WES 2010: KeyNote Live Blog!

By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Apr 2010 08:17 am EDT


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WES 2010: KeyNote Live Blog!


Here's a question for you. I'm leaving the house for work in about 5min. Is it possible for me to watch the Blog LIVE on my 9700?

I'm doubting this will work on a mobile device. At work so shouldn't be following online but checked out crackberry and looks like you have to click "Play" to view which is not showing up on BBs. May be Flash based? Hopefully there will be some actual blog posts or Tweets to update us soon!

I think cover it live is javascript based. I should work in the new webkit browser, oh wait... I guess that will be something to test on my BB 9650 for wes 2011 :)

Works fine on the BOLT browser but not on the BB browser (even with Support Javascript checked).

Do you guys think RIM will reveal anything about a Storm3? I haven't seen any news on it unless you count the Slider which I'm hoping is not the new Storm3.

I was also waiting for the S3 announcement, I am so disappointed... I don't understand what all the fuss is about those phones they just release, nothing unspectacular, same ultra slow motion crappy technological advance RIM is used too... BB6 looks cool but nothing to wow until they release a phone with up to date technology specs...