We're talking hardware and OS phone wars on today's Talk Mobile hangout!

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Jul 2013 12:19 pm EDT

This week is Mobile Platforms on Talk Mobile, which means it's basically our good 'ol Smartphone Round Robin of days gone by packed into five days. Yesterday's Talk Mobile Feature was on Hardware. Today it's on the Mobile OS. Phone Wars revisited. Today's hangout is going to be a good one, so join us at 1pm ET for it!

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We're talking hardware and OS phone wars on today's Talk Mobile hangout!


They are trying so hard to make us look away from the specs.. they even use CB for their campaign.. they made a mistake and they know it now.. they think the bb users are spec blind, but we are not.. LoL...
You guys tell thorsten.. the only way to save  now is make an awesome phone, work on the os10 UI, and get those useful apps.. now the phobes are mediocre, ui can be improve massively and the apps are not there.. we can already here the dwath bell.. :'(

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Hard to "spec don't matter" to PlayBook owners...
Or to someone that owned a BB STORM...

And I do understand that the iPhone isn't running the most powerful hardware... but the iPhone has the user experience to fall back on - ECOSYSTEM.

Is it still 2008? If not, then only a troll would even mention the Storm. Or should we be talking about the terrible G1...?

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The fair thing to do for all of us Playbook owners (since they abandoned us) to open bootrom/bootloader so we can install ubuntu or android or open webos, or anything that is less buggy than this current Playbook OS 2.1 (For all of you that do not have same mindset, you do not need to install any of OS mentioned above, so please do not try to preach how Blackberry OS is superb, better or whatever, for me is full of bugs and since BB10 is not coming nor do we'll see any other updates for Playbook 2.1.x or whatever - according to Alec Saunders - we need something that would make Playbook device useful, not useless...).

BTW. HP did it after they abandoned Touchpad, HTC is no longer locking their bootrom/bootloader...

Which bb10 doesn't have right now! U got to have one or the other. Basically, both would be a win.

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