WES 2010: Bloggers Reactions to BlackBerry 6, the Pearl 3G and More - Awesome Video!

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 May 2010 11:39 am EDT

Despite the screenshots that leaked the week prior, I honestly wasn't sure that RIM would even give us a sneak peek of OS 6.0 at WES. Suffice to say, even though it was a video preview vs. a live demo I was pretty darn excited and happy to see BlackBerry 6 get shown off (and I really like that RIM is going to brand it BlackBerry 6). As I said previously here on the blogs, based on the preview video BB6 looks pretty compelling. It keeps the best of BlackBerry and modernizes it with some of the features we have been seeing in other mobile operating systems and adds some new ones of its own. If RIM can execute and deliver an enjoyable and fast user experience, it's going to go a long way in keeping RIM fighting in the smartphone game.

But this is CrackBerry, and you know I LOVE BlackBerry, so we decided to have some CrackBerry.tv fun and see what other mobile bloggers attending WES thought about BlackBerry 6 and another big announcement at WES, the introduction of the BlackBerry Pearl 3G. Be sure to check out the video above... we've got lots of tech personalities chiming in here: Chris Ziegler from Engadget, Eric Zeman from Phone Scoop, Al Sacco of CIO, Andrew Munchbach of BGR and many, many more! Enjoy the show!!

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WES 2010: Bloggers Reactions to BlackBerry 6, the Pearl 3G and More - Awesome Video!


And not to comment objectively unless one has actually laid the grubby hands (or paws) on the product.
Hopefully its better than expected. Especially addressing concerns from developers.

Great to hear from the people about OS6, don't care much about the Pearl. But my excitement for the platform and future of it is gone. I'm more excited about moving on to the Nexus One that I ordered last night.

It's unfortunate but just like Palm back then, I had to move on for what I need my device to do in business but personal as well. I don't like carrying 2 devices, dealing with syncing between apps and other issues.

End of the day, our time is more valuable then spending it on trying to make things work the way we want it to instead of it just working. We all have different needs and RIM should split the departments to business and consumer I believe.

As someone who commented in the video, RIM has to balance the legacy of users in the enterprise and try to make consumers happy. I think it's been long enough, it's time to change it up. Palm waited too long.

I've had my Droid Incredible for a few days now and it is YEARS ahead of BB. Not only does it work extremely well, it's also fun to use. BB's have become typewriters in a world of computers.

As someone who primarily uses my BB for email, including multiple accounts on various domains, I actually feel the opposite about Android.

Computers improved upon what typewriters could already do, thus replacing them. I have yet to be shown an Android phone that can handle email as efficiently and securely and from as many different domains as my BB does. The analogy of typewriter to computer would be like comparing a PlayStation to a PC. I could say that my PS3 plays games much better than my PC does, so it's "years ahead of it"...but it would still be a false analogy.

Blackberry is trying to compete in a world where they get knocked for not being "fun", but at the same time hold on to their customers who have been loyal for years because of what they already do right.

I'm looking forward to Blackberry 6, but to be honest, I'm pretty happy with what I got now, and don't really care about having "fun".

Let's see how it runs on an actual device; however, the rather unnecessary and odd dancing video featuring Blackberry 6 put me into the "too little, too late" camp. Always a step behind RIM... Probably why my HTC Incredible is charging on my nightstand as I type this.

Pretty nifty device ain't it. I have to admit email works so much better on the BB like it should but for a simple delay and a little less convenient layout it is not going to get me to leave droidville. Im sorry its just a better device

No imap folder support for yahoo or gmail for BIS users and truncated emails? Android might not be as fast in delivery notifications, but it has better full email support. Too many times I had to use the web browser to access my folders or labels in my yahoo and gmail email accounts and it was frustrating because we all know how slow and sucky the bb browser is.

it's crazy but one of the things I actually like better about android is the email. My gmail arrives on my Nexus just as fast as it did on my 9000 but they look so much nicer and all the email features like syncing and labels, etc.. I've been thrilled. I feel like I'm more "connected" than ever.

The Incredible is really a device on a whole other level. I've only linked one email acct at a time to my Blackberries, and the Incredible is doing a great job pushing my messages to the phone. I've been hooked on RIM's devices for the last few years, but the Incredible was just too intriguing of a device to ignore--and I'm glad I didn't.

Why not get some reactions of the 9650? Couldn't care less for the Pearl 3G or the OS 5.5 (even if they call it BB6).

lol...loved that. My droid Incredible is providing sweet tunes while I watch my friend stream update, while I check the weather as if directed my Micheal Bay, while live wallpapers thrill me, as new messages scroll across the top of the screen in 3.7, 8 mega pix with 1 ghz snap dragon fashion.

Funny thing is that all happens when you first turn it on....LMAO

Like that guy said, people are saying too little too late. What could they do but duplicate whats already being done, and FAIL at that which is obvious cause that video of 6.0 showed Power Point grade scale transitions lol

Case closed.

Checked out my friends Incredible and its just that...Incredible. It blows the Iphone away and leaves every BB in the dust. I'll check out this new BB6 and see what it has to offer. If I'm not impressed I'm gonna jump ship soon...

i didnt see much new in BB6. i saw a few seconds of a webkit browser and some dancing. nothing that couldnt be accomplished with a new theme etc

Lets call it what it really is "os knock off android." I am hoping this OS 6 is close to the form factor of the android devices, having played with my father in laws droid, that os is nice, but i love my 9700, as i am probably wont give up my berry, Lets start work on the "IBerry" and quit screwing around!

I really feel for the guys at RIM. I watched that video of kevin with that RIM rep and he seemed so excited, genuinely excited. I just think it's going to take them some time(read years). But that is on the bright side, looking at the possible negative: what if RIM still thinks nothing is wrong? How does that bode for current users who want a more consumer oriented experience on par with the competition but in the Blackberry package?

There is no question that RIM is doing fine in the corporate area, but again, what does that mean for the rest of us who came on board with the original Blackberry Pearl 8100... and it's multi colored trackball? I feel they asked us in, and then showed us the door when it turned out they were more conservative(technologically speaking) than we.

First, great video guys! It's nice to put faces to the names you see daily, and get to hear the voice behind the story. CrackBerry.tv FTW! :P

Second, BB6 looks awesome, I can't wait to see it in action. Yes, the video RIM produced was short, and that's unfortunate, but I think that when it rolls out later this year, a lot of doubts will be put to rest.

That Ronen guy from berry review is retarded. Blackberry 6 is not RIM's attempt to make a comeback. The company was never in a situation of struggling to survive. A comeback would be like Palm coming out with webOS as the last hope to survive. Blackberry 6 is more like an upgrade to their current platform.

For a blogger, his comments were plain negative and I wouldn't care if he made a comeback.

end of the day, none of them or us saw the os6 on a device. so, too early to write off os6. The other thing i don't get is mostly people are comparing non-touch bb to touch devices.

a compelling case can be made for a new touch screen phone with physical keyboard. best of both worlds.

It is time to write RIM off for regular consumers and small business users. OS6 will be better than OS5 but by how much? As one of the bloggers said, app programming is just not there and never will be.

I hope there is more to this new OS than what was shown on the vid because I hate to say it I might just be dropping BB. I am waiting to be blown away by it to keep me at bay, but have a bad feeling that will not happen. It just looks like a repackaged OS 5 with a new feature here and there...nothing more. We shall see.

This video is epic. Great to see all the different viewpoints from people with (mostly) well reasoned opinions.

I like the Blackberry I have the curve 8520 I am getting another phone in the next few days, don't know if I want da bold or Iphone 3gs but Rim does have to step it up because as a Rim customer I shouldn't be contemplating jumpin ship

Pearl 3g looks kinda cool, hmmm... ima check it out when it comes out thwe white and the fusion red haha looks cool, anyways good job kevin.

The tone in these interviews was much more positive and nuanced than the reaction on blogs and the podcast. On the podcast everyone panned OS6, on video they all have a better appreciation of it.

I wonder if being on video moderated the reactions?

It's very clear to me from these blogs, that RIM doesnt want to totally revamp the OS becuase of the possible effects it would have on the Enterprise Business customers. It's also very discouraging to see one of their own even state that OS 6 is more like 5 !!!!! WTF RIM. It's not going to take much more of this to push me over to a more consumer friendly device......
Come on RIM..... do you want to play with the Consumers or Business.

It's very clear that RIM has no interest in making a consumer based OS. They seem to only e concerned with the Enterprise Business market. I am a consumer and use my BB for personal use only. When I bought my first BB, it was the coolest device to have.... nothing compared to it.... even on a consumer market. But the competition has surpassed RIM for the consumer device. And as Matt Cameron (sp?) properly said in this video, OS6 is more like OS 5 !!! WTF RIM....
Im so close to giving up on you and getting myself a consumer device!!!! What a shame....

liking Blackberry. I see more Blackberry users daily than any phone out there. I am in the retail industry and have customers on a daily basis. I do see the iphone user, but honestly, mainly see the BB being used. I only use mine on a personal level and sometimes if I am off work and there is a conference call, I do use it. But not often for work related duties. I would like a better OS. But for the most part, I am happy. I loved the Tour but the trackball was a problem and after 4 of them, got the Curve 8530. I don't think it is a step down. I love this little phone. The track pad is awesome. I hope the new OS will be on the Curve when it is released.
If those of you aren't happy, then jump to another platform.
There is always going to be a BB user.

RIM created a product primarily for business users that became popular in the consumer market. This turned out to be both good and bad. Good for sales but bad because it came with higher changing expectations from a new customer base. I see a lot of people that say if you have a blackberry and want to switch to another phone you didn't get it for the right reason. I call bull! When I got my the 8330, it was the best smart phone choice IMO but now there is Palm, Android fighting for the same space.

I feel OS6 will be awesome for people that love Blackberry but if you love keeping up with changing tech you will always be disappointed with RIM. Is that RIM's fault? Probably not but it seems to be a good problem based on their sales and market share. RIM's core is business and they will not sacrifice it for the consumer space.

I love to see video's like this from you guys!!! it feels like an inside scoop of WES's "Inside Scoop"? If that makes sense. And to tell you the truth AZ sayin swoopish or sweepish had me drop my bold in my coffe!!

WES is not a consumer event, it's geared toward business that have / are deploying mobile solutions. RIM has a very large enterprise market that buys a large amount of devices (quarterly). While the consumer market is important they are not about to abandon what they have and provide all these enterprise customers. Consumers want flashy UI and media centric functions - Blackberry is not that device.

OS 6 was seen for maybe 10 mins in a marketing video, I would like to actually see it perform before bemoaning how nicer Android, iPhone etc is. I am not a GUI fan, the first thing I do is turn off as much as possible as I actually want to use the device. Where is the line between flash and function? Would a flashy GUI be desired at the expense of 4hr battery life?

When RIM shows some market decline you'll see them respond but when you have YOY growth, untapped markets expanding and increasing demand for your product you don't make drastic changes.

I'm a consumer user and love my BB Bold 9700, if you want BB to be something els...then get that device. And for you new "Incredible" users, go to androidcentral.com with your "Android is better then BB" comments..btw, don't cry when Verizon don't keep you os up to date and when the next os release and it wont be compatible with your phone cause of HTC sense. For the ones who crying that there outdated BB isn't getting the new os or webkit and the bought it 2 years ago, well look at the g1,MyTouch 3g, HTC Hero and Droid Eris, they came out 2 years ago and do any of these phone has 2.1??? no!!! So it'll be a year when your lil droid wont have the latest over there also.

Couldn't have said it better myself. Kevin should rename this site "HateBerry.com" since it's now infested with BlackBerry haters who are not even using a BlackBerry and have nothing better to do than log on here and type replies that have nothing to do with the topic of conversation. It's a BlackBerry web site - haters need to go since you obviously don't understand all of the BlackBerry advantages.

Interesting that they post here...what for? Let's stick to the RIM discussion. Many are bashing the BlackBerry 6, never having tried it. RIM will be successful with this new OS...watch and see. The average purchaser is not as particular as the posters on this BB. Watch the buzz that will happen!

Couldnt agree more with sk8er_tor comment, this site is for BB lovers not haters.

Lets give RIM a break and actually see what os 6.0 looks like on an actual phone before slaughtering it.

Maybe we could also ask why HERO users are still on 1.5 and the upgrade to 2.1 keeps getting put back ?

I for one, still think that overall BBs are still the best phones out there.

Looking at the Roger's release notes about launching Pearl 3G, it says: "Gradient red finish, available in Canada only from Rogers".. But no other colours are listed. I want pink!! What is the point in RIM releasing the Pearl 3G in all these lovely colours if we don't even get the option of choosing one of them? I really hope it's not coming in just the one colour. Any ideas?