'Berry!


Piiiinballllll yes I'm loving it already can't wait for the release


Looks good ,will have to give it a shot when it comes out , I am the pinball wizard btw :p


Very interested in the sound. If it sounds like a real game, I'm in!


What OS was he running? Is the storm2 going to get 6.0?


Pinball on my BB would be awesome!


Getting a copy for sure!