WES 2008 Schwag Giveaway!!!!! Win Big!

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 May 2008 02:56 pm EDT

WIN BIG in CrackBerry.com's WES 2008 Schwag Giveaway!

You didn't think I'd come home from WES 2008 empty handed did you? Before the event came to an end I made a final sprint around the Solutions Showcase and gathered up all of the Schwag I could carry and pack into my suitcase.  Luckily, I packed light so I'd have lots of room to bring home the goods so we could give it away to our loyal members!!

WES 2008 Schwag Giveaway Contest Details 

Since it's WES Two Thousand and EIGHT, we have EIGHT great prizes up for grabs:

  • 3 WES Schwag Packs - Each Schwag pack will consist of a Viigo bag packed with WES goodies: a PhoneTag t-shirt, BoxTone Lounge Ace t-shirt, Google Maps t-shirt, an OtterBox case and an assortment of of schtuff (will vary as I don't have 3 of everything) including bplay wrist sweatbands, Sprint phone chairs, WorldMate pens (that have a 1 gig jumpdrive built in!), luggage tags, BlackBerry caps and more!
  • 5 Unify4Life Prize Packs - Pumped to be named a Best of WES 2008 Winner, Unify4Life has sweetened the prize pool and will be giving 5 CrackBerry.com members the Unify4Life BlackBerry Remote ($100 value) and a Unify4Life Polo Shirt!

How to Enter:

  • LOGIN to CrackBerry.com (you need to be a member - Register Here)
  • Leave a Comment on this Blog Post or Make a Post on the WES 2008 Schwag Giveaway Contest thread in the CrackBerry forums
  • Tell Us: a) your favorite thing coming out of WES 2008 this year or b) what you hope to see at WES 2009 or c) what you'd like to Win and Why!
  • Contest Closes midnight CST on May 31st
GOOD LUCK to EVERYONE and a BIG THANKS to all of the companies who provided the Awesome Schwag for this event!

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Reader comments

WES 2008 Schwag Giveaway!!!!! Win Big!



i had wanted to go so bad, but time wasn't on my side.. perhaps next year! gl to everyone!

Put my name on the list. I think the BB Bold was the best news that came out of WES. Schwag Pack would be nice to win since I don't need another remote for my small setup! :)

Got Schwag .... give it to me!

a)everything ...
b)more of it ...
c)give it all to me ... now (don't wait!)

Add me to the list of schwag entrants.

A) Best thing for me was a tie between the BOLD and the Unify4Life announcement, really looking for this one.

B) What I am looking forward to in the '09 WES? Continual advancements in BB related technology either native from RIM or from 3rd party vendors.

BTW, ya'll did and excellent job in covering WES.

it would be real nice sitting in my media room and all i need is my trusty blackberry and that's all. i'm tired of fooling with that big ole thing they call a remote

Looks like some cool Schwag,

I am sooo looking forward to the Blackberry Bold 9000 series, that is what i wanted in my 8310 curve, EVERYTHING, wifi, GPS, and to top it off 3G, that will be sweet since i use my curve as a tethered modem, and have a treo 750 when I need the speed, so I will be finally able to ditch that. Awesome.

I personal thought the unify4life product was right up there with the bb Bold. But i'd give the edge to the Bold... I'd like to see myself at WES 2009 and I'd like the unify4life prize pack, that way i can take back the TV from my kids....

Unify4Life BlackBerry Remote was on the top of my favorite Applications.

I would love to see something simular to LowJack but instead BBJack for you BlackBerry, Remote car starter and keyless entry as well.

Unify4Life BlackBerry Remote that way i can controller the garage door and hopefully the Unify4Life BlackBerry Remote gets an update for remote starter and car door opener. So when my wifes is running after me with a glass plate in her hand i can jump right in to the car and drive off, LMAO.

My favorite thing to come out of Wes 08 was the Unity4Life. Putting one remote in your hand that you definately will never loose. Its actually one of the things I want as well, the ability to control your entertainment with your BB. Yes...Yes BB bold was a big one at Wes but we all knew this was comming.

Also want to say great coverage in keeping us in the loop with all the WES news.

This is saweettttt. I have been envious that I was not at WES this year because it looked like loads of fun and the announcements coming out of there are awesome....

On to the contest....

I would like to win either of the prizes. I am all about free schwag and I think all the items in the schwag pack would be great to have. I am also excited about the unify4life prize because I watch a lot of TV and if I never have to put my blackberry curve 8310 down I would be happy.....

To me, everyone on CB is connected in the way that we all love our bbs...we all have found out that blackberrys are just completely addictive (no sugar on the side please ;) and I think anyone would be happy to win any prize relating to our toys,office tool,getaway play thing,dictionary,email,sms hanheld...etc lol. I think what was best about WES 2008 wasn't exactly what came out but the idea that we are producing and creating such amazing apps and programs that are used on such small devices. What I hope for WES 2009 is many more amazing advances in the little thing that all of us, or most of us, carry around in our pockets everyday...Maybe one day our bbs will be as small and thin as a credit card but as visually amazing as a TV screen. Thanks for the chance to win some schwag.

Cheers to the next WES!

Hello Kevin, Thanks for the very informative podcasts from WES 2008, you covered a lot of material. I would like to receive the Viigo bag pack, I am really looking forward to updating to Viigo Project Tango on my BB especially for the OTA podcast downloads. Once again thanks for the CB podcasts and the CB website. :-) Chris

I love conferences with free schwag, and that fact that you are giving it away to a loyal fan is great! Keep providing us with great updates.

A. I think the Unify4Life system is one of the coolest ideas that I have seen in a long time. Beats trying to use the low power IR in some cell phones as a remote... 2 feet away from the TV. :-)

B. I want to see BB take on more of the consumer market. I want a full media experience. Rich Games, an open development platform... .NET Maybe? Not sure, but I want BB to become more common place in the "This phone can do anything" category.


As much as I would like the Bold, I can still use my Curve for the time being and do what I need to do.

Unify4Life is the best announcement to come out of WES 2008. That's what I want to get my hands on! Plus my Curve never leaves my side. No more asking/begging the kids to remember where they put the remote.

The best thing to come from WES was def Unify4Life. And I'd love to see myself and the Crack team at WES next year ;)

Do I have to choose just one response? I hope i'm not not disqualify myself by doing this!

My favorite thing to come out of WES 2008 was the official announcement that the Blackberry Bold was coming! As an employee of the first carrier to receive the phone, as well as a 20 times a day crackberry reader, official is just one step closer to getting my hands on it. Our market is updating to 3G on June 15th, and what better device to compliment the market launch than the long awaited Bold!

2009 WES, i'd love to see any and everything ... an event like WES can't really be narrowed down to just one thing i'd love to see. But if I must make a choice of something i'd love to see, I want something simple. I want the Blackberry to come standard with the ability to play stereo sound through a mono headset, instead of having to go in and add the patch that's out there to make it work. Like I said ... something simple.

And finally, what i'd like to win? That's a tough one, but sticking with technology, I really want to win the Unify4Life package. I think that's cutting edge stuff that's gonna be huge in a hurry, and I want to be in on it. If I have to buy it, I would'nt be surprised if I did. But to have a chance at winning it ... sign me up! We have way too many remotes as it is ... please help with this problem!!

Thanks Crackberry!

i would love to win one of them schwag bags.. i love free tees. the goodies too. kind of a pack rat.. hahahahah.. please

Would love to win a prize! Schwag is FTW. Defiantly better than anything I picked up at the RSA conference last year..

I would love to win the Unify4Life BlackBerry Remote! This would revolutionize my life as I always have my 8320 on my hip (even in PJs). Many years ago I had used a remote application on my Treo 180 and Treo 600 to control my TV and it worked, but with the limited IR power of the device I was restricted to be within 6 feet of the TV. Unify4Life would be incredible!! As Dori said in Finding Nemo . . . "pick me, pick me!"

BOLD BOLD BOLD, would be the best thing out of 2008 WES

I would really use the Unify4life, as a matter of fact I was considering buying it today but got diverted to actually do some work.

WES 2009, I would like to see a "Where We Are going"

New Future products, the new ones coming out are great but let go one step past that and look at a 5 year product. What could we be doing in 5 years that would knock Steve Jobs Sock off???

Any way thanks for the great WES Information this year.

The 9000 was definitely the highlight of WES for me. Hopefully I'll have the money to pony up for it when the time comes. Or maybe CB can give a few away... hehe.

My favorite Thing coming out of WES was Unify4Life. That Is by far the most exciting application yet. I also like the fact that Rim finally released OS 4.5 to it's partners.

Next Year, I'd like to see more applications for blackberry, and more blackberries being released. The Phone market is competitive and to stay successfull, I believe it is RIM's duty to stay on top of the latest technology.

I'd like to win the Unify4Life Remote because It's the greatest app for bb i've ever seen and it would definately be something I'd take advantage of daily. I love my Curve 8320 and my Pearl 8120. Now if they'd get the remote to control my wife, I'd be the happiest BB addict ever...lol

Please Choose Me!!!!! Pleeeeeeeeeez????

The 9000 was definitely the highlight of WES for me. Hopefully I'll have the money to pony up for it when the time comes. Or maybe CB can give a few away... hehe.

MUST get a Unify4Life BlackBerry Remote ! LOVE LOVE!
Just one more way Blackberry can help me feel
more in control of my world. ^___^

With four kids and ONE remote, can you guess what I'm after??!?!

Since I first heard of Unify4Life's excellent app I've been salivating! Of course, with 3 BB's in the house, the channel wars will be interesting to say the least!

Woo hoo!

Thanks for the great coverage and a great site. :-)

Unity4Life and Bayalink's Liberty systems are right up my ally! Either one would be very cool! At any rate, free schwag is always welcome! Keep up the good work guys!

My favorite thing coming out of WES 2008 would have to be Unify 4 Life. At WES 2009 I hope to see the browser improved and media support.


Im definently looking foward to getting my hands on the "Bold"! Im on the Sprint service so hopefully those reports of a September release are accurate!!

Definitely think the Unify4Life is the coolest thing, but Bold is what I'm personally most excited about.

I'll take either! :)

reasons why i should win:
- i never, and i mean NEVER, win anything
- i just bought my very first crackberry a few months ago, had to pay full price, and now can't afford to buy all of the cool accessories
- things like cases are fantastic for someone like me.... i drop everything and am a total klutz, hence the username 'bumpersteph'
- i work for rogers.... if i had a dollar for every time someone needed help with something on their bb, that could have easily found the answer to on the cb forums, i would be a rich girl, and be able to afford to buy all of the coolest accessories.

Pick me! Please please please!

Hey folks!!
Great content coming out of WES 2008!! I have really enjoyed everyday news coming from Crackberry.com
I think I am most excited to hear more about Viigo's Project Tango and what Bold means to the future of RIM and smartphones in general.
Thanks Crackberry!!

Crackberry 4 life!

Anthony F.

I totally dig how you kept us updated via Twitter and Flickr, so much so that it prompted me to open an account for my own use, great work!, and by the way,, I would love to win some free BB goodness :)

I totally dig how you kept us updated via Twitter and Flickr, so much so that it prompted me to open an account for my own use, great work!, and by the way,, I would love to win some free BB goodness :)

a) My favorite thing coming out of WES 2008 has to be Unify4life.

b) I want to continue seeing great things being developed for the BlackBerry. Such as software and peripherals.

c) I would like to win one of the Unify4life units, because it looks so cool. It would be great to control AV hardware with my Curve, which I have by my side almost all the time. And it would be cool to show friends what a Blackberry can do! :)

I'm really looking forward to the release of Viigo Project Tango. I already use the CrackBerry.com edition of Viigo and love it!!

The upcoming release of BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0, codenamed Argon, is my favorite news coming out of WES 2008.

Unify4Life...this is going to be huge, can't wait until it comes out!

Hopefully I won't have to wait and I'll win it! :)

Bayalink's Liberty is da bomb! Sometimes I miss my Palm Desktop application when I write long memo's and such. But this thing is even better! Why didn't I think of this?

BB Bold was the sweetest new....even tho I love my curve too much to give it up! I'll take some goodies (preferalby the unity4lift) casue I RULE!!!

Man, I'm salivating for the Bold. There was a lot of good stuff this year, but knowing that's just around the corner is awesome!

a) My favorite thing SHOULD'VE BEEN os 4.5, but it's going to have to be Bold's announcement.

b) A revolutionary (read: innovative) BBerry. The Bold is great, but honestly, it's much of the same.

c) I wanna win an app that lets me control my ps3's bluray videos with my berry. Too awesome.

Ok, here's the thing. I'm currently a Bell Mobility user with a Sanyo Katana - I almost bought a Blackberry Pearl when it came out, but it didn't quite tip the scale for me to upgrade to the more expensive data plans and expensive phone.

However, recently I started googling for smartphones - I figured there would be some pretty cool stuff out now.

I found crackberry.com about 2 weeks ago and have been addicted ever since...(I just registered though)

I've been looking for a phone that can keep me on budget, have a GPS, let me surf the net & entertain me. Thanks to crackberry, I'm getting a Blackberry Bold through Rogers the second they become available!

The coolest thing from CES is the unify4life remote! One of the things I wanted in a phone was something that I could use to control my tv - I thought that would be a little much though and never thought I'd find a phone with that feature - however, thanks to crackberry.com I'm now aware of unify4life! I want to buy one of those the second they become available as well!

I even called their Toronto office to see when I could buy one.

So - since I'm a Blackberry virgin, and I don't even have my blackberry yet - I would love to get the prize pack so I'd have some cool gadgets to go with my new toy (when I get it as soon as it's available in Canada through Rogers).

Thanks for the CES coverage!


P.S. I've even been telling strangers about crackberry.com - I overheard a guy in The Source talking to a salesman about buying a PDA and a Garmin GPS device. I approached the guy and started talking to him about the Blackberry Bold - I told him to save his money and wait a month or so - the dude was just as excited as me to get it. I told him just go to crackberry.com it's all you need! So I did a good deed and saved a stranger from spending a few hundred dollars more than he needed - maybe karma should kick back and do the same for me =)

The Viigo bag alone would be wonderful but the ottercase is the real winner here. I am on my fourth blackberry in one year and two of them have been destroyed.: ( I am now on my third curve and think the Otterbox case would finally make this the last Blackberry I have to get for a while. The pen/jumpdrive would make it simple for me to always have my important documents and be able to sign them when printed out. The Blackberry hat I would wear proudly and the T-shirts would make great gifts for my blackberry toting relatives. : ) The Sprint chair would be wonderful for taking to the beach. The other assorted goodies would be nice also but those are the biggies that would help. Since I love Viigo, Crackberry, and my Curve, I would carry any advertising proudly!

i enjoyed the live coverage and what viigo's got instore for the future. i'm totally cracked now. WES PACK <--- pic me!

Hey Kevin, UNIFY4LIFE would soooo rock my goofy 7 remote world. Must be the best thing to come out for BB since IntelliGolf. Love CB - keep up the great work and ...

my favorite thing is the unity4life blackberry remote. that thing is so cool, im jelious! i wish i had the cash to ge one of these puppies!
wes 2009 id like to see phones with more internal memory... is like to be able to create documents with documents to go, as far as i know you can only edit them. and i think it would be awesome to be able to control a powerpoint presentation on a TV or projector with your bb...
and if i won... id love to win the blackberry remote... i just spent 80 bucks on a universal remote and id love to take it back to best buy becuase the dang thing barley even works! i set it up all right, and every time i hit power, it turns the tv on and off, then the cable box goes off, and thats when i only hot power for the TV... i dont know... god id love one of those!

edit: thats what i wantttt butid take anything and be moreeee than happy!

This year's WES was awesome. I loved all of the updates, but the Unify4Life is amazing.

Next year, I look forward to much more new software!

My favorite thing to come out of WES this year was the OFFICIAL announcment/reveal of the 9000/Bold. I am at a borderline obsession level with that phone right now...so finding out the official specs AND that it'll release on AT&T first (my provider) was more than enough to make my from a distance viewing of WES on Crackberry and Viigo that much better.

The announcement of the Unity4Life remote was also pretty big in my book. Not that i'll fly right out and buy one the day it drops(money is always tight when you have an almost 10 month old son and bills to handle), but it is definitely something I'd strongly consider buying in the future...unless I win one in this contest ;) hahahaa...

As for what I hope to win by entering this contest? Honestly I think I'd want one of the 3 "WES Schwag" packs. Just because I...well..the more the merrier I say! And, besides, the Otterbox would be super cool because i'm stupid anal about not dinging my BB and that'd be a handy thing to have. And the possibility of a Blackberry hat is awesome too since i'm a "hat man."

/wow, this is the LONGEST entry for a contest i've ever done!

I'm pretty sure my favorite thing is the new viigo project tango! I loooooooove viigo and can not wait for tango to come out!

a) My favorite thing coming out of WES 2008 would be the Unify4Life remote, it sounds very cool, and I would much rather us my blackberry than have to juggle around 4 different remotes for my home entertainment setup.

b) I hope to see many many more third party applications for the blackberry now that RIM is more openly supporting third party developers. I also hope to see more competitive apps since the iPhone will become more of a player now that it supports third party developers.

c) I would like to win the Unity4Life Remote, because I would love to be able to use my blackberry rather than 4 different remote controls :)

..a) as for my favorite thing coming out of WES this year is project Tango from Viigo, simply learning more of it's full capabilities and seeing the videos of project tango have been amazing, I already love Viigo for what it is, but this is going to be the MAXIM. This is truly the ninth symphony for this amazing company!

That Unify4Life app. looks awesome! I think you were right on when you voted it a must have for crackberry addicts. I'm hoping this will win my wife over as I have been trying to win her over on blackberries! Maybe if she sees just how useful this app could be she just might convert!
Thanks for all the great coverage @ WES 2008!

You have to love the Unify4Life as the best thing to come out of the show once i saw the video i told my wife i need that. My toddler is always running away with all the remotes and leaving them all over the house stickier than they were before he got a hold of them but, he has never gotten his sticky hands on my Curve (actually no one gets their hands on daddy's Curve)this would be a marriage made in electronics heaven between my favorite piece of equipment in my house the entertainment center and my favorite piece of equipment which is always with me, my Curve. This truly would make me the master of the house because i would always know where the remote is. My wife thinks i need help because she finds me on the Crackberry website continuosly. i Recently downloaded Viigo and set the alarm only for when there is an update on Crackberry. The other great item to come out that i seriously need, want, long for, pine for, salibate over, miss, lack, lust for, seek, yearn for, wish for, beg for, require, preoccupies every moment of my life, demand, aspire for, look forward to, my happyness depends on it, claim it as my next phone, give thanks for being with AT&T who should get it first, desire, obsess over and i have already put my money aside for is a BOLD!!!!! As Donkey said on Shrek "pick me, pick me!!!!!"

I thought the Liberty was pretty slick.

I'd like to win one of the otter cases becasue I'm clumsy and could use some help protecting my blackberry!

I'd have loved to go to WES, but ti's a long way from here - in the UK.

I'd love to go to 2009 and would love to see the kickstart flip phone BB - such an awesome form factor.

I'd be happy to win anything - especially one of the Viigo sets and I'd happily pay shipping :-)

Great coverage and a great service you provide to the Blackberry community - keep up the great work

with some sweet schwag!!!! I would looooovvvveeeee to win a 3 WES pack, especially those luggage tags so I never forget who I am!

My favorite thing coming out of WES is the Unify4Life Remote. This looks it could be one of the most amazing Blackberry products so far. Obviously that's what I'd like to win! I'd like to win it so I'll never have to search for my remote again! I have yet to find a remote for my home theatre that I am totally happy with, I'd love to see my Blackberry have a chance.

the best thing to come out of WES '08.... I'm not gonna lie.

it's the opportunity to win free schwag baby! oh, and Kevin Michaluk is the coolest BB/tech blogger ever!

Ok so Ive only had a curve since January, but I am totally addicted now. Crackberry.com was suggested to me by one of my sales reps at AT&T(thanks Dan!)and I am hooked on this site as a sourse of "know-how". Anyways, I just really got hooked on the Viigo application after reading some of the blogs and reviews, so I downloaded it and I dont know any better app that is out there for me. I like to get my news on the run and hated going to different websites for their content. Viigo did it all. as for the 2009 WES Feep the apps and new units comming. I am excited about what else my current blackberry can do and everything the future holds for RIM. I really would like the Viigo stuff and the pen with jump drive in it.

the best news to come out of wes was the bold im so excited for it, i would like to see a touchscreen or hybrid bb next year...

Hey Guys, Thanks for such a great site!! As a newbie (had my BB 8830WE since Feb 08) this site has helped me so much. I am addicted.... Keep up the great work and get that schwag in the mail!!

The thing I liked the most about WES 2008 was the Unify4life. I can't wait for it to come out. I hope to see more accessible items for the Mac. I hope to win one of the awesome t-shirts.

My favorite thing coming out of WES 2008? I wanna say the Unify4Life Blackberry Remote, but Viigo project Tango is a close second. On a side note I hope to see a full release of OS 4.5 by WES 2009 ;)

(stepping on a soapbox)


I am such a crackberry addict that any schwag that feeds the addiction is good.

The "schwag bag" would be awesome cause shirts that support the "cause" are always cool and the extras just show how much of an addict you are!

The Unify4Life is really my type of product. I would love to have something that shows my ability to have my BlackBerry control my life. And being able to control 16 more electronical devices definitely falls into that catagory.

The best part of WES 2008 would have to be the "Official" unveiling of the BlackBerry Bold. All I can say is "It's about damn time!". The months of speculation, media leaks, and guessing made it very hard to believe the 9000 was real.
So now, PICK ME!

(stepping off the soapbox)

Otterbox man, my luck has been down for over a year, this could bring me back over the hump!!!


a) Favorite thing out of WES 2k8? Well this one is kind of bittersweet, the Bold has got to be tops on my list, but at the same time I'm not too happy considering I just got a Curve (my very first BB) 3 weeks ago. I'm not too worried though, I can upgrade in a year.

b) WES 2k9? IDK... my bff jill?

c) I'd like to win... Well, does it matter? Winning anything Blackberry related is just a bonus on top of already having the greatest mobile device in existence.

Your favorite thing coming out of WES 2008 this year :

*Unify4Life Blackberry Remote*

-I can now control all of my home electronic devices making me king of the world!

-I've programmed it to mute everyone around me when I'm watching soccer.

-I can finaly get rid of "The Clapper"

-It remotely starts my car during those cold days. Still working on the "chauffer" extension so I can drive in the carpool lane.

-Controlling my Roomba is way cool!

Wish I could go :(
What would I like to see at WES 2009? Security tools that can be used on the Blackberry for WLANs (unless someone already made that, and I dont know), since most new Blackberrys (8320 and 8120 both have WiFi)..

Hope I get that pen with the USB Storage ;)

My favorite thing is the beta test of the vlingo software. I got picked and being a part of the developement is kinda cool. On another note, what I'd most liketo see at WES 2009 is ME!

I just got an Alltel Curve and I can think of no better way to dress it up for work than an otterbox case and me wearing one of the various schwag t-shirts.

Coming out of WES2008 the coolest application with the highest 'how do they do that' appeal has got to be the Unify4Life remote. That is sweet.

In 2009 someone needs to show me the device that routes phone calls, or at least notification, from my home phone to my BB. There are several ways to handle that type of call in the enterprise world, but nothing for the home. A box hooked to the internet that after three rings transfers the call to a skype client that calls my BB maybe. At the very least an appliance or app on the pc that sends an SMS with caller id infomation. That would be cool.

Have I met the requirements to be in the schwag giveaway?

Man, that Unify4Life remote would be absolutely Fantabulous!! I hope I get picked, and thanks again for all the great coverage from WES 2008. What an event it was.

Everyone cares what I think so I'm answering all three! :)

a) your favorite thing coming out of WES 2008 this year

I'm going to have to go with Unify4Life. The Bold is amazing, but it's real consumer plays like Unify4Life that are going to continue pushing BlackBerry mass adoption.

b) what you hope to see at WES 2009

In honor of Ray Kurzweil, I'd like to see an exponential increase in the number of third-party vendors on the floor next year. RIM's job is to allow that to happen.

c) what you'd like to Win and Why!

Unify4Life. I already gave you that Viigo bag once, Kevin, I don't want it back! :) Ok, I'd take it back if it was shtuffed with goodies.

Unify4life, thats what i'm talking about. I have a stacked home theatre system that can be all hooked up and controlled from my BB. I already use my BB for email,web surfing,banking,chatting,talking, so why not control all my audio and video at the same time.

My favorite thing this year was Unify4Life. I'm really looking forward to this app to further integrate my Curve into my life.

For 09 I would like to see a Blackberry program that lets me control apps by voice command similar to voice dialing.

I'd be happy with any prize but I really like the look of that Viigo bag. It would make for a great conversation starter.

Well I'm kind of new to Blackberry, but I LOVE my Pearl 8130! I am so freaking paranoid about damaging it though... My OCD has come at me full speed when it comes to keeping this thing clean, and it doesn't help when you see how easily DUST can scratch it. I just need to find something to keep my Pearl hermetically sealed, yet still be able to use my charger and headphones.... I'd settle for an OtterBox though... Can you guys help me out?

I am stoked about the BOLD! T-MO needs to speed things up. Glad it was announced @ WES! I want a Blackberry hat because I am ADDICTED!!!!

My favorite thing coming out of WES was the secret squirrel software that Viigo is developing. I have no idea what it is, and I can't wait to see it.

I was very excited to see further info about the Bold/9000 but the Unity4life thing looks pretty cool, either way I'll be getting both and would proudly display any swag that came my way.

I am so excited about this schwag bag. Geesh to be able to go to WES. You all are so lucky.

Thanks for the updates

Being new to the Blackberry community, and seeing as though I was looking for my first non-Motorola smartphone, I think the Blackberry Bold is the best thing to come out of WES 2008. Gotta love phone chairs!

I would love to win Unify4Life BlackBerry Remote, because it would be very convienient for me to control multiple devices with one universal remote, especially by blackberry. Now that's a first. I want it bad.

I will be upgrading from the AT&T Tilt to the Bold when it is released and need from swag!! Obviously, best thing out of WES2008 is the Bold. I hope to win the Unity4Life pack.

Due to family health reasons, I was not able to go to attend WES but did send 2 from my office. But do you think that for their graditude for sending them to Orlando for a week they would bring me back a T-Shirt or hat or anything?....Noooo...all they brought back for me was a screen cleaner! I really would love to win a schwag pack to give me the feeling of having been there!

I think the all in one remote from your curve would be sick...too bad I have NEVER won any contest...EVER...and I just dropped my Curve yet again...another reason I need to save up and get me an otter box...broke last three phones before this first Berry, by dropping them...

I am really looking forward to Unify4Life's BlackBerry Remote Control. I think this may be the greatest pieces of equipment coming out for the BB. I would really like to get one of these setups, especially for free. I'll be outside waiting by my mailbox.

My favorite thing would have to be the Unify4life Blackberry Remote. Which is also what I would love to win. Come on im 19 years old and lazy. i use my blackberry to surf the net, make calls, send emails and do everything from the comfort of my own couch. Isnt the blackberry really just there so we dont have to get up to do anything. I dont really need the other prize back because who really needs clothes with the blackberry. You dont have to go anywhere when you have it. Call anyone and they can bring it to your couch. You can even call your wife and have her pick it up. I would just like to think unify4life for unifying me and my couch for life!

Unify4Life is very cool and the beginning to what the future of software holds as we will be able to control everything from our blackberry! :)

Love the give-a-ways!! Never won....but someday!

A. Just about everything. Love the look of the Bold...and can't wait to upgrade!! The kiss of death for Iphone junkies!

B. Always looking forward to what Viigo will do next. And ofcourse...any upgrade to the Berrys!

Good Luck to all!

Sounds like WES was great. I missed Craig in the podcasts. I'm jonesing for his sinister little chuckle. Can't wait for the next Cractberry.com podcast.

To my disappointment and due to family health reasons, I was not able to go to this year's WES. However, I did send two people from my office. Do you think out of graditude for being sent to Orlando for a week that they would being me back a T-Shirt or maybe even a hat??? Oh noooooo....I was presented an original WES screen cleaner!!! I would really love to win one of the Schwag Packs to give me the feeling of being there even though I couldn't! Many Thanks!

I would love to win a luggage tag. I would sport it with pride but a CrackBerry tag would be a great conversation piece while waiting at the airport.

I think that the news out of the WES that most intrigued me (since the idea of myself getting a Bold is so far fetched anyway) is the Unify4life. It seems to me one fo the most interesting utilities for the home and phone to come out. I do wish there was something more difinitive about OS4.5 to come out of WES. Thanks for the chance at some swanky schwag!

My favorite thing coming out of WES 2008 has to be the Unify4Life stuff. Remote control with my blackberry? Does it get any better than that? Just one more step in an all encompassing phone that will eventually replace most electronics in the household, up to and including the home computer. WES 2009 I think further uses of bluetooth will make the general public go wow, and make blackberries more common than blueberries, (alright, that might have been an overstatement...but you get the drift.) I would like to win the Unify4life prize pack because their product is something out of science fiction, and I think it would really help me occasionally get a date. Look what my phone can do kind of thing, proving once and for all size..in a phone...does not matter!

Fist off let me say that the information from the WES 2008 was the best I have seen it. The only other thing that I was looking for was the release date for the updated desktop program from blackberry. Is this coming out soon or was there a blog on it and I just am to stupid to find it?

Moving on, I thought that the Liberty was the best of the WES 2008. Sometimes we all get a lot of email and it takes some time to respond back to. Now we have the option to do it all from a laptop just blows my mind. Someone was thinking outside the box when they came up with this one. It's that kind of thinking that make it more exciting to think about what is going to come out for the blackberry's later on down the road.

Got to the the BOLD. And just when I finally got my Curve (not even five weeks yet), I find that I may have to pass it down to the wife or kids to get my hands on the BOLD! We'll become a total crackberry family soon...

I'm not picky - I love my Pearl 8130 and CrackBerry.com - I'll take whatever you give me :-)

And - I'll be sure to tell everyone who gave it to me :-)

Just bought my first blackberry (the sCurve) last week, and I am LOVING it! I would love to win one of the Unity4Life programs!

Thanks CB!

Why would I like to win? Because I love the Crackberry sebsite, and count on you guys to keep me up to date on all of my BB news, and you got to go to WEG and I didn't!

Well I'm kind of new to Blackberry, but I LOVE my Pearl 8130! I am so freaking paranoid about damaging it though... My OCD has come at me full speed when it comes to keeping this thing clean, and it doesn't help when you see how easily DUST can scratch it. I just need to find something to keep my Pearl hermetically sealed, yet still be able to use my charger and headphones.... I'd settle for an OtterBox though... Can you guys help me out?

I posted this earlier, but I wasn't logged in to my account. AND I REALLY want that OtterBox! I love my BB, but I'm afraid to touch it in fear of hurting it (pretty screwed up huh?) I'm so paranoid, I won't even look at my phone in the sunlight for fear of seeing dust, wiping it off, and scratching my screen!

a) the Unify4Life BlackBerry Remote. I can't wait to get one of these.
b) Since I can't go myself, I get all my information about what is at the WES from you guys. I logged onto the site every hour on the hour while you guys were there.
c) See 'a'! i have remotes on most everythng in my house that I could find one for as it is now. Being able to control my entertainment system in the ways described as well as adding other things in the future with my BlackBerry is the best tech news I have heard in ages. I always have my BlackBerry with me, so no more looking for remotes! If that doesn't work... how about PLEASE?????

Great recap, I hope to make it to 2009, being new to BB and CB, I already find myself addicted!

A)... My favorite was Unify4Life remote, very cool!

B)... What I would like to see in 2009 is something similar to the Unify4Life remote BUT a step further. I would like to see an App that can start your car, with a remote starter, that works better than the ones on the market for cars and perhaps even more features like, AC on, or a certain radio station on, or CD disk playing...how cool would that be!

C)... I am not picky, I will take anything FREE :p Since my first BB is going to be the Bold, I guess anything that would make my new experience even better :)

Once again, great recap!

a)My favorite thing coming out of WES this year has to be the Blackberry Bold!
im friggin excited to get on hopefully soon.

b)I would really like to see the touchscreen Blackberry with a slide out QWERTY like what went through the FCC earlier this year. I think it could be the best of both worlds! But who knows-maybe well get one before that!!

c)i really want the otterbox case and that cool viggio bag(use that program all the time). And for some reason the simulscribe shirt that says F*#@$ voicemail makes me wanna pee myself!

ohh and i turn thirty in a couple months...so it would be cool to win something sweet to lighten the blow...lol...no but seriously come on 30's freakin' me out!


My favorite thing that came from WES was without a doubt the BOLD. The question isnt will I get it, its can I wait till October when it's renewal time :-)

I loved all the coverage from Wes this year.The bold coverage was great and would love to see the Blackberry bold on Sprint by Wes 2009. I hope we are all talking about the touchscreen BB , OS 4.7, and a new pearl with full keyboard like the Palm centro for WES 2009. Viigo software with podcast has to be the most exciting software for 2008.

I would love an otterbox case for my everyday job as a firefighter or one of the bags for my replacement man purse my other purse is getting kind of worn.

Three answers:
a. The unify4life device was my favorite upcoming piece of technology....for my current blackberry, but my overall favorite item was the BOLD.

b. OS 4.5 assuming it is not already released sometime soon. I know it is supposed to be, but we hear that all the time with various devices or software only to see it actually released 6 months later.

c. I want toys I can play with much like my 3 and 5 year old sons. I am jealous of all the fun they have everytime they get a new toy. No one wants to see a grown man playing with children's toys, so the next best thing is getting adult toys and playing with them.

I wana win one of the WES Schwag Packs....being a teen i really need that otterbox, and clothes are always good :)

I know our servers are from our service providers, but I would like for service providers to provide less down time, or time when the servers are down. I rely on my blackberry for everything (schedules, emails, and txt msgs') and I have become extremely dependent as it is small, convenient, and very user friendly. Due to cost of services, i would like better service providers who can maintain and meet demand of the consumers and not just expect us to deal with it because you have us under a "contract".

I'd just like a Blackberry hat. Can't find one anywhere to buy. It will make my BB & CB evangelizing a bit easier. You guys can have rest of the schwag...just a hat for me please.
Oh yeah, and Agendus for BB is what I'd like to see next year although it's rumored to be coming a bit sooner. 3 weeks into the Curve and completely addicted...goodbye Palm.

I can't wait to get my hands on the Bold!!! I hate the iPhone!!! By the way, thanks to the AT&T rep who clued me in last month that a new BB was in the works and talked me out of the Curve!

I have to say that my favorite thing from WES this year has to be the Unify4Life BlackBerry Remote.

More and more my CrackBerry is becoming the only utility i need to survive. First i get the BB remote stereo gateway hooked up in my car allowing me to use Flipside on my Rogers 8320 as my primary audio player. Soon hopefully i will be able to have wireless access to my entire music library via BlackBerry Unite! (currently being offered by Bell only) and now i don't even have to look for the remote when i get home!!!!! this just keeps getting better now if they could only figure out a way to charge my battery wirelessly as well i would never need another electronic device ever, well maybe a new toaster soon the old one is getting a little fussy.

As for WES '09 i'm looking for a netflix type app with streaming HD for my 380x480 touch screen BB with a slide out qwerty.

Oh and btw if it wasn't clear i would like ot win the Unify4Life remote

This is a grand idea, given that I can't attend in person. Being relatively new to the BlackBerry community, the coverage definitely helped me focus on all of the cool stuff that I MUST have in the not-to-distant future. Not least among them is the OtterBox case. Another of my favorites is the Liberty device/software. There is nothing I would love more that be able to operate my Berry with my computer. Thanks for the great coverage.

Definately the best thing to come out of WES was the bold....That IS my next phone....I have already claimed it....i would love to win something, since the only thing i have ever won is a book!!!!

Definetly Unify4Life. I hope I win won!!!! Also the Liberty key that allows you to use you computer/laptop to control your Blackberry

Kevin, thanks for the good work! The best thing that came out of WES 2008 is, without question, the BBB!

HOLY where can i get that killer BB hat? that s must haveon my list, and it was my birthday on the16th. so i should get it. my gf planned a surprise day forme. it amounted to me watching her and a friend shop. so ive been on my BB more than ever as payback, lol. and that hat is killer, (ill get CB on the back at that hat store that does embroidery!)

Well, I certainly enjoyed the WES podcasts.
I've downloaded Viigo already and will probably get other programs you mentioned.

Thanks for a great site and podcast!

I'd love one of those BB caps to show all the Treo users at my office that the BB is the BEST!! OK...I would also like a Unify too!!

What I liked most coming out of WES 08: Unify4Life

What I'd like to see in WES 2009... Remote key access to car alarm / home security alarm / remote gate.

New to Crackberry.com... I have my first BlackBerry ever- The 8320 Curve and I am as happy as a schoolgirl sitting on top of a washing machine in the middle of a spin cycle for the first time.


what you'd like to Win and Why!

I'd like to give it a shot and see if I could win. I would like to because I'm getting a Blackberry Curve soon, and would like to be embedded by some goodies from this awesome site. GO CRACKBERRY.COM

I think I should win one of the prizes because :
1) I'm the new owner of BB curve for the very 1st time in my life
2) I never win anything

My wish is to win the Grand prize..:)

I think I should win one of the prizes because:
1) I'm a new owner of a BB for the 1st time in my life
2) I never win anything exciting like this
3)any of these prizes will make my day

My favorite thing to come out of WES 2008 was the WES Schwag Pack sent to me by CrackBerry.com for winning this contest.

Great Job at WES! Thanks for bringing us all the up to the minute info.
OK Heres my answers:
a) The bold of course! (The phone, not the name)
b) Anything from RIM as they never cease to amaze me with teir new products.
c) A WES Schwag pack 'cause its got the most goodies!!! But really, winning anything would make my year!
Thanks again and keep up the great work!

a) My favorite thing coming out of WES 2007 is simply how a convention held once a year can bring so many people around the world together. It doesnt seem to matter what countries or people participate but that for the few days of the convention everyone comes together to share new ideas, software etc.

b) What I hope to see at WES 2009 is myself. I am already a lifetime user of the blackberry and I hope next year I can make it to WES and be a part of it all. I love everything BlackBerry has to offer and every year, I am more and more amazed at what it is capable of doing :)

Hi, I am mailing in from far away Bangalore in India..We should be getting the Bol in September and have already placed an order to get it when it gets launched here.

The 2 things I really loved in WES was the Bold of course & news of Thunder

In 2009, I want Blackberry to stop imitating cheap touchscreen devices and try to do sub standard devices

I use BB for personal reasons and never understand the gits who say that the Blackberry is only a corporate device for some corporate animal. I get all my personal mails on my BB. For work, I just carry a regular nokia :-) Life is too important for me to get it mucked up with work :-)

Well here you go..If this is not enough rant to get me the goodies, let me know and I can rant more..I love my BB so much

I would like to win atleast (1) one item... WOOHOO!

Good luck to all the participants of all the contest give aways!


I don't think anything from WES this year compares to the impact the Unify4Life will have on the mobile market. With Unify4Life, I come that much closer to never having to touch a device without a BlackBerry Brand. I lay in bed at night and have dreams about Unify4Life. I could wake up in the morning to my BlackBerry alarm,use my BlackBerry to turn on the TV to catch the news, turn it off because it's depressing, and stream some tunes to my stereo while I get ready. It's not just the best thing to come out of WES, it's the best invention since the BlackBerry itself.

ever since i purchased the pearl 8130 ive been hooked, my girlfriend has the same bb but pink and i convinced my sister to buy a curve i constantly promote bbs to friends and foes alike i dont expect anything in return because i enjoy bbs my self and will continue loving my bb pearl 8130 because it does everything i need it to and its sleek until its time for an upgrade, to a higher bb.I wouldnt mind having a bb remote or even a hat. I enjoy researching WES, crackberry.com and WES rock. black(berry)power.

I'd love to win a Unity4Life remote cuz I'm pretty much into the home cinema thing and I'd just love to control EVERYTHING from a central device and if that central device was my BB, then I'd have it with me all the time anyway.

So... give me Unity4Life!



wow, unity for life is very cool! and beamberry, i just downloaded it!!! very cool stuff!!! thanks for covering it!
here's my answers:
a) favorite thing is of course unity4life!!! i think its so cool to control things remotely!!
b)i would like to see more remote office intergation. i know touchscreen is coming...but that would be cool too!!
c)i would like to win the schwag pack!! i would love the unity for life, but i don't have much of a sound or tv system. lol! i think the schwag pack has a lot of cool stuff, and wearing it promotes great stuff! i'm also in need of a new case for my curve!

lots of aloha!!

I'm making a similar thing for my M.Sc. diploma (a multimedia server for a small home network) so it’s nice to see a cool design that will make it in the market ;)

I figured I might as well comment HERE as well as the thread...
I REALLY would like to have that F>CK VOICEMAIL shirt....
It's more ME than anything else ever could be!
But I wouldnt say no to one of those Viigo bags, a Unify4Life Remote...you know, just whatever...

Have I mentioned CrackBerry ROCKS?!?!?!?!

The biggest announcement out of WES waws the Blackberry Bold, even though we already knew about it and had seen a review(Thank you Kevin)!!! This is followed closely by Viigo's Project Tango. I can't wait for this app to go live. Thanks for the coverage kevin. Great job as always.

I'd like to see a 9500 GSM device at WES2009 :-)

I'd like to win a Unify4Life Prize Pack (as I'd like to believe I have a "remote" chance of winning)

Wishing everyone the best in this draw (with a double helping for moi... :)

I couldn't make it to WES this year, but it looks like maybe I can still get some WES items! Good luck to all!

Keeping up with the Twitterfeed and the site, I gotta say the whole Unity4Life set is way cool!

As for having a choice for the prize packs...I'd take the WES schwag pack...'cause you can never have too many geek shirts!!

I can't wait for the unify launch. It sounds to good to be true. I can channel surf, read e-mails and more all with one device.

that I forgot to answer the questions!
a) the Bold
b) a voice to text killer app, or touchscreen BB
c) Unify4Life or a Bold - if youcan pull it off last minute! ;)

Thats great news!!!, cant beat FREE with a Treo Stylus....LOL (poor palm)
well good luck to all the CB users, KEVIN - you rock as always......

a) I want the Bold, since my new employer only has 8700's available, I am aching for a newer model.

a t-shirt would be cool...

I'd love to win.
I never win anything.
I'd love the usb pen drive and a
new otterbox case for my pearl.

Make it so Crackberry!

I guess I'm like many others that just wish they could have been present. But the info that you guys gave made me feel like i was some what present. Thanks for feeding my crackberry addiction. Now puff puff pass the berry.

There are so many great things from this year's WES. Unify4Life is an awesome new idea. For me, the ability to control the tv and stereo with my Curve is awesome. Everything you've reported on is exciting and it just shows how versatile, and necessary, our BB's are. Thanks again Kevin.

I'd love to win the Schwag Pack...well to be honest I just love anything to do with BB stuff! I got the Pearl 8130 in Feb '08 & have been totally addicted to it as well as Crackberry.com ever since!! I immediately log on to this site for any question I might have (screw the Sprint tech Support)!! I got a few friends to switch to BB & we're all diggin' em huge!! Well, that's about it...hope that rambling message was enough to win one of your cool prizes!!

Keep up the awesome work with this site..it's helped us like you can't imagine!!


J. Bolling

WES 2008 looked like it was off the chain this year! By far the greatest thing was the Unify4Life, and, of course, I'd like to win one of those badboys! Also, the Liberty by Bayalink was dope as well! Thanks for a great site!

Hey there, I'm looking forward to Viigo and it's podcast capability, Did they show that at WES???

Send some Schwag this way I'm always looking for cool stuff !!!

I have been keeping up with the posts here regarding WES 2008 and must say I'm quite impressed with all RIM and 3rd party vendors are doing. The most exciting piece for me was the introduction of Unify4Life.

The BlackBerry Bold was the best thing to come out of WES this year, although I'd have to say Unity4Life is pretty sweeeeet too.

I just really want the F>ck Voicemail shirt. That's soooo my attitude about it. Lol.

Well of course everyone has the winning answer. BLACKBERRY BOLD. This is what I would love to see at CES2008 and what myself and everyone would love to win. Keep up the great work Crackberry. You guys rock.

Hook a brother up!!!

I love the Unify4life Blackberry Remote. In my life I have lost approx 750 remotes.....0 phones!!

c) what you'd like to Win and Why!

I NEED THAT REMOTE!! I have not been able to change the channel in 2 years, I am getting sick of the Discovery channel! I am not begging....but Please, please, please, please,please, please, please, please. Did I also mention I would like to have that remote?


This was my first experience, after begging to go for the last four years, and I enjoyed every single second of it. What I got out of my experience were the people I met, the information from all the break out sessions I went to, the open bar (of course), the fun night life after a day of sitting in a cold meeting room, the pool side sunshine on my winter white body, and the software! Love Viigo, Unify4Life, and other products. I am begging now to see if I can go to WES2009 and hoping to learn more about everything.

I for sure will NEED to have unify4life when it comes out. If I will be able to do the same thing as a Harmony remote essentially with my BB; I will never leave the couch. Able to use my BB AND TV without having to put my BB down... Heaven!

The F>CK voicemail shirt is pretty sweet too!

I'm totally addicted to my blackberry and have led my husband and daughter into addiction. I read the blogs and forums every day and get loads of information. Your coverage showed me there is a whole new world out there that is dedicated to my addiction. Just hope they never find a cure!

Has to be Unity4Life although I did sign up for a trial of Phonetag! Great product and will continue to use it after the trial runs out.

Well, this is the first time I responsed to one of these giveaways....so...I guess...I being skeptical...not really.

What I want to see in 2009? More applications that can be obtained, to make my BB even more efficient, and work friendly!

What I want to win? The grand prize! Shoot for the top!


I actually had a few favorite things to come out of WES 2008. I truly enjoyed the podcasts. The other best things were the BOLD (of course) and the Unity4life. Those two things combined get me so excited. I would most like to win the Unity4Life pack. That was the best consumer add on for the BB in a while now. Keep up the great work guys.

The favorite thing coming out of WES 2008 this year is of course the BlackBerry Bold. Tell me any crackberry user (or abuser) on earth who does not expect to see and hear about that most-talked about BlackBerry of the year? I guess that figures.

For the coming WES 2009 I really hope to see greater support for BlackBerry user, more rocking and BOLDER BlackBerrys. Also, I really like to see a worldwide launch of any new BlackBerry in the future. Worldwide. Yes, that's what I'm saying. Worldwide.

I'd like to Win that 3 WES Schwag Packs because it is nothing that you can find everyday in malls or whatsoever. This is WES 2008 Edition! There wouldn't be WES 2008 2nd Edition so on forth. That's what makes WES 2008 so special that I REALLY NEED TO HAVE THAT 2 WES SCHWAG PACKS. And that's about it.