WES 2009: BES 5.0 Goes Live!

By Bla1ze on 4 May 2009 02:57 am EDT

In what has got to be the one of the most anticipated launches to come from RIM in the form of software, it's finally here and available for all! BES 5.0 has officially launched and is now available for purchase and also comes with the offering of a 60 day free trial.

The enhancements seen in BES 5.0 are all welcomed changes. Here's a short list of some of whats new:

  • Advanced manageability through a new administrative user interface
  • Enhancements to application management and deployment capabilities with the use of the BlackBerry Administration Service
  • Easily move BlackBerry smartphone users between separate BlackBerry Domains with the BlackBerry® Enterprise Transporter
  • High availability to maximize system uptime and minimize unplanned downtime
  • New end-user productivity features such as on device file exploration through network servers
  • Monitoring overall system health, including alerts, troubleshooting, and reporting
  • Seamless upgrade from earlier versions of BlackBerry Enterprise Server software to BlackBerry Enterprise Server software version 5.0 means reduced time frames for full implementation.

For more information, be sure to check out all of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server documentation that RIM has made available including complete details for Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Domino and much more.

Complete BES 5.0 Details At The BlackBerry Enterprise Server Homepage >>

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WES 2009: BES 5.0 Goes Live!


Does this mean OS 5.0 for our blackberries will be launching in the near future? I know a lot of people have pegged its release to BES 5.

Please tell me that i still get to keep my blackberry professional server???? Will there be a BES 5.0 lite for us BPS users?

I am not going to pay $5000 for my single user BES implemntation. i really hope they are going to do something like they do now, 1 free license copy of 5.0.

yeah, i think an os release that makes owning a storm less embarassing is anticipated by.....well...every storm owner

Are you serious? With BES being a driving force in business, powering countless BBs throughout the business world, you think the Storm OS is more anticipated? Look, get your head out of the sand. A new OS for your made-for-tween fail of a phone is nowhere near as big as a new BES.

Using 27 Storms on a BES and working fine, have them using 133 without issue. I think what most Storm users are waiting for (in the US) is an updated release from VZW not the .75 they are still offering. So I think what is hoped for is a 5.0 OS release by VZW to go with the new BES. Unfortunately this will push Businesses to BES 5 which may mean more cost and no matter how many times I have asked VZW I still have no upgrade path or pricing on this matter. bearinf in mind my BES install is less than 45 days old.

Does this include Blackberry Professional Software? Does the small business owner/operator get the same benefits (and I've installed a couple only recently... any idea if there's a free update?)...


this should be free for everyone.

i dont even know what a BES is, but i do know they shouldnt charge us for it.

Everyone knows this is the back end server and not the device OS, right? The device OS (for say, the storm) will most likely be a free update (as all previous OS updates have been to my knowledge).

Apparently, no one here understands what any of this means. They think its an update to their Storm and they're going to have to pay money for it.

I might sound really dense right now, but what is this?? This isn't Desktop Manager 5.0, is it?? Someone please explain...

Ok, here is the explanation for the people who don't know what this is. If you are in a corporate environment and your Blackberry is configured to work with your work email using a Blackberry Enterprise Server then you might see new features if your administrator decides to upgrade. To the average user this means nothing since you aren't connecting to a server like this.

Anyone know if there is a new version of Blackberry Professional Software Express too?

Thank you so much! I'm glad it's not Desktop Manager for all of us that are not on the BES. I assume they will release that soon...or so we all hope!

knee jerk reactions from the lot of you. Did any see the, for more information on BLACKBERRY ENTERPRISE SERVER click here? Wow, just wow.

The crazy responses from Storm owners to this story perfectly highlights the BB knowledge and technical expertise that these fan-boys possess. How can anyone trust a user review when these people understand this story to mean "Storm owners must pay for an upgrade".

I'm glad you guys peg your self worth to using devices that are older and/or less advanced than the Storm. The Storm is obviously going to bring more people into the BB fold and they need to be shown the ropes... but you guys go ahead and huddle with your 8330 buddies and make fun of the newbz... while your devices fade into obsolescence.