We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks! Here's your 3rd Chance to Win!

BlackBerry PlayBook Contest - Your 3rd Chance!
By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Mar 2012 05:31 pm EST

PlayBook Contest #3: Leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook and $100 in accessories from ShopCrackBerry.com!

In honor of the recent release of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 we're giving the community FOUR chances to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook. Each week it's a new contest. With Week 3 here, you're probably wondering who won the free PlayBook for Week #2... and that lucky winner is...

Week #2 Winner - carleone2gz

Week three is here, so drop a comment for your chance to win again, and then head on over to the BlackBerry PlayBook forums where the 2.0 craziness continues. Good luck!

CrackBerry's PlayBook Contest #3 Details

The Prize: Win a 16GB WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook + $100 in free PlayBook accessories from ShopCrackBerry.com

How to Enter: Just login to Crackberry and leave *single* a comment to this blog post! Tell us what you're loving about the PlayBook, OS 2.0 or CrackBerry!

The Details: Contest open worldwide. Contest #3 ends Wednesday, March 14th at Midnight PST.

Reader comments

We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks! Here's your 3rd Chance to Win!



I love how u guys keep me updated with blackberry news and it helps me a lot! As this is my first blackberry phone, Crackberry sure be the one who I always refer! Every morning I woke up and checked new post! This is soo CRACKmania!!!

and here goes my chance to win a Blackberry playbook build with awesomeness.............

it's gonna be legen wait for it dary.......legendary................:)

...is the first site I visit daily and check back hourly! I even get caught at work doing so :D Would LOOOVE to win!

Crackberry is awesome. Alas I am Berry-less.... ye ole Pearl finally irritated me too many times so I killed it. A Playbook would be a nice toy to to console me while I mourn it's passing....

What I love about Crackberry is that it's the friendliest blackberry site on the Internet. Thank you crackberry for the chance to win!!

I hope I'm lucky enough. I would love to have one! The Playbook will be a useful tool for me to study with and keep track of everything. Its fast speed, as stated in many reviews, will allow me to make quick researches online.

Loving the accounts-centric nature of OS2.0. I already have one but I have a few family members and friends who would love this if I won.

Crackberry always keeps me informed with all the news for RIM. I love CrackBerry! and I thank all the staff for this awesome site (:

I wish I would win this tap, cuz I never got to see it or try it. I always see it here and on videos and it really looks cool.

With 2.0 and my Torch 9810, Playbook is the winning combination that is with me at work and at Play. Crackberry Rocks!!!

Well, there is a single playbook in the house and im constantly on the road. Since my wife doesnt have a pb we cannot video chat to also see my little girls. If I win this, it would be really nice since I cant afford one now.

Good luck to all in the contest. Let the best contestant win.


PlayBook is cool
PlayBook is the tool
OS is great
Cause lt competition it breaks,
Crackberry is unique
Cause it is berry geek

I use my PlayBook as much now as I did before, so I need one for my son so he can keep his hands off mine. I will admit that I am EXTREMELY happy to be able to use the Kindle, Pandora and Words with Friends apps via Android Player. So pass the PlayBook for week # 3 over to me. Oh - please and thank you.

Blackberry Playbook according to me is the game changer and as Adam Zeis in an earlier post talked about his love for the Playbook, i would also like to get the opportunity to write my love note for the Playbook...waiting for Crackberry to shower some love...erm in the form of a Blackberry Playbook


I love replying to emails and bbm's while I'm playing games on my PlayBook. Multitasking is so easy!!!

I just simply love everything about Playbook, Crackberry and OS2.0 (btw. I want to program it!)

The PlayBook makes it really easy/convenient to learn/explore. Sit back, tune out all the clutter. There's a world beyond social media out there.

I love Crackberry, it has been hands down the best thing for help, information, apps etc, since I got my first BlackBerry, thanks Crackberry!

I've been using a BlackBerry since my first 950 that ran on the Mobitex network. I can't recall how many models I've upgraded over the years. The Pearl was a favorite due to form factor. The 9810 Torch I currently use is a great balance of touch with that physical keyboard I love so much. How about a PlayBook CrackBerry? :-)

pick me pick me!!!! id love to win a playbook, i love the new os2.0 finally a native email client and android apps = blackberry apps = GREATNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! id love to win one from crackberry!! ive been addicted to this site since i got my first blackberry

Crackberry.com is an amazing hub to get every info you could whish for on our beloved blackberry devices. The news around OS 2 was great and accurate. With OS 2, I think blackberry is doing a great job.


i would love to have one and i'm really impressed by os 2.0 it's amazing and i love the fact that playbook is always in development and i know my chances of winning one are way too small but i would love to have one indeed i own a blackberry curve 9360 and i love it so much i'm sure that i will love the playbook even more and CB you rock !!!

I love the PlayBook. I love the size, the UI, the new OS 2.0, the expanding app library, I love everything about my PlayBook. I love it so much, one isn't enough. Could I have one more please?

The idea of being able to use my phone as a mouse on the new O.S 2 playbook is really awesome.

heard lots of great reviews about the playbook and the features is has....which grabbed my attention, so for that that thanks Crackberry, would love to own one or else ill just wait till i can afford to buy one....cheers Crackberry keep the great job =)

So leaving a comment could win me a blackberry playbook?
***big grim***thinking hard*****
So what would it take to own rim? ****just a thought****

Ok so any chance to win a Playbook even if I leave in France.... So let's prove that I'm wrong! co:e on Blaze!

Together as one shall we stand!
I thought i could handle it alone, but Os2 you showed me i am not alone, we unite together as one, bring it on! We are ready!

Was signed bb9790

I am crackberrys biggest fan I really am , I'd die for a blackberry playbook please pick me , I love you kevin ! ( I have the bold 9900 )

I hope this time i get it 2nd last chance, dnt wanna a miss it ,,want the playbook any how , its the best multitasking machine....thnx a lot crackerry team and crackberry kevin in advance ..

I own a little company that does I.T. support for companies all over Southern California. I LOVE that my playbook is FIPS2 Certified (makes HIPA a breeze), that I can easily maneuver it around in tight server rooms when I'm doing RDP & Router configurations, and that no matter where in the entire world I am, with my playbook and my bold I'm always connected using the most secure connections on earth! It's like having a mobile, super-secure, sexy sexy computer everywhere I go!

Still loving the software stability (except some Android runtime environment hiccups - hope it gets some updates).

Congrats to the second winner.

I love my 9900, I love the CrackBerry team, and I would LOVE to be able to use a PlayBook daily at school instead of lugging my laptop with zero battery life around.

Congratulations to the 2 winners so far. Here f=goes nothing.

My favory feature is still the native e-mail on the new OS even though the remote through bridge is awesome too.

Thanks for everyone's hard work in keeping CB going. Great community here - cheer to this third time being a charm!

Native email has to be the best new edtion to os 2.0. The new messaging integration is awesome as well. It would compliment my 9900 so well. Please pick me!!! : )

Third time good time I hope?
I really would love being able to tell that I am a proud owner of a playbook. So the only store in the neighbourhood won't see me that often because I constantly want to play on the playbook they show there.


hello crackberry ,,
i couldn't find any site for blackberries better than u ..
when i need anything or facing a problem on my BlackBerry
everything i need i find here in CrackBerry ..
and i really hope to get playbook from u ...

ps.happy b-day crackberry :D

Please please give me the playbook. I am so poor, I cant even pay attention. I will never be able to get one unless I win it!!!

Would really like to win! I would be one of the few in Iceland to have both a Bold 9900 and a Playbook :)

I am in for a PB. I have one, but I have to compete with my wife and my son for it. So an extra one in the family would be good.

Why? Everything works at least two times faster, using Palybooka with OS 2.0 is now pure intuitive operation.

Multitasking which no one, Windows Phone tries to copy, without success http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJCcNfU94Yk&feature=youtu.be

Support for HTML5 which also has improved significantly

OS 2.0 gives developers a great option - 100 Miligrams's DJ application and TAT :O

Blackberry Remote - something wonderful, now simply plug the playbook to the TV via an HDMI cable, sit comfortably in a chair and using the 9900 to decide on everything: http://crackberry.com/how-use-blackberry-remote-your-playbook

Calendar and its integration with the accounts. Nowhere is this previously never met, but unfortunately I know that it is a matter of time:/


Native e-mail. Support for multiple tasks at the same time, great editing and linking of contacts. Also associated with social networking applications like Facebook and Tweeter http://crackberry.com/reading-and-composing-messages-blackberry-playbook

Blackberry Bridge in 2.0 OS

It all makes the Blackberry Palybook is the number one tablet on the market. That is why I would love to have it

Man, I'm loving all these contests on CrackBerry, but I would LOVE to win a PB. It would go so perfect for my life with my hectic college schedule, but limited college income lol

Woo BlackBerry! I'm loving the native email in OS 2.0. I wasn't a fan of having to check my inbox manually. Now I get alerted :D Plus the email application has a beautiful very polished interface IMO. I just hope they change all the laggy AIR apps to native versions soon such as App World.

I plug my Playbook to my LCD TV, prepare some snacks, sit back and relax on my couch, grab my Blackberry 9900, activate the Bridge Remote Control then enjoy everything from Browsing, Tweeting, Facebooking, BBM while listening to my favorite music in my Playbook Playlist. That's what i'm loving most about Blackberry Playbook, and only Blackberry could do that !


My bold and beautiful 9780 needs a companion....will PB fill that place. The best part of PB OS 2.0 is intuitiveness..nothing on earth beats it. Thats Y I luv blackberry...

Great contest

Would be awesome to pair up my good old bold with a PlayBook for study purposes plus afcorse some AngryBirds & Plants v Zombies while in the train!

Greets from holland

What I love about the playbook is that its the only tablet that allows me to connect with my BBM friends on a 7-inch screen, I would love to win one!