WES 2010: inPulse Smartwatch for BlackBerry Video Demo

By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Apr 2010 02:33 pm EDT

We've talked about the inPulse Smartwatch for BlackBerry quite a few times here on the CrackBerry blogs now, ever since we saw the first leaked photos, caught the official announcement and recorded a dummy unit video of it at CES.

We caught up with Eric of Allerta, maker of the inPulse Smartwatch, today at WES 2010 and finally got a chance to see this baby with its screen turned on. Check out the video above to get a glimpse of it. The watch will sell for $149 and is currently available for pre-order. You can jump over to freeupyourhands.com to learn more.

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WES 2010: inPulse Smartwatch for BlackBerry Video Demo


been waiting for this bad boy for a while and put my preorder in a long time ago. great to actually see a working demo and that the UI looks nice.

This would really be a nice addition For the BB.. not having to pull my phone out everytime just for a call i wouldnt anwser anyway.. SWEET... Will be looking for this..

I think this is a good device but not sure if I would get one. Reason being is....right now I spend a lot of time on the road and rely on my handsfree bluetooth device in the car while making calls. Seeing that I need to be connected to my handsfree device I gather I won't be able to connect to the inPulse watch while in the car. :(

Now if the next generation inPulse incorporated handsfree talking with the device as well I would jump all over that!! :) Move over Michael Knight!! LOL

still faster to pull out your blackberry. Also why would you be looking at your watch in a meeting? thats very rude, people will think you're checking the time or you're in a rush to get out or something.

Dinner, meetings, gatherings, etc... its just rude to keep checking your watch. pulling out your BB would be better.

you're going to look at half a msg on your wrist and "still" pull out your BB. why add more steps to something you're going to do anyway like pull out your BB

in a meeting its more rude to check your phone. The watch would alert you .. then you could just peek. but it looks kinda thick to me.

i beg to differ... maybe and iphone yes, but a blackberry usually people will think you're taking notes. checking your watch is just rude period. usually if you're in a conference meeting people bring the following, pad for notes, laptop, blackberry, something to drink...

Since Bluetooth 4.0 is expected for June/July I will take the wait and see approach on this. With the new Bluetooth specs expected to increase battery life from days to months or even years i'm not rushing out and getting something that needs to be charged every 4 days under normal use when new specs can take that to months or more. Will be interesting to see what battery life they will get when they switch to the new standard.

i had this watch on my to get list, it was supposed to be released like last month. I dont know now though. If this phone only suppord BB's, then that may not be a good thing. They need to open it for other platforms like andriod, and wi7mo. Im not planning on having this tour forever and a lot of us may even try other phones, and i dont want to have this phone sitting on the dresser collecting dust if so.

Andriod is sluggish and you don't own your phone if you go with Apple. And as for windows moblie... WINDOWS enough said.

but it's been "in development" too long for me to preorder, I'll wait until it's actually being shipped, or maybe ver 2.0.

Erm, are you supposed to charge the watch? Like, doesn't it take a lot of power to do all of that stuff?

This isin't for me, but I"m sure it'll be for some people. If it connects to your phone via bluetooth why not just pull out your phone like others have mention. Also bye bye battery life of the phone it connects with thanks to bluetooth having to be on the whole time.

Pulling the phone with more buttons/options out of my pocket is free compared to a watch with limited capabilities and requires an added drain on my battery = fail.

Needs a Touch screen and a option of text reading before I pay $150 for this thing. I mean it look really slow and hard to use. I'm not sure if bluetooth eats your battery up or not but if it dose and you don't have the 9700 your phone is going to be dead a lot. And I don't see enough perks to spend $150 and have my phone in the wall for half the day. They should make that for people that don't have a nice phone and are ashamed to pull it out. But then they probly couldn't pay $150 for it but, $150? Are you serious and what's it do? Nothing that can't be done smoother and faster then with my Bold.

Amazing concept, but executed poorly.

Throw on a T9 keypad/touchscreen, and make it work even when you are no where close to your phone(say you left it in the car while you ran into a store, or left it at home on your way to work).

Those few things, and its a winner.

You may get knocked down in the playground, have your lunch stolen and possibly get a wedgie if you get caught wearing this thing!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.

This whole concept is bound for failure.

Notice how few people are commenting on it now, as compared with when it was first announced? Small indication of just how quickly people have lost interest in this non-starter.

Just my personal opinion.

I was going to preorder mine as well, but i think more can be added and will be added in the second release, like the storm 1 the second one was a huge improvement and even thou the storm 2 should have bin what the 1st storm was its sick to see that these developers know that they have to skimp on bringing out new stuff while taking your money, i will like to have it but i know there will be better models after this one. the good side of it is that its the first release of the watch. i might change my mind once i know how good the battery life is and how well it brings that information to my wrist. its a good thing to have when your in a rush out the door or forgot to check a todo.
Its never rude checking your wrist in a meeting unless your a inexperience child with no common knowledge that your meetings are on time with you.
if you have your hands full and i have many times and i get a notice it will sure be nice to see it even faster without having to pull out my berry every time.
Technology can get silly at times and vcan even get worse than before but this looks like it works, i don't need failures of the blue-tooth with a battery life of 9hrs, this thing has to last at least a minimum of 3days without a charge, if not ill be spinning.
I need more information on how this really works then ill decide, only fools judge something without having the solid hands on know how on what a device really does.
Also im sure there are people who get there hands dirty and will like a faster way of getting information with out touching there blackberry, this is the way so this has allot of potential for people.
trying eating with your hands or fixing your car, unless you got 4 arms or something. just looking at your wrist is way cool.

If your hands are full then you won't be able to use your watch... it takes holding your wrist out and another hand to press the button to cycle through. so if you have that much freedom and movement of your hands then taking out your BB should be just as easy. I'd like to see someone with there hands full using this watch in the real world. Dirty hands, your say? so you're going to put your dirty hands on your wrist and watch to press a button?

Going back to the hands full, eating, dirty, whatever... you're still going to need two fingers (empty hand) to press the button on the watch. Try it with your current watch fill both hands then reach for your watch

For me I have a job where I cannot always pull my berry from where I keep it. It would be nice to see what my messages are without digging. It would be nice to see if it is a important message or emergency so I know if I need to stop what Im doing to respond or if it can wait a little longer. So I will get it and try it.

I dont wear a watch so it wont help me , :p
..... I dont see how this helps you still have to push the buttons on that watch anyhoo, wow 150. dollars
I think if I had time to raise my arm and look at my wrist and push some buttons I could just check my berry instead, at least the screens bigger :p , hey make the screen on the watch as big as your berry screen why not hahahaha( a phone watch) , "fail"

God forbid you actually look at your phone. This is easily the stupidest accessory I have ever seen.

I'd rather tape my bb to my wrist with Duct tape.

Whoever buys this is drinking Blackberry flavored Kool-Aid!

a whole lot of hate but i actually think this is really cool. i mean kindly expensive when i could just pull the berry out and read an email or text but i love it!!!! probably going to have to get one.

Well I love my blackberry because I’m always connected now. Never again do I have to say oh I didn’t check my email yet I’ll have to wait till I get home. I always get my emails right in the palm of my hand, and entertainment too. I work long hours and they get kind of boring, now I can check all my favorite sights in the palm of my hand, news, weather, sports, and ebay, whatever!! And I can see what every body else is doing on twitter, facebook, even on black berry messenger and I’m never late for anything, well unless I want to be ha ha, with my calendar I can schedule all my doctor appointments and I’ll never miss a game again I can send the time the game starts right to my calendar and keep track of all the birthdays and never be the guy who remembers days later, “oh crap I missed my moms birthday”, not that its happened to me he he. I think I’m spoiled now. Because I’ll never buy just a cell phone again , Look at what I’ve been missing out on all this time and things well get better with new phones coming out like the blackberry storm 3 and I’m sure there’s more on the way too, and the crazy number of apps out there growing. I love my storm 2 I’m lost without it if I forget it at home I turn around and go get it, come to think of it, it’s always attached to me so I haven’t had to do that yet, but it’s like my lifeline to the world. I’m addicted to my blackberry.