WES 2009 Special Edition Wrap Up Podcast!

By Kevin Michaluk on 8 May 2009 05:02 am EDT

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* Note - we're still having some issues with our iTunes and standard podcast feed, so you may have to just download the mp3 directly at this link or listen in the player above (hopefully the player will work for you... it's being a bit wonky too). Thanks for the patience!

WES 2009 is officially over. We still have some posts from the show to come your way over the days ahead, but we wrapped up our live coverage with a BIG CrackBerry podcast. We have plenty of guests on this show, including a return from RIM's Manager of Developer relations, Mike Kirkup! This show is a marathon, so if you make it to the end be sure to drop a comment and let us know. We'll see you at WES 2010!!!

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Show Details:

  • Recorded: Thursday, May 7th, 2009 from 1:30pm to 4:00am
  • Show Length: 1hour 52 minutes
  • File Size: 38.6MB

Reader comments

WES 2009 Special Edition Wrap Up Podcast!


Kevin and the guys,

Yet again another very informative podcast. Yet again pretty funny as well. Liked how the conversation started how pretty much any other face to face conversation with new friends/people start..... credit crunch and swine flu!

What happened to people talking about the weather?

Glad I listened to this one I never heard of DreamThemes before so checked out their site and they have some really cool stuff on their.

Keep up the good work!

Danny (365)

I waited all day yesterday for this podcast to show up and of course I was totally let down, but after listening today you guys "Totally redeemed yourselves." (I know you know what movie that is from.) Lots of awesome guests, and cool topics. I think the 7 Digital app is really neat. Lol to surprising Mike with the "new" phone. Good stuff.
I would totally wear a BB shirt, I would like one! I want a picture of what yours looked like Kevin. Good job and sounds like you all had a great time. Wish Clintro and I could've drove over, maybe next time.

Great Effin Podcast! I thought my friday couldn't get any better. lol! Nothing like hearing you guys together, having fun, the guests were very good, information was still there in a very fun way. Bla1ze at the end, "yup, That's it!" lol ! you guys sound so HAMMERED! Get er done! I listen to quite a few podcasts and have to say this is the best and you guys have been holding that tittle for a while in my opinion. Keep up the great work, I went into listening to the podcast a little upset about the non-existence of the 9630 at WES but I guess being there is different as I heard all of the fun you guys had! I wanna see the blackberry chic shirt post it up!

Try a program called PODTRAPPER. Works great, my podcasts download as soon as they are released via WIFI while I sleep and are ready for me in the morning.

I was beyond tired. We actually had to set an alarm to get up so we could finish the cast before we left. It was honestly very painful - but I'm glad it all came out well in the end :)

Both entertaining and informative at the same time. Kevin, you guys need to go to G4 or Spike to get you a TV show. I really see that in your future. A weekly Crackberry show would be a great concept.

hi guys once again another quality podcast, managed to do it all in one sitting!! made me laugh when your saying about data and stuff like huge tarriffs, i only get 500 meg a month, which is kinda bad i guess, an every month i notice my data use jus goin up and up! and yea you all sounded properly tired by the end of it, trust me i know what its like, kinda didnt see the time tuesday night and went all the way through, then work!! (that was very hard) anyways keep it up guys, and i jus wanna mention that im doing some themes, for sale thru the app store, of which ALL the money raised is going to charity.

till the next podcast!!

It was a long podcast but it was a great one. It was great hearing from all the developers and RIM people. I would love to have a CrackBerry t-shirt. You should do a contest for them. Also the stickers would be awesome to have. Keep up the great work guys.