WES2009: Twitter Contest to Get Ready for The Lounge!

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Apr 2009 02:11 pm EDT

The Lounge Twitter Contest!

A Twitter Contest to Win Prizes and Get Ready for The Lounge @ WES2009

So, with just 1 week to go, here we go with a contest to get us all ready for WES2009. This year The Lounge, sponsored once again by BoxTone, is both on-site and on-line here at CrackBerry and at BoxTone. So, whether you are going to WES in person or not, you can still get connected and share in the info. To stay up with the latest you can follow The Lounge on Twitter @BoxTone_Lounge or Facebook group BoxTone_Lounge.

To kick things off, starting today, BoxTone is going to have a daily drawing of BlackBerry laser etched cases courtesy of Coveroo. To win all you have to do is signup and follow @BoxTone_Lounge on Twitter. Each day they will randomly pick and announce a winner.

And to really make things interesting, there will be a BIG Prize offered up once 1,000 Tweeters are following @BoxTone_Lounge. Yes that's right, when @BoxTone_Lounge hits 1,000 followers, a winner will be randomly selected from the first 1,000. The prize is under wraps for now, but you watch for hints on the Twitter feed along the way. One thing is for sure, it's something high performance that everyone wants! You can check into our WES 2009 page (crackberry.com/wes2009) to hear who wins each day.



I'm lucky #145 to follow them! Yay!!


Can't I just post something here to win? ha! Just kidding, of course. I'm following at twitter and you can follow me @agentscribe...no cool tech tips, but you can follow along as I go from 230 lbs down to 200 or less.


'something high performance that everyone wants' - Not a Storm then!


I think the Grand Prize is a Hooters Girl!


Looks to me like BoxTone is sleeping on the job. Its now April 29th. Twitter feed said they would announce the winner for yesterday before midnight. I'm pretty sure its past midnight on every timezone, slackers.


i'am ready for anything free from Crackberry.Make it happen


New berry girl here....what is a twitter?


Found out I will be attending! See you there.