WES 2008 Schwag Giveaway!!!!! Win Big!

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 May 2008 02:56 pm EDT

WIN BIG in CrackBerry.com's WES 2008 Schwag Giveaway!

You didn't think I'd come home from WES 2008 empty handed did you? Before the event came to an end I made a final sprint around the Solutions Showcase and gathered up all of the Schwag I could carry and pack into my suitcase.  Luckily, I packed light so I'd have lots of room to bring home the goods so we could give it away to our loyal members!!

WES 2008 Schwag Giveaway Contest Details 

Since it's WES Two Thousand and EIGHT, we have EIGHT great prizes up for grabs:

  • 3 WES Schwag Packs - Each Schwag pack will consist of a Viigo bag packed with WES goodies: a PhoneTag t-shirt, BoxTone Lounge Ace t-shirt, Google Maps t-shirt, an OtterBox case and an assortment of of schtuff (will vary as I don't have 3 of everything) including bplay wrist sweatbands, Sprint phone chairs, WorldMate pens (that have a 1 gig jumpdrive built in!), luggage tags, BlackBerry caps and more!
  • 5 Unify4Life Prize Packs - Pumped to be named a Best of WES 2008 Winner, Unify4Life has sweetened the prize pool and will be giving 5 CrackBerry.com members the Unify4Life BlackBerry Remote ($100 value) and a Unify4Life Polo Shirt!

How to Enter:

  • LOGIN to CrackBerry.com (you need to be a member - Register Here)
  • Leave a Comment on this Blog Post or Make a Post on the WES 2008 Schwag Giveaway Contest thread in the CrackBerry forums
  • Tell Us: a) your favorite thing coming out of WES 2008 this year or b) what you hope to see at WES 2009 or c) what you'd like to Win and Why!
  • Contest Closes midnight CST on May 31st
GOOD LUCK to EVERYONE and a BIG THANKS to all of the companies who provided the Awesome Schwag for this event!

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Reader comments

WES 2008 Schwag Giveaway!!!!! Win Big!



Good grabs this time around! I can't wait for Sprint to offer the 9000! And I love the F^CK Voicemail shirts! Hope I win!

I think the best thing coming out of WES might just have to be the BlackBerry Bold Announcement. It looks like an amazing machine and I can't wait to get my hands on one. Also, my little Pearl I use now would sure love to get its roller ball on a Unify4Life BlackBerry Remote... hey hey hey?

Alot of cool stuff coming out of WES 2008. For me it is the software. I am looking forward to Viigo Tango and am enjoying my beta test of Vlingo.

c) what you'd like to Win and Why!
Answer: Unify4Life BlackBerry Remote. The power to be able to control so many devices from my Blackberry would be incredible. Only, if it could put my baby to sit :-).

I'd like to win the WES Schwag Pack....I love me some Google Maps and would proudly wear a Google Maps t-shirt!! Also, having an OtterCase would be cool!

A)Blackberry Bold and of course Unify4Life remote, is awesome!!
B)A New Blackberry smartphone, better, faster, unique. A new smartphone that allow us to do everything, like a laptop, so in the future, there dont exist laptops, only Blackberrys!!

As a newbie Blackberry user (I just got mine on Tuesday and was addicted to it before I got it), I'm not sure what I'm excited about from WES 2008 or what I'd like to see at WES 2009, but I do know that I would love to have one of those Scwag Packs; I don't know that I have too much use for the Unify4Life devices, even though it does look might cool.

Thanks for such a great site. Just in the past 3 or 4 days I have gleaned a lot of information about using (and abusing) my new BB and have already used the instructions on de-nuking my device (I am a tinkerer and hosed it the first night).

I would love to have the Unify4Life BlackBerry Remote. controlling everything with my blackberry will make me the coolest guy of all my friends!!!

a) favorite thing is the Unify4Life (not a very cool name for such a cool product)
b) I don't know the timeline for the release of the touchscreen BB but I want to see it. I wouldn't buy it because i like the physical keyboard but it sounds cool.
c) i want to win the Unify4Life - it looks awesome even though it was hard to see the gui in the video review

-great job on all the WES coverage and on the BlackBerry Bold. My productivity at work was way down for the last 2 or 3 weeks thanks to crackberry.com

My compliments to the Crackberry staff on their outstanding coverage of this years WES conference. A job well done!

My favorite thing coming out of WES 2008. The Blackberry Thunder!!! I can't wait for this to come out and shoot the hell out of the IPhone.

winning the Schwag pack would be awesome..then I could rub it in everyones face here (mainly the Crackberry fanatics) that I won...woohoo!!!


i would like to see a holster with a slimline-battery built in that charges your phone (minimally) while in the holster. Subsequently, you can charge the holster. This will ensure that you will always have an extra bit of juice...

A-The on location podcasts where awsome.
B-A Blackberry with laser beams.
C-I want to win the scwag pack because I need some new T-Shirts.

I was really excited to see the remote in action. Looks pretty sweet. Although I have a universal remote, one for my curve would be awesome.

I'd love to win the F>CK Voicemail shirt because I hate it whenpeople leave voicemails like they are standing there having a conversation with you and it takes forever to listen to the thing. & then when it"s over there"s another from the same person just as long!

Throw shum schwag my way. That Unify4Life is tight. If I had that I would really throw it in the face of all my friends with iPhones!

let me win the unify4life pack, I'm a college student with zero money, this would be sick to have so I could chill after football practice and control EVERYTHING, thanks Kev

I am a newbie here been on for a month or so. i have found this site very helpful in the blackberry community. I have gotten great info on my new curve and its release on sprint. Man what a thread that was!!!!!

So if you guys are offering some free stuff up, well tht has my name all over it. I would love a otterbox for my curve if avail and I get chosen, Perty please with sugar on top.

K well i gotta go eat now, so ty for the consideration and oh yeah ty for having n awsome site


bold would be nice to have bet my dadwould e cckbery adict let alon an actual cell phoneuser if he realized he could use it as a remote

For sure, the best thing of WES is the BB Bold.
And the Otterbox case sure would be nice to have.


I would like to win because my curve is taking a real beating (I mean like now it has no outer screen beating.) and I need that otterbox case! But other than that, t-shirts, pens with flash drives and software are great too!

I look forward to a few things, first of course is the BB Bold on AT&T sometime between now and September, next is Viigo Project Tango and how great that will be with the BB Bold and its 1GB of storage space (now I am willing to make full use of RSS on my BB), finally of course is the Unity4Life and what I heard on the podcast about the program guide, scheduling shows etc. These were great things and really set the second half of 2008 for me.

You guys just don't quit! This is outstanding....! Long live CRACKBERRY.COM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i would love the 'f>ck voicemail' shirt... because everyone knows i hate checking my voicemail.....

I think the Unify4Life Remote was the most interesting thing to come out of WES this year. I'm just not sure about that price point.

Best thing is the BOLD, plus what I'd like to get is something involving a t-shit I haven't done laundry in awhile and I'm starting to smell.

The thing that I was most interested in from WES2008 was the rumors/news of the Touch screen BB for Verizon Wireless - the "Thunder".

Thanks for all the great info and pod casts.


Favorite thing: BB Bold, although the Unify4Life is right up there also!

WES2009: I can only imagine what will be dreamed up this year!

Win: Either would be awesome! The idea of controlling the television, stereo, iPod remotely, absolutely insane! The Schwag Bag would be sweet as well (3 tshirts and more goodies!)

Why: Cause I can.

My compliments to the Crackberry staff for their coverage of the WES 2008. Outstanding updates from Flickr to frontpage. Great job to all!!

*I would like to enter the WES Schwag contest!
*Also what I liked that came out from WES 2008 oddly enough was one little application that was mentioned from the Best of Wes Awards article. It was the AlertMatrix app by REXwireless. As big of a tech freak I am, surprisingly this app really was my fav to learn about. Reason it's my fav is because my husband has been deployed and during times I'v had my phone on silent or vibrate I have missed his call/text/and or emails. Needless to say I'd loved to have known he was calling or what-have-you so I could speak to him. So this little app really intrigued me and I'd definatly get it.
* If I won I'd like the WES Schwag pack. I love techie stuff first of all and little company knick-knacks like T-shirts and pens and hats and I'm super clumsy and get scared to carry my beautiful Blackberry Curve for fear of scratching it LOL, so an Otterbox would be awesome. Plus I live by Goole Maps and sporting their T-shirt would be hot LOL. Well hope I win..keeping my blackberries crossed!!

Hey im a new blackberry user and I love it. I would love to see Rim introduce a touch screen with a roll out keypad in next year's WES. I love my curve but I think I would divorce it for that kind of phone.

peace Chiva

The Unify4Life Blackberry Remote is definitely the coolest thing to come out of the WES. My friends Sony Ericsson hasa feature similar to the remote, and I always wanted it.

At WES 2009, I'd like to see a BlackBerry for CrackBerry users that has a 4 inch wide screen in landscape mode, has some touchscreen features but comes with a real thumb keypad, has 64 GB micro SD card capability with future support for 128 GB cards when they are on the market in late 2009, a native GPS that cannot be blocked by any cell provider, and to top it off a 5 MB camera/video camera capable of being used for live video-conferencing. The camera will be mounted on the screen side of the BlackBerry so users will able be able to see the other videocaster. This would mean that a BlackBerry could really be used for working without walls. Current BlackBerry's let you work without walls, meaning you can be connected as long as you have a signal but video conferencing with a BlackBerry would let you visually connect with your network of users where ever you are. Am I asking too much? I don't think so!

I am a teacher in my 50's. I have the only blackberry in my school except for the principal and he's a guy. I need to up my coolness factor even more by having and wearing the swag!!! I will practically be an icon in the teachers room. I not only have a bb but I can use it.

i left a comment on page 2 about the contst, but last night i had a dream that i actually had the unity4life BB remote, and it was amazing! it was one of those dreams that seemed so real, then i woke up, and looked at my berry and realized it was a dream... ugh!

Definitely would like to win the WES swag pack. I mean, the unify4life remote is fancy and all, but it's just not something I'd use, I'm all for the function. Definitely could use the geeky t-shirts more, I mean, how much time does a computer science major really have to go out shopping for new clothing? Tshirts >>> Shinies.

Are you kidding me? Count me in!!!! I would love to have one of those unify4life remotes! Imagine being able to whip out your crackberry and turn on your Hi-Def TV or listen to some tunes. Awesome product!!!

I would love to win one of the WES Schwag Packs because I need some cool t-shirts! One of my favorite things to come out of WES 2008 was the Unify4Life BlackBerry Remote. I love my BlackBerry as it is, but with U4L, my BB would be incredible beyond belief.

Shwing Shwing, thats some hot stuff there. I am hoping 4.5 for my curve comes out and some new blastin software I can use to keep my wife in check due to her nymphomania... Any cheers and thanks!

This is the release I look the most forward to, as Viigo is currently one of the apps I use on my BB. Now send over the Shwaaaag!!!!!

Awesome info on this site and awesome contest!

a) Unity4Life is pretty cool

b) Better remote capabilities software integration for my laptop and blackberry - multimedia freak!

I'm banking on my CB.com contest luck to come through again for one of those Unify4Life prizes :)

I hope to see some crazy, high-quality stuff coming out of RIM HQ at WES 2009! Something like the Bold, but smaller, sleeker, with a great browser, a full VGA display, and a 5MP autofocus cam with a brighter flash. Talk about high-hopes! Oh, and fix those damn issues with the trackball giving out after a couple months, RIM!

Also, I'd love to win the Unify4Life Remote... it looks/sounds sick!

i thibk all the new gadgets and software are great and i am looking forward to all the crackberry users responses to them

The BOLD is by far the best news coming out of WES and in 2009 maybe World Peace? lol. I'd like to win the Schwag Pack cuz I'm working to pay for college right now and dont got the money to buy too much for my Pearl

i've been scouring the internet for more info on the forthcoming Bold....since i didn't make it to the WES, visiting crackberry.com on a daily basis has been my refuge!

I love gadgets and toys anything electronic and I am so in. I am so hooked, to win some free stuff would make it better. love the phone the best purchase so far.

It's hard to refrain from grabbing a 'berry from a neophyte and fixing it up like mine... lol

I am a virgin when it comes to both Crackberry.com and Blackberry. I just received mine in the mail today, thank you very much, and already ready to buy apps. But seeing how this is my first time, I would like to ask you to NOT be gentle and to bestow all your good WES 2008 Schwag lovin' on me.

I wish I could have attended WES 2008. But I so can't wait to pick up a Bold. I'd love to win the schwag. The PhoneTag shirt is hot!!! And the Unify4Life remotes seem throughly interesting.

Well, this is all new to me. I've been a PDA user for years, ever since they came out. I now own my first Blackberry and I chose the BBCurve... OMG... I love it. It does everything and then some. I'm still learning about all the cool stuff and this website really is a great help. I would love to Win any of those bags, as it would greatly enhance the power of BB. Thanks. CG


I'm a new Blackberry Pearl owner (less then 3 weeks!) and I'm loving it. The info to come out of WES 2008 was great, and personally I'm looking forward to the possibilities to expand the already amazing usefulness of my Blackberry through Unify4Life.

I'd take whatever you wanted to give me!

I like all the pictures and the videos from the bootleg bold. It will be exciting once it is finally released. Glad to see T-Mo might get the jump on the competetion with that one... :)

I've always been a gadget guy, but since becoming part of the Crackberry Family I'm gettin' out of hand. I want all those goodies!!!

a) My Favorite thing coming out of WES 2008 is the new additions to Viigo! Since I have had a crackberry (curve) I found out about Viigo on this site and my love for blogs has since grown a lot! I love reading blogs on the road now, it is a definite life saver when times are slow. It looks like the new developments of the next Viigo are going to make this THE application to have! Also the Remote!!

b) It will be great to see the evolution of the BOLD at WES 2009. Even though it would have had a year to work out any kinks, I can't wait for new developments for the BOLD. Like, a LogMeIn style application for any of the blackberries. That will take the Crackberry to a whole new level. Everyone is moving to portability/mobility, and the Crackberry does just about anything one would want, so any more additions will be that much better!

I liked any and all new information re: the BB Bold. I think that phone will replace my girlfriend...=) Besides I want to win cool Schwag.

Add me to the list of schwag entrys.

A) Best thing for me was a tie between the BOLD and the Unify4Life announcement, really looking for this one and the control of my home theater!

B) A touchscreen and Flip BB, I know they are coming...but I want to see a real one! :)

BTW, ya'll did and excellent job in covering WES.

For me, my favorite thing coming out of WES 2008 this year is the Unify4Life and the release of the Blackberry Bold. I personally think Unify4Life is one of the smartest and most useful Blackberry tools created. If I don't win it in this contest, I'll most likely buy it. At WES 2009, I would like to see future Blackberry models and more Blackberry softwares/tools like the Unify4life. I would like to win the Unify4Life to just to make my life that much easier for not having to pay for it and not have to waste that much more time of my life looking for the remotes. Thanks. :) Please Pick me!!!!! -Jordan

I tought the BOLD and Unify4life were the best of WES, looking forward to see the kickstart looks like it could be interesting to try it...haha...it would be awesome to win the unify4life, but i'm not picky so i'll take anything of those COOL giveaways.....the viigo bag looks really cool

I am new to blackberry and since I am a single mother of two young kids I couldn't go. I will be getting the BOLD when it comes out and love the updates you give on viigo.
Thank you for them even turned a few friends onto you.


I love the 9000 series debuted at WES. I will be getting one of those as soon as they are available for T-Mobile!

The Unify4Life remotes look very cool. Being a gadget freak I am looking forward to getting my hands on one of those!

Keep up the good work.

I would be happy to win anything, but a bb remote would be awesome. At next years show I hope to see some new applications that can take bb past the hype of the ipod phone.

For me the BB Bold was the best news that came out of WES.
I hope to win the schwag pack, put me in list

Best regards

A) BLACKBERRY BOLD....i will be buying one
C) i love the F*ck voicemail t-shirt....i am known to not check my voice mail and request texts or emails....

I loved the updates from WES. The BOLD looks way cool, but as I'm still totally infatuated with my curve I've got to go with unity4life as my fave. Love those remotes!

My favriote thing about the 2008 WES was the unify4life review. This product was covered very well at the show and I cannot wait to get my hands on it. Do you have any idea how much this product will save me during the 2008 football season. I have a tendency of launching the remote while my Patriots are playing. My wife calls it anger i call it passion for the game.Keep up the awsome job guys this web site rocks.

This years WES was pretty awesome. Of course the blackberry bold was very interesting however controlling your home theater from your berry is too cool to pass up. Next year i would like to see more Mac integration or support. Its a difficult thing to be a mac user in the blackberry world. and i would "like to win" because that "F>ck Voicemail" t-shirt is sweet. I have to have it!

I love crackberry prizes... now if I could just win one.
a) The Blackberry Bold!
b) The Blackberry Thunder!

Thanks crackberry.

New to this news!! WOW the world of BB is so broad with new innovations almost daily. The best were showcased at WES.

It's like I missed BlackBerry Woodstock.
A momento would be very cool though.the best of the best would be Unity for life-makes life worth living. Otterbox is the best invention since the carseat - to win that kind of safety for my baby Curve would be cool.

Thanks CrackBerry for the play by play.

not exactly sure how to enter but i made my comment! :) lol w00t i <3 my crackberry.. id love to win a new BB Bold or anything BB related..

Hey put me on the list. I have a 3 year old and he is tough on things, even my Blackberry when he gets his hands on it which seems something he likes to do. I'll take anything you have.

I would like to see BlackBerry 10K or 20K Series ^_^ and maybe 3rd party software which I can remote my car from my blackberry :)

These are some good prizes, one prize that I would like to have is get the change to go to WES 2009. Just to really see what happenes and to get the real feeling and knowledge about the products thats coming out.

It KILLED me not to be able to go. I live in Fort Lauderdale (basically right down the road from Orlando). Alas, I could not get out of my J-O-B. Too bad I am not a Blackberry Administrator, then I would have been there. I am new to Blackberry's but totally addicted to my 8310. I have every cool app available on it. I was hoping they would release OS 4.5 during the opening ceremony, but oh well, the wait continues. . . .

Some sweet swag would make it almost seem like I was there. . . .

a) The BlackBerry Bold 9000 Introduction!
b) We hope to see Kevin's ideal device of the BlackBerry with the retractable keyboard and projection screen.
c) I'd like to win it all because I'm a student and I'm poor. And...I devote my time to BlackBerry lovers out there by posting about celebrities and their BlackBerrys (CelebrityBlackBerrySightings.com). That's true BlackBerry love.

Hey CB..

thanks for the give aways... you are now one of my new favorite sites...

a) for sure the BB Bold

b) Touch Screen BB

c) Either prize is good because i can use either one.


BOLD is the new BLACK, and GPS is the new Camera.
At the 2009 WES I want to see more GPS applications developed as well as increased multimedia applications that make the Berries the ULTIMATE All-IN-ONE device. Gotta get back to work slinging those BERRIES BABY!!!

I was simply a caveman treo user using an OS that was frozen in time. You unearthed and thawed me. Your world is scary and frightening. Your phone tells me where I am. It's battery last forever and I can't understand why in a middle of important call your phone does not reset. Your software is responsive to my needs. I am confused.

I apologize, I need to go and respond to some email on my new curve and make some calls using voice dialing.

I would love the Schwag and Unity4Life Blackberry Remote. I promise I won't use it to start my fire to cook the sabertooth tiger I caught. Besides, I have reservations at The Ivy.

Looks to me the BEST thing from this years WES is Unity4Life. I'd love to win that fo sho!!

If I were able to attend WES 2009 I'd hope to MEET all the CB Brass! They're like celebs to me.
CB has helped me understand my BB better and has helped me when I needed a friend and a teacher. "CB COMPLETES ME."
Of course I'd love to see all the latest and greatest toys for my BB at WES 09.

<3 u guys.

I was all too excited when I heard about the new Bold from this year's WES. I'm patiently waiting for it's release!! C'mon T-Mo!

All best thing coming out of WES with the good brand items, and it is very easy to navigate to see all other items and more flexible for the shopping cart. I would like to win at least one item….!!!

I want to see a smaller than macbook Air device similar to the Palm Foleo. A smartphone companion that is basically a larger screen and keyboard for the blackberry. I want to be able to leave the blackberry in my pocket and be able to surf the web using the GPRS, EDGE, or WiFi connection on the blackberry and also use any sort of office apps to do work and write emails, etc. I would buy one today if it were around 100-200 dollars.

I hope I win one, but $100 is a small price to pay for something that could change the way we interact with media at home!

WES 2009, unify for life should link up with Netflix to download movies directly to your TV

I am already not so patiently waiting with money in hand for the bold! I wanted to go bad but am way to busy and have too much stuff going on! I would be the best winner ever because I never win anything so pick me for once please!!! I love you! ;-)

I'd love to win anything but I would especially like to try the unity remote, a one device or close to it lifestyle is closer than we all think. Good to everybody !!!

I'm a new Blackberry Pearl owner (less then 2 weeks!) and I'm loving it. The info to come out of WES 2008 was great, and personally I'm looking forward to Unify4Life.

I would be crazy happy to win anything :)

A: the blackberry bold
B: the new touchscreen blackberry
C: I'd like the WES, but i wouldnt mind the Unity4Life either

I want the Unify4Life remote...but then again who doesn't, but I'd just as easily settle for the chairs, just moved out into my own place and mortgage is gonna take up most of the money, so why not some free furniture?

well my entry is as follows:
I sleep with my 8320, i eat with my 8320.
I work with my 8320, i play with my 8320.
If i could leave my 8320 alone for 24 hrs i Sometimes wonder, how many times i would reach down to my pocket to wrap my fingers around it.
I use my 8320 while dancing with girls in the club, ive answered my 8320 or checked my new txt message while @#$%*#! and got scolded..... i went on a date and was told LEAVE IT IN THE CAR....and i did...
its next to me now, and its got a new backround :)

DAMN CRACKBERRY 8320!! hahah

MaysBerry -addicted 8320 user

WOW, where to start! I think the best thing to come out of WES 2008 was Unify4Life. Being able to control my TV, stereo, DVD player, etc. from my Blackberry? How col is that? To be able to take something that is not related to any of the above electronic devices and make it command all of them just totally blows my mind. I would like to see a lot more innovative and original apps in the future from WES 2009. I am sure this will happen. If you think about it, if someone can come up with Unify$Life, just imagine what could be next!! I would love to win anything from this contest. I don't have anything specific in mind because I would thouroughly enjoy any of the prizes. Thank you for this opportunity, and for all of the great coverage of WES 2008! Yours in Blackberry, Fantom1023.


...But I'd love to have the Unify life!! It has to be the coolest thing ever made! I just wish I'd thought of it first.

id like to win the unify4life remote because im in desperate need of a universal remote to handle all my electronics

I'm a new member and am super psyched about the Blackberry Bold. When it comes out, it'll be my first Blackberry... so I'm kind of excited about that. I'm only entering because I'm excited to be part of the BB community! Win or lose, I'm still buying the bold and will be checking this site daily for info!!!


I enjoy the site and hope to win one of the free prizes. I really like the unity for life prize pack. My wife is always controlling the TV when I go to bed; yes I've got the remote for the big screen (I am the man of the house), but I'm forced to watch celebrity gossip or a soap opera when I really should be sleeping or trying to enjoy a night of peace.
Having the features of the unity for life would make enjoying my own shows much, much easier.

Sign me up!
BB Pearl 8100

When I finally got a BB Curve from Verizon, I was so stoked. Verizon wireless is always the last to get the best phones. As soon as I got my BB Curve, I hear about the BB Bold, so I read an article about it and they compared it to being similar to the iPhone. So I called Verizon to see if they are going to be carrying the BB Bold in the future because I wanted to upgrade as soon as it comes out. They said "No, because the Curve is their newest product out". The feeling that I had after hearing that was like someone dangling a candy bar in front of a starving person. Verizon is so behind with the newest technology but their service is better than the ones that are carrying the best phones.
Anyway, I need some SCHWAG to help me get over the BB Bold ;-p

When I finally got a BB Curve from Verizon, I was so stoked. Verizon wireless is always the last to get the best phones. As soon as I got my BB Curve, I hear about the BB Bold, so I read an article about it and they compared it to being similar to the iPhone. So I called Verizon to see if they are going to be carrying the BB Bold in the future because I wanted to upgrade as soon as it comes out. They said "No, because the Curve is their newest product out". The feeling that I had after hearing that was like someone dangling a candy bar in front of a starving person. Verizon is so behind with the newest technology but their service is better than the ones that are carrying the best phones.
Anyway, I need some SCHWAG to help me get over the BB Bold ;-p

Remember the good old days in the 90s when EVERYONE had schwag? These days, it seems so hard to come by and very much sought after in our cubicles. ;-) Sounds like a good thread for Dilbert!

Nice job on the giveaway CB!

a) Most interested in Viigo Tango and the Unify4Life products
b) A BB "Bold" variant in candybar (81xx) form-factor
c) The Unify4Life would be an AWESOME addition! Convergence of electronic geekery is COOL!

The Bold is the best news out of WES by far! I'll be requesting one at work as soon as our BES Admins get their hands on them!

Add me to the contest list.

The Bold for sure was the most interesting thing to come out of WES this year and next year I'm just looking forward to a peak at the best RIM has to offer. The jumpdrive pen...bring it.

Ok so I have not had my blackberry that long but I am already hooked and Listen in to your Podcast on my way to work every Monday and check the news out here everytime I am on a PC.

I enjoyed your coverage of WES2008 and the Unify4Life stuff would be a great help as I sit in my house just now with 7 remotes sitting next to me for my AV setup and my blackberry and would love to take this down to just my Blackberry :)


Unity4Life and Bayalink's Liberty systems are right up my ally! Either one would be very cool! At any rate, free schwag is always welcome! Keep up the good work guys!

I'm really excited about unify4life! I wondering if they will have an app where you can use ur BB to control or desktop on ur PC. ie move the mouse with ur trackball.

There's not one thing that I could say was the best thing to come out at WES 2008. Technology is changing so fast these days. I just love going to the shows or reading about them to see what great new things have been developed and will be released to us common folk in the coming months. A big congrats to Crackberry.com for their coverage.

A) Fave thing to come out of WES 2008- Well not to be like everyone else but definitely the Blackberry Bold. It the newest blackberry, 'nuff said. But, with all the hype about the bold, I am still a big fan of the Blackberry Curve. (I wish I had one, I have a pearl) Its small (which I like) and it has a full keyboard (which I LOVE).
B)With all the hype over a BB flip you'd think I'd say that I'd want that for WES 2009.... but No! I would love something to the effect of the En-v. But since it would be Blackberry it would be SO much better than an En-v. I love the flip phone idea, but I want a full keyboard. So anyway to make those two come together would be a treat.
C) I'd like one of the Schwag Prize Packs because Viigo I check everyday and it would be cool to "REP" that on a backpack :). PEN/Flashdrives would be very conveinent for when im in class, taking notes and writing at the time. Tough Stuff. (And I think I spelled conveinent wrong, shows how well im doing in college.) The F>ck Voicemail shirt is great because I tend to mouth that word when I get a voicemail. You can never have too many shirts as well. One more thing, whatever the "more" happens to be in the "& more" part of the prize pack, I'd love to be the one to find out. :)

I wish everyone luck in the contest, I am sure someone will enjoy the great prizes.

I like unify4life system. It is amazing on how my BB can control so many electronics. I swear I will have to have a backup battery just in case with all of the usage I will do.

I hope next year that I see a blackberry with the ability to display a virtual hologram keyboard screen that would allow me to type on it with out using the smaller BB keyboard and visual screen would be nice as well. Imagine the possibilities of using the BB as a projector for powerpoint. Now that would be great for traveling to meeting and not having to cart around a projector or even a laptop. Very Cool I think!!!

Keep up the great work and thanks for helping me with all of my BB questions.

I am looking forward to the new BB Bold. But until it comes out I would love to receive the Schwag pack because I really want that Otterbox case and the worldmate pen. Thanks for keeping us so well informed on all things blackberry! I don't post a lot but I do get a lot of great help from this site.

I too got tons of schwag at WES. 17 teeshirts, a half-dozen jump drives, a Liberty jumpdrive, magic eight balls, luggage tags, Viigo bags, a combination pen/laser/flashlight from Cisco, and ton of other stuff...oh yeah and a barbeque fork, a dozen golf balls, a driver, and a golf bag. It was so much that I had to ship it home.

My name is Mark and I would love to win all these items. I am a big fan of viigo. I have to say I have never won anything in my life and it would just tickle me to death to win something. I fill out and enter everything but not one time have I ever won anything. Oh well such as life feels good to believe that you will win. Thank you so much for this website I enjoy visiting every chance I get. Keep up the good work.