WES 2010: Mike Lazaridis Keynote

By Adam Zeis on 28 Apr 2010 12:29 pm EDT

During yesterday's General Session here at WES 2010, Mike Lazaridis gave a keynote where he talked Bold 9650, Pearl 3G, BlackBerry 6 and a whole bunch more. If you missed our live blog, you can check out the full video here. It is a bit long at over 20 minutes, but its packed with some goodies from RIM you won't want to miss. The highlight of course was the quick video of BlackBerry 6, but if you have the time its definitely worth a watch.

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WES 2010: Mike Lazaridis Keynote


BB6 looks promising, and enjoyable to use, in the video. But, I got the feeling at some points that Mike Lazaridis was playing a form of buzzword bingo and not really telling us anything significant, or anything we don't already know.

for posting this informative video, and making us all feel like were actually there! I enjoyed being able to watch it, and am excited about all the great stuff coming our way!

Some people will never be happy. No matter what RIM does, some people will continue to whine that RIM is not Apple and the BlackBerry is not iPhone. I thought most of us realized that when we bought our BlackBerry. I mean there was no confusion for me.

In any case, OS6 is looking very promising. I'm excited about the features and no one here can judge how it will compare to other platforms at this point.

LOL, Adam, did you record this? Whomever it was, I heard/noticed the little snicker when Mike said "Impending bandwidth crunch". lol

I'm Hype about this Blackberry 6. So hard to choose from New Blackberry Bold (Hopefully Verizon will Pick it up) and/or HTC Incredible? I'm a Blackberry user 99%. My first and only device is Storm 9530. It was hard to get used to, Thanks to Crackberry I overcome fustration. I'm also hearing rumors about the iPhone coming to Verizon hmmm. I guess I have to wait for all of the device's to physically show up @ a Verizon Store so I can play with them.

9650 has already been confirmed to be coming to Verizon. Just look through the blog.

I was really hoping for a new "hero phone". Updated hardware to go along with the new 6.0. 6.0 looks nice and all, but are we really stuck with 480x360 screens and 550mzh prcessors? Really Mike? Really??

People who compare Apple and RIM constantly get into arguments because there's little to compare other than the fact that both sell phones.

You can't deny that Apple does an amazing job at building momentum and hype till the very minute Jobs gets on stage, and Apple can thank the whole internet who's responsible for that. The whole web is plagued with rumors and secrecy about Apple, which is exactly what they want. That's why their events are 100x more interesting; because truthfully, despite whatever leaks, no one but their execs knows what's really gonna happen. Unlike most other companies, including RIM, which by the time they hit the stage, everyone and their neighbor know what they're going to tell you. That's why there's lack of real excitement. New phones, OS and apps are leaked (purposely or not) months ahead of time, which really stinks because by the time they're released, they already feel like OLD products. Seriously.

Call Apple or RIM what you want, but both have proven successful business models utilizing different approaches, whether you like it or not. And that's the bottom line.

And I think iPhones are pretty cool, would never own one, I have a cool iPOD already that only allows me to use crappy iTunes to transfer anything! :) However, a phone that has brilliant battery life and just plain works!? now that's what I call a Blackberry.

Good marketing on both ends...although I'm getting so sick of that nerd who does the voice over's for iPhone commercials.
Could you sound more boring? And the same damn music. ok Rant over

Mike is a very bright guy, but AWFUL as a presenter. To be fair, he really couldn't be all that excited to discuss a warmed over Tour, a cooler looking Pearl, and a white Bold 9700.

Yes, OS 6 looks flashy, but we really don't know anything about it yet. It just looks like they're trying desperately to look like an iPhone.

I like my Tour- even though I had many of the issues that came along with it- but if RIM doesn't step it up, I'll likely move on to another device or company. The only caveat is, I haven't found another device or company that will deliver the email performance I've become accustomed to with my BlackBerry...