WES 2010 BlackBerry Solution Showcase CrackBerry Tour with Mike Kirkup of RIM

By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Apr 2010 06:40 pm EDT

WES 2010 is now over and the CrackBerry crew is back home recovering from a couple of crazy days. While the big news of the event has been covered on the site already -- BlackBerry 6, BlackBerry MVS, BlackBerry Pearl 3G and BlackBerry 9650 -- we still have a ton of WES posts coming your way over the next week. This year we kicked things up a notch and introduced CrackBerry.tv at the event. When our friend Ewan MacLeod wasn't reporting for his sites (MobileIndustryReview; MobileDeveloper.tv) he put on the official CrackBerry.tv shirt and hat and we put him to work behind the BIG camera. Leaving WES we have literally hours of raw footage that we'll be producing down into some sweet pieces you'll be able to find right here.

First up we have our BlackBerry Solutions Showcase CrackBerry Reality Tour.  I've been to four WES events now, and I've noticed the tradition that every year RIM's Founder and Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis makes a tour of the Solutions Showcase, checking out the cool things BlackBerry partners are up to. Playing off that notion and with help from Mike Kirkup, RIM's Director of Developer Relations, we did up our own CrackBerry tour. It's 9m30s of non-stop action that puts you right there at WES.... grab a drink, sit back and hit play above. Enjoy the show!!

Reader comments

WES 2010 BlackBerry Solution Showcase CrackBerry Tour with Mike Kirkup of RIM


Seemed strange that some of the devices were a little old. Some of these guys could use some upgrades. Make you think their primary device is not a BlackBerry. Apps not really that exciting. Vlingo seems to outclass most of the other apps in the short video. Would a rep ever tell you their app wasn't a must have?

what can i say? i love to dance. lol. yeah... Adam and Bla1ze kept telling me to watch the microphone action... I'm pretty jumpy with it.  Contemplating hitting up a summer broadcasting class or something to work on the interviewer/interviewee skills. Could be time well invested.

Would be REALLLLY nice to be able to watch these videos in fullscreen, as opposed to having to navigate to YouTube to do it.

I love that .. thats exactly what I was talking about Kevin ! more more

CB TV is where its at !@#

Yeah my thoughts exactly...lol. The hell with the apps, I want to know why we can't buy any CB apparel in the store? Nice job on the video, looks like you had a lot of ground to cover while you were there, yes I envy you for sure!!

If Vlingo works for that chick representative, who sounds like she just finished up a pot of coffee on the side, I will buy it- FOR sure.

Crackberry.tv, coming to a city near you! (Don LaFontaine voice). Where will they show up next? I'm with olemil, I want a t-shirt. Some of those stickers Bla1ze had on Twitter would be cool too. Or are those the stickers for when you order stuff from the Crackberry.com store? Anywho cool video!

Wasn't sure I could use most of the Apps, but I loved Vlingo and Cogenta Sys.

Off to look for the downloads now!!!


You can always tell when a crackberry user is on the other side of the camera by the "morse code" noise made by the blackberry when it's receiving data near A/V equipment...

This was totally cool, very informational.. i wana create an app now.. keep up the good work!! I love crackberry.com!! CHEA, it just makes have a blackberry so much more exciting.

Thanks to Kevin and the team for showcasing some real innovation on the BlackBerry platform, from everyone at Team Widality.